Hurricane Maria Will Be Major, Deadly Storm Tonight, Hit Same Islands As Irma

HURRICANE MARIA is gaining strength and will be a major hurricane after midnight tonight.

It is menacing the same islands raked so viciously by Irma.  This time, it will continue northwards and if there is no strong cold waves, will hit the East Coast as a major hurricane.

Hurricane Maria already SO TALL its top is reflecting sunlight after dark – Mind Bending Strength – YouTube: This storm is perhaps even worse than Irma. The above video is interesting, it shows how high the clouds around the eye are still in sunlight even as night falls.


The amazingly stupid The New York Times has zero headlines about the looming dangerous hurricane, only this:

First off: they are lying at the NYT.  The Emmy activities were demented and out of control, the hatred was immense and obvious.  It was ugly.  Since these vampires have no mirrors, they thought they were ‘restrained’ because they didn’t enact assassinations of Trump on stage with lots of fake blood.  So that is ‘restraint’.


These clowns are so crazy, the NYT has ZERO front page news about a menacing hurricane about to smash into all the tiny islands including ones owned by very rich bastards.  The refusal to cover real news has very real consequences: you can be killed!

The Washington Post continues to attack Trump while ignoring this massive potential killer hurricane, too.  HAHAHA.  The rich are boycotting Trump while 50% of Americans are increasingly boycotting the super rich people’s businesses.


We still are stuck with too much Google but that is going to change over time.  I hate Google.  I don’t just dislike it, I openly hate Google.  One of the biggest online trends is, ‘Google is evil.’


These monsters are funny, actually.  The people trusting them for information won’t be told about say, a massive killer hurricane barreling down on them!  This is the downside to being insane.


All the elites live in this huge, very expensive bubble.  But Mother Nature has a fix for this.  Hollywood, for example, is ground zero for a future movie, ‘The Great Earthquake’ when the San Andreas jerks forwards to the North and all the side ruptures jerk violently.  Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map

That joint is shaking like jello now.  All the fault lines south of LA are quivering with excitement for the last two years and all the lines that cross the San Andreas are shaking where they cross as we see above.

Near Bakersfield, next to the Los Padres National Forest, if you look at the yellow road lines above where there is a sudden glitch in the loop: this is the San Andreas which has warped the road so badly, it has this little glitch now.  The San Andreas runs from the top left corner to the lower half of the right side.


This sleeping dragon has been stirring for a while, it will wake up with a roar in the not distant future, no one knows exactly when.  But we do know that a major hurricane is about to finish off the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma!  This is painfully obvious now and thus, is being ignored by our Real Rulers who are insane.


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5 responses to “Hurricane Maria Will Be Major, Deadly Storm Tonight, Hit Same Islands As Irma

  1. Petruchio

    The Big One earthquake in California is overdue, isn’t it? I’ll do some research on this…

  2. Dennis Roe

    The disconnect between Wackywood and regular America is immense. 2 different worlds. The movies suck. TV, pathetic and unwatchable, insulting and sad. Pro sports? No thanks, keep it. Eventually the people putting up the money for this drivel will realize a lot of us have turned and walked away in disgust. Who’s gonna pay millions for lousy actors and third rate quarterbacks when no one is watching?

  3. Petruchio

    All these weather events. It’s almost like Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.

  4. This is normal weather. Since 1492, the Europeans who went off to the New World discovered this thing that happens there: hurricanes. Europe can have big storms but all hurricanes are birthed in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico and then head north and sometimes cross the Atlantic Ocean to hit Europe as a big storm but not a hurricane.

    Plenty of times in the past had more hurricanes than this season’s hurricanes.

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