Cat. 5 Hurricane Maria Not Big News At New York Times

Something rather strange is going on…actually, it is obvious and understandable: our media giants are so deranged at this point in time, they are utterly incapable of seeing reality, they can’t report what is happening, they are ignoring obvious dangers to life and limb all so they can endlessly attack Trump for daring to win an election they all thought was ‘in the bag’ for the Bilderberg gang.  A major category 5 hurricane is about to hit Puerto Rico and has savaged the Virgin Islands…and it is barely noticed by the top Bilderberg papers!

The London Daily Mail has it as the top story.  But not the NY Times or the Washington Post, etc.  It is a back page story, it seems.  This major hurricane might even hit the East Coast yet it is mainly ignored.  This tunnel vision business is typical of people who are in denial of reality.


The NYT does report that Mueller, who was installed by the Obama people to harass Trump, are raiding Trump’s people’s homes looking desperately to pin ‘they are Russian agents’ on his supporters so they can recreate the McCarthy Red Commie Witch Hunt of my childhood.


This insane business is continuing even as more and more information about how Obama and Hillary both sold US interests for Russian bribes!  That news never makes the front pages of our insane media giants, their sole focus is on destroying Trump even if this means many citizens must die due to not enough information about the Real World.


I go overseas for news because news in the US is so slender and so twisted now, it is utterly useless.  Here is more news from London:

The DNC encouraged black populations who live in dying DNC run cities to believe that the reason there are so many blacks in prison is due to racism and not the utter collapse of social systems in DNC-run cities especially cities run by black DNC politicians.  These hell holes are being steadily made even more uninhabitable by black radical politicians.


The DNC Jewish/white ruling elites happily ride this dark horse from hell because it is ridiculously easy to stuff ballot boxes when all systems are run on a single party basis.  Driving out the remaining white populations, these former manufacturing cities can be used as a power base for running Washington, DC.

I will give the NY Times credit for putting this tiny side story on their front page, at least it is there, it just isn’t top news.  This, on the other hand, is:

Yes, the hunt is on, desperate to find something, anything to destroy Trump.  Even as glaring information about the utter venality and corruption not to mention war crimes of Obama and Hillary, the sole goal of our rulers is to get rid of Trump.


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