Illegal Aliens Attack DNC Leader Pelosi In California, Chase Her Away

Screaming Illegals Surround Pelosi at Presser – Security Forced to Shuffle Her to Safety (VIDEO)


‘All of us or none of us’ they are shouting at Pelosi.  They want the entire invasion legalized and…the DNC has no power left in DC except to cause mayhem.  Only the mayhem is inside California and they are nasty, these criminals demanding they be allowed to take over illegally.  That fool of a woman is being called ‘a liar’ with chants from illegal aliens which is hilarious.  She tries and tries to placate them and they get madder and madder at her.


Nancy Pelosi was set to speak about the DREAM Act when too many angry DACA recipients surrounded her and screamed at her demanding answers on their future and claiming every illegal immigrant be protected.


And this is the high level of entitlement they have now thanks to the DNC cynically using them as a stepping stone to power.  They exist here today due to the Democrats relying on illegal aliens to drive down wages and to vote for DNC illegally so they can rule citizens and impose ‘free trade/open borders’ on us.


Pelosi said, “It’s clear you don’t want any answers. It’s clear,” as she was rushed out of the event to safety.


HAHAHA.  That ancient idiot!  She invited them in, she coddled them all and she stood up against citizens to push their agenda and they want more, much more.  She now has to run away from them all for they hate her and hope to replace her with an illegal alien which reminds me of Obama a tad.


Of course, this is not front page news in the fake news systems.  The New York Times had this as a back page story using only AP feed because…laziness?  Or hide the reality!  The Latest: Pelosi Says She Understands, Respects Protesters – The New York Times falsely claims.


HAHAHA.  They certainly did not respect her!  She and her Bilderberg buddies created this monster in Europe and the US.  They plot to take over all systems again using these monster foreign entities to terrorize citizens and allow more looting of all systems by this secretive cult, the Bilderberg gang.


House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says she understands and respects young immigrants who disrupted her Monday event in San Francisco calling for immigration reform.


Now that she is safely away from the rather violent crowd that intimidated her, she spins it as ‘poor babies, I will protect you’.  HAHAHA.  Her ‘reforms’ are to legalize invaders.


Pelosi made the comments Monday after holding a similar event in Sacramento calling for the passage of legislation that would grant legal status to young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children or by parents who overstayed in visas.


The San Francisco protesters were calling for immigration reform that would protect all immigrants and criticizing Pelosi’s recent conversations with President Donald Trump on the issue.


The Democratic leader was barely able to speak over the chorus of chants Monday, including shouts of “undocumented and unafraid.” At one point, she said, “Just stop it.”


She brought them in.  She allowed and assisted them in illegally voting in California.  Her power base are illegal aliens who vote for her to betray America.  She is a traitor.  Now, these people who are used to being law breakers, are physically intimidating her and making demands and threats of violence.  Deport all of them…NOW.  They are a menace to society and obviously are itching to break more laws.


This is an invasion from the outside.  She is their leader.  She is committing treason.  How simple is this?  Imagine illegal alien Germans assailing President Roosevelt in 1940, demanding he legalize them?  Or Japanese back then, demanding California allow all Japanese to come illegally and stay!  How insane is all this?  Well, it is suicidal.


Below are reminders about how illegal aliens and others are nasty to the DNC leadership and show zero respect to these ‘leaders’:

From 2016 DNC convention:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed Mercilessly At DNC – YouTube
This is from the DNC convention. The hatred of liberal Bilderberg criminals is shared by both the left and the right wingers. This is hilarious.

From 2015 when Sanders was trying to tell us he was strong, but when Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech he folded like a broken deck chair and let them take over the stage and intimidate him.


Apple is in California and thus, going insane.  Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for action on Dreamers and DACA |Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for action on Dreamers and reveals he has 250 DACA-protected employees who do ‘great jobs’ and ‘pay taxes’:


‘Most of them don’t even remember coming to the country because they were 1, 2, 3 years old at the time. And these kids, if you talk to them, they deeply love this country.’


That is an outright lie.  Far from ‘loving’ the USA, they hate it for the most part and openly talk about destroying the union and taking over all systems and then driving out citizens.


‘They have great jobs. They pay taxes. These guys are our neighbors. They’re our co-workers,’ Cook continued, ‘and so we feel it’s essential that we not only allow them to stay in our country but we welcome them, that we desire that they be here.’


He would welcome the Mars invaders if they came.  He would surrender to the Japanese in WWII.  He is a fool.  What he does love is cheap labor.  This is why he brought over or helped illegal aliens.


‘I hope everyone reaches out and meets some of the dreamers, because it will really warm your heart in meeting them. And so I am encouraged that congress will pass a law to make this permanent and we’re doing everything we can to advocate for that.’


Comments by citizens:

Tandon, NY, United States, 3 minutes ago
how did he hire them sense they need to provide I-9 paperwork as part of onboarding with any company to prove you are eligible to work in USA. Seems he should be investigated in his hiring practices.

HOUSTON, United States, 5 minutes ago
250 jobs that Americans could hold. Cook is the problem.

DonnyPortland, Portland, United States, 5 minutes ago
Do those ‘dreamers’ pick and choose which laws should be followed? Just curious how that works.


If we invaded Mexico this way, we would be deported.  I was once deported from Germany!  Sheesh.  These guys act as if deportations are unusual.  All I did was give a speech in Germany and I was deported!  I broke no laws at that point in time.  People can be deported for ANY REASONS.  Big or small, just be too irritating, and voila: you get deported.


Pretending this is unusual is ridiculous.


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12 responses to “Illegal Aliens Attack DNC Leader Pelosi In California, Chase Her Away

  1. Ken

    “All or none.” I don’t think they really want to give us that choice.

  2. Ken

    Tech employees can work from anywhere. Even their home countries. Apple’s CEO can keep these “valuable” employees, and allow them to legally work from their home countries. Why is this obvious solution never discussed?

  3. Melponeme_k

    The fact of the matter is, we are an armed society.

    If it gets to the dire straits, loads of gun owning citizens could be deputized into an auxiliary police force. Militias can be called in to do what they are created to do, protect borders. Absolutely no need to call in our military.

    We could clean out the illegal alien no go zones within weeks if not days.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, the words “Dreamers” “Dreaming” “Dream” are all a programming tool to force us to accept Illegal Aliens AND a code word for the elite belief system. Its in the series I linked to on an earlier post. The pope used it a few times in some of his speeches.

    “we need to descend into the darkest night without being overcome and disorientated; we need to listen to the dreams, without being seduced;”
    Pope Francis, Address to Brazil Bishops, July 2013

    I grew up Catholic, but that quote IS NOT. That is a reference to the Babylon/Isis/Sophia mystery cult of the Goddess. In myths it says that the Goddess crosses the abyss, the night, to incarnate into our world. Use the next quote to interpret Francis.

    “In the Abyss all things exist, indeed, at least in posse, but are without any possible meaning; for they lack the substratum of spiritual Reality. They are appearances without Law. They are thus Insane Delusions.
    Now the Abyss being thus the great storehouse of Phenomena, it is the source of all impressions.”
    Aleister Crowley, Little Essays Toward Truth

    When you get false movements that suddenly pop up with ready made names and memes, you have to be discerning. And anything that comes out of the elites mouths are filled with references to their crazed beliefs.

  5. >>He would welcome the Mars invaders if they came. He would surrender to the Japanese in WWII.

    LOL. Cucking and blatant flaunting of laws at all levels. How long can this continue?

    >>We could clean out the illegal alien no go zones within weeks if not days.

    This. But who would lead, who would give the command? I was hoping early this year that the Donald & Sessions were going to drop the hammer on all the lawlessness, but it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen. If we make it to the 2018 midterms before devolving into anarchy, we’re going to see a lot of “based” younger men running for Congress who run on Trump’s platform, and mean it, and don’t have baggage or jewish ties to hold them back. At least I hope so.

    Tucker was in good form vs. a DACA invader:,

  6. Lou

    This is so predictable,

    Yale University Replaces ‘Freshmen’ with Gender Neutral Term
    September 18, 2017

    Marvin Chun, the dean of Yale College, posted an official statement on the college’s website Sept. 7, explaining the board’s decision to drop “freshman” and “upperclassmen” in favor of terms more gender-neutral.

    Chun said the words “first-year” and “upper-level students” have been used by students since he joined the Dean’s Office this summer.

    “I want you to know that this terminology now appears in the Undergraduate Regulations and the First-Year Handbook,” he wrote. “And my hope is that by the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, it will appear in all Yale College’s publications and communications.”

    Chun added that the college doesn’t plan to compel staff and students to comply with the new terminology–

  7. Shawntoh

    Well, Elaine, looks to me like what a certain el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz mentioned about with certain situations. Now, this man was also known by another famous name, which I won’t mention but I feel he would probably say this about the video featuring Rep. Pelosi–

    “The chickens have come home to roost!”.


  8. Lou, you have a genius to post stuff I talked about here the day before.

  9. Petruchio

    Let’s all remember that the first piece of human crud to let millions of illegals in AND granted them citizenship was that sleazy, lying fraudster, Ronald Reagan.

  10. Yes, people forget that. I won’t.

  11. Lou

    9 and 10–The amnesty [am nasty] was the beginning of the end of a UNITED states.

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