Trump’s Strong Speech In UN Is Supported By Many Nations (behind the scenes!)

The mainstream media is now going nuts screaming that Trump does bad diplomacy and will start WWIII.  This propaganda regime flies in the face of the mainstream fake news screaming all the time that we have to start WWIII with Russia or else!  Most US citizens read little to no foreign news so they don’t know how stupid this really looks so we will look today at the stark contrast between foreign news and US fake news.  World leaders are not screaming at Trump about throwing down the gauntlet concerning North Korea.  Far from it!

First, another headline story from the warmongers at the New York Times who are a huge part of the CIA coup to overthrow Trump by claiming he is a Russian agent:At U.N., Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy North Korea’


  • In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump brought his confrontational style of leadership.

  • While his tough words were cheered by Israel and Republican lawmakers, leaders of France, the European Union and the U.N. were critical.


HAHAHA.  Fake news!  Hillary Clinton slams Trump’s UN speech on The Late Show.  She showed up at a comedy show to talk about WWIII.  HAHAHA.  Right.  The liberals got their nightly jerk circle and could go to sleep knowing that Trump is evil and Hillary isn’t an insane warmongering bitch trying to start WWIII with Russia.


Now we go to London news: oh, it gives us a totally different story!  Imagine that.

Trump plays hardball but after Bush Jr. with his fake ‘WMD are in Iraq’ claims and Obama ‘Peace Prize’ ‘bomb everyone Israel and Saudi Arabia want bombed’ screwed everything up very badly including getting us stuck yet again in Afghanistan, things are slowly turning around.


Trump wanted to make nice with Putin and do real diplomacy but the Bilderberg gang went nuts and pulled every trick including aping the McCarthy witch hunts to stop even the most elementary diplomacy.  Note how world leaders didn’t snub him at the UN!  Duh!


Will China slit its own throat and kill its wonderful trade surplus with the US?  Nope! Is Putin angry with Trump?  Nope.  Putin has brains, thank the gods.  He upped his security and military to deal with NATO threats when the US and Europe leaders lied about military expansion and doubled the size of NATO right up to Russia’s front door.


Being a leader of his nation, Putin had to stop that.  When the coup in Ukraine endangered Russian bases there, Putin moved fast to secure…his own country.  Imagine that!  I wish our leaders were that sensible.

As for ‘Peacenik Hillary’, remember this?  10/20/16 Hillary Reveals Nuclear Launch Secret During Third Debate – YouTube


Now on to our ally in the Pacific who also runs a huge trade surplus with us: Japan Today  considers all this yelling about Trump being nasty to be…the exact opposite!!!

The top news story is…delicatessens are closing due to germs!!!!  HAHAHA.


So, the much smaller story says that the Japanese are ‘puzzled’ about Trump?  HAHAHA.  I say, tell North Korea to send another missile right over Japan and have it slap into the ocean nearby!  I guess they need more wake up calls.  On the other hand, Abe kissed Trump’s ring at the UN and was very, very pleased with him.

So, Abe’s support of Trump talking tough is making him…more popular!  Imagine that.  And the trade surplus with the US grew, too.  We have infants running our media systems who cannot understand basic economics nor diplomacy.  It is all hysterical shrieking and outright lunacy.


China has obeyed Trump and cut imports from North Korea and pulled out people doing economic stuff there.  They can’t side openly with Trump because of their ideology and internal politics but their silent obedience is louder than words.  But I can’t see our mainstream media giants figuring out the obvious but then, they all support ‘free trade’ even as it destroys our major manufacturing cities and is bankrupting the US.


This level of venality and stupidity has consequences.  They imagine they will still have power after destroying the US military systems and bankrupting their home base.  How stupid is this?


Putin and Chinese rulers know all this, they aren’t dumb.  They have plans for this the plans in China were hatched way back in 1986.  They called it the 50 Year Plan and that was 30 years ago!  We have 20 years to figure out we are screwed.  Imagine that.


And the State Department and President Bush Sr. was warned about this and didn’t believe me but then, no one believes me.  History is always my vindication.


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15 responses to “Trump’s Strong Speech In UN Is Supported By Many Nations (behind the scenes!)

  1. Christian W

    Trump is being a moron. The only reason NK has developed nukes is 1. because of the continued US military occupation of South Korea. 2. NK knows you need nukes to protect your independency from US takeover/destruction. Ask Libya and Iraq how this works. Putin is correct when he says NK would rather eat grass than suffer the fate of Iraq, Libya, Syria Afghanistan etc.

    All Trump has to do to end the crisis is to end the US occupation and leave the Koreas time and space to become one nation again. NK would collapse under its own absurdity sooner rather than later and the Koreas could join like the two Germany joined.

    Will Trump have wisdom and wits to do that? Of course he won’t.

  2. Ken

    In the event that the US does invade North Korea, and the two Koreas become unified, I hope that Sourth Korea will step up and pay for the unification. The same way western Germany paid for the unification with eastern Germany. The US cannot afford to keep pouring money into countries we invade. The actual invasions are a minor expense compared to what comes afterwards.

  3. Christian W

    The US can afford anything it wants. $20+ TRILLION into the banking system. $6.5 TRILLION (at least) gone into the Pentagon the last decade that cannot be accounted for.

    The moral rot is harder to fix than the fiscal rot. That is the real problem.

  4. Lou

    $6.5 TRILLION that cannot be accounted for. It went to Cheney and black ops. Now accounted for.

  5. ziff

    That was a great speech , u coiuld actually enjoy listening to it , no boilerplate !! But the ‘ globaliste must have been fuming !

  6. ziff

    The only reason NK has developed nukes is 1. because of the ,, Kim as a hereditary dictator, one man army , is totally out of place in this world , isolated and paranoid. If he had any sense he would just give it up and live a normal life how can it be worth the bother ‘cept as an ego trip ?

  7. Mewswithaview

    Nothing is as it seems, there is a reason the Kims want nuclear missiles to avoid being “Saddamised”, however there may be another reason planted many decades ago why their program started in the first place.

    The United States and South Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program, 1974-1976,,-1974-1976,-Part-1/

    When he got out of hand General Park Chung-hee who seized power in South Korea 1961 was assassinated by the chief of the KCIA (South Korea’s intelligence service) and chief liaison officer with the United States.

    Look at the second screen in this picture, this looks like a stock trading screen.

  8. North Korea is a paranoid communist dictatorship state of great evil. The abuse of the people of North Korea is horrifying. He needs nukes so he can continue abusing his own people with impunity sort of like the SAUDI ROYALS who are just as evil and are our ‘allies’ even when they openly attack us here at home in the US, killing thousands of people not to mention attacks across Europe.

  9. floridasandy

    I love how people from other countries bitch about the US.

    They are doing so much better on a moral scale, I guess.

    Mr. little North Korea needs to be eliminated by China. Problem solved-but China is weak. They always get other countries to do their heavy lifting, and we need to STOP.

  10. China uses NK as their pit bull doggie. They tried to do this with Trump who is a pit bull, himself. It failed so since a month ago, they have been telling their own pit bull to stop barking. But the Kim pit bull can’t stop barking so yes, the Chinese will figure out how to kill him.

  11. I’m elated with the UN speech. I voted for Trump because I knew that he would take a bellicose stand towards the Norks, the Iranians, and the Venezuelans, our greatest enemies, while working with our friends at the UN, and our greatest allies the Saudis and Israelis. I concur with Bibi Netanyahu, who said he “never heard a bolder or more courageous” UN speech.. Bravo, Mr. Trump!

  12. The Saudis attack us at home. They are not our friends. They want you and I both dead or enslaved. The Israeli Jews are only slightly better (I used to be Mrs. Levy and know what goes on behind the scenes).

  13. Nani

    Trump’s speech did ruffle some feathers. Personally i believe it was both necessary and appropriate to give such a harsh warning to that maniac ruler in North-Korea, because this is the only kind of language that dictators like him understand.

    Trump also spoke warmly about the importance of the nation state and strong borders. He was putting emphasis on helping potential migrants where they are instead of taking them into our countries. This was a rebuke to all those open-borders, pro-migration Bilderberg people who are ruining Europe. I was very pleased by this. Thank you Trump.

  14. Sorry Elaine, forgive my earlier sarcasm. My point was, if neocons and Bibi applaud the speech, we have to think about what he’s really communicating. He may say “America first” in the same speech, but that’s quite a contradiction to couple that with more meddling in other countries.

    IMO Trump is rejecting his base when he thunders against enemies on three continents in one speech. RE jews being slightly better than Saudis, I never use “Jews” and “better” in the same sentence, except perhaps to say that “we’d be better off without the jews.” After all, it’s not the Saudis who run our Federal Reserve, Hollywood, almost all of the major media corporations, and who dominate academia, finance, TV, the “sex industry”, etc., and degeneracy in general, way out of proportion to their numbers….

  15. All the candidates from the smallest to the biggest in the election were pro-Israel. So I no longer bother using this as a gage, I assume that Zionism and End of Times lunacy is our wonderful matrix we are stuck with right now. On the other hand, I can point this out periodically.

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