Melinda Gates Who Used Sex To Rise At Microsoft, Attacks Demore, the Google Coder Fired For Discussing Sex Differences At Work

Remember the poor kid genius hired by Google to do all the intellectual heavy lifting so all the females with tattoos could become bosses while doing little actual work?  He learned that Google was planning to hire many more ‘female computer nerds’ and replace as many men as possible so he patiently explained why that will badly backfire due to female brains being different in key ways from male brains.  Any evolutionary expert knows male and female brains evolved differently from each other but modern radicals want us to believe there are zero sexual differences while at the same time, howling about sex differences nonstop!


Well, some of the richest people on earth have joined the super rich Google bosses in slashing and burning and torturing any lowly male coders out there, to keep them in place and devalue their work.  The Gates duo have decided today is a good time for billionaires to attack staff.  So they snarled and snapped at the unfortunate, poorly paid lowly male doing the actual work at Google:  Melinda Gates ‘outraged’ by sexism in Silicon Valley | Daily Mail Online


First, the definition of ‘chutzpah’:  Chutzpah (/ˈhʊtspə/ or /ˈxʊtspə/)[1][2] is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning “insolence”, “cheek” or “audacity”.


Madame Melinda Mao Gates spent her time at work getting the boss’s  eye and then had sex with him and thus rose mightily to her present perch at the top of the tree where she deigns to lecture a lowly male toiling below, about how using sex to get ahead is…ARGHHH.  I want to slap this nasty bitch!  How dare she!


Melinda Gates on Tuesday publicly decried the rampant sexism that has been reported throughout Silicon Valley in recent years.


‘All these women using sex to marry their bosses!  Imagine that!  The cheek’, she reportedly said after being administered some truth serum.


The wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates said she was ‘outraged’ over recent instances of alleged harassment and discrimination against women in the industry.


‘Oh, those evil male bosses, making passes at women doing coding!  How dare they do this…’ HAHAHA.


She even recalled her own personal experience dealing with sexism from the time she started out as one of the first female coders at Microsoft.


Oh, the horror of sexism until her boss noticed her and had sex with her.  Ooops.


‘I experienced it from peers, professors, everyone,’ she told a gathering organized by CNN in New York on Tuesday.


Was she gang raped by Bill and his buddies?  HAHAHA.  Good lord, she wants to kill me by making me laugh to death.


Melinda Gates joined Microsoft in the late 1980s – shortly after she graduated from college.  It was there that she met her husband, the company’s founder and then-CEO. The couple married in Hawaii in 1994.


So, this virgin worked for less than 7 years and then married her boss.  Got it.  Why didn’t that male coder fired by Google do this, too?  Ooops.  This is insanity.  That Melinda female is a fool, a liar and a sex monster.  How dare she say one word about the subject of sex at work???


She was husband hunting!!! DUH.  Way back in college, to earn good money in summer, I made computer board prototypes for Texas Instruments.  There were three females working there.  The men treated us very nicely.  And yes, they wanted sex.  Duh.  I thought it was very funny, actually, since I was a stripper before that (very easy money, in that field!).

The females taking over computer systems are causing problems to crop up especially coding problems.  Over the years, I notice that coding has become…problematic.  The need for people with specific mental skills to design and run these systems is obvious.  And it a poor fit for female skill sets.


Yes, some of us have these same skill sets.  Just like some women can hunt really good.  But they are unusual.  Refusing to recognize basic differences between men and women’s brains is insane.  And tortures women.  Coding is pure torture.  I never did it.  I knew exactly one woman who did do it and she was crazy.  Her brain operated strangely and she did some very weird things.


A refresher about the story of James Damore who tried desperately to explain to Google females why they need to keep hiring crazy male coders and not try to shoehorn females into that strange occupation that suits nerdy males so perfectly: Google Fires High Ranked Computer Programmer For Disputing Policies With New PC SJW Female Boss Hogg | Culture of Life News


Then, a year ago, it would show only several stories before running off to mainstream media choices.  Then suddenly this month, it would show mainstream sites FIRST and my own blog well below the top.  I am not paranoid, Google is doing this to everyone else and they are complaining and Google is telling us all to go to hell.


It is run by SJW terrorists now who are systematically flushing out the last of the conservative but highly technical functional people.  Soon, they will all be gone, most will flee because now they have to be harangued by this silly, unhinged lunatic female fascist who hates white men who don’t have tattoos all over their bodies and ride Harleys.


Previous PC firings due to the witches hunting down any pesky white male who irritates them:

He is top of his class!  And looks like a nice kid.  Young, too.  He obviously never heard of what the sad fate of Orpheus who was ripped to shreds by shrieking, drunk women after his attempt at saving his wife from death. These women are good at tearing apart people.


Anti-Diversity Screed’ Was Not Anti-Diversity, Was Not a Screed | National Review correctly reported when this made the news.  Indeed, the poor man writing it was alarmed at the decline in coding skills as Google poured more and more inept people into the job site forcing the productive people to spend many extra hours fixing messes of others who were barely above ‘vandalize this’ skills.


He states repeatedly that he believes in diversity, and there’s no reason to doubt his self-description as a classical liberal. His exclamation-point-free memo is hardly a rant. He expresses the hope that “open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow.”


The very first people executed in any coup or revolution are fellow revolutionaries.  This is true since the beginning of time.  Despots prefer incompetence that obeys orders over competence that disputes orders.


How naïve. The witless and inflamed reaction to his document instead underlines his point about “a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence.”


Absolutely.  Google just did great evil yesterday.  They persecuted a man and tried to destroy him financially for disputing their Maoist ideology.


Former Google engineer Yonatan Zunger says that if it were up to him, the author would be summarily fired and escorted from the building immediately by security (you can’t take a chance with such a danger). Entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky believes that the memo could run afoul of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — i.e., it might be illegal.


Free speech is dead.  Liberals hate free speech.  My very first demonstration I attended was…the famous Free Speech demonstrations.  I gave public speeches beginning in 1967 and am a very firm believer in free speech and this means you can give a speech in public and not be persecuted by the law.


Back to the Daily Mail story:


Melinda Gates described her reaction to reading about the Google memo (above): ‘I didn’t know whether to be sad or to be outraged,’ she said.
‘The sadness came first … the sadness to see that point of view. And the outrage to see that we’re writing about women like that in this day and age.’


Yikes.  Her moral compus blew up.  I don’t recall Mr. Damore flirting with the boss and expecting, after a short work history, to move into the Executive Chair via sex.


She said that her husband was the first to bring the matter to her attention.  ‘He said, “You’re not going to believe this.”  We were on a trip together and it had come out and he literally left me a post-it note because he was flying off somewhere else.


‘Of course we talked about it on the phone that night. I just couldn’t believe it.’


Yes, the cheek of that boy demanding some recognition of his work instead of giving a boss a blow job!  How dare he.  Many male readers of this insane article about spoiled rich brats expressed rage about this sort of fake moralizing by sex fiends pretending women and men are the exact same thing:


 Geeezzzz your boring, Penguin, Antarctica, moments ago

Who is she and what has she contributed except the name adoption?


Scott Wolf, Westfield, United States, 18 minutes ago

Then hire Women Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists, if you can locate any.


Why did I quit working in the industry?  I was studying to become a professor only that same year, I got pregnant and my entire field was eliminated in a flash across the entire country as the dumbing down of the universities commenced with a huge blow to foreign language professors.


I didn’t want to work in the computer field!  It was merely easy money doing specialized work which I had to ditch to go to NYC and try to make real money in another mainly men’s field: construction skills.


And I was one of the very, very few women with construction skills.  Plenty of females become bosses without doing the actual skilled labor.  I built my own business doing the work, myself with a crew who I trained.


They called me ‘Boss Lady’ which was very amusing.  And what I did was, consult with them all as we progressed with the work and they learned how to be good bosses.  The female bosses in the computer industry are increasingly evil, nasty, angry females who want to PUNISH men and PUT THEM ALL DOWN and stand on their necks!


This is insane, dangerous and stupid all at the same time and may destroy the computer/online business.  Note the Daily Mail article lists computer expert males being chased out of their own businesses due to SEX stuff whereby they are shown to be evil sexists even as the females sleep their way to the top like that creep, Melinda Gates.



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8 responses to “Melinda Gates Who Used Sex To Rise At Microsoft, Attacks Demore, the Google Coder Fired For Discussing Sex Differences At Work

  1. Melponeme_k

    The whole sexes are equal thing is another part of the Elite’s crazy religious beliefs. That is the only way this all makes sense. They think that the singularity is coming. In Gnostic beliefs, this means the blurring of the sexes. The elites don’t want to wait for this to happen “naturally”, they are actively pushing it themselves via Feminism, SJW affirmative action, drugs, social engineering (transgender propaganda) and micro chirp body insertion.

    The fact that biology is getting in their way is only a small speed bump. And why should reality get in the way when this group thinks they have the ability to change reality with their minds?

    Personally I worked with a lot of IT people over the years as I wrote here before. I never was harassed in any way, shape or form. IT men are, for the most part, quiet, withdrawn, shy and preoccupied. They are passionate about their issues though. I was always amazed how an IT wallflower could become loudly passionate about their pet opinions. I would tell them they need to unionize. Most of them were free market libertarians.

    Well, we see now the cake that was baked. IT men are fired at will for women, minorities and illegal alien slave labor.

    Incidently, that Gates woman looks suspiciously He-She-ish. Those linebacker shoulders!

  2. CK

    Melinda Gates major contribution during her years at Microsoft is Microsoft Bob. From which product Microsoft eventually salvaged Clippy.

  3. Yes, I remember that now, thanks for bringing it up. She didn’t really do real coding, she just had ‘ideas’ and then the men did most of the actual coding. The women I knew who did real coding were very ‘masculine’ and often very tall, too.

  4. Petruchio

    @#1 mel: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yessir. Those IT people in the early days were the “we-don’t-need-no-damn-Union” types. They got a really fierce dose of reality rammed down their throats. I guess they never thought of their jobs being expendable or that somebody living in the slums of India could ‘phone in’ THEIR jobs. Then of course there are the H-1B visa folks!! Too smart too late. If you were a white IT worker, potential employers HATE you with a passion. Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians are the employers “employee of choice”. LOL!! Yessir. Those “libertarians” in IT back then sure aint shouting “We don’t need no stinking Union” now. A lot of them first have to have an IT job before there is even a point in Unionizing. I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to have sympathy for them. I mean on the one hand you do but on the other you realize they did it to themselves.

  5. Melponeme_k

    I know you would get a kick out of this article.

    Equifax’s Information Security Officer (IT) was a woman with a degree in MUSIC! LOL. You can’t make this kind of insanity up.

    I have a degree in Music. YO, Where be my IT job at, Bros! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. They hire cheap and get cheap.

  7. Mewswithaview

    There was a time in Microsofts history when Bill was single when quite a few women wore Marry Me Bill t-shirts. 🙂

  8. Shawntoh


    Google is indeed evil and here’s some more evidence for all of us–

    “Google has intensified its censorship of left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites, cutting the search traffic of 13 leading news outlets by 55 percent since April.”


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