Only Fox News Correctly Reports That Obama Conspired To Illegally Spy On Trump During And After Election

There is a very major story running today which the mainstream media is toiling very hard to cover up, not investigate: the illegal and very political spying on Trump and all his allies during the election, done by Bilderberg gangsters who run the DNC and the GOP parties and our media.  Our media giants are run mostly by crooks who steal billions from citizens and hand it all over to Israeli Jews, no strings attached, annually.  This is ridiculous and anyone pointing out the obvious is called an ‘anti-semite’ even when I was Mrs. Levy, I was called an ‘anti-semite’ whenever I pointed out obvious facts that are of vital interest to US voters.  Trump and ALL the candidates, large and small and certainly Hillary are all Zionist tools.  This is a huge, huge problem and will backfire on Jews very badly if the US goes bankrupt.


‘Jewish groups and deep pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run the media and entertainment industries, meaning that no one will hear about or from the offending party ever again.’


This statement by someone Valerie Plame  is 100% correct and easily proven.  The media systems is nearly totally run by Jews.  Some blacks are elevated by these people to cover up their own tracks.  But otherwise, on TV or in print or online, much of the mainstream news is Jewish run.


Giraldi’s other blog postings on the site include articles titled ‘Cheerleading for Israel,’ ‘Why I Still Dislike Israel,’ and ‘The Dancing Israelis.’


Wilson later expressed regret for the retweet, saying that she merely wanted to get across her opposition to another war in the Middle East.


Yes, she is being punished for pointing out the obvious.  Even worse, Saudi Arabia and Israel are joined at the hip to demonize Iran and Syria and so everyone is doing this who wants Jewish money or power via Jewish systems that run propaganda in the US.


‘I made a mistake and should not have retweeted that article,’ Wilson told Business Insider.  ‘I sincerely apologized. I was just so focused on the neocons’ lust for war: “If you liked the Iraq war, you’ll love an Iranian one”.’


And…did the mainstream media attacking Valery Plame do any basic research to see if her allegations were correct?  HAHAHA.  In a rat’s ass!  Never.  Absolutely not.  She should not have apologized.  I won’t apologize for telling the truth.  But then, the life span of top people who do tell the truth is very much shortened if they insist on telling the truth.

Hannity: ‘President Trump Has Been Vindicated’ By Report of Spying on Manafort | Fox News Insider: So, we have this story today.  Fox news reported reality.  The underground online media reported reality.  Mainstream fake news not only refused to report reality, their hysterical need to lie and deny reality went right through the roof:


Sean Hannity said a report that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped “vindicated” President Trump’s claims from earlier this year.  Trump was blasted for claiming the Obama administration “wiretapped Trump Tower,” but Hannity said a new report by CNN gives credence to Trump’s words.


The mainstream fake news yapping mouths are claiming it is crazy that Obama and his gang would illegally spy on an election rival!  HAHAHA.  This open and across the board lying about salient, legal facts shows us how depraved the mainstream media…many of them Jewish…lie about vital information in order to overthrow an elected President.  The Dementors writing for at the Washington Post are a typical example of outright lying:

The WP Bezos owner and his staff all have noses so long, they write with their noses not their fingers.


What is funny is how the mainstream news cites several OBAMA officials placed in charge of the FBI, CIA, etc. claiming that they did nothing illegal and they were not doing political dirty tricks which reminds me of Nixon and his gang and how the media fought FOR Nixon during a vital election which Nixon won.  Then they pretended they didn’t collude with Nixon when all the filth finally rose to the surface.


Then…they blamed only Nixon, not themselves.  I remember that time well, the media covered up a lot of news and I got my news overseas.  By the way, Russia Today news is being removed from cable in the US because of this new McCarthyism run by Democrats and Jewish operatives.


Here is one of the victims of this neo-McCarthyism that is destroying our media systems and politics: Paul Manafort: Justice Department Should ‘Immediately’ Investigate Wiretapping by Obama Administration after we learn he was wiretapped for two years!


“The U.S. Department of Justice’s Inspector General should immediately conduct an investigation into these leaks and to examine the motivations behind a previous Administration’s effort to surveil a political opponent,” he said through spokesman Jason Maloni.


The statement comes a day after CNN reported that the FBI last year secretly obtained two surveillance warrants against him “before and after” the election, including during a period when he was known to speak with Trump.


The bombshell report vindicated Trump’s assertion — and Breitbart’s reporting — earlier this year that he had been surveilled during the campaign at Trump Tower.

Notice that Fox News is opposite of mainstream news.  ‘Legal experts’ quoted by Newsweek are probably Obama supporters who gave heavily to his and Hillary’s campaigns.  Instead of investigating their ‘sources’ for this fake news that Fox News is wrong, Newsweek simply covers up this vital information so they could pitch a DNC-supporting analysis.


I have a very long memory and will note here at the beginning of Watergate, all the ‘experts’ were equally stupid or openly deceiving the public which is why Nixon won his second election.  It pissed me off back then because the trail was already utterly obvious during the run up to the election.


Hillary and her gang remind me greatly of that time only with one difference: she lost the election.  Her vote count in California and NY gave her more ‘votes’ overall and the media giants keep repeating this at full bellow without mentioning the reason why: illegal aliens were illegally encouraged to vote by DNC power people who refused to check IDs during the last election!


THIS IS A CRIME.  It is a major crime for it puts a sword into the heart of our democracy.  Letting illegal aliens to decide who rules us and what laws we have is INSANE and DANGEROUS.  It is…TREASON.


I have said the word ‘treason’ more than once this last year because legally, this is treason.  It certainly is politically ‘treason’.  Europe has been invaded and traitors there now use illegal aliens to gain power and the people doing this are members of the Bilderberg group.  Which is why I mention them constantly.  They are the ones destroying our sovereignty.


This crime wave is so important, it is why ‘reasons to revolt’ rise up: our government is illegitimate due to people inside and outside the US conspiring to destroy our own sovereignty and they are very angry that Trump is insisting on sovereignty even to the point of saying this to the entire world at the UN: PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEECH TO UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY 9/19/17 Trump Addresses UN General Assembly – YouTube




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18 responses to “Only Fox News Correctly Reports That Obama Conspired To Illegally Spy On Trump During And After Election

  1. tio

    The anti-semitic article in question (couldn’t find the link) ..

    What the hell one more ..

    MSM: Who are you going to believe, ME or your lying eyes?

  2. Lou

    Obama, Lynch, Holder did so many illegal things.
    Fast and Furious is the first one that I recall.
    Outrageous, really.

  3. JimmyJ

    Bannon visits 2nd most prominent Chinese politician, US Joint Chief Chair visits Chinese counterpart, North Korea war coming soon, extending to Russia while China sits on sidelines. Yup I said it, China gets a pass in WWIII.

  4. Christian W

    @ 3

    Wishful thinking. China knows full well that divided they fall. The resistance to the US must be as one or China, Russia, Iran etc will fall. Syria is the example how to resist the US. The US/Israeli (or AngloZionist, as the Saker calls the elites (really the best term by far) defeat in Syria is driving them even crazier.

  5. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Trump’s speech is a humungous load of bullshit.

  6. Christian W

    I don’t care to go deeply into Trump’s speech. Instead I’ll point to the Saker who has some interesting points in his analysiz (although I don’t agree with everything the major point that Trump is just a Neocon bitch is on point).

    Listening to The Donald at the UN


    “The only question here is whom exactly Trump’s speech-writers are aiming that nonsense at? Do they really think that there is anybody out there who sincerely believes this? If the target audience are US middle schools then, yes, okay. But does anybody believe that US middle school students listen to UN speeches?! Okay, maybe senile folks also believe that, I sure know a few who will swallow it up and ask for more, but why speak to that audience from a UN podium? Is it not embarrassing when such nonsense is greeted in total silence instead of a standing ovation from all the putatively grateful countries out there who are so deeply grateful for all these altruistic and heroic sacrifices. My only explanation for why this kind of nonsensical drivel was included in this speech is that it has become part of the ritual of typical American “patriotic liturgy”: big hyperbolic sentences which mean nothing, which nobody takes seriously or even listens to, but who have to be included “because they have to”. This reminds me of the obligatory Lenin quote in any and all Soviet speeches and statements, they also were basically filtered out by any thinking person, everybody knew that, but that’s how things went on then. It is really sad, and scary, to see how much the USA of the 2017 looks like the Soviet Union of the 1980s.

    The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

    Wow! Now that is a sentence which could only be written by a person utterly unaware of the impact it will have on the intended audience (in theory, all of mankind, this is the UN, after all). Totally destroy North Korea. I wonder how this will be received in South Korea and Japan. No, I don’t mean by the puppet regimes in Seoul and Tokyo, but by the people. Will they simply dismiss it as hot air or will they be horrified. I bet for the former reaction. It is much more psychologically comfortable to dismiss it all under the heading “nah, that’s crazy shit, they don’t mean it and they sure as hell ain’t gonna do it” rather than think for just a few minutes about the implications and consequences of such a threat. And let me be clear here: the United States most definitely do have the means to totally destroy North Korea. For one thing, they already did so during the Korean war, and they can easily repeat that today.”

  7. Christian W



    In Syria and Iraq, we have made big gains toward lasting defeat of ISIS. In fact, our country has achieved more against ISIS in the last eight months than it has in many, many years combined. The actions of the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad, including the use of chemical weapons against his own citizens, even innocent children, shock the conscience of every decent person. No society could be safe if banned chemical weapons are allowed to spread. That is why the United States carried out a missile strike on the airbase that launched the attack.

    When I heard these words I felt embarrassed for Trump. First, it is absolutely pathetic that Trump has to claim as his success the victories with the Syrians, the Russians, the Iranians and Hezbollah have achieved against the Wahabi-crazies of Daesh/al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/etc, especially since the latter are a pure creation of the US CIA! The truth is that it was the Americans who created this Wahabi monster and that they aided, protected, financed, trained and armed it through all these years. The USA also viciously opposed all the countries which were serious about fighting this Wahabi abomination. And now that a tiny Russian contingent has achieved infinitely better results that all the power of the mighty CENTCOM backed by the Israeli and Saudi allies of the USA in the region, The Donald comes out and declares victory?! Pathetic is not strong enough a word to describe this mind-bogglingly counter-factual statement.



    The article is well worth a read.

  8. i have some rather experience in the world of diplomacy. There is public BS fed to the masses of the world and then there is real pressure politics which happens very privately OR is deliberately concealed by the Real Rulers.

    I was a great example of this: when I was obviously camped out…literally in tents…inside the enclave of the African States diplomatic property right bang in front of the UN, only Ted Turner covered this story.

    I was engaged in a fierce battle with both Bush Sr. and the rulers of China! It was a life and death struggle for power…AND I WON.

    This shocking result was carefully buried by the media and our rulers. Mayor Koch went so far as to tell me, in front of reporters and politicians, he would start a police riot in order to prevent me from delivering a speech in front of the UN so I handed the speech to a Chinese national to read, instead.

    Look: the battles in ‘diplomacy’ are NASTY. Even VIOLENT. Even…MURDEROUS.

    Trump is tearing down the veil that is used to conceal this from the masses who only learn about how cruel, mean and violent real diplomacy is…I think this is hilarious and I support him in doing this.

    Hell’s bells, this naked exposure of the real face, the real nature is long in coming and note that Trump is winning by being so open. He is actually cornering North Korea’s cruel dictator and forcing China to choose: trade with the world or control of North Korea.

  9. Christian W

    I find it both funny and strange that you support Trump’s drive to WWIII so openly.

    As you say, there is ZERO US “diplomacy” here it is all naked aggression. Trump is demanding everyone submits to the US. This is pure Nazi Might Makes Right, Do As We Say, US Über Alles stuff. The mask is off at last.

    And this is not only about North Korea. This is about Iran and Russia too.

    The US just attacked Russian troops in Syria using their Al Qaeda proxies. The proxies were completely defeated but the Russians were far from amused and have warned the US command in Qatar that they will fire at any sector (meaning the ISIS/US Special Forces) they are attacked from.

    Syria, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran are winning against Al Qaeda and ISIS (ie the US and Israel) in Syria. Basically they are just mopping up ISIS forces now and have Al Qaeda surrounded and are destroying them piece by piece. This means the US has to rethink it’s plan or lose. There is no doubt war criminal Trump and his handlers are planning some new devilry in Syria.

  10. Good lord, were you on this planet for the last 20 years????

    What was going on? Obama won a Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing and then went on to do all he could to start WWIII! Hillary openly talked about starting WWIII with Russia!

    Every time Trump tried to do real diplomacy with Russia, the US media giants, the DNC and GOP all went insane with fury and demanded he stop and today, continue to attack him and his staff for trying to do simple diplomacy and you fell for that line, hook and sinker.

    Don’t you even read my stuff? I doubt it very much ever since you decided to declare war on me for not falling for fake stories peddled by fools you trust.

  11. Lou

    Obama won a Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing and then went on to do all he could to start WWIII!
    Under Barry, a bomb was dropped every 20 minutes. Thats like 200k? bombs.

  12. tio

    I received a bunch of Bezos credits for my birthday and I ended up purchasing a World map 6′ 6″ x 3′ 6″ (£25), hung it up a couple of days ago. Always wanted one.

  13. JimmyJ

    @Christian: China knows that if it stays out of WWIII it gets access to eastern Russian riches at some point, plus of course it doesn’t get nuked. China will betray Russia in a heartbeat if it means deferring a confrontation to later. Judeo-Christian Russia, like the US, thinks it can weather a nuclear war due to God’s justice, (whether on this plane of existence or another makes no matter). China has no Christian mythology to clutter it’s thinking.

  14. Christian W

    Russia, unlike the US, knows exactly what a war with the US would mean. So do the Chinese. China went through enough war in the 20th century on it’s own soil to know.

    If China sells out Russia it will forever be the US’ bitch. Simply won’t happen. China knows exactly what will follow a surrender to the US. They already were forced to do so once and were utterly destroyed as a result.

  15. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Obama, exactly like Trump, promised a lot of things to his voters. And guess what, just like Obama Trump ended up being… an AngloZionist Murder Inc. President betraying all his voters… Surprise!

    The US is so corrupt only a Murder Inc. “President” can be allowed to pose as a figure head. This is now the 5th Dubya Bush presidential term. And you claim things are different and Trump deserves support? Get real please.

    Fox News is one of the Big Six MSM Trusts that has created the Fake News industry in the US, in the process utterly destroying journalism and free speech. It’s owner is Rupert Murdoch, a Australian (ie British) US dual citizen ie an AngloZionist Oligarch extraordinaire, also a close personal friend of Trump’s. Fox News has specialized in selling news to the right wing Tea Party geriatrics (average age 68 according to the Daily Mail).

    In short, Trump is just business as usual. What I object to is the insistence to Trump, somehow and magically, being different when he has changed exactly NOTHING whatsoever.

    Reality is that Trump is pushing the world closer to WWIII than ever before, yes, even the Cuba crisis. So don’t tell me it is raining when Trump is pissing on all of us.

  16. Trump does NOT control the GOP at ALL.

    They are choosing to be stupid now. And voters can see this and there is a huge push to dump top GOP Bilderberg gangsters now.

  17. Lou

    16– WRT Christian, its like ‘posting [pun not intended] to a wall.’

  18. I have been pondering this for a bit. I am not sure the way i feel about it, nonetheless i appreciate the input I’ve found right here.

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