The Football News Is Important Because It Reveals Grand Canyon Gulf Between Citizens And Elites

Live Satellite News – Speaker Paul Ryan Comments on Trump / NFL Controversy – YouTube


OK: I was wrong and no one in the Steelers is going to be fined a penny for dissing everyone.  What this means is, the mess will roll onwards, gathering steam.  Already, the mainstream fake news is now issuing stories such as Yahoo Finance who claimed that football fans will forget all this rage and go back to spending money again with no apologies and furthermore, no apologies are needed since most fans don’t care!  I see it differently: at all the websites where chatter is going on, the rage is immense and growing, not fading away.  Polls show that football fans are furious.  Liberals who hate football, support this black lives matter stuff, of course, but they don’t spend money on football.  Football is a business that is circling the drain rapidly now.


That little weasel, Paul Ryan, plays word games about this broiling issue.  Earlier, I heard that the players messing with the game would be fined but that turned out to be a false story.  But the seething mess continues to cook and it is significant because this is now open warfare between the Bilderberg gang and the GOP male masses who are royally pissed off, big time.


Ryan is a Bilderberg gangster, by the way.


Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Tuesday that NFL players who kneel or sit during the national anthem are protected by the First Amendment. But that doesn’t mean he agrees with their actions.


“People are clearly within their rights to express themselves as they see fit,” said Ryan, a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan who likes to remind people he is one of 360,000 shareholders of the NFL’s only publicly held team.


“My own view, though, is we shouldn’t do it on the anthem,” he continued. “Our national anthem, our flag and the people who defend it and represent it — that should be celebrated everywhere and always.”


The unfolding scandal of black college basketball coaches isn’t top headlines today.   Sports are in a huge crisis.  The Olympics are being systematically destroyed by leftist radicals who have decreed that men who are still fully male can compete as ‘women’ if they take some hormone pills, for example.  The basketball game is no good now because as the players became taller and taller, the basket remained firmly in place leading to a ‘game’ that is mainly poking the ball down the basket from above.  It is stupid.


And now corrupt, too. The mainstream media is peddling very, very hard to pretend the sports audiences are stupid and can’t tell a cow from a skunk and will be there all the time to drink commercials for various odious junk forever and ever no matter how badly liberals batter them and mock them and disrespect them.

NFL In Panic Mode After What Full List Of Every Sponsor Who Supported Protesting Athletes Shows – YouTube


Voters aren’t dumb. Their feelings are not showing up in mainstream media which weeds out anyone who is the right of Madame Mao.  Since the majority of citizens are ignored no matter how loud they are, we have this bubble situation with the media now pretending there is no massive, furious boycott not just of the NFL but all these dying sports and the companies that advertise in these sports.


Someone at the top of Direct TV has brains still: by offering to refund people their money due to all this, the TV service has saved itself a lot of potential grief in the future.  Good for them.  Below is some artwork by enraged fans:

Here is the Detroit Free Press attacking citizens and siding with the NFL owners and leftists:  Mitch Albom: NFL stands against President Trump as comments spark rage.  He actually really believes that the football fans will be mad at Trump!


Now let me say straight off, I have not been in favor of these protests in the past. I’ve written so in this newspaper. I felt there were better places and ways to express your First Amendment rights than during the anthem at a sporting event, that the message was getting muddled in hate and anger and football, and that the flag did not stand for the things that were being protested — in fact, in many ways, it stood for the opposite.


A nice, garbled paragraph meaning nothing.  Then this liberal writer goes off the cliff:


But the flag wasn’t front and center Sunday. Words were. Words like “son of a bitch” and “fired.” And if we’re being honest, most of us wouldn’t want those words associated with us at our jobs, and certainly not from the highest office in the land.


HAHAHA.  I have lived many years and heard many things including, ‘I didn’t have sex with that person’ from the Clintons.


 Go watch the YouTube video of Trump’s speech. Please. The whole thing. It wasn’t just that comment. In a preening, smug, whip-up-the-crowd talk at a political rally, Trump trashed the players, the game, the owners, the drooping TV ratings.


Yes, this clown hates the Deplorables.  It seethes with hatred.  It howls with hate.  This writer is incapable of understanding even one Trump voter because he hates all of them, all the time, for everything.


He moved back and forth, smirking, enjoying the applause. These were not prepared remarks. This was not a well-written speech, in the tradition of American presidents gone by.


Oh, like the snooze fest Obama speeches or the drunken ravings of the Bilderberg Bush gang, or Hillary screeching.  Ouch.  The article goes on to totally misrepresent what happened next.  Trump threw down the gauntlet to the NFL that has been poking fans in the eye with a sharp stick for over a year and he dared them to double down doing this so…they did!


And this was not received with rage against Trump, nope, it was aimed straight at the players and team owners who egged on anti-white/anti-police on the field antics that already lead to a 15-20% drop in buying tickets and other NFL gear.


Listen to what Lions coach Jim Caldwell said after the game: “There are no SOBs in this league. These are men that work hard, of integrity, they’re involved in our communities. They’re fathers, they’re brothers and their mothers aren’t what he said they were. And our guys, just like anything else, we believe in unity, civility and also the First Amendment rights to peaceful expression and freedom of speech.”


That’s a lot more eloquent than what we heard in Alabama.


Note how the coach doubled down and attacked his audience.  He is an entertainer.  Hollywood has jumped off of this suicide cliff and is hammering away at its audience which is rapidly reacting negatively to all this wretched ‘entertainment’ and this is killing comic books and killing colleges and destroying everything in its path.  It isn’t just football, the liberal overreach here is fatal and it is like a spreading cancer hitting everything now in this extended rage.


Now we are back to a burning square one, and the heat comes from an unnecessary and unseemly diatribe by a leader we elected to know better, a leader who won partly because he sold voters on the idea that he was a deal maker, he got people together.


He’s got them together, all right. Owners and players alike. But more and more, he’s got them together lining up against him.


This sports writer who was hired to hector his readers has it totally wrong.  Owners and players CONSPIRED to attack their own audience and the audience rose up in rage and returned it in spades!  The writer thinks the Deplorables are stupid and will forget all this tomorrow, being tools to use and toss aside.  But like elephants, they won’t forget this wave of open insults.  No, this has cemented the rage, not dissipated it.

The London Daily Mail has some real news!  The mainstream news I visited here today in the USA mostly pretended the voters are mad at Trump and are siding with the football team owners.  This is a classic example of fake news.  I sometimes have the wrong news because I move too fast but I am a nobody, the mainstream makes up news every blasted day with no shame and no corrections.  It rolls on endlessly.


Here is a Chicago (constant gun fire town) Tribune totally misunderstanding what is going on, blaming the audience for football and their leader, Trump, and laying all the blame on them all.  For example, the writer assumes all the fake stories cooked up by the Black Lives Matter movement are true.  NFL owners’ vague calls for ‘unity’ ignore the real problem – Chicago Tribune


Where is Goodell’s public response to the letter NFL players sent him last month urging the league to show support as they address racial injustice?


Blacks are 70% of the players and are paid huge sums to play this game.  They often break laws and the teams clean up after them, abuse of women is papered over, they are above the law until no longer needed and then end up dead or in prison.  This is terrible!  But the protests are not over this obvious exploitation.  No, it is all about stupid stuff that is utterly false.


We are a nation adept at tiptoeing around this topic even as black athletes and others are begging us to recognize it.


This ‘reporter’ can’t write one sentence without lying about basic facts.


Credit the bravery of black players who have been risking personal livelihoods and making themselves targets in yet another time of racial strife in our nation by explicitly taking stands against racism. Credit coaches like the Warriors’ Steve Kerr, who never minces words when it comes to defending civil liberties and the rights of the black men he coaches.


If any white male says a peep that irritates his bosses, they are fired.  The Google computer expert who begged Google to examine basic scientific data about how women don’t like to do computer coding was summarily fired and the same lying mainstream media vilified him endlessly including deliberately misquoting him, etc.


Take a note from DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL players association, who vehemently stated, “We will never back down.”


HAHAHA.  I am enjoying the growing boycott.  Great way to sell tickets and make TV money!  Attack the audience and call them names and sneer at them.  Here is an amusing comment:


I love your conspiracy theories, John!

“ Inc. has reached a deal with the NFL to stream “Thursday Night Football” games during the 2017 season, according to multiple people familiar with the agreement.

The one-year deal is worth approximately $50 million to the NFL, according to the people who spoke on the condition of anonymity because no official announcement was made. The 10-game package will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers.”

… I guess his interest is in the whole league.


HAHAHA. which Bezos owns and who runs the Washington Post, has bought the NFL hook line and sinker and is getting a skunk.


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8 responses to “The Football News Is Important Because It Reveals Grand Canyon Gulf Between Citizens And Elites

  1. Shawntoh


    Once again, you are right in your assessment on about the NFL “circling the drain”. Out of curiosity, I visited their website and found the link to contact the NFL commissioner.

    While I haven’t read every single posted comment there, as there are a 100 of them listed that viewers can read, I note that probably EVERY ONE of these comments have been NEGATIVE with people mentioning that they are NEVER going to watch another NFL game again.

    Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out.


  2. Petruchio

    This is gonna be fun to watch! The more I think about it, the more I think the players and the billionaire owners DESERVE each other. Both have gargantuan egos who think they are immune to any and all criticisms from their lessers. I’m predicting the owners aren’t gonna change one iota; their egos won’t let them. And to be fair, we as a society have pampered and catered to them. In a lot of ways, it’s no wonder these NFL owners are such Monsters. The players, same thing. These guys have been pampered and coddled from an early age because they can run and catch a football. Or throw a football. Or some other highly valued football skill. The players feel perfectly free to go around and have 8 kids with 6 different women and never feel the need to get married. Then there’s DeMauricw Smith. He’s a perfect example of the Proud Black Man. He aint gonna take sh#t from whitey. These guys don’t know they are biting the hand that feeds them. The NFL owners and the players. Mostof them richly deserve to flush down the toilet.

  3. Eldon Trapp

    The NFL ( National Felons League) should change their name to BLMFL !

  4. The NFL is a suicide pact.

    And who is paying the price: THE PLAYERS. They have a near 100% brain damage rate! This is terrifyingly bad and the more ‘protection’ they pile on these men, the worse the damage.

    The players should be demonstrating against the owners who destroy them all but instead, they protest against their fans who wish them well, not exploit them literally to death.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, you are so good at getting to the facts.


    Why Does the National Football League Deserve Tax-Exempt …
    Why Does the National Football League Deserve … While the NFL doesn’t explain how much each clubs pays in … NFL owners don’t have to pay taxes on …
    [Search domain]….
    Why the NFL is Tax-Exempt – Today I Found Out
    Why the NFL is Tax-Exempt. … all of which pay taxes on their individual revenue. The NFL League Office is classified as a trade … If the C6 pays the …

  6. Maddie's Mom

    The NFL…just another way to siphon off some of the working stiff’s ‘wealth’.
    NoFundsLeft? Put it on plastic and then pay the banksters some interest on it too! smh
    My husband, only a TV viewer, quit watching them years ago when it became apparent the players were over-paid crybabies (his words), long before Trump and the kneeling scandal.
    Good to see many more finally snap out of it!

  7. Petruchio

    It ALWAYS amazes me how people rip the athletes for their paychecks–even though NOBODY puts a gun to the head of the Owners who actually have to PAY those outrageous salaries and forces owners to keep raising the athletes salaries. But here’s the REAL kicker that gets me: the most overpaid people BY FAR in Pro Sports are the OWNERS!!! Owners almost never get criticized, even though they get subsidized by taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars for stadiums they could EASILY build themselves. Go figure.

  8. Do note that this is increasingly happening: as of this week, the typical football fan saw the owners openly siding with Black Lives Matter people who they hire and protect. This is leading to tremendous rage. DUH.

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