Despite War Talk, US Will Join Russia And China In Lunar Orbit Space Station

Russia & US to create new space station in moon’s orbit — RT News: this is headline news in Russia, not the US.  Russia Will Team Up with NASA to Build a Lunar Space Station was reported by Popular Mechanics, a male-operated media, but the mainstream news which has been screeching about Evil Russians for the last year and a half, are silent about this just like they ignore the fact that our work on the present space station is 100% thanks to Russia doing the heavy lifting for a fee, of course.


We [Roscosmos and NASA] have agreed to join the project to build a new international Deep Space Gateway station in [the] moon’s orbit,”Roscosmos head Igor Komarov said, as cited by Interfax.


All news about how Russia has worked with NASA during the last two years is censored by mainstream media.  No one thanks Russia for helping us out ever since the space shuttle catastrophe.  Dead silence is the rule.


Scaring citizens into thinking Russia is menacing us is the #1 tool of the elites.


The first stage of the project will involve the construction of the orbital part of the station, Komarov announced. He added that the technologies involved can later be used on the moon’s surface and, potentially, on Mars.


The project is also open for other states to join, including China, India, Brazil, and South Africa, Komarov announced, adding that the various sides discussed their potential contributions to the project.


So, Russia is co-ordinating this.  HAHAHA.  China and India just this last month, had another border spat in the Himalayan mountains.  Even so, they sat down with Putin’s people to discuss how to get into space!


Lunar Orbital Station – Wikipedia


The Lunar Orbital Station is a proposed Russianspace station in orbit around the Moon.[1] The design was revealed in 2007 at a conference at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City. It is one of the two parts of the planned Russian lunar infrastructure, the other part being a base on the surface of the Moon. LOS will have six docking ports, high-power antenna for communications, maneuvering and attitude controlengines, solar panels and a robotic arm, similar to the one developed by the European Space Agency for the Russian segment of the ISS. The station would be launched atop a super heavy version of the Angara rocket. It is expected to be built after 2030.[2]


Sigh.  My father, Dr. Aden Meinel, was a pioneer both in rocket stuff during WWII, he is the one who actually went into the secret Nazi rocket caves while the Nazis were distracted, fighting the Soviet Army.  And he decided way back in the early 1970’s to put together a team to do solar energy research.


He did a great deal of science diplomacy with both Russia and China during the Cold War years.  This was highly dangerous whenever things got hot like during the McCarthy witch hunts, for example.


I believe in cooperation rather than confrontation when equal powers meet.  This prevents wars.  The US and others have many proxy wars across the planet in weaker countries.  But a direct confrontation will lead to annihilation so it has to be avoided.


So far, Congress and the fake news media and the entire Bilderberg gang is bent on using WWIII as a power tool, threatening it constantly.  This is insane, stupid and annoying all at the same time.


Behind the scenes, they play footsie with Putin and the Chinese directors!  They ALWAYS did this!!!  My father worked for five Presidents and he ran all over the planet doing secret stuff.  This continues today only we have a bad twist to it all: the need for a boogie man is very high on the Ruler’s list so they chose Putin who is very smart and knows strategic thinking and is ready to play one move ahead sort of game.


Meanwhile, our own Rulers are bogged down in ridiculous places, supporting terrorists who alternate tactics from attacking pro-Russian leaders to attacking NATO countries including the US.


Right now in Syria, the US is protecting, funding and arming terrorists!  This hasn’t stopped under Trump because he has zero control over the CIA.  Congress could stop this by defunding the CIA but they won’t most of them are Bilderberg co-conspirators.  So we are stuck with this noxious mess.

I am inserting this story to illustrate the uprising on the right: conservatives are poking the GOP Congress leaders in the eye.  Trump was told by the GOP Congress critters to support their tool, Strange.  HAHAHA.  It failed.


Alternative media was talking a lot about all this and guessing that the upstart anti-Bilderberg man would win thanks to angry voters and he did win.  Moore probably won’t get any money from the GOP big wigs and the media giants will hammer on him nonstop but…their power is diminishing rapidly.






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3 responses to “Despite War Talk, US Will Join Russia And China In Lunar Orbit Space Station

  1. Melponeme_k


    Foreign company squawking because the US put a tariff on their product:

    As if no other country tariffs the bejeepers out of US goods.

  2. Lou

    What about Chinese military base in Africa?

  3. Shawntoh


    This looks like we better watch closely from other media sources–

    “….Chinese foreign and economic policies shape much of Asia. China’s ever-growing efforts to build and fund infrastructure around the subcontinent through initiatives such as One Belt, One Road have obvious impact on smaller countries that might otherwise struggle to finance their own projects. Neighbors from Japan to India are watching China for foreign policy cues that affect their iffy diplomatic relations with the region’s major power…”

    You warned us, Elaine, China does have sovereign wealth to leverage in diplomacy–

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