Football Finances: Taxpayer Rip-offs For Super Rich Owners…Cut The Money!

NBA revenues | Fixing The Game


I was remiss, I didn’t do an analytic financial report about how the NFL is a gigantic business which is run by List of NFL franchise owners all of whom are ridiculously rich and some are foreigners.  Some are Bilderberg gangsters, on top of all this.  The NFL is Big Business and the TV big business gang makes huge profits selling TV commercials of other Big Businesses and all of these operations are nearly totally tone deaf to the howls of rage of the audience these clowns hope to exploit.  This is a very important battle for it alerts the citizens as to who our Real Rulers are and the contempt these rulers have for all of us citizens.


A very important red line has been crossed this week.  The majority of citizens are siding with Trump in this fight and the NFL owners and TV bosses all joined hands in attacking…their own customers!!!  This is, of course, insanely suicidal but they are so wrapped up in their own sheltered lives, they have no idea how real people think about anything.


Players, owners unite as Trump demands NFL ‘fire or suspend’ players or risk fan boycott – The Washington Post:  The Washington Post owned by Bezos and are leading the charge in attacking citizens who are angry about patriotism being dissed by football players.  Bezos, like his fellow Californian and West Coast idiocracy, has no idea of the rage seething in the hinterlands.


The entire DNC/GOP leadership outside of Trump are utterly clueless about the rising ocean of rage out there in Nobody Land.  This is hammering TV profits, sports profits, entertainment profits, movie profits, comic book profits: all are beginning to circle the drain as SJW coastal people impose their benighted dogma on the rest of us.  We hate it more and more and it is leading to a major explosion of rage now.


Note that the most profitable team is the Dallas Cowboys who just committed financial suicide this week when they totally dissed their own audience right in front of national TV.  The New England Patriots were very unpatriotic this week and they are being hammered, too.  Here is the WP article trying its best to hide this revolt against the Super Rich:


The tweets continue a three-day crusade by the president to pressure the league to fire players who have taken a knee to protest police violence against minorities. Trump has poured fuel on the flame of a simmering culture war and has further pushed sports deep into the political arena.


Trump had to do this for the SJW Coastal Leftists were already totally at war with Trump voters.  This war was started by them and they didn’t surrender when they lost the election, the Super Rich/Super Powerful doubled down after the election and we are highly aware of this.


Among players, coaches and team owners, the public reaction has been sharply negative of his comments.


And this is due to them all being millionaires/billionaires and utterly clueless about their audience and fellow citizens.  This is very much a ‘let them eat cake’ moment in history.


Even a close friend, Patriots CEO and Chairman Robert Kraft, who donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration, issued a sharply worded statement Sunday morning that condemned his comments and supported the right of players to peacefully protest “in a manner that they feel is most impactful.”


It had great impact, indeed, it was like a bomb going off and now the fans are at war with the players and owners.  The fans are now out for blood.  Since the players and owners are utterly clueless about this, the fans will insure they will figure this out by next week.  For now, a boycott has taken off like a rocket.  Next: change laws that enable rich bastards to make money and not pay taxes, or get public funding of their private property game systems.


“I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President on Friday,” Kraft said. “I am proud to be associated with so many players who make such tremendous contributions in positively impacting our communities.


Kraft is finished.  I wonder what company he owns?  Oh!  Kraft!  HAHAHA.  It is on the ‘boycott’ list, isn’t it?  He asked for it and will get it.  A lesson in Real Life.

The NFL is a big entertainment business and it is falling off this cliff.  They are so stupid, they can’t see the obvious.  It is a business that will have to learn a very harsh lesson.  Trump knows this and understands this, they do not.


Roger Goodell’s Pay Has Skyrocketed In Recent Years | Business Insider

The NFL is a looting operation for elites.  The clueless President of the NFL is a looter.  He thinks he is very clever.  Instead, the ire of the fans will turn on him for he attacked the fans this week.


The NFL has paid Roger Goodell approximately $US123 million in his first seven years as commissioner according tax filings obtained by Sports Business Daily and other outlets.


For comparison, only five active players (Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Julius Peppers, Drew Brees) have made more than $US123 million in their career according to Of those players, all have played in at least 11 seasons (E. Manning) and as many 17 (P. Manning).


Goodell’s compensation (salary and bonuses) skyrocketed in the two years since the 2011 NFL lockout, reaching $US44.2 million during the fiscal year ending in 2013, an increase of nearly 300% from his first full year as commissioner (2008). Meanwhile, NFL revenue has increased 31.6% over the same period.


I hope these clowns are defeated.  It would be quite singular and if the elites don’t figure out the obvious, we may see a repeat of so many revolutions including killing the ruling elites.  They better wake up.  Time is running out rapidly.  Now on to another story about California which seems addicted to self destruction:


U.S. Climate Change Policy: Made in California – The New York Times


SACRAMENTO — The Trump administration may appear to control climate policy in Washington, but the nation’s most dynamic environmental regulator is here in California.


LA is a strange place. I am very, very familiar with LA pollution problems.  It is totally surrounded by fairly high mountains and the ocean breezes pushes the pollution up the valleys so it is all very polluted.  My grandfather used to joke about the air pollution 60 years ago.


Mary D. Nichols, California’s electric-car-driving, hoodie-wearing, 72-year-old air quality regulator, is pressing ahead with a far-reaching agenda of environmental and climate actions. She says she will not let the Trump administration stand in her way.


California can do the simple thing: ban cars.  NYC has a tremendous web of public transportation systems which I used for many years.  It is very comprehensive.  LA is the exact opposite.  Far from setting the stage for change, LA is 120 years behind NYC in the area of public transportation.


As chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, or CARB, Ms. Nichols is the de facto enforcer of the single biggest step the United States has taken to combat the effects of climate change: standards adopted under the Obama administration that mandate a deep cut in emissions from the 190 million passenger cars on America’s roads. Together, those vehicles regularly emit more earth-warming gases than the country’s power plants.


LA is also hot most of the time, being a desert place.  During Ice Ages, it is very wet but still quite warm.  Mastodons roamed there a mere 12,000 years ago.


At the request of the major automakers, the Environmental Protection Agency officially opened a review of those standards last month. The move was seen as the prelude to a loosening of those targets, which require manufacturers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and light trucks by 2025.


Trump won’t let the DNC dictate on this issue since 90% of the country doesn’t live in cities surrounded by mountains.  Denver is like LA so they can cut pollution if they wish.  Just ban cars like Manhattan discourages cars except for taxis and making taxis run on alternative fuels is a good idea, they do pollute the streets badly.


But a peculiar confluence of history, legal precedent and regulatory defiance has given California unique authority to write its own air pollution rules. And because 12 other states now follow California’s standards, the state finds itself in an extraordinary position to stage a regulatory mutiny of sorts — with much of the country’s car market in tow.

Air Pollution In LA At Its Worst – YouTube

A last story for today: fake news loves to talk about other fake news.  This NYT story is stupid because fake news harmed a town a bit while NYT fake news has murdered millions of innocent people and destroyed multiple countries!  Arrest the NYT reporters and owners of that filthy rag!




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28 responses to “Football Finances: Taxpayer Rip-offs For Super Rich Owners…Cut The Money!

  1. Petruchio

    It needs to also be pointed out that the NFL was founded, the original NFL team owners were–mostly–affiliated with Bog Time gambling. These guys were tired of betting just on horses. They wanted something more interesting to gamble on. And even to this day, if you look at the amounts of money that are gambled on NFL games you will see HUGE amounts of cash. Anybody who thinks gambling doesn’t influence the Sport it wagers on is a fool.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Like Retail depending on Black Friday (after Thanksgiving) to December for their profits, the NFL and its satellite businesses depend on the same time frame to make most of their money leading to Super Bowl.

    What do they do before this important time? They spew hatred at the people who pay them money. I’m amazed at the stupidity.

    Like I said before, this is Rumplestiltskin time. The US public discovered the real name, now all the little Bilderberg trolls are going stomp their feet until they fall through the earth.

  3. Lou

    some are foreigners. !!!!
    Owners are often Jewish, yes. Not just of NFL but of
    pro sport teams. (((Donald Sterling))) (((Mark Cuban))) and many others.

  4. Lou

    What about the church shooter. The real news that is ignored?

    They are not covering it because he is black, from Sudan and the victims are white.
    Had the shooter been white and the victims white, there would be coverage and demonstrations and rioting and looting for quite some time. I guess a black committing crime against whites is not newsworthy. Probably because the mainstream media probably knows the real statistics and considers it normal behavior

    Why shouldn’t media outlets play up the racial angle, noting that Samson is African American and he targeted a predominately white church… far-left media and Democrats play up the racial angle, noting the one time a white guy shot up a predominately black church..

  5. Shawntoh


    Much peace upon you and all who read this–

    I have some bad news from Portland, Oregon–

    [Note: Trimet is the local transit system for light rail, street cars, and buses for Portland and the suburbs]

    “TriMet ridership is down overall despite significant population growth and a major light-rail expansion, and an analysis suggests that rising housing costs are partly to blame.”

    We humans have got to cut down our population and cut down our energy consumption before it’s too late. We have got to do this humanely before it’s too late and Great Nature decides to get rid of us once and for all.


  6. Melponeme_k


    The majority of the US is EMPTY. EMPTY! I’ve seen it myself when traveling the Midwest. In NM, they have one dead town after another until you reach the big cities.

    You are falling the for the Bilderberg Religious belief system that states we all have to give up our lives to live in small rabbit hutch apartments. That is what they really propose.

    So tell me, if City living is such a strain on the environment, why does the Bilderberg plan consist of moving EVERYONE into city areas? Hmmm?

    I’m sure they aren’t giving up their mega countryside estates.

    No this is merely a plan to cut down on our living expenses, so they can spend MORE.

  7. Lisa

    It looks like the NFL has a new marketing strategy. It is probably called “Fifty Shades of Grey Marketing”. Based on the idea if you treat your customers like dirt they’ll come crawling back.

    I don’t think it will work.

  8. The scary notion of human overpopulation, which I agree is real and scary, when stated in general terms masks important details. For Europeans and whites in general, including those in the U.S., total fertility rate is below the replacement rate. (This is also true of the Japanese, of course.) The population explosion occurring now and projected for the rest of the century is driven mostly by fertility and mortality trends in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East — and in ways the affect the U.S. in particular, in parts of Latin America. (Also should add China and India simply because of their enormous populations already.)

    Cohencidentally (?), the idea of having fewer children in order to “save the planet” is one that tends to resonate with white people more than any other. I doubt that most Sudanese, Moroccans, and Mexicans take the dangers of “climate change” to heart in their family planning.

  9. The USA ‘patriotic game’ evolved from baseball to football after WWII so by the Vietnam War, football passed baseball. Basketball, now that it is nearly all black, has fallen in favor greatly and now is embroiled in yet another major scandal with a number of arrests due to fraud and theft. Football is falling off the same cliff.

  10. Dennis Roe

    “Nobodyland”, gotta love it.

  11. Melponeme_k

    Crazy reporter now attacking a black Canadian hockey player for not joining the flag protest.

    So I suppose they won’t be happy until every black athlete destroys his/her own career and sport for mental brainwashing. So now there will probably be a mass bullying of this poor man. No matter how rare it is for a black player to be on an NHL team. You would think they would give him some interest life stories on that but NOPE! Destroy your career for insanity!

  12. Shawntoh


    “The majority of the US is EMPTY. EMPTY! I’ve seen it myself when traveling the Midwest…”

    My response: I’ve seen it, too, and you are correct.

    “….In NM, they have one dead town after another until you reach the big cities.”

    As for NM, I know nothing about it because I’ve never been there and I will take your word for it. Next…

    “You are falling the for the Bilderberg Religious belief system that states we all have to give up our lives to live in small rabbit hutch apartments. That is what they really propose.”

    My response: Correct, I am “falling” but it’s not due to any “Bilderberg Religious belief system”. Nope, instead–

    I don’t need their “system” anyway, or any system, for that matter, because I’m “falling” just fine on my own and I don’t think I’ve reached bottom in this bottomless pit of reality of mine.

    Pray for me, please. Further…

    I’m already living in a “small rabbit hutch” apartment and, sadly, it did NOT come with any female bunnies, either, in any shape or form whatsoever!

    …And I am furious about it! But I forgive them. In that regard–

    Could you please have them send ONLY a human female “bunny” to me, ASAP, free of charge, including shipping? I’m very lonely here. Oh wait–

    Please do not contact any Playboy® bunnies to send as they are too busy right now doing ceremonies for the next forty days to assist Hugh in his travels in the reality after this life.

    Please let them be, I’m sure it’s very difficult for them right now.

    “So tell me, if City[sic] living is such a strain on the environment, why does the Bilderberg plan consist of moving EVERYONE into city areas? Hmmm?”

    My response: I don’t know and I have no idea. I’m not a member of the Bilderberg Gang and would refuse to be a member or even work for them directly or indirectly, anyway.

    So I don’t know what their plan(s) is/(are) at this time.

    We can only hope that brave people, like Elaine, do find out their exact plan(s) to warn us in time.

    “I’m sure they aren’t giving up their mega countryside estates.”

    Agreed, I’m sure they aren’t giving up their mega countryside estates at this time. That being said…

    However, if they do so in the near future, I’ll be sure to recommend that they give one to you FIRST since you’ve been so nice to me– and, as I’m too busy hopping around in my “rabbit hutch” apartment.

    “No this is merely a plan to cut down on our living expenses, so they can spend MORE.”

    My response: You seem to know a lot about their plans from what I can tell so far.

    How long have you been a member of the Bilderberg Gang– or have been working for them?

    If I’m wrong about that, maybe you could work as a psychic reader?

    After reading your responses to my comments, my psychic abilities, while EXTREMELY limited and certainly not as good as the late Miss Cleo (R.I.P), tell me you’ll probably have a new and exciting career just waiting for you by you using your lucrative psychic ability gifts in another context predicting various celebrity antics, for example– on your very own Internet channel AND with your very own 900 number for eager callers patiently waiting on hold.

    You gotta admit, it’s certainly safer than playing gridiron football, would you not agree? 🙂

    Thanks, for reading this, if you got this far with my wiseacring and thanks, in advance, for all your help.


  13. melponeme_k


    I’ll send you your playboy trannie boy as soon as he is available.

  14. Shawntoh


    I don’t want you to have to censor my remarks towards @melponeme_k as you have better things to do and, if you have to, forgive me and please remove any of my comments, as you have done before, for my own good as well as for everyone, if I post something that you determine is inappropriate for this blog for my safety– and most of all, your safety and everyone else.

    Thank you, Elaine, in advance. Now then–


    Excuse me, I would advise to NOT use the term “trannie”, it’s for your own safety. Seriously. Why?

    I know of a local band here in Portland that use to be called the “Mormon Trannies”. They got so many complaints about the term “trannies” in their band name that they decided to change their band name to “The Latter Day Skanks” (They never had any complaints from the Mormons, btw, just for the record).

    Don’t believe me?

    Here’s the proof–

    I don’t want you to get into any danger, and, instead, I want you to be safe. Seriously. Otherwise–

    You might get the LGBTQ community reacting to you and I cannot guarantee your safety ANYWHERE as there may be some people who may not take kindly to you using this derogatory term that you have just used and they may do something radical to you like antifa at the worst.

    Besides, I’m sure your transgender friend would miss you greatly because of the way you give them great [CENSORED] and they would get awfully homesick being away from you. Still I appreciate the kind gesture on your part. It’s too generous, though, melponeme_k, and in that regard…

    Remember, melponeme_k, tell your transgender friend not to bite so hard next time you [CENSORED] in their [CENSORED]. Above all–

    I want ONLY cisgender females as that’s my preference. My apologies that I didn’t make that stipulation previously in the post. Now–

    That’s enough of the flame-throwing, @melponeme_k, I’m ignoring you from now on, ‘bye!


  15. Shawntoh

    Folks, you gotta read this bio of the band just mentioned, The Latter Day Skanks–


    The Latter Day Skanks started out as humble Mormons who felt different. After years of self doubt, self torment and self exploration they excommunicated themselves from The Church Of Latter Day Saints and created a much sexier, much stickier and very much Skanky-er offshoot: The Church of Latter Day Skanks.

    The former abused, tormented and chastised the members for what they were: young, sexy and rebellious. After years of soul searching The Skanks have come to Portland to spread their message though raucous and raunchy punk rock Hymns.

    The bands uses their seductive allure to expose religious lies that have spread war and hate for centuries. They preach a message of equality and acceptance through satire, skin and of course dick jokes to any and all that will listen.

    The cross-dressing & hard rocking Latter-Day Skanks guarantee to blow your mind and rock your ass. Bring your naughty self to a show and leave your morals, inhibitions and virginity at the door.”

    What can I say? We’re Portland, OR.

    Elaine, the fact we went from talking about overpaid gridiron football players to deteriorating to end up talking about “Three cross-dressing former Mormons” is something I take full responsibility for since I caused the reaction in @melponeme_k.

    I’m not a Mormon either and have never been one and I prefer men’s clothes– not that anyone cares at this point! 🙂


  16. melponeme_k


    Someone was triggered.

    Thank you for the violent wishes.

    I’ll be sure to watch out for the 1 percent, maybe even less, of the population that insists on the rest of the world cater to their body dysmorphia.

  17. floridasandy

    mel, I think it is sad that so much attention is focused on all the wrong things by the media-people with body image problems, people who are just generally unhappy, people who hate the country and the flag, and people who just want to shut down free speech everywhere and push a communist or socialist agenda. What will Venezuela do when they have eaten all the stray animals and the zoo animals? Maybe Castro can give them some of all his stolen money for “solidarity”–with their world government and all. The sad part is they still have gold reserves (although they sold a lot off) and people still will starve due to their inept leadership.

    The only good news I see on the horizon is that people are AWARE of all this, and are getting fed up. Most of us don’t see Bradley Manning or Reality Winner as heroes–rather the opposite-as self loathing losers blaming the country for their own problems. The media loves their angry disturbed darlings and try and intimidate everybody else into doing so.

    For the record, it isn’t working. There weren’t too many “fans” joining the boycott at the game, as expected. They are so out of touch they can’t even see it.

  18. Melponeme_k


    People are mistaking my intent and the intent of most of the community who Transvestigate.

    It isn’t about being angry or hating fashion models, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie or any of the transpicuous superstars pushed into our faces every day of the year. What the anger is about is the LYING and the DECEIT. These people are pushing themselves as a top beauty of their “sex”. They and their handlers are behind the social collapse of society because instead of looking to one another for social cues and mores, we look at media. And media is pushing sexual deviancy as the norm.

    How many young girls are becoming anorexic because they want to look like their favorite MALE movie star pretending to be female? How many men are killing themselves over the sloped shoulder muscle look (achievable only by females on hormones)? How many young teens are questioning their sexuality because their BODIES know instinctively they are looking at the opposite sex but consciously they think it is the same sex?

    I’m sorry this must all be addressed. It is the main reason behind the MGTOW movement and the harridan tran influence of Feminism.

    Camille Paglia is right, she stated that a society on the verge collapse ALWAYS pushes trannies. ALWAYS. In recent history, it happened in Weimar Republic Germany. The more known examples are Ancient Rome and Greece.

  19. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, I never really liked Paglia when she hit it big 20 to 25 years ago. I’m not really a fan of her now. But she speaks sense.

  20. tio

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  21. ALL human cultures have cross-sexual individuals, usually around 1-2%. Indian tribes, for example, have ‘female’ male dancers and Islamic nations have this, in various cultures we have the ‘cross overs’ including women being men, etc. They are not COMMON but they always existed only they were not talked about much.

    Loki, for example, was ‘either sex’ when he wished to do things.

  22. Melponeme_k

    Elaine, the elites now are asking us ALL to kowtow to the sensitive 1% of the population who are ONLY ALIVE because of our advanced civilization.

    These are the people we are going to trust for advice when motivated invaders are at the gates? These people are known liars, most are delusional enough to believe they are the sex they changed themselves into and are heterosexual!

    This isn’t about “acceptance”, this is about the survival of the civilization. Believe me, the minute the invaders take over Europe, US etc, the first people on the fires will be the exact 1 to 2 percent of the population.


    Who? Me or Paglia.

    Paglia has been a self proclaimed lesbian for years. She is also up front about saying she thinks she had a lot of male hormones while in the womb because she never felt she thought the same as other women. But I’ve looked at old photos of her in her heyday. She is tiny. Tiny hands, wrists, face etc. She is a woman.

    In regards to me, yeah I’m angry. I’ve spent the great part of my youth convinced I was ugly because I didn’t look like the HE-SHE abominations pushed in women’s beauty magazines. I just never could understand that no matter how much I starved myself, I couldn’t achieve the same straight/flat waist, small hipped, big jawed look of models and actresses. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, I was trying to look like a pre-pubescent boy. Well small consolations, the second puberty men get in their 30s absolutely undoes all these arrogant people. Now you know why their faces fall off their faces once they hit 30 and above. The male hormones really kick in, strengthening their bodies and faces. The way it happens to all men. So they get more and more plastic surgery. Not so pretty or strutting their trans goods then. Note, really look at women. Our faces don’t explode after 30. If that happens at all, it does around menopause.

  23. tio

    Huh! I wondered why I went from a svelte Steve McQueen lookalike to someone who was recently likened to in turn as Shrek and the Bear from the Revenant. I have spiteful acquaintances.

    I have tried to reason, well argue, with women about ‘fashion’ and female self image issues. Each time I wished I hadn’t. So I won’t now.

    But thank you for your honest reflection, I get it now.

  24. Yes, normal humans change as they age. It used to be considered a good thing. An old looking face=greater knowledge and survivability! Men with heavy faces, hair on the face, with filled out body were…GREAT and women clustered to them because it meant surviving the Ice Ages! So natural selection created humans that age the odd way we all age.

    Same with menopause: it evolved because old women were the Wise Women. They knew all the lore, how to survive, what needs to be done and how to do it all so risking them with birthing was no good, they assisted daughters and granddaughters in giving birth and protecting/raising the babies.

    Natural selection: the older the woman, the more damaged her eggs. We have a limited number of eggs and these develop early in our teens and then these age over time so later and later babies have more genetic changes so investing in grandchildren who then protect grandma is highly important to homo sapiens during the Ice Ages.

  25. tio

    I read an article some time ago about a group of scientists studying the great whales, the only other mammals that go through the menopause. And yes it was to assist in the raising of the grandchildren whilst not being sought out for sex. Funny old world.

  26. Lou

    It used to be considered a good thing. An old looking face=greater knowledge and survivability!

    In Asia, elders may still be revered.

  27. Melponeme_k

    All true with the exception of the elites. Kings sold off their daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers if any of them even had a smidge of fertility left. And if they were too rebellious, too smart, not wanted or even TOO much wanted…straight to the nunnery!

  28. Lou

    Jewish billionaires who own 18-20 of the NFL teams directly and a few others partially .and there are only 32 teams.
    A tax free business org and all their stadiums are paid for by the “state’, tell me who is getting screwed, and how they got things set up to do so and make more money.

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