Evil Google Declares War On Patreon Clients Using You Tube

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THANK YOU SHAWNTOH. for this news this morning!


Google, a California terrorist SJW operation, started out as this wonderful web service that became richer and richer and the creators of Google were asked to join the Bilderberg gang.  Ever since a series of meetings this last two years especially in the last six months, the gang has instructed Google as to how to destroy the internet’s useful services and turn it into a clone of Pravda in 1984.  Google is now pure evil.  The latest attack Google’s gang is inflicting on users is to defund Patreon which is a new, alternative system for us to monetize stuff online.


First, the important economic news of this week as far as online creators are concerned: On September 19th:  Patreon Raises $60 Million in Series C Funding – VideoInk reports.


Patreon, the startup that helps content creators (from vloggers to bloggers) connect with patrons who help support their work through monthly donations, has raised $60 million in a Series C round of funding led by Thrive Capital. The company, which was co-founded by musician Jack Conte in 2013, plans to use the fundraising to offer new products and features for its creators. The new funding brings Patreon to a total of $107 million raised.


Thanks to Google going pure evil, Patreon is taking off.  They created a service that was needed badly after Google decided to act like Mad Madame Mao and crush all opposition to Mad Madame Hillary and her gang of never-do-gooders.  Alarmed at the great success of Patreon, Google is now attacking Patreon.


“We will be scaling our team, building faster, and building more — all to get you paid,” said Conte in a blog post announcing the financing. “There’s a great world coming for creators!”


This is WWIII online as the Big Bosses who control our nation and see power slipping through their filthy lucre fingers.  They have to stop creators from creating ways of communicating with each other and with the Deplorables who are 50% of the nation’s citizens.


Currently, Patreon has 50,000 creators signed up for its platform who are receiving money from around 1 million patrons. The company, which says it paid $100 million to creators during its first three years as a business, expects to pay out $150 million this year.


All that loot and the Bilderberg gang can’t touch it.


Content creators are getting restless. Many of them have been negatively impacted by Googles recent, well-intentioned, efforts to demonetize inappropriate videos. What started as a way to defund terrorist groups like Hezbollah, who were using YouTube to upload and monetize videos promoting terrorism, has snowballed into an unfortunate mess, especially for the creators who rely solely on YouTube for their monthly income. While Google is sorting out the mess, Patreon has given creators another means to make money off their content through offering a subscription service to fans.


The writer of this story is totally out of the loop or is a lying bastard.  I would assume lying bastard since it is ridiculously easy to do some research to see who is complaining about Google’s defunding efforts: anyone to the right of the SJW lunatics in California!  This is painfully obvious.


Google knows perfectly well, the excuse about terrorists is a lie.  We proved over and over again, Muslim terrorist videos were still funded by Google whereas perfectly legal and polite videos that didn’t even cuss or show nudity, were censored.

This battle online has been raging for a year now and how can a publication that claims to be a ‘news service’ be totally brainless about all this?  It is HUGE online and I have reported on it frequently.


Now on to today’s news:  YouTube blocks non-partner creators from linking to Patreon and other sites!


Google no longer lets creators who aren’t part of its partnership program embed links to external sites like Patreon within their videos.


This is the new sneaky way Google has come up with using its lawyers, to hijack Patreon and turn it into a tool of the Bilderberg gang’s desperate efforts to destroy anyone who is against flooding Europe and the US with illegal aliens who hate our culture and our religions and everything we have.


The change is supposed to “curb abuse” by encouraging channel owners to partner with the site so it can “evaluate the validity of the channel” and determine whether the videos are appropriate, a Google spokesperson said.


That is code for censoring people based on SJW political policing.  The pure Evil of Google is reaching new heights and this is war.  Google, itself, said to us all that attacking people online is equal to war so war it is.


A small attempt at demonstrating against Google last month was swamped by Google and its DNC tools so anyone daring to demonstrate against Google would be beaten senseless by gangs of armed leftists of ANTIFA, the enforcement arm of the new Nazis.


YouTube creates confusion by herding creators into partner program to fight ‘abuse’ (update) | VentureBeat.  Like the previous article, this one doesn’t allow comments.  Very few online publications allow comments so they can sail blissfully along, ignoring us.


I reached out to Google, and the company claims that — despite what its support page says — this isn’t actually about monetizing channels.


There is an error the above sentence. It is about ‘demonetizing’ channels.  Google is very political and is very much supporting the open attacks on US citizens by deranged leftist youths.  It hates the fact that people to the right of Madames Mao and Clinton are able to grow and organize thanks to the internet.


“In order to use externally-linking end cards in videos, creators are being asked to join the YouTube Partner program, so that we can evaluate the validity of the channel as well as determine whether the channel is following our community guidelines,” a YouTube spokesperson said. “This update is meant to curb abuse and does not affect current YouTube partners or the availability of existing end cards. Additionally channels do not have to actually monetize any videos as part of this requirement.”


Google’s stupid staff think we are all very stupid.  We aren’t.  This irritates the SJW gang no end.  This game of cat and mouse we are playing is going to end with guns.  Google thinks the US military and police will suppress us when the shooting starts little realizing how pissed off the vast majority of military and police are, about the SJW nonsense.  They itch to crush it.


I asked Google for examples of the violation that spurred this action, and it simply linked me to its policy-and-safety page in its community guidelines. That didn’t provide any specific examples or anything beyond saying that it is seeing a recent spike in people breaking its rules. So even as Google is saying its new linking policy is about community moderation, a lot of creators are still concerned that this is part of an ongoing trend to slowly box Patreon out of YouTube.


Google denies this.


Unlike the previous article, this one notes that Google is deliberately destroying the internet and actually mentions this.  Note there are now no ‘specific rules’ which means…we should all sue Google for capriciously censoring us.   The ‘recent spike’ is Google attacking totally legal but politically incorrect sites.


The left is stupid, doesn’t do history much.  The history of leftists taking over countries leads to poverty, looting, the elites getting filthy rich and the rest of us being shoved off the economic cliff, it leads to depravity, the collapse of families, cities in ruins, higher crime…wait!  Sounds like all our DNC-run cities!


The latest Google news isn’t spreading around the internet very fast due to the mainstream media hiding this battle.  But I am assuming that by tomorrow, us alternative sites will be covering this story.  I am happy to be one of the earliest!


Remember: Google is Evil.


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15 responses to “Evil Google Declares War On Patreon Clients Using You Tube

  1. Lou

    I avoid Google but I do use You Tube.

    I hope a competitor overtakes YT.

  2. Nani

    We have our very own Madame Mao here in Europe, and she is nasty:

    Migrants comes first, and we, the real citizens, comes second.

    Last time i voted, i made sure to vote for a party who opposes this lunacy.

  3. Petruchio

    Off topic here, but current. The Front page headline in the local City Newspaper–an Associated Press story–is headlined, “GOP proposes $6 Trillion in Tax Cuts”. Imho, this speaks for itself. The country runs record deficits year after year after year. And what do the (corporate-owned) Republicans propose? Tax cuts!! Is it really necessary to mention that these “tax cuts” are designed “stimulate the economy” AND “to grow jobs”? It really is amazing. Every time the Political Wh#re Class gives their Corporate Masters tax cuts/breaks, they use the SAME lies over and over and over. No one in the Fake News Media challenges the PWC on this lying–EVER. no surprise, really.

  4. Lisa

    More off topic. In football news:

    “A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.”


  5. Shawntoh

    You are very welcome, Elaine.

    I dedicate half of the merit to my late father, a WWII infantry veteran, who proudly served our country fighting WWII Nazis, and, with his comrades of the 45th Infantry Division, nicknamed “The Thunderbird Division”, help liberate the Dachau death camp in April of 1945.

    The other half of the merit goes equally my late mother, who bravely “kept the home fires burning”– keeping our family alive while my father was overseas fighting not knowing if her husband would come back alive at all or what condition her husband would come back in after the horrors of WWII.

    My mother had one of the blue star service flags displayed in the window of my parent’s home, and while my father was overseas in the army, one night some evil, low-down, cowardly thief sneaked into my parent’s home when my mother was asleep upstairs with two of my older siblings (who were just small children then), and then proceeded to quietly rob the house downstairs.

    Luckily, my mother and older siblings were unharmed in the incident. Can imagine what my mother must have gone through? My parent were poor enough living a rural community and it boggles my mind that she had to endure this calamity on top of everything else!

    Folks, my parents were both ordinary people who lived through extraordinary times to become extraordinary people in their own right in a down-to-earth ordinary and humble way. They truly loved and appreciated life and gave so much to their communities in the years to follow until their deaths.

    They survived the Great Depression, WWII, and the other challenges to our democratic republic republic.

    All these challenges I admit are hard for me to understand because my parents did everything they could, like other parents of their generation, to make sure that our family got the best they afford when the other siblings and myself arrived on earth in the years after WWII.

    I admit I’ll never equal their sacrifice and suffering for the good of humanity. It has only been in my later adult years that I can begin to comprehend what they did and it is amazing, IMHO.

    My father did something that I must relate to all of you as we all continue to we deal with the rise of the extremist groups that plague us today–

    In 1984, which I now call “Orwell Year Zero”, my father had to endure experiencing the rise of the Holocaust deniers. He said nothing about this initially to me and set the best example I can think of in response to this idiocy.

    Did my father don black clothes, a black mask, and hunt these fools down and beat them with a baseball bat like Antifa? Nope. He understood there was something much more important to be done and more lasting for the benefit of future generations of humanity.

    He teamed up with a Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz and together they went to a local elementary school in St. Louis, MO to relate their experiences to the young children.

    My father knew it was probably hopeless to convince these Holocaust deniers of the errors of their views and, instead, he counter-attacked the evil of the Holocaust deniers by reaching out to the upcoming generation of that time and for the sake of future generations.

    I’m sure doing this brought up a lot of sad and disturbing memories for my father and I appreciate his courage in talking about his experiences. Fortunately, the teacher of these children video-taped their talks and gave a copy to our family.

    We almost lost the VHS tape but fortunately our family found it and had it transferred to video. I wanted to put up a copy of it on a Internet channel but after consulting with my other surviving siblings, they vetoed the idea because of the privacy issues and I respect their wishes.

    The sound quality is not the best on the tape and I’m going to attempt to make a transcript at some point and maybe even put subtitles in the video.

    So remember, all you SJWs, I come from a family of REAL Nazi fighters and my father struck the biggest blow for freedom–

    He used the power of education to fight one of the biggest fights of his life, the fight against the ignorance of the Holocaust deniers and he did this for all humanity for all time.

    My father did this in the name of freedom, liberty and for the good things that this country represents in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, American flag and our national anthem.

    Thank you, everyone for reading this, and please pray for my parents. May they rest in peace in the reality after this life on earth. In closing–

    May much peace come your way and Happy Yom Kippur to the Jewish community.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~





  6. nclaughlin

    YouTube has been prefixing longer and longer ads. Now, they are offering something called “Red YouTube” for $10 a month, promising no ads!

  7. ziff

    @6 Shawntoh , wonderfull to read that . ,, that was a strong generation.

  8. Christian W

    Time for enterprising freedom loving American citizens to smash the Google monopolistic Trust monster to pieces, no? While you are at it why not break up Amazon at the same time.

    As I posted a few months back. Google is the #2 lobbying power in the EU.

    “Google and Facebook are the two companies spending the most on lobbying in 2017, according to TI, at US$4.66 million and US$1.1 million respectively. Google lobby spend is up 240 percent since 2014. Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, Oracle, Symantec, Netflix, Uber and eBay are all among the top spenders on lobbying.”


  9. JimmyJ

    A little off topic but I noticed up in the myriad quotes in the article, “Reached out” which has become my pet peeve of a PC euphemism meaning simply “contacted” or “called” or “emailed” but makes it all seem as though the person somehow has an extra degree of caring (really condescension) in the attempt. As soon as anyone says they’re “reaching out” I secretly characterize them as liars incapable of saying what they mean.

  10. Christian W

    “well-intentioned” “Hezbollah terrorists” “curb abuse”


    It’s Ziospam.

  11. floridasandy

    Christian, “found money” is always the easiest to spend-especially if it is drawn out of thin air, by people with their heads in the clouds.

    I don’t shop at Amazon, and that is not changing anytime soon. The great thing is that there are so many other options. (still)

  12. The way things are going, we will have to boycott much of modern Big Business and I am OK with that.

  13. Lou

    Amazon has not made money, or has made very little money, in 25? years.

    Every package shipped is at a loss?

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