Spanish Police Fight Catalonia Citizens, Polls Closed, No Referendums Allowed

(146) Spanish police attacking voters – YouTube


The EU is collapsing internally.  Britain pulled out last year, in several countries, there is great violence and mayhem going on as various communities demand to separate from ‘countries’ that are all under the EU yoke.  Entire countries inside the EU are going bankrupt.  Bizarre policies and a push to have a war with Russia is causing chaos.  Illegal African and Middle Eastern men are invading and destroying capital cities in Europe.  Europe is a total mess.  These same forces want to destroy the US the same way: terrorists, race warfare, crime, treason is happening and of course, Muslims continue terror attacks.

(146) Trump Says ‘No’ To Catalan Independence – YouTube

We are seeing a repeat of the Spanish Civil War which has major powers playing games inside Spain.  Here is a reminder:

(146) The Road to World War II – Program Twelve – The Spanish Civil War – YouTube


History never really dies, it is a dog that runs in circles.  History loves to repeat itself and we can expect this to continue.  Disunity inside countries runs alongside bankruptcy.  Many ‘states’ are made up of various historical territories that have somewhat uniform populations, that is, the people who happen to live there the longest.


All this is being destroyed by internationalists of the Bilderberg gang who want all people at each other’s throats.   Everyone knows when there are rival populations, they fight each other unless things are going so well, it is not an urge.  But all bankruptcies end up causing race/religion/ethnic wars.  Nazis would have never existed in Germany if Germany didn’t have hyperinflation and then bankruptcy after WWI.  From Russia Today news:

What is happening now to really stir things up is how the Bilderberg gang forced many EU nations and is openly demanding the US import millions and millions of illegal alien Muslim males who then attack citizens left, right and center as has happened right now: Terror attack horror in Canada as driver with ISIS flag deliberately rams pedestrians.


Several have been left injured following a terror attack in Canada.


A car was deliberately driven at pedestrians outside an American football game in Edmonton. The motorist drove at ‘high speed’ towards a police checkpoint outside the game. He crashed through the barricade and hit a police officer sending him flying 15ft into the air.


The driver then jumped out and “viciously” attacked the injured officer, stabbing him several times, before running away.


Just hours later police investigating the earlier attack pulled over a truck. While they checked the driver’s documents he drove off and a patrol cars chased after him.  Police described how the truck deliberately tried to hit pedestrians on the pavement during the pursuit, leaving at least four injured.


At a press conference, police said they were treating the two incidents as “acts of terror” and said that while they believed the attacker “acted alone” they were not ruling out that others may have been involved.


Canadians voted for Trudeau because he offered them freebie goodies and they wanted this badly so they also have to pay the piper for Trudeau is a globalist Bilderberg gangster and he told them they must take in millions of Muslim terrorists and they got this and will now have to live with it.  Oddly enough, this might stop the bitter French/British Canadian sniping, they hate each other!  The French parts want to break off but all the oil and gas is in the Brit part of Canada so they decided to stay but they still speak French and hate the Brits.


Once, for amusement, I went with a British author into Montreal and told him, ‘I’ll speak German and watch the French be nicer to me than to you.’  And it happened.  He was greatly amused by this.


The globalists know, obviously, that parking millions of people who have a different language and culture inside of any country leads to civil wars, dissension, lack of common goals, it kills patriotism, etc.  Note how the globalists slyly encouraged black athletes to disrespect the US flag and US citizens!  Getting people very angry with each other means no one notices who is picking our pockets and stealing our homes.  RT News again:

See how the US and its gang are carving up the Middle East to make Saudi Arabia and Israel stronger?

The US, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all losing in Syria.  The Great Powers fought over Spain during the Spanish revolt of the 1930s.  The Nazis got bogged down there for years, fighting resisters.  Franco finally won.  Now, Spain is ripping itself apart again the exact same way.

The Ukraine mess is another fine example.  That ‘country’ is being torn to shreds now after the fascist coup in Kiev.

NATO nations are increasingly interested in suing Germany over WWII issues.




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33 responses to “Spanish Police Fight Catalonia Citizens, Polls Closed, No Referendums Allowed

  1. melponeme_k

    All of these countries HATE the United States with a passion. They all had to open their arms and invite terrorists into their countries to show all us U.S. bigots how greater they were than us.


    It looks as if we will have to build a wall on the North border now.

    Eventually, we’ll have to be Big Daddy again and haul their asses out of the big crap storm they created for themselves. Just like the last two times. Because these people can’t seem to figure out that elite, trans-weirdo, aristocrats use them as breeding farms for their weird religion.

  2. Now it is two WOMEN in FRANCE who were attacked, they DIED…throats slit by a Muslim man…cops shot him dead.

  3. Ken

    There is a long and bloody tradition of countries butchering their own people when those people seek to form their own country. The US civil war and the Nigeria – Biafra was come to mind. Currently, the Ukraine is going through this.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. The fact that Britain broke free from the EU without violence, and that the UK was willing to let Scotland leave peacefully, are both encouraging signs.

    However, I can certainly see why Spain has decided to take a hard line on Catalan independence. If Catalan breaks free peacefully, it is a sure bet that the Basque region will follow shortly thereafter.

  4. Jim R

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

  5. All the ethnic populations are rising up especially after the Rulers let foreign invaders who hate Christians and all other ethnic groups, to invade.

  6. floridasandy

    ‘There was no independence referendum in Catalonia today’ – Spain PM
    After polling stations closed in Sunday’s controversial Catalonia independence referendum, Spain’s Prime Minister announced that “no referendum” took place in the country.

    This is what fascism looks like.

    if we never knew why they wanted out, now we do.

  7. floridasandy

    Edmonton terror attack:

    Isis on the loose again.

  8. Lou

    the Rulers—You mean Jews [Soros, Rothschilds] and their puppets like Clinton and Obama.

  9. Lou

    2—TMZ>France is currently in a state of emergency due to other terror attacks that have plagued the country as of late.

    Anti-terror officials say they are currently investigating any links the man might have had to terrorist organizations.

  10. Christian W

    @ 1 Mel

    That is just complete crap. The Muslim Battering ram is 100% a creation of the AngloZionists running the US, UK, France and Israel fueled by US Patriots fighting in the US Army.

    These refugees to Europe come from Afghanistan (US war), Iraq (US war), Sudan (split by Obama, US war), Somalia (US war), Libya (US, UK, France war), Chad (French war, old French colony), Syria(US, UK, French war, old French colony) etc.

    See the obvious pattern?

    The Bilderbergs that Elaine frequently complains about are none other than the AngloZionists running the US Empire and rump European former Empires with Germany as a weakened (no military allowed) hanger on. It is these AngloZionists who are deliberately destroying Europe (and the US) the same way they destroyed Ukraine and almost destroyed Russia (Putin sorted that out).

    I find it strange/funny that Elaine supports Trump who is a major player for the AngloZionists (just watch him raise taxes to screw the American people and enrich the elites etc etc etc).

    Playing the Patriotism card (the one Trump uses constantly to rally support and Elaine endorses) is simply stupid. The Elites (AngloZionists) have been using Patriotism as THE major tool to herd citizen cannon fodder here and there since forever.

    It is US Patriots that are the main strength of the US Military Gorilla that the AngloZionists use to destroy Europe and the US (the AngloZionists and American subcontractors have looted the US citizens to the tune of $TRILLIONS of USD through the Pentagon SCAM).

    As long as the US/UK AngloZionist Kleptocracy is running things in the US the US and Europe are set for destruction.

  11. Christian W

    Look at the way the US broke up Yugoslavia and created a MUSLIM nation in the heart of Europe (Kosovo).

    Look at how the US has installed local Mafia regimes in European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania (major NATO, read US, bases now) and Montenegro etc.

    Look at how the US promoted far right Polish Patriots (going back to the Dubya Bush days) to use Poland to place US missiles aimed at Russia.

    Same thing goes for the Baltics (not to mention Ukraine), the US (CIA) promoted Far Right Patriotism to make them vassals of the US military Gorilla. These “Patriots” wasted no time selling out their nations to the US Gorilla once they got “elected”.

    Selling your independence is not Patriotism, is it prostitution.

  12. melponeme_k


    Nope, it isn’t. I heard from the mouths of the countrymen from many different countries. They couldn’t wait to tell me how awful the US was, Canada being the biggest chip on the shoulder. Well they did vote ALL their Elite Trans Bilderberg gangsters into office. AND STILL DO!

    They wanted this insanity. And now they have it big time. I only wish there would be a way to avoid us having to go back there and pull them out of their mess.

    The elites have nothing to do with any country. That is where you don’t understand. They are their own country. They are their OWN RACE! They look upon us as bugs under their feet, not even worthy of the name of Human Being.

  13. So why are all the damn Bilderberg gang members including ALL of the ones who run our media systems, attacking Trump nonstop??? Christian, your belief system leaks like a sieve.

  14. Christian W

    But that is what I am saying. The elites run nations from behind the facade. People in Europe and the US have been slow picking up how it works, they believe they vote for a politician representing a policy. In reality they are voting for a facade created by slick marketing people.

    The plastic politicians of our age such as Blair, Marcon, Merkel, Trudeau, Zarkozy etc are run by the AngloZionists. The European Central Bank is run by a Goldman Sachs AngloZionist. European nations are beholden to negative ratings US based Neoliberal banking (the FED) shaping economic policy. Left and right no longer have any significant meaning, behind the facades the policies are basically the same – neoliberal economic policies beholden to US foreign policy.

    Like in the US there are no meaningful elections any longer. The CIA is deeply rooted into even the youth level of politics in Europe. Opposing politicians are destroyed even before they get close to party leadership positions, or outright murdered if they don’t step out of the way (Olof Palme and Aldo Moro in the 70’s are good examples as Europe back then still had a little independence).

    These elites use US Patriotism, carefully nurtured (“Freedom and Democracy”), to send troops all over the world to execute their policies. They use their bankers to shape economic policy. They use Google and Facebook and Amazon to spy on the citizens of the world. They use the CIA to create media narratives (ANTIFA, ISIS, “Muslim terrorism”, Russia, Black Lives Matters, Pussy Riot, SJW etc) to sway public opinion one way or other. These narratives are then regurgitated by local echo chambers in the media.

    They even rewrite the history of the world in a US centric way. Right after WWII the majority of France knew that Nazi Germany lost the war on the Eastern Front. Today they think the US defeated the Nazis. US brainwashing at work. Complete 1984 Animal Farm Brave New World stuff.

  15. Christian W

    Look at the US. Trump is running the 5th term of the Dubya Bush presidency. It’s the same in Europe. Only Elite serving policies are allowed.

    The elites have no problem destroying Europe and the US as nations. They will use the smart citizens to serve them, the majority will be caught in a churning fight for survival and crude poverty, or fear of poverty, trapping them psychologically, mentally and physically. It will be (we already see this) Idiocracy for the masses. Top education and financial etc incentives for the servants of the elites (we already see this).

    This is what I hate so much about Elaine’s narrative about “survival”. She is serving the Elite’s long term plans by promoting Trump’s narrative.

  16. You refuse to answer me. WHY ARE THEY ATTACKING TRUMP NONSTOP??????


  17. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Do you have short memory? The Elites attacked Clinton (Monica gate) and tamed him big time. They attacked Reagan (shot him even) and tamed him big time. They attacked Obama and tortured him non-stop until caved in and gave up any ideas of his own. They tame their tools like dogs.

    Only Dubya, already a complete “tool”, beside being of an elite family, was spared. Hillary would have been in for a nasty surprise or two I am sure, besides they showed with Obama they don’t favor Hillary much.

    Mostly it is just Kabuki to keep the plebs agitated.

  18. Christian W

    Oh I didnt refuse I was just busy typing other stuff I answered as soon as I saw your reply 🙂

    More, Daddy Bush was CIA and didn’t need to be attacked. Carter got it mercilessly as well.

  19. Christian W

    Also, what should the MSM write about? Reality? The US corruption is profound at this stage. They can’t talk straight anymore even if they wanted to. Much easier to stir up fear and hatred, they always thrived on emotional manipulation. They understand that angry and fearful people don’t think straight. Fear either puts you in Fight or Flight mode (in which case your brain operates on very primitive levels (the Moro reflex), or Fear and Paralysis (FPR) in which case the survival instinct is to… eat and sleep (ie not fight but preserve energy), in other words make people passive observers.

    That is why they drown you with bullshit and stir up emotions and FEAR of the other side. The poor are afraid that they will not have access to money (government handouts/support, slave wage jobs eg). The whites middle class are afraid “illegal aliens” will take them out. Fear, fear, fear – fear leads to Anger (or passivity) which leads to primitive reflexive behavior.

    This way the elites can rule best they please as the plebs are busy reacting (not responding) to pre-cognitive reflexes overriding their higher mental functions such as the neo-cortex, analytical thinking and affective empathy.

    There is a REASON the elites send out ANTIFA thugs on the streets.

    There is a REASON the elites attack Trump.

    They are simply creating a predictable cycle of action reaction.

  20. Jim R

    I can’t remember another president in my lifetime who has been attacked like Trump. Not Nixon, not even Carter.

    This is the most vicious, coordinated, and sustained attack I have ever seen. They are literally making stuff up. This “Russian hackers” nonsense has been disproven multiple times, and yet they keep it up. Hillary and various deep state operatives have publicly told proven lies to Congress, and yet they persist in “investigations” of Trump and ignore the treasonous crimes of Hillary and her henchmen.

    And the conclusion is obvious: Trump is not a member of their club. Sure, he’s an obnoxious rich guy. I never liked him. Elaine never liked him. But we can plainly see that he’s getting a raw deal. Other obnoxious rich jerks like Romney always received much more deferential treatment from “the government”…

  21. Christian W

    No question Trump is getting skewered. Obviously it is deeply coordinated too with media and astroturfing sockpuppets howling day and night. But again I point to the profound corruption. What else are they to promote?

    – The economy is stagnant and fake run by “creative accounting” and algorithms propped up by “money” printing. The rich are getting richer and that’s it. Can’t discuss that at length because to oppose that is socialism/communism.
    – The foreign policy is a foregone conclusion. War, War and more War.
    – Domestic policies/issues? Well that’s the stir the pot part to inflame emotions I was talking about. Again encouraging rage rather than provide solutions to a long range of serious issues. Easier to have people shouting at each other than fix the problems because fixing the issues is directly contrary to the policies of the elites.

    Therefore we have around the clock attacks on Trump. If Hillary was President we would see much the same policies without the media attacks on Hillary, still a lot of domestic sh*tkicking but mostly it would be more about foreign wars and Russia.

    The Deep State Bureaucracy, also called the Administrative State (which runs your media) has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s your new government. Obviously they (most of them, not all, Trump did get significant support from parts of it) wanted Hillary because she is an old member of the club and a deep believer in the System.

    The attacks on Trump is more than simple the fact they don’t like his policies. They are simply using him as a bogey man for a large part of the population, while the other part is stirred up against that part. Again, the elites just do what they want in the meantime because Trump is not taking them out but stuck in a swamp of bullshit.

  22. Christian W

    Also, who are the MSM?

    They are General Electric (NBC, Universal Pictures), Newscorp (Murdoch, supports Trump), Disney, Viacom (Paramount Pictures), Time Warner (HBO, CNN, Time, Warner Bros),

    These 6 companies are a core sector of the MIC/Establishment/Hollywood. They control some 90% of media in the US; including newspapers, radio stations, publishing companies, news stations, printed textbooks (education) etc.

    As MSM/Hollywood are one and the same we get to the theme of what Hollywood (the US Establishment) is promoting and want us to believe. And again there is a full on war on the “old” culture of America.

    But, importantly, this attack comes from deep within the US itself, from the very Administrative State/Deep State at it’s core. Six CEO’s and a few hundred corporate executives run these companies. Nothing happens in these companies that does not have the blessing of the bosses.

    So who owns/run these companies?

    Answer: AngloZionists.

  23. Christian W

    So what people in Europe and in the US have in common is an attack on it’s “old” culture.

    But this attack is not coming from penniless and desperate “illegal aliens”, they are merely the tools, a means to an end, and one of many tools. The real attack is from the AngloZionist elites because they shape polices and move all these refugees (political, economic or war etc).

    The elites are distorting everything as part of this attack: Education, Science, History, Politics, Economics, Social structures, sexual identity identifications (it’s disgusting to watch the deep indoctrination in children’s tv shows promoted by the US MSM companies) etc. As Mel said, they are a Global elite, and they are shaping the world to serve them.

    And again, stirring the pot against Trump is part of the multi pronged attack on the Western nation states because they do so as part of the attack I described above.

    If they are not stopped, and falling for their machinations is not smart, they will win. You cannot win against them if you play their games.

    Do note that Hollywood and Washington ALSO is very big on promoting US Patriotism. On one hand we have the Hillary weirdo’s like Maddox and all kinds of people with odd sexual identifications. On the other hand we have the religious US Patriots identifying with the Flag and Jesus and US Military History (big, big part of US “culture” this). The Deep State loves to promote Pentagon and US wars through Hollywood.

    So on one hand we have the MSM stirring up the “Hillary bots”. On the other hand they are stirring up the “Patriots” and Christian Fundie Americans. (They do need useful soldiers for their Legions).

    The elites are simply stirring the pot and starting to cook you up nicely. If there is something we learn from the elite’s tactics in Israel, is that they move slowly and patiently letting time do their work.

  24. Christian W

    Google’s censorship is ALSO hitting sites on the “left”. In fact I think they are the main target. The US Deep State (of which Google is a major part) is simply restricting access to real information ACROSS THE BOARD. Again dumbing down Americans and Europeans.

    This article is Alternet complaining about the censorship and how it is hitting their bottom line.


    Editorial: Google’s Threat to Democracy Hits AlterNet

    “We have had consistent search traffic averaging 2.7 million unique visitors a month, over the past two and a half years. (Search traffic makes up 30-40 percent of AlterNet’s overall traffic.) But since the June Google announcement, AlterNet’s search traffic has plummeted by 40 percent—a loss of an average of 1.2 million people every month who are no longer reading AlterNet stories.

    AlterNet is not alone. Dozens of progressive and radical websites have reported marked declines in their traffic. But AlterNet ranks at the top in terms of audience loss because we have a deep archive from 20 years of producing thousands of news articles. And we get substantial traffic overall—typically among the top five indy sites.

    So the reality we face is that two companies, Google and Facebook—which are not media companies, do not have editors or fact-checkers, and do no investigative reporting—are deciding what people should read, based on a failure to understand how media and journalism function.


  25. Christian W

    So we see the real attack on the US and Europe comes from the largest AMERICAN companies in the world, who also happen to be part of the CIA and Wall Street system.

    This is not about “illegal aliens” or ANTIFA fascist anti-fascist druggies on the streets or freedom of speech loving democratic Nazis or “President” Trump. These are merely TOOLS to the elites.

  26. Christian W

    Oops I forgot to mention CBS.

    So it is:

    GE (Comcast ie MSNBC etc)
    Newscorp (Fox)
    Time Warner

  27. You babble on and on, Christian, and yet avoid what we keep telling you. TRUMP IS DIFFERENT.

    Kennedy was opposed by the Deep State, the CIA, and was killed. Then the salient facts of the shooter were hidden for a long time. In the case of Jimmy Carter, a family friend of my father who was very close to him, they attacked his policies and made fun of him but they didn’t constantly call for assassinating him unlike with Trump who has been hit with constant calls from the elites to murder him and destroy 50% of the US citizens, too.

    This is huge, a gigantic difference!

  28. Jim R

    All those networks are just another name for the CIA. Read Gekaufte Journalisten by Udo Ulfkotte. He passed away recently, was previously the eiditor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. He published it in English as well, but the English version of the book was suppressed. Amazon is out of stock, and if you order it they just put your name on a list.

    Anyway, he did some public appearances and openly described his interactions with the CIA, which now simply ghost-writes the news for all the “western” media organizations. (Which is why it no longer makes any sense.)

    … After the election, I thought they were going to round up a “deranged gunman” to kill Trump, but apparently those are hard to manage and control. Just last night, one of them got loose in LV, apparently.

    But I’m pretty sure that if Trump makes any serious moves toward the drainplug in that swamp, they’ll give him the JFK treatment.

  29. Christian W

    1. Yes Jim, CIA and the Pentagon run Europe.

    2. Trump is “different”, no doubt about it…

    However, what has he changed? His policies so far are:

    a. giving the Pentagon/CIA/MIC MORE pork
    b. empowering the Elites (and himself) even more with tax cuts
    c. continued the old US tradition of treating other nations as colonies of the US
    d. supporting Saudi Arabia with arms and diplomatic backup
    e. supporting Israel unconditionally
    f. continuing the destruction of US education
    g. removing health support for millions of Americans
    h. continuing war against Syria, China and Russia and pushing for WWIII
    i. continuing the occupation of Afhganistan and it’s mineral riches and poppy fields
    j. continuing the war on Yemen
    k. ramping up the rhetoric against North Korea
    l. threatening Venezuela with US invasion
    m. demand European vassal states increase their military spending (waste of money, MIC pork)

    3. Trump has done NOTHING to change the current setup. In fact his policies are designed to strengthen it.

    4. You can’t “Drain the swamp”. The only thing that exists is the swamp. The swamp is Wall Street, the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the MIC, the MSM, Google and Facebook and Amazon, Hollywood, the Universities etc

    ALL the companies in the US corpocratic system are part of the Swamp.

  30. Christian W

    All this feels like dejavu all over again.

    I remember the days of Reagan and how people in Europe were mystified with the support and popularity Reagan enjoyed in the US. When we asked Americans about they said Reagan made them feel proud to be Americans again.

    See? The elites know exactly how to play their base. The real rot started with Reagan. US Patriotism was the key tool used to build the Swamp.

  31. Hard to drain the swamp when they are pouring in sewage as fast as possible.

  32. Lou

    All those networks are just another name for the rich Jews.

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