Spain Tried To Stop Catalonia Vote But Voters Fought Back And Voted For Secession

I spent most of my day today breaking down in the steepest part of the Rensselaer Plateau in the mountains all because a very small clip on the transmission hose broke.  Took hours to deal with and is most annoying.  Life can be very annoying.  Now on to other wild news today, mostly ignored in the US is the uprising in Catalonia which is roaring along now due to hamfisted response of the authorities.  The vote, when it was done despite State troops attacking voters, is overwhelming pro-secession.  I am not surprised at all.

All this news here is from Evil Russians.  They carry real news which really irritates our news systems which are naked propaganda and constant lies.  More Catalonia news:

The last news story is what I predicted last year: Putin and Erdogan are now Best Buddies to the fury of the Bilderberg gang.  Erdogan is authoritarian but then, look at what the B gang wanted to do to Turkey!  He was forced into this game and has to play hard ball all the time now. Below is more RT news from Russia and it is a whopper:

YIKES!  Big Brother Time!

And…the football players are doubling down on the Revolution and BLM hysteria and the fans are freaking out and many are now giving up and no longer bothering with all this.  And…this just in:


WATCH: USC Professor Arrested After ‘Making Students Report Fake Active Shooter’:  The part time professor is this female who is freaking out and she was escorted to the psych unit.  Everyone is losing their minds lately.


Of course, this is in Crazy California!


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3 responses to “Spain Tried To Stop Catalonia Vote But Voters Fought Back And Voted For Secession

  1. Peter C.

    The Prof “suffered some sort of episode”according to the authorities LOL.

  2. Shawntoh


    I admit I “lost my mind” a long time ago. Fortunately, at least when I consult your blog, I feel with your insights, I do find it once again and am restored.


  3. Melponeme_k

    The next step will be for Catalonia to align with Russia. That will set the stage for WWIII in Europe.

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