Hurricane Nate Hits Mobile, Category 2, Will Zoom Northwards To Upstate NY

NASA/MSFC Interactive GOES Data Selector

Hurricane Nate is rushing northwards and will end up dumping lots of rain on my little mountain in Berlin, NY.  We are dead center for its passage!  In the middle of doing some roof work, we secured everything this late afternoon, preparing for the inevitable rain.  Luckily, it is not a vicious storm.  We had enough of these this season.

Hurricane NATE AM Update Sat Oct 7 2017 – YouTube

Intellicast – Current Surface Analysis in United States

Unlike the previous storms which rode up the East Coast and out to sea, this one has a weak cold front and a warm front looped all the way into Canada so the hurricane will ride rapidly northwards and as I said, the center of it is plotted to ride straight over my little mountainside.


We do need the rain so this makes me happy.  But the fall leaves will be ruined if it is too windy and the leaves, preparing to fall for winter, will tear off the trees before reaching ‘peak color.’


Oh well, it was a dry September after a soaking wet, very cold August so the trees looked very desultory and drab already so it is not great loss.  The perfect autumn tree colors are after a hot August and a foggy September with a sudden freeze followed by an Indian Summer warm spell.


None of which is happening this year.  On the other hand, we were not hammered by all the states and countries hit by those category 4 hurricanes!  I saw all the leaves stripped from all the trees in those storms.


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3 responses to “Hurricane Nate Hits Mobile, Category 2, Will Zoom Northwards To Upstate NY

  1. Jim R

    … because Global Warming

    <runs and ducks for cover>

  2. timothy carroll

    And if I’m not mistaken, someone is having a 67th birthday this month. Hope it’s a great one!

  3. Shawntoh


    I’m not going to spout off here because the water-spouts are coming, the water-spouts are coming, the water-spouts are here! Peace.

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