Las Vegas Mass Shooter Used ‘Halal Trip’ To Face Mecca While Killing Christians

Mounting Evidence Of Radical Islamic Involvement In Vegas Shooting – YouTube


I find this information to be very interesting and very possible: the Las Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, chose his shooting perches very carefully to align with Mecca so he would be facing Mecca.  Mecca has the Black Box and the Magic Stone that supposedly Pegasus struck with his magic hooves.  The Muslims believe a mere human could ride that powerful star cluster.  This is typical of religions from the Roman period onwards: humans elevated to god status based on nearly nothing real.  Now, the human/god belief systems are as usual, at war with each other.  Imagine that.

Infowars’s staff used this neat online app called ‘Halal Trip’.

The pictures in this story illustrate how Halal Trip was used to locate hotel rooms that overlooked various concert sites.  I am now presuming that the shooter knew about this service and used it because it lines up perfectly with his activities.


About Halal Trip – Our Story, culture & halal travel community


When Fazal founded Crescentrating in 2008, his vision was also to build a Trip Advisor like travel platform for Muslim travelers. Then in 2010 HalalTrip was founded by Kareem as a Muslim hotel review site. In 2013, Crescentrating acquired HalalTrip.


In 2014, we started working on making Halal Trip a comprehensive online lifestyle platform to inspire Muslims to travel and explore the world. The revamped platform along with its mobile app was launched in January 2015 to start our journey to fulfill our vision. Since then, it has been cited as one of the “50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups” and the “11 most innovative Asian Muslim startups” in 2015. Today Halal Trip is the largest Muslim and Halal focused travel platform.

Above is the hotel overlooking the country music festival.  The mainstream media adamantly refuses to believe ISIS when they crowed that the killer was working with them.  I am now certain he was working with ISIS.

Above is the Chicago event where the Obama daughter got drugged up and rolled on the ground.  For some reason, he decided at the last minute to not shoot.  I suspect now it is because it was in the news that Obama’s daughter was there and ISIS didn’t want her killed, too.


This is all speculation but it makes sense: there was ‘black magic’ at work here and religious wars are all about ‘black magic’ since religions were born many thousands of years ago during the last Ice Age at least if not earlier.


Using the Dark Arts to control events is a common human feature and it often backfires badly but humans seem very addicted to doing this, our Real Rulers use black magic all the time!  They love black magic.  Meddling with the Entities at the Gates of Death is very dangerous but…humans love doing this over and over again despite many tales of ancient lineage warning them to not do this.  Oh well, on with the magic shows.


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51 responses to “Las Vegas Mass Shooter Used ‘Halal Trip’ To Face Mecca While Killing Christians

  1. laughinglions

    Sorry Elaine. I may disagree. Looks ISIS. but we heard many guns and it is impossible he had done it alone. With a massive gun arsenal. AK-47 cannot shoot 600 rounds so shortly. Do the math.

  2. Lou

    why the 32 nd floor?

  3. ziff

    now we have to endure endless conspiricy crap , these are attempts to rationalize something awfull.

  4. Lou

    Ziff, check yr spellink, I mean spelling.

  5. ziff

    Christian W will be on shortly with an elaborate conspiracy

  6. Christian W

    Nope I agree with you and Sandy 🙂

    This “Muslim App” theory looks extremely tenuous and contrived to me.

  7. Shawntoh

    Look, as a result of all of this– now I have Enochlophobia! to add to my list of ailments and I’ll never play ‘Vegas or go to any sports events of any size ever again, or go near any crowds– or is it, Agoraphobia? Anyway–


  8. tio
    “About fifteen years ago I was a normal person. I had an average job, to help pay my average mortgage and average living costs. I was of average intelligence and had received an average education. I thought I pretty much understood how the world worked, because I followed the news every day on the BBC and frequently read The Times newspaper which, as everyone knew, was the best newspaper in the whole world.”


  9. Nani

    “They hold it as an article of duty, as well as of faith, to kill all who do not share their opinions and to make slaves of their wives and children … Austere, intolerant, well armed, and bloodthirsty,” Churchill said of adherents to Islam.

  10. Jim R

    Sounds like BS. Where is the security camera video of him lugging guns and ammo boxes up to his room?

  11. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Well, we are told a lot of stuff by the authorities and Fake MSM but in actuality we were showed nothing, nor do we have any solid facts. This has a lot in common with the other faked events.

    I havent bothered going into this event in depth, but I was struck by the videos coming out that

    There was a lot of screaming and crying and some “blood” but
    1. there were no automatic reflexive instinctual responses in the people in the crowd. This made it look like the familiar crisis acting we have seen from previous events.
    2. this includes the cameras/filming of the actors/victims. No shaking, no sudden moves to look where the threat is coming from, just a focus on highlighting how brave the responders/victims are to the nefarious attack.
    3. some people in the crowd were just standing up, defiantly I guess, not trying to take cover NOR were they even looking at where the shots were coming from, where the threat was coming from.

    That is simply weird.

    4. The sound we heard of automatic fire is not fire from an AK47, the supposed weapon used by Paddock (could be he had several but I at least never heard an AK47 shooting in the few vids I bothered watching).

    If you watch real footage of people in combat/under fire/being bombed (Donbass/Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan etc) they behave very differently to American and European people we are told are under attack by the Fake MSM propaganda “news”.

  12. Christian W

    Trump is apparently preparing to negate the deal with Iran and declare part of Iran’s armed force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRCG) a terrorist organization (according to the German Foreign Minister and other sources).

    This move will have a major impact on global politics. Europe wants to do business with Iran not have any more economy destroying sanctions that only benefit the US.

  13. Jim R

    If you watch real footage of people in combat/under fire/being bombed (Donbass/Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan etc) they behave very differently to American and European people we are told are under attack by the Fake MSM propaganda “news”.


    Yeah, the video we have seen does have a certain ‘staged’ quality to it. Though I do believe some innocent concert goers were killed in this event. Where we really see the fakery is in Syria. They’ll publish a picture of a little boy with some dust on his face, to engender sympathy for the ‘rebels’ in Syria, but suppress the amateur video of the same ‘rebel heroes’ sawing the head off another little boy with a dull knife. And then when the true story emerges (the dusty boy was in a family that supports the ‘regime’ and was being forced to pose for pictures), it is completely suppressed in the west, and only published in Russian media.

    Fake blood is much too bright red. And it stays red, while real blood turns brown and then black in an hour or less.

    The propaganda being served up to us by the NYT, WaPo, and the TV networks is as bad, maybe worse, than the old Soviet-era propaganda that used to come out of Russia.

  14. Jim R

    Furthermore, if it was ISIS, why isn’t McCain being asked about it? He was always a big ISIS supporter …

  15. Jim R

    And then of course, there’s this … I posted links to the 4chan archive of these messages last week, but no one seems to have noticed. On the stock market, MGM is down and Ruger is up, which isn’t surprising. But the trend change started happening in the second week of Sept.

  16. AT

    So we have yet another individual “turned on” to a method of suicide best described as “suicide by mass murder.” We know this because he had time to flee his hotel suite but killed himself instead.
    This follows the profile of suicides and their methods occurring in trends. To prevent these suicide trends, the media will often blackout, say for example, Golden Gate Bridge “jumpers”. On the other hand, the media has no qualms about sensationalizing “suicide by mass murder.” Maybe this has something to do with keeping the left/right gun debate distraction in the media spotlight? If so, they’re feeding your kids to the next “suicide by mass murder” shooter. And, even if all guns were illegal, this guy Paddock could have driven a tractor trailer truck into that packed crowd of 22K and killed hundreds, as ISIS has shown in Europe this past year.

    And, perhaps, yet again, we have an international terrorist or intelligence agency successfully scouting out one of these putative “suicide by mass murder” candidates for recruitment and activation. They know history has shown that if they leave a local patsy dead in the street, the local authorities have an almost irresistible urge to make up some justification, to cover up anything else, and wrap-up the case. What was once an intelligence agency assassination technique has become a franchise for terrorist organizations like ISIS. And, ISIS has claimed responsibility for this one. What’s more, folks are saying that ISIS has never falsely claimed an attack that wasn’t theirs, which gives them slightly more credibility than our media at this point. . .

    And then there’s lots of sketchiness: millions in income from “gambling,” the trademark foreign girlfriend, possible a handler, the program emsnews refers to above, the police lying about when he checked into that palatial suite that stretched over nearly a quarter of a hotel floor, the woman screaming at the concert that everyone was going to die before the shooting started, etc. . .

    Which brings me to my point. I’m not buying black magic as timing. If this guy was an ISIS agent, he would have been quite a prize for them (being a rich Caucasian American guy), and they would have timed his activation with a purpose. I could find only one interesting point in the news cycle that this overlaps:

    The Saudi king’s first historic visit to Russia where he inked OPEC deals and the Russians agreed to sell him the S-400 missile system, something the Russians usually only sell to their closest, most important satellite states. Apparently in response, our US State Department spat out a long held up approval for Saudi Arabia to purchase THAAD. This is a big deal, because of the huge gravity of the missile systems in question and because of the potential for the re-alignment of an important ally, apparently such an important ally we let them bomb our buildings on 9/11.

    So, here is one possible headline that Paddock has obscured, but that Saudi Arabia would not have wanted the American people mulling over too much: “US Govt baubles Saudi alliance by holding up THAAD past South Korean approvals for similar systems; Saudis jump into bed with Putin; Does OPEC have teeth again?”

  17. Christian W

    The THAAD news was announced before the Saudi visit to Moscow.

    The Saudi King’s visit to Moscow was indeed interesting. Apparently, among other deals like the S-400, the Saudis got a deal to manufacture modern Kalashnikovs (AK-101s) in Saudi Arabia on license. This is both interesting and weird. Looks like the Russians are trying to undercut the US MIC, which will not go down well in Washington.

    The Saudis are spending their petrodollars like confetti atm. But since Trump is basically killing off the petrodollar, the source of tremendous free wealth for the US since the 70s, with his insistence on US tariffs (nobody with a free choice is going to be stupid enough to both pay tariffs and be chained to the Petrodollar) maybe the Saudis are trying to hedge their bets.

  18. AT

    I have no doubt the THAAD approval was in response to the Saudi King’s historic visit to Russia the following day. It takes a few days for an entourage of 1500 people to travel and get things ready for the King’s arrival.

    I liked how someone jammed the golden escalator just as the King was trying to get off the plane in Russia. Was that our strongest spooky message?

    It’s a clown show.

  19. AT

    While the Saudis could be just trying to “hedge their bets”, the Russians don’t usually sell their best weapon systems on a first date; Unless this is a new gambit, the S-400 is more like an engagement ring for them.

  20. AT

    Most importantly, the S-400 and S-500 would be very, very dangerous to NATO pilots in the event of a re-alignment followed by a conflict.

  21. The Saudi stairs broke down. Duh. Happens randomly. Yes, Saudi Arabia is worried about the price of oil. Russia is a major, major oil/energy producer. They are now forming an alliance. No surprise to me.

    Assad is now safe thanks to this visit.

  22. Not Paddock

    Jim R

    Sounds like BS. Where is the security camera video of him lugging guns and ammo boxes up to his room?

    There are none, because Paddock didn’t do it.

    There is a video of him playing cards in the casino after he was supposedly killed.

  23. Not Paddock

    “As an avid shooter of 30+ years, I noticed this anomaly right away, thanks to many afternoons at the range.

    I refer to the supposed picture of the dead man in his room. According to Police reports, he fired on the crowd for nine to 11 minutes. Even at a mere 200 rounds a minute (a low estimate for a rifle with a bumpfire stock), that would be 1,800 to 2,200 rounds fired. So, what is missing from that picture is all the spent shell casings. There are maybe 3 or 4 dozen scattered on the floor. There should be Thousands. Piles of them. You shouldn’t be able to walk for all the casings that should be on the floor, had some one actually fired several thousand rounds from inside that room.

    And where are all the empty Magazines? You know, the ones he ripped from the gun, to quickly replace with a full one? Would he not just toss them recklessly? Shouldn’t there be lots of them strewn about on the floor as well? 23 guns each with a 30 round magazine only equals 690 rounds. So he would have had to do reloads. To get 2000 rounds fired, he would have had to use at least Three 30 round magazines per rifle (for a total of at least 69 magazines). That is if he even used every rifle there (if not there should be even more than 69 spent magazines). I saw no evidence anywhere in that picture of drum mags, only stick mags. Even so, there would have to be 20 spent 100 round mags, or 33 empty 60 round P-Mags. You get the point.

    You can see in the picture that the broken window, with the “shooting platform” protruding (and covered by curtains) was only a few feet away from where the dead body’s feet were. So this has to be where some, if not all of the shooting occurred.

    Point is, there is no evidence in that picture to show, that what they claimed happened in that room, actually happened.

    My comment: I don’t know what that many spent rounds would really look like, but the room should definitely been difficult to walk around in with all that crap on the floor, the setup team that did the photos really made an epic screw up. I could dump out that many rounds from the bolt action .270 I had years ago in 3 or 4 minutes. Bolt action is probably the slowest firing thing there is other than single shot.

    In reference to what I said above, I could probably, if I was not taking time to aim, reload a bolt action .270 10 times and shoot all the bullets off 10 times in 10 minutes, with a total of 60 shots fired. That’s about how many shell casings were on the floor. The story does not wash.

  24. Christian W

    Interesting posts Jim & Not Paddock. The fact that people had prior knowledge of the attack plus the inconsistencies between the factual record and the official stories and propaganda spin (“Isis”) point to yet another massacre by the US government.

  25. AT


    ref: my posts above

    This Saudi Royal owns the Fourseasons, which occupies the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

  26. Lou

    28– I found this, not sure if its true. From Irish Savant blog,

    “Well if you do a Google search of John Podesta’s daughter…She is the wife of lead FBI investigator in the Mandalay Bay shooting Aaron Rouse.”

  27. Lou

    and/ Do we see any conflicts on the news coming from the Vegas investigations? Do you wonder why, and what may be the reasons?

    “Well America if you do a Google search of John Podesta’s daughter…She is the wife of lead FBI investigator in the Mandalay Bay shooting Aaron Rouse.”

    An example of Rouse’s wiggerwash statements below:
    Daily Caller reports what Rouse’s views are for the moment.
    See if you can tell what he means, I can’t, and I believe that is done on purpose.

  28. Lou

    ‘Newsweak’ says white men shoot people out of a sense of entitlement.

  29. AT

    That is crap. Wikipedia has erased the webpage explaining how AL-Waleed Bin Tala, owns the four seasons hotel which occupies the top floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel, where paddock shot folks from the 32 floor.

  30. AT

    Guess I hit nerve?

  31. AT

    Maybe the “families of 9/11″ should compare notes with the ” families of paddock massacre”?

  32. AT

    Maybe the FBI, if it has any credibility after “saving the Saudies” from 9/11

    Maybe the should look at the top floors of the Mandalay/Four-seasons?

    Here’s the thing: if the SA King was worthy of a Saudi/ISIS strike to cover up his betrayal, going over to Putin, then his handlers would have watched closely. Closely but in a public enough place to put them out of blame for Paddock. FBI should examine any lounges or viewing areas of the four-seasons above Mandalay bay shooter at the time of the shooting.

    Those fuckers would have been eating and drinking while watching!

  33. AT

    Al Waleed Bin Tala: fuck you.

  34. AT

    I’ve messed with the BS before, but never before because of me been paid the high compliment of having Wikipedia eliminate an entry.

    Al Waleed Bin Tala: fuck you.

  35. AT

    AL Waleed Bin Tala, owner of the four seasons hotel in the same building as Mandalay: fuck you!

    And, Wikipedia for eliminating the page tonight, at least, fuck you too!

  36. AT

    And “Lou” we know you too. . .

  37. AT

    Emsnews should have a chance to explain:


  38. The ‘Not Paddock’ nonsense is typical. For some reason, people just cannot believe how something very bad could be caused by very few humans. 9/11 wasn’t ‘a few’ it is one case where it was a large conspiracy but even then, people had to imagine there were all sorts of things like bombs going off to explain why fragile modern glass and steel sky scrapers aren’t so very strong after all.

    There is a natural human urge to find all sorts of funky stuff and ‘prove’ that greater forces are at work. It is inevitable.

    About the shell casings in Las Vegas: the guy was shooting out a window. He was firing as close to the broken window as possible. Shell casings were cascading out of his guns…OUTSIDE THE WINDOW. Not into the room he was in.

    This is my surmise about this. And I shoot guns. The casings fly all over the place when using full auto. Ask anyone in the military. It does NOT pile up at your feet.

  39. Jim R

    What people can’t believe, Elaine, is that anything published in the papers or on the ‘mainstream’ video networks is true.

    They have been lying so much lately that my first thought is anything they say is just made-up BS. Like the “Russian hackers” story, which they keep repeating despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever.

    So when they make changes to their story, it makes them sound even less believable. Maybe there were two shooters, maybe not. Maybe it was that schlub in the pictures, but maybe it was mooslum terriss’ … and it’s always supposed to drive some screwball neoliberal political agenda.

    Screw the papers.

  40. Jim, you are right about that. The problem with conspiracy theories is they run out of control and turn quickly into witch hunts. What bothers me the most is how people are fooled into thinking we need vast conspiracies to act. This is totally false. Single actors can turn the Wheel of History violently or using moral force, change the direction of events, forcing others to stop doing things.

    Unlike the average conspiracy believer, I believe very much in ‘a single person can act and change things’ very, very much. This is due to doing this action, myself, in the past.

    When society is bent on going the wrong direction, it will with tidal force, run its course. This is why stupid bubbles where everyone thinks they can magically become rich by fooling other fools, pops up every 50 years.

    Each generation has to be burned by these scams and their children learn not to fall for these only for the grandchildren to latch onto yet another scam.

    The 170 year old book,
    clearly explained this mental process very thoroughly and I suggest everyone read it, I read it periodically to refresh my memory of this highly important book.

    Scientists are just as prone to this madness as anyone else, by the way. People teach each other mad stuff because they want to and it makes them feel simultaneously helpless and powerful. It is a queer mental system that humans struggle to avoid or understand.

    What annoyed me the most since childhood is ‘seeing the future correctly.’ All humans want this power, yet whenever anyone really has this ability, everyone HATES that person and REFUSE to believe a word she says.

    When I read about Cassandra, it pissed me off way, way back at age around 8 or 9 years old. You see, ‘foresight’ is a CURSE.

    Everyone says, ‘I would love to foresee stuff’ and thus, avoid death, destruction or to get rich. And despite a million folk tales about the dangers of all this and the futility of using it except with greatest caution, people still want this power…and hate anyone who has it and who tries to warn people to save them!

    What a paradox! All existence is full of such paradoxes. Hoaxes are easy to pull off. Telling the truth is like pulling teeth and who likes dentists?

  41. “Of all the offspring of Time, Error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that Truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder’s welcome.” wrote Mackay long ago.

    The ‘intruder’s welcome’ is Mackay cracking a joke. Homeowners shoot intruders. is a fine example of all this.

    ‘Plato refers to Socrates as the “gadfly” of the state (as the gadfly stings the horse into action, so Socrates stung various Athenians), insofar as he irritated some people with considerations of justice and the pursuit of goodness.[49] His attempts to improve the Athenians’ sense of justice may have been the cause of his execution.

    According to Plato’s Apology, Socrates’ life as the “gadfly” of Athens began when his friend Chaerephon asked the oracle at Delphi if anyone were wiser than Socrates; the Oracle responded that no-one was wiser. Socrates believed the Oracle’s response was not correct, because he believed he possessed no wisdom whatsoever. He proceeded to test the riddle by approaching men considered wise by the people of Athens—statesmen, poets, and artisans—in order to refute the Oracle’s pronouncement. Questioning them, however, Socrates concluded: while each man thought he knew a great deal and was wise, in fact they knew very little and were not wise at all. Socrates realized the Oracle was correct; while so-called wise men thought themselves wise and yet were not, he himself knew he was not wise at all, which, paradoxically, made him the wiser one since he was the only person aware of his own ignorance.’

    Yes, that is the good old paradox at work. When Socrates decided to test this, he discovered a ‘truth’ and then was executed precisely for this reason! And then that civilization was taken over by tyranny and never escaped again, even to this day, Greece struggles to survive tyranny and self destruction (ironic as hell, the Olympics bankrupted that nation yet again!).

  42. ‘After drinking the poison, he was instructed to walk around until his legs felt numb. After he lay down, the man who administered the poison pinched his foot; Socrates could no longer feel his legs. The numbness slowly crept up his body until it reached his heart. Shortly before his death, Socrates speaks his last words to Crito: “Crito, we owe a rooster to Asclepius. Please, don’t forget to pay the debt.”

    Asclepius was the Greek god for curing illness, and it is likely Socrates’ last words meant that death is the cure—and freedom, of the soul from the body. Additionally, in Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths, Robin Waterfield adds another interpretation of Socrates’ last words. He suggests that Socrates was a voluntary scapegoat; his death was the purifying remedy for Athens’ misfortunes. In this view, the token of appreciation for Asclepius would represent a cure for Athens’ ailments.[49]’

    HAHAHA. As a rather annoying person, when I read Plato many years ago, I told my professor at that time, that Socrates was telling a JOKE. I nearly died way back in 1969. While in a coma, I suddenly rose to the surface while the nurses were complaining that the coffee machine was broken (they were trying to stay awake at 3am) I suddenly said, ‘Put the coffee on me, I’ll heat it up for you.’ I had a severe fever at that time.

    I didn’t remember this, they told me about this a month later and I was astonished by this. Why did I crack a joke while in a coma?

    You see, when Death is near, all sorts of odd things happen including telling jokes to the Gods. I explained to my professor that Socrates was joking about how doctors kill people with their ministrations due to not knowing exactly what is going on.

    He was joking that this time, the ‘medicine’ WAS working as advertised! It wasn’t futile, it really did work! This is why I love Socrates ever more the more I learned about him.

  43. Lou

    I read Mackays book years ago. I found it too long and ultimately, sad.
    The madness of fools.

  44. Jim R

    What bothers me the most is how people are fooled into thinking we need vast conspiracies to act. This is totally false. Single actors can turn the Wheel of History violently or using moral force, change the direction of events, forcing others to stop doing things.

    How about, instead of debating “theories”, we focus on the neoliberal agenda that always gets shoved at us after one of these events? How about doing that? It’s pretty obvious that they want to shred the Constitution. And that they want to set up a worldwide government with themselves at the pinnacle of corruption there… that’s what bothers ME.

  45. Christian W

    They already shredded the constitution.

    I personally don’t care if it was one shooter or several. However, when the official story does not match the forensic record, observations and known facts, then there is a problem. That is basic.

  46. ziff

    as i predicted, Christian W now has another elaborate conspiracy theory ,, lol

  47. Jim R

    This just in —

    See, Elaine, it’s stuff like this that make the ‘official’ story look like made-up BS. It doesn’t say anything about how many people were involved, or second shooters or anything else. What it does say is that the truth is being actively covered up and buried. Why?

    And again, where is the security camera footage? We have not seen any, in spite of the fact that LV casinos have more cameras per square inch than the Pentagon. There ought to be some pictures of the alleged shooter hauling his equipment around. Even if he used the freight elevator — ESPECIALLY if he used the freight elevator.

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