Yes, Individuals Or Small Groups Can Turn The Wheel Of History

Freedom! – Braveheart (9/9) Movie CLIP (1995) HD – YouTube


Every ‘shocking’ event and many a sudden turn of event, these can be due to the agencies of only one or a tiny handful of people.  This reality infuriates many people who think there always has to be some sort of grand conspiracy and multiple actors.  Always suspicious of the possibility of multiple actors, mobs have gone on the rampage after assassinations, etc. to seek out people to punish.  We call these ‘witch hunts’.  The absolute need to see conspiracy where there is something simpler is easy to psychologically understand for most people think they are helpless except when acting as a mob.  The carnage caused by this belief and emotional reaction is immense, such as WWI, for example, or the Nazis to give another hideous example.


There is nothing easier for an individual seeking action to do: get a bunch of guns and massacre innocent bystanders.  It is much, much easier than assassinating powerful leaders surrounded by guards but these are ridiculously easy, too, in the long run.  The most common way for one or a small group of assassins is to kill someone while they are traveling.  This started WWI, for example.  Millions died because of this successful ambush.


When Lincoln won the Civil War, right after it ended, one individual supported by a tiny number of co-conspirators who tried to hide him, he killed the President while Lincoln was watching a trivial play in the theater.


It took only one sharp shooter and a handful of bullets to kill President Kennedy in a car.  Note that no President has traveled in an open vehicle since then.  The psychotic desire to have an army of assassins in that murder has unhinged many a person who wants to know ‘the truth’ because the idea that one man can change history infuriates the mob.


Well, the mob has created ‘history’ plenty of times!  But history is a Bitch who writes in blood and she also records how individuals also can change the direction of events.  I know personally how this works, for I have successfully done this, myself.


More than once, actually fairly frequently, one person does change things!  Unfortunately, often this is destructive.  I was creative and protecting millions of lives when I acted.  For example, when the Chinese students who were told, they will be deported right as the massacres in Beijing, I defied President Bush Sr. and sheltered these students on diplomatic ground so they could not be deported and I tangled with him and the communist Chinese to protect them and won them the right to stay in the US if they chose.


This was a hard fought battle and CNN was just starting back then and backed me up whereas the mainstream fake news totally hid this from the US public.  Thanks to CNN, the entire world saw us camped out next to the UN and heard the stories of the Chinese students who were on a hunger strike.  This news was concealed from the US public but CNN busted it wide open, forcing politicians to side with me and give the students shelter.


Assassins know that the more people in on the conspiracy, the less likely it will succeed.  Nearly all assassins cook up their schemes privately and with maximum secrecy.  The idea that assassins are secretive shouldn’t shock people: this is exactly how it operates!  It must operate this way.  Far from having vast numbers of people or even a handful, the most successful assassinations have one or two actors doing the direct action.


Some are bigger.  9/11 Muslim terrorists were a shockingly big gang of assassins.  They successfully hijacked four passenger jets all at the same time.  They also had a variety of targets and a carefully planned attack.  It will go down in history as one of the biggest secret assassination attacks with maximum victims.


So…people have to make up all sorts of goofy stories of incredible daring do by hidden people!  The ‘bombs in the buildings’ nonsense is part of this human desire to deny that a handful of people taking action can cause great events.


This mania always leads to terrible results.  Crazy beliefs end up destroying societies.  Seeking hidden evils leads to witch hunts.  Cynical monsters exploit this human need to have massive, powerful conspiracies as agents of disaster or war.  The truth is far scarier: individuals exploiting the fears and loathsome tools of the rich and powerful can trigger massive historical events like WWI.


The cascade of events are exploited by the rich and powerful to increase their power and wealth and sometimes, like WWI, leads to the destruction of whole sectors of civilization and millions of butchered, innocent bystanders pushed off the cliff of history into hell.


Hitler exploited this need to find conspiracies.  He blamed WWI on the Jews in Germany.  This was utterly insane but it gave angry populations a target to attack.  This odious example led to other events such as the Jews taking over Palestine and aping Hitler so the bloody trail from a few bullets shot by a Serbian revolutionary ended up killing, ultimately, tens and tens of millions of people and it continues its hideous trajectory to this very day, this very hour.


It didn’t take an army or multiple assassins to kill the Austrian Archduke.  It took a very tiny force to lead to massive forces grinding down humanity for decades, for an entire century.


Now I will give another shocking example: Jesus.  He had 12 buddies.  No more, no less.  He tried to get them to attack the bankers in front of the Temple in Jerusalem.  They ran off.  So he did it alone.  He was then betrayed by one of this buddies and arrested by the Romans and executed.


Only he died, not one of his followers did the action nor died with him.  Yet this insignificant death caused a gigantic effect, launching an entire religion that rolls on to this very day and this religion fought many battles, too, and slaughtered countless humans.  And another religion started by one man who had no followers at first: Mohammed.


We are at war with Mohammed’s followers to this day!  It just goes on and on and on.  All started by one human, then there is Moses, going way back in time: same story, one person, standing virtually alone, yes, Moses had his brother, Aaron at his side but Moses, alone, ‘talked to God’.


Single individuals and hugely shift history.  They can create things that last thousands of years!  Isn’t that a shock?  The list of events launched by one or a tiny handful of people, is very long, extremely impressive.  And all who tangle with the Goddess of History also often pay a very high price yet are willing to do it!


Examples are very many such as Martin Luther King who could feel the Hand of Fate on his shoulder when he knew someone would kill him.  And someone did kill him.


I find the belief that all major events have to be caused by a gang working secretly all over the place to be an INSULT TO HUMANITY.  How horrible!  Humans have the power to change history!  Humans can do stuff, good and evil, to move events.  This is the Great Secret our Real Rulers hate.  They want you all to think you are helpless unless you are a mob and even then, still helpless.


This is a lie!  We have much more power than we suspect!  Be brave!  Have a heart!  Even when defeated, like Brave Heart of Scotland…we live on in History.  The movement launched by Brave Heart lived far, far, far beyond his death.  His death was like Jesus: it launched into History and changed the hearts and minds of many people for many, many years.


The media systems and others want you all to think you are all helpless against titanic forces.  This is a lie.  One can ride Pegasus so long as you understand how the Horse flies.  And what element is this?  Sheer bravery!  Ask Brave Heart!


Peace and love to all and don’t give up.


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14 responses to “Yes, Individuals Or Small Groups Can Turn The Wheel Of History

  1. Tacitus

    Well, read “JFK and the Unspeakable” for a better grasp about Dallas. And watch this 911 documentary. (Pity about the Towers, I used to enjoy drinking martinis at the jazz bar at weekends. But riddled with asbestos …)

    Latet enim veritas, sed nihil pretiosius veritate

  2. Petruchio

    “It took only one sharp shooter and a handful of bullets to kill President Kennedy in a car.” Wrong. More than one shooter and none of them were Oswald. This has come up before. It is one of your blind spots, I get it. Everybody has them, including moi.

  3. Sunger

    Elaine said “Now I will give another shocking example: Jesus. He had 12 buddies. No more, no less. He tried to get them to attack the bankers in front of the Temple in Jerusalem. They ran off. So he did it alone. He was then betrayed by one of this buddies and arrested by the Romans and executed.”


    NONE of the 12 disciples lived at the same time as Jesus- except Peter. They all lived several geneations after Jesus and only knew about the Jman through word of mouth.

    It is now believed by many scholars that the Jman was a charismatic traditionalist rabbi who had a knack for sparking social unrest and provoked the wrath of the Jewish Pharisees- which resulted in his execution.

    During the early years of the so-called Christian religion, several different groups interpreted the Jesus story in different ways- ie one said Jman & god were the same, another said the Jesus drama never happened on the earth but in “heaven”, etc etc It was the threat of civil war among christian factions that resulted in the conference of Nicea……

    Nicea was where the professional priests reconciled all the numerous contradictions of early christianity to unify the many conflcting doctrines of the various christian groups.

    And the so-called “Holy Ghost” was invented to cover-up all those contradictions in the religion.

  4. OK, everything is trash and no one gives a damn because…the many magical people popping up everywhere and doing weird stuff. Got it.

    Sheesh. HAHAHA. BTW, thanks for showing me clearly how people who actually do things are wiped out by people who want to have fake stories made up that negates reality that only one shooter can change history over and over and over again.

    I am puzzled as to why people want to view humans are helpless unless they have tons and tons of assistance. That is SO VERY SAD. And pathetic.

  5. Also, it annoys me that the idea of ‘an open door’ leading to assassination is ignored by all the people who love to pretend they are very knowledgeable about assassinations…that, too, is rather pathetic. Look, leaving some ‘target’ open to being killed IS a ‘conspiracy’ when it happens.

    Oswald, for example, came back from Russia after defecting, was allowed to run wild and then kill Kennedy right when the CIA wanted Kennedy removed. They left the ‘door’ open to opportunity to kill the President and then slunk off to pretend they didn’t do this.

    THIS is the real ‘conspiracy’ and ‘crime’. They didn’t need multiple shooters to do what Oswald did for free.

    See? It is so simple to me. Just like letting a bunch of crazy Muslims train to fly jets, trained next to CIA headquarters and letting them do it was sufficient to cause 9/11’s destruction. No need for anything more complicated.

  6. Dear Elaine, there is no need to disparage some of your loyal readers and commenters. Believing in a conspiracy of a few or many, rather than a lone actor, doth not rule out the “open door!” The “open door” is often a key element. And this:

    “everything is trash and no one gives a damn because…the many magical people popping up everywhere,” and this:

    “people want to view humans are helpless unless they have tons and tons of assistance”

    Believing the above two statements to be UNTRUE, and believing in some conspiracies, are not mutually exclusive positions. I don’t know any “conspiracy theorist” who believes in magical people, etc.

    One thing you find by studying conspiracies like the JFK and RFK assassinations, and 9/11, is the remarkable number of *common elements* you find in those disparate events. Commonalities in how public officials react, how the media story emerges, what kinds of information are sent down the memory hole, etc. Pattern recognition is key here.

  7. Petruchio

    Oswald was in on the JFK assassination, alright; as the Patsy. How could Oswald–on his own–know that the JFK motorcade was going to change its route at the last minute and pass by the Texas School Book Depository? Elaine, do you really think that if the CIA/Mil Industrial Complex was going to kill JFK using a guy like Oswald? Who really is the conspiracy theorist now? The multiple witnesses who heard more than three gunshots, the number of people who heard shots from the Grassy Knoll. These people–according to you–are all CIA plants? Was the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ findings in 1978 also part of the CIA/MIC plan? Really?

  8. Sigh…just because an act caused a huge series of events doesn’t mean it requires an army of conspirators!!! That is childish.

    And what lessons do we learn? Oh, according to the conspiracy business, you can’t do nothing! You are all helpless.

    Well, that is crummy. What a dead end to life. I, on the other hand, believe in human agency and that one small person can do something rather huge, it happens frequently in history.

    I will also note that the idea that it takes an army to do something is very fascist. Fascists hate the idea that an individual can stop an army tank like years ago in China. Remember that?

    I believe single people can do both very bad and very good things!

    About HEARING GUN SHOTS: in all cities, we have this wonderful thing called ‘echos’. DUH. We have them in canyons, too. I used to shoot stuff in canyons in Arizona mountains. It reverberates wonderfully.

    Why humans can’t figure this out baffles me.

  9. Tacitus

    Lee Harvey Paddock (xymphora):

    Lee Harvey Oswald was eating his lunch on the ground floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  On the sixth floor, the conspirators had constructed a shooter’s nest out of boxes, and were firing a rifle out the window (the shots that actually killed JFK came from snipers located elsewhere).  Oswald was supposed to finish his lunch and return to work on the sixth floor, at which point he would have been murdered with the rifle and the scene staged to look like the suicide of the lone JFK assassin.  Neat and tidy.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, Oswald was much smarter than they thought he was, realized immediately that he was being set up, and fled the building, causing many problems for the conspiracy.

    Paddock was told to book rooms in hotels overlooking concert venues.  In Vegas, the conspirators arranged to stock the hotel room with an arsenal of weapons, no doubt with the help of casino management.  They knocked out the windows, fired a few rounds with the completely inappropriate bump stock (somebody must have owned shares in the bump stock companies!), and invited Paddock, who lacked Oswald’s street smarts and experience, up to the room, where he was murdered.  Neat and tidy.  Meanwhile, the actual killing shots were coming from elsewhere.  Ballistics would prove this, but no outsider is going to be allowed to see the real ballistics.  It now appears that a security guard almost inadvertently interrupted the plot (or perhaps was shot accidentally as part of the plot).

    Both Oswald and Paddock have weird resumes, with big lacunae, but with Paddock I am again reminded of Jeffrey Epstein.  Remember Epstein was a high-school math teacher until he ran into Leslie Wexner, owner of The Limited and a big ultra-Zionist macher, and suddenly was a math genius quant who made billions in his hedge fund (the concept of quants, math geniuses who use their math expertise to make money trading stocks, is a myth created by the hedge fund industry to cover for the fact that they really make their money from illegal insider trading).  Epstein’s ‘billions’ made him one of the 0.1%, and thus a safe guy to people like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Prince Andy, and Donald Trump, who happily fell into the Mossad underaged-girls blackmail operation Epstein was running.  Paddock was a mid-level government accountant who mysteriously became a casino high roller, making millions playing video poker (with everything, of course, ‘comped’ as the casino was financing whatever it was he was doing).  Obviously, he was some kind of agent, working on operations based in and around casinos, typically places where a lot of the customers are the types who are subject to intelligence surveillance.

    We’ll soon see if the installation of the backscatter X-ray machines at casinos and elsewhere (everywhere) was the true goal of the conspiracy.

  10. Good lord, that is a fine example of making up stuff.

  11. I am puzzled as to why people can’t believe single agents can do shocking stuff. I did this in the past! With zero help from anyone…it is ridiculously easy to do this.

  12. Instead of assigning some kind of pathology to people who disagree with you about a given conspiracy or lack thereof, why not take the following approach?

    Let’s assume that people who believe, say, in a JFK assassination conspiracy actually DO believe that single agents sometimes can do shocking stuff. For instance, that the Univ. Texas shooter in 1966, Charles Whitman, did a shocking thing and *acted alone*. Let’s say a JFK conspiracist believes that single agents can do shocking things, but *just not in the JFK assassination case.*

    Let’s also assume that you, Elaine, also believe that in some cases, *groups of people* can do shocking things acting in concert and in secret, ie, a conspiracy. For example, you believe that 19 hijackers acted as a group in the case of 9/11, a conspiracy.

    So we’ve established that both JFK conspiracy theorists and Elaine believe that sometimes a single agent can do something shocking, and sometimes a group acting secretly in concert can do something shocking.

    All that remains is to examine ALL of the available facts and information for a given case, and then one can make a logical conclusion about whether, *in this given case*, the shocking thing was the result of a single agent or a conspiracy. We might arrive at different conclusions, but at least we have examined the same set of information or evidence. Then it would be an honest disagreement, rather than some psychological deficiency on the part of the conspiracy believer.

  13. Petruchio

    “It didn’t take an army or multiple assassins to kill the Austrian Archduke. It took a very tiny force to lead to massive forces grinding down humanity for decades, for an entire century.” Let’s go over how this assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand really went down. Gavrilo Princip was the third man in a team of three assassins. Princip wasn’t even planning on shooting Ferdinand; he was backup to the backup. Ok, first assassin has a bomb. The Archduke’s motorcade goes by, assassin throws bomb. Misses the Royal car. Blows up behind Ferdinand and his wife. No harm to the arch Duke.or his wife. Cops jump the assassin. Second assassin sees what’s going on. cops start to question him because he looks suspicious. Princip sees all this going on, decides to split the scene. Princip goes back to the rally point for the assassins, a sandwich shop. Princip’s Plan now is to eat a sandwich and go home, Mission UN-accomplished. Princip finishes his sandwich. Still has his gun. He walks out of the sandwich shop and what does he see? The Arch Duke and his wife in their car!! Cars were new in 1914 and the arch Duke’s driver had made a wrong turn. Princip whips out his gun, fires at the Arch Duke killing him and his wife Sophie. The point? Princip didn’t plan to kill the Arch Duke. He was just some guy with a gun worried that the cops might collar him because of a failed assassination attempt. How did/could Princip know that he’d get a shot at Ferdinand? Sometimes events force themselves on people, not the other way around.

  14. Tacitus

    That last post was just for fun, I’m inclined to believe Paddock acted alone, it’s certainly possible and Occam’s razor, etc. JFK and 911 are something very different – and once you are convinced of that, you really are dealing with “the unspeakable”. The Jim Douglass book is very thorough and deserves reading.

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