Frankenstein SJW Students Attack Ms. Goldberg, Sex Hysteria Professor

Frankenstein created this monster called ‘the Monster’ which then turned on him and killed his bride and tried to kill him.  The SJW monster created by an army of Frankenstein professors have turned on them.  There are virtually no more white Protestant males on our campuses outside of engineering so the students have turned their hot ire on the remaining staff nearly all of whom are far leftist radicals!  This is hilarious.


Columbia students storm classroom to harass Title IX administrator, professor Goldberg:


In the video, Goldberg can be heard telling the protesters to leave as Roskin-Frazee continued her speech.


HAHAHA.  This is too funny, she created this monster.  She egged it on, she loved them when they attacked the remaining white males who were not Jews.  She thought, they would never, ever go after a female Jewish professor.  Well, a lot of these radicals also hate…Jews!  How can anyone miss the fact that they are nearly a total mirror image of the Nazis?


“You’re interrupting my class. This is a core function of the school. This is a disruption,” Goldberg says. “What I’m telling you is that you can’t [inaudible] in the middle of my class,” she continues, adding that she’d be “glad to talk to you [Roskin Frazee]” after class is over.


I pray they went to her home and made lots of nasty stuff.  She deserves this.  She taught them to do this, after all.  Fair is fair here.


“Professor Goldberg proudly refers to her experience as an LGBTQ rights lawyer while continuing to create a dangerous environment for students—including queer students—on this campus” Roskin-Frazee claimed, flanked by five students holding protest signs.


This is just amazing.  I am so happy the kiddies are brats.  Raise your children badly and this is how they turn out.


“We are in solidarity with the students who disrupted EVP Goldberg’s class today,” No Red Tape wrote.  “We hope EVP Goldberg considers the importance of their message about Title IX.” While Roskin-Frazee is a known member of No Red Tape, it is unclear if the group had any role in organizing the protest.


HAHAHA.  In the 1960’s, we created all sorts of titles and group names deliberately.   This was to make it look like there are many more of us than there were.  It worked.


This isn’t the first time that students have targeted Goldberg, though.


Just last year, student members of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice were caught on video stalking her to her taxi, screaming at her that they wanted “divestment” as she fled.  Just a day earlier, students had followed her to a campus administrative building to call for divestment, as well.


She should resign.  And apologize to the NY voters who are stuck, thanks to DNC policies, paying to keep these fake schools open.  She wrecked the school.  She is 100% responsible for this mess.  She encouraged it and gave it justification so she should surrender to it…it is her baby, after all.

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