James O’Keefe Trolls The New York Times, Plus: Google Is Totally Hiding My Website Now

James O’Keefe’s Statement Regarding NYT Reaction to Project Veritas Video – YouTube


All the videos made by James O’Keefe trolling the New York Times is now online to the great embarrassment of the NYT.  It shows how the NYT uses fake news to help Hillary and other DNC people.  They spend more time hiding the news or putting up only attack articles going after Trump over every little item possible.  Fake news/hysterical news is the NYT which has a long, LONG record of lying about events which lead to wars which are illegal and illicit.  They have lied about important things all my long life.

American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection – YouTube:  Dudich is very young, very partisan and has no morals.  He was hired to be a ‘hit man’.

American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News – YouTube

I was going to write about these videos showing how creepy the NYT staff is but I have been complaining about them for so many years, I decided to post some of my older stories about all this when I discovered my work is being tampered with, online, and is screwed up by Blogspot, a former home base of mine.  The impossibility of finding my work online when I tried to Google past stories pissed me off, too.


Two rip-offs in one day pissed me off a great deal.  Creepy.  Here goes:

Also, I  just found out that blogspot.com, my older blog home base, now has passed all my artwork to Photobucket.com and they want $360 for me to restore these!!!  What a rip off.  Interestingly, one of the stories which Photobucket stole my artwork is this story: Culture of Life Media News: January 2006: below is my story back in 2006…


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I check the stats of this site daily. One thing I am interested in is how people find this blog. Many do it through search engines and I want to thank them for coming back for more than one read, everyone here is interesting to me because of the you are from so many far flung places and different backgrounds. I want to explain how I think the search engines work.

Here is an example from today’s newest readers of my blog:From Google, Germany:

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http://www.find-yachts.com/azimut_yacht_for_sale_4.htm – 17k – I hurtigbuffer – Lignende sider
[ Flere resultater fra http://www.find-yachts.com ]

Culture of Life News II: Super Rich Buy Superyachts and …
Super Rich Buy Superyachts and Supermodels Thanks To Bush Tax Cuts. By Elaine Meinel Supkis The disasterous Bush tax cuts which he wants to extend eternally …
culturelifenewsii.blogspot.com/ 2006/01/super-rich-buy-superyachts-and.html – 20k – I hurtigbuffer – Lignende sider

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http://www.theyachtmarket.com/links.asp – 79k – I hurtigbuffer – Lignende sider

This is page 1 of 718,000 web citations. I was #3. I picked up this page from my webtracker. Someone in Germany, (Guten Abend, mein Freund!) clicked on my blog after googling “buy super yachts”. If you are planning on buying a super yacht and want to give me a lift, I happen to love deep sea fishing in the Gulf…or Mediterranean, ahem (heh). But seriously, I used to wonder why my blog didn’t show up on Google except for page 250.

So one of my wonderful readers, from Australia, gave me a clue about how to fare better with the search engines. Writing for the Web:

Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen.

Short summary of the findings: How users read on the Web [read this one first]
Full paper (long): Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web (unfortunately this paper was written for print and not online)

Case study: Applying Writing Guidelines to Web Pages improved usability by 159% when rewriting sample pages from a popular website

Detailed study materials, including downloadable page files, tasks, and questionnaires (only useful if you want to replicate our experiments or conduct new studies in the area of reading and writing on the Web)

It is an old fashioned looking website with annoying aspects but their advice is sound, just don’t copy their interface. Here is a paragraph I carefully analyzed and used to change my blog entries:

Journalists have long adhered to the inverse approach: start the article by telling the reader the conclusion (“After long debate, the Assembly voted to increase state taxes by 10 percent”), follow by the most important supporting information, and end by giving the background. This style is known as the inverted pyramid for the simple reason that it turns the traditional pyramid style around. Inverted-pyramid writing is useful for newspapers because readers can stop at any time and will still get the most important parts of the article.

On the Web, the inverted pyramid becomes even more important since we know from several user studies that users don’t scroll,(*) so they will very frequently be left to read only the top part of an article. Very interested readers will scroll, and these few motivated souls will reach the foundation of the pyramid and get the full story in all its gory detail.

This is why I have the opening statement and then the relevent news story then analysis and connecting other news stories. Patient readers might even make it to the end, but since most of us have limited hours, the leisure of reading all the way through is something not everyone has. Thus the opening summary.

I noticed that my profile on search engines has shot up. Type in “Siberian Swans” and my blog is again, #3. Or “Deep Space Climate Observatory”, I am #2. “Smurfettes”, my blog is #1 on page 1.

I use Google a tremendous amount. Very seldom do I see the top popular blogs in the top 10 search items. I am usually sandwiched between the New York Times, the BBC or Washington Post. All of whom I quote a paragraph or two, but the original content is overwhelming, usually, compared to the direct quotes.

I suspect Google has cracked down on mere repetition of articles because many bloggers have gotten very lazy and post most often an opening sentence like this, “Wow. Look at this article!” and ending with, “Wow. That was so stupid/amazing/whatever.” So up until recently, when I wanted more information about some topic, I had to plow through dozens of web sites that were almost identical, the search people disliked this because it made their engines a waste of time.

In the last three months, I noticed a change. The variety of links on page one have been much better and the repetition of the same article is nearly gone. No longer do they have 300 Associated Press releases under the titles of 300 different news delivery services. Most of the media use only a few services now since everyone has been firing reporters and reducing their overhead, lending a certain uniformity in the news which is pretty bad, I think.

Everyone is looking for some easy way to be on page 1 of Google. I got there the hard way: by posting diverse, researched, well organized (well, sort of! Heh.) articles, frequently and with origional content, especially the artwork. Many sites try using magic tricks like embedding words or sticking a string of “key words” at the start or bottom, etc. The search engines hate this. Once everyone does the same trick, the people programming the search engines, watching content collapse, retaliate by setting up a different system for grading content.

So the message here is simple: if you have good content, well produced and easy to read and access, you will end up being loved by the search engines. They do test their systems to see if the information retrieved is of good quality. And businesses pay a lot of money for gurus to show them the Golden Land which is the top 10 Google web search items on page1.

Isn’t it funny, my odd ball blog has conquered that Mount Everest? And attacks corporate America? Truly, a laugh riot for me.



All my artwork is gone on this page and other pages but not all pages.  Worse, Google search engines are horrible now, they don’t work anymore!  Compared to how easy it was to find my own stories just two years ago, and earlier…now it is totally nonfunctional.


Here is a screenshot of today’s search for my own stories:

I did NOT get what I googled.  When I did simply ‘my blog is often on page one in google type searches’ not one item I published came up at all!  This is insane.  None of the ‘google choices’ had all 11 words or even 5 words I used in my search.


What I just noticed while reading the story to look for errors, when I googled my website, Google inserted the word ‘Google’ before my website!  THIS IS NEW.  They didn’t do this before.  The webpage url now reads:  https://emsnews.wordpress.com…/tag/google.


The /tag/google is NEW.  This never showed up before.  When I click on my link there, I get a Google page, not my actual news site!  This is a TRICK and started recently.  The SJW gang running that miserable business are pulling these tricks on us all.


After publishing my story, I did another search and now got this!


When I clicked on the ‘error’ one I got the story I just published.  But not any link to the story I linked to in my story!  HAHAHA.  Sheesh.  Well, I am very annoyed at conditions today compared to a mere 4 years ago.  I am very pissed off.


This didn’t operate that way back when Google first began their ‘services’.  Google is definitely now totally disabled.  It is worse than useless.  The plan to hide everyone from being found online is criminal, it is fraud, it is pure evil, it is straight out of the Soviet mind control playbook and I have gone from hating Google to wanting the Google staff arrested for theft.  They and Blogspot.


More searches: Using DuckDuckGo: culture of life news google is evil at DuckDuckGo.  I get the top two entries lead to my news service online:

At evil Google:

Note I am #3 here and not any of my ‘Google is evil’ stories much less, the headline that says exactly that and which matches my query 100% unlike the two other entries.


I just stumbled across this randomly: Google Analytics Search Console Queries Report Now Hiding Query Data from 2015 when all this garbage began degrading Google searches.

They are stealing my business, my blog, my artwork, and SELLING IT BACK to me!  The bastards.




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11 responses to “James O’Keefe Trolls The New York Times, Plus: Google Is Totally Hiding My Website Now

  1. Ken

    I find that I have better luck with the search engines if I put key search terms in quote marks. So if you’re looking for something and you know for sure that two or more words appear together in the article, search for those words using quotation marks, in addition to the normal general search parameters.

    I learned this doing on-line research for legal topics, but it seems to work across the board.

  2. Petruchio

    Dudich lost all credibility with me when he said James Comey is a great guy. “The Times Ethical Handbook”. You’ll find copies of this one in the Comedy section of your local bookstores.

  3. Jim R

    Not only that, but Bitcoin is on a tear again …

    Bitcoin Explodes To New Record High Over $5200

    by Tyler Durden
    Oct 12, 2017 7:25 AM

    I guess that “full faith and credit” thing isn’t working out so well for the dollar. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a form of money that’s international, portable, and that transcends mere local fiat currencies. And one that at the same time doesn’t weigh a lot and make you a target for thieves…

  4. And money which has no backing of any sort but vacillates daily in huge swings as speculators play with it! Perfect. NOT.

  5. Lou

    5–Bitcoin is Block Chain. Bitcoin may go but Block chain will probably stay.
    I was at the conference, yesterday. 1000+ people. Presenters didnt talk much about bitcoin.

  6. Jim R

    EMS, you just described the dollar, which is backed by a floundering empire. It bounces around. Remember 20 years ago, when a few basis points were a BIG DEAL in FX? Now, everything jumps around by whole percentage points.

    Only thing is, what the dollar will eventually do is collapse. It has none of the security features of the blockchain and 99% of them are imaginary electronic blips.

  7. Lou

    Jim R, what are best sites to learn of possible ICOs or how to get started buying?

  8. I keep saying, gold is the gold standard that has lasted roughly 6 thousand years as ‘money’. All others are passing fads, degraded over time.

  9. Lou

    9–I agree. But times change and with them, their demands [I Ching].

    Gold had a run up that ended in 2011. 6 year bear market since then.

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