Weinberg Is Tip Of Iceberg: Hollywood Is Totally All About Black Magic And Corrupting Children

The mess in Hollywood is merely the tip of a huge iceberg of nastiness going way, way back in time.  This is important news because it shows us how these black magic/entertainment/rape systems operates.  Of course, a scandal showing us how these people do black magic and they have done this since long before I was born, and how they operate openly due to a conspiracy of silence in the media and government…all of this is a very tangled web and my younger sister, Mary, who has posted comments this month on my news service, was one of the victims of this messy, black magic system.  She even became a Hollywood entity, herself at one point, something that was offered to me, too, but I didn’t bite the poisoned apple.

Hollywood is one gigantic conspiracy and is also entangled inside the CIA and the Cold War which the CIA is furious to resurrect, note the bizarre war being waged between the CIA and the President especially on the topic of Russia!  The CIA is desperately painting Putin as another Stalin so they can retain power, themselves, over the US public.  This paranoia is being fanned now not by McCarthy Republicans but by fake ‘liberal’ Democrats.


It turns out today, by the way, speaking of those devils, that the Clintons and Senator Chuck ‘Israel’ Schumer all took money from both Weinstein AND Trump over the years.  HAHAHA.  Note how Schumer has been kissing up to Trump this month!  Will wonders never cease?


The gaping maw of the Monster is wide open and even the most casual American can see some teeth.  This Monster machine was built to control populations.  Note how ‘entertainment’ ends up being…black masses, evil sex, monsters being impossible to stop, ‘It’ and ‘Exorcist’ madness!  I was very, very alarmed when ‘The Exorcist’ came out years ago.  I know way too much about the subject.


Dear readers, it sounds insane but…my own mother was the subject of interest of the Hollywood’s earliest coven, my father, being chosen to enter the Nazi rocket caves, was part of all this, the coven wanted control of the Nazi rockets and instead, my father went there.  These lunatics try to use the Dark Arts to corrupt humans and turn them into slaves.  They have been at this for years and years.  Raping children and I was raped…is part of the coven’s activities to gain power.  This isn’t merely a ‘dirty old man’ running Hollywood: this is exactly what Hollywood is: a rapist black magic community which wants to rule and corrupt the rest of us which is why I dislike nearly all movies.

Weinstein has fled the country.  He claims he is going to Italy to be ‘cured’.  This is both a lie and insane.  He isn’t ‘sick’.  He is EVIL.  That is, he is a corrupter who is corrupted and he loves using his powers to do black magic.  He isn’t mentally ill, either.  He is a ‘psychopath’ meaning he has no sense or care for other humans, he just wants to rule and take advantage of everyone he meets.  Psychopaths belong in prison, not a doctor’s office.


The only cure for them is to cut them off from power.  Note how bitter the Clintons are, being denied power!  They egg on their followers to attack and attack some more and these poor followers obey.  Note how all the stupid pussy hat females are dead silent about this latest sex scandal which intertwines with the Clintons and the Obamas!  This Weinberg psychopath is a very, very good buddy of the Clintons and the Obamas.

Note the Weinberg connection to the Harry Potter black magic stuff.  I disliked the books, I think the movies are crazy and horrible but millions of people love these.  This is because despite all this showing the obvious evil of black magic, the entire entity…and the writer of these books is as evil as all the characters in this latest Hollywood scandal…it makes light of evil, making it look easy to defeat via…using black magic, too!


Yes, that is the real problem with the Harry Potter story business.  Witches manipulating reality is propaganda.  They DO conspire to make things happen in reality but they don’t control anything else.  That is their own delusional thinking.  But this doesn’t stop them from going after naive, young people and exploiting and corrupting them.


History of Scientology – Facts & Summary – HISTORY.com

Hubbard knew my parents.  He was a part of the Crowley coven in Pasadena, California, during WWII.  He hated my father very much like all the coven.  He also hunted me down when I was a teenager.  We met.  He wanted me to join him.  Instead, I messed him up pretty badly in a ‘psychic duel’ which, I being a teenager, was roaring fun for me, not for him.


This dark web has been around for many years.  The Weinberg business lightly touches on it but the fact is, the Scientologists are deep in Hollywood and control a huge part of this web and recently Leah Remini’s Scientology doc reveals Tom Cruise wanted to kill 60 Minutes on church.  This brave woman is openly fighting the Dark Arts part of Hollywood.


‘Leah Remini’: Ex-Scientologists say church members ignored abuse in her new TV show.


On Tuesday’s Season 2 opener of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Remini and her cohort, Mike Rinder, a former high-ranking member of the church, followed the format that earned them an Emmy nod for Season 1, interviewing former Scientologists on serious allegations of harassment to physical abuse experienced while they were members of the church.


The pair spoke to two ex-members in Tuesday night’s episode who say Scientologists knew they were molested but little was done.


One woman said a teacher inappropriately touched her at the organization’s Apollo Training Academy, which she described as “basically a school.” What began as “innocuous” turned into “grinding and rubbing and really tight hugs that I felt very uncomfortable in, kisses on the neck,” she said.


All this garbage has been going on inside the Hubbard cupboard for the last FIFTY years!  None of the news about all this is ‘new’.  Many people know the truth.  But it was kept under cover via collusion from the media.  Now, the media is attacking.  Why is this?


I wonder if the media giants, facing bankruptcy as Americans turn away from them in droves, their credibility in the toilet, they now want to get their audiences back again?  Nothing like revealing the sex/black magic stuff! Oh, they really aren’t doing this, they are carefully dancing around this, not connecting a single dot anywhere.


The media systems are the public face of our Real Rulers.  The Real Rulers are very upset with losing their control of 50% of the US public.  They need a compliant audience to keep themselves in power.  They need their secret systems and secret meetings and very secret black magic ceremonies to stay in power.  This is slipping away.


They are throwing meat to the masses to keep them distracted from the real problems.  Note how real news about the Bilderberg meetings and the black magic events they all do annually, are hidden again.  No reporter makes any connection of today’s scandal to the real rot in the system that is right through everything all the time.


On the other hand, the Democrats made this year all about ‘how dare a man grope/talk sex with adult women!’  Now, the spot light is on them and their various sex problems!  This was not supposed to happen!  So they punish one guy and claim, ‘All is well.’  Well, it isn’t.  It stinks to high heaven still.

Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool – YouTube


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27 responses to “Weinberg Is Tip Of Iceberg: Hollywood Is Totally All About Black Magic And Corrupting Children

  1. Melponeme_k

    The fact of the matter is, the world is malleable. It is the sum total of all our thinking. A small fraction of the population via mind control can use our collective imagination to create the world they want. They have been doing this for many, many years. So long, they have gotten fat and compliant.

    This is why they push the concept of transhumanism and computer/human amalgamations.

    One – There will never be an AI system until it is “plugged” into a real human being.

    Two – It will permanently imprison the creative power of all human beings to the bidding of black magicians.

    All of this, whatever this is, aren’t the only lives we are living, we are all living at once many, many things. It is the point of attention that counts. The attention they want to harness through their rituals.

    When you read about all of this stuff, you have to be careful. Because the intentions of the information givers are all suspect. Most of the books influence people to become black magic takers, to use their focus/attention to be petty, aggressive and miserly.

  2. Lou

    Tom Cruise, Scientologist [and gay].
    Married to lesbian Kidman, whose father was involved in pedo or pederasty and possibly masonic human sacrifices?

    Dont dismiss my info on TC and NK being in the closet. I knew someone who had partied with TC. I am in ‘El Ay.’

  3. Lou

    These lunatics try to use the Dark Arts to corrupt humans and turn them into slaves.
    Elaine, can you write more on,

    New tunnel unveiled in bizarre ‘demonic’ ceremony – WND
    WND Exclusive New tunnel … The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel was … Watch video of strange opening ceremony for Europe’s new tunnel:
    [Search domain http://www.wnd.com] wnd.com/2016/06/new-tunnel-christened-by-bizarre-…
    Gotthard tunnel: World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel …
    The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel is … end of the tunnel ahead of a flamboyant opening ceremony. … Alps between northern and southern Europe.
    [Search domain http://www.bbc.com] bbc.com/news/world-europe-36423250
    World’s Longest and Deepest Rail Tunnel, Through Swiss Alps …
    LONDON — The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel


    ELAINE: Lou, I wrote about that demonic ‘tunnel dance’ when it happened. Bet Google search won’t show it, of course. But I did write about it. It was pure black magic junk.

  4. Lou

    For those who need a laugh, this is what young peeps like as music and entertainment.
    His name is a play on Luc Ci Fer and the color purple is from Soros color revolt,

    cheers, have a laugh,


  5. ziff

    AND he is ugly as hell , looks like a bum on skid row .

  6. Ken

    Weinstein has been doing this stuff for many,many years, and getting away with it because everyone around him was willing to cover it up. Now it is out in the open. So what changed? Why is there no successful cover up? Why is Weinstein being thrown to the wolves? What is happening in the background that demands this kind of human sacrifice?

  7. Melponeme_k


    He is a ritual sacrifice to save the industry. If not him, it would have been someone else.

    Strange and frightening stories come out about those CA Satanists.

    One very disturbing story was that heiress Doris Duke was ritually murdered and cannibalized for a Samhain celebration.

  8. Christian W

    JK Rowling is deeply involved in promoting Al Qaeda propaganda (see the Bana story line on twitter). She is working for the MI6 without any doubt.

  9. Melponeme_k


    The word in fandom land is that the woman did not even write the books that have her name on them. It is believed by many that they were ghost written by some toady in the elite machine then she was the actress they pushed forward as the author.

    If you go through the years, you will see in various interviews she doesn’t know the intricate facts of her own books. Either she wrote herself into some plot holes OR many different writers were just thrown into the projects. It would certainly account for abrupt changes in tone from book to book.

    Whoever did write the books knew their stuff. They knew it enough to pervert it as well. The books are heavily distorted.

  10. Petruchio

    “Weinstein has fled the country.” I wonder if there is any non-Extradition Treaty country anywhere that would take this stink bomb Weinstein.

  11. Petruchio

    “All this garbage has been going on inside the Hubbard cupboard for the last FIFTY years! None of the news about all this is ‘new’. Many people know the truth. But it was kept under cover via collusion from the media. Now, the media is attacking. Why is this?” Mel_K in #9 nailed it. The MSM will cover for you for as long as they can, but if they have to throw you under the bus to save the rest, they will do just that. There is no honor among thieves or loyalty among perverts. The Hollyweird crowd is quite vulnerable right now. Another scandal and there could be permanent damage. Let’s hope for this. And, notice how there is very little REAL creativity in Hollywood moviemaking? Remake after remake after remake. Even with TV shows they do remakes. Like “The Price is Right” gameshow. Really? Nothing against the people doing the remake, but can’t ANYBODY in Hollyweird come up with a new idea? I’m waitng for someone to step forward and expose the sex pervs that infest Washington D.C.. Note how the two towns have the same sex pervs situation? It’s no wonder that the Political Whore Class in D.C. protects the Hollweird perverts.

  12. Yes, O’Keefe did it again. And while writing about him, I discovered that Google and Blogspot both have played some very dirty tricks on ME, too, this year!

    They are all bastards. Sigh. They have power, a lot of power but power works only when people can’t see it being used. Many of us now see the machinery at work and which people are pulling which scams and mechanisms. This is rapidly turning into online and in the real world, warfare.

  13. elaine – you mention you dislike nearly all movies – have you seen ‘groundhog day’? i regard it as a work of genius and a parable of the search for truth and love

  14. Melponeme_k

    @Mistah charley

    The elites use the forum of film, theater and television to create magical/religious apotheosis drama in order to further their spells. Elaine refuses to allow them to harness her considerable power by watching their tripe.

    Honestly, I’m coming around to her way of thinking. The whole thing is a freak show from the strange looking actors to the psychological trigger inducing content and the magical story themes. It’s all rancid.

    Even the well intended, good stuff is piled under loads of crap that have to be dug out from in order to see the best. Frankly, I’m done. What I really regret now is the whole collection of films I have that I don’t want to watch anymore.

  15. Stick to operas! (I used to play in the orchestra pit).

  16. Lou

    15–You spoke the truth about The Tribe.

  17. melponeme_k


    It looks as if I will only be listening to opera for the most part. The last few productions, I’ve seen used distinct Lucfierian imagery. One production I saw staged by Les Arts Florisannt, actually depicted a full out black mass orgy!

  18. Yes, they ‘modernize’ everything. I used to know Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, years ago. He was a friend of my father. He was always a thoughtful, even noble singer.

  19. Mewswithaview

    Industry open secret

  20. Christian W

    @ Elaine & Mel

    The Operas are indeed full of Masonic stuff. See Mozart! “O Isis und Osiris schenket…” (Die Zauberflöte)

    I never could read the Potter books, which is strange because I’ve always read lots of SF and Fantasy.

    Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau was a wonderful interpreter of Schubert’s Leider, I like the use of the word noble here.

  21. Mozart was a Mason like our Founding Fathers. Magic and elder gods have been stables of opera since inception. This grew out of the search for roots in Europe during the Enlightenment. Older myths were explored. Previous to this push, by a mere 100 years was the witch hunts and religious wars wracking Europe and its colonies.

  22. Melponeme_k


    The HP books are full of Masonic alchemical inverted wacko ideas. The social political commentary is also shoved into the toxic mix. The “writer”, a self proclaimed liberal feminist, wrote a whole story where women marry their grade school crushes. The “LGBT” in the stories was all discussed in interviews NOT in the books. Its just a whole mess that is perfectly reflected in the thinking of SJWs today.

    Not to mention how the story lambasts the deal that black magic torture spells are “forbidden” but then proceeds to have its hero use these spells. For which he is congratulated as being noble for the torture. Because it is the intent that matters not the action. Don’t get me started on the weird Calvinistic angle in the novels.


    The whole transgender ideas floating around now and attributed to the Masons seems hysterical to me. Yes, hermaphrodite imagery is used in their texts and pictures. But I believe it was always meant to be metaphorical. The enlightenment men were very interested in the Renaissance ideals of educated men. In essence they wanted to combine the powers of the brain: logic and sentiment. I’m beginning to think now that the alchemical mandalas do represent the brain. The male and female parts in our brains that are, in a sense, genderless. The philosophical child is the pineal gland which governs the two halves along with our nervous system and sexual reproductive organs. The

    I find it an amazing idea, very holistic. Also amazing is the idea that everything is love. People scoff at it, but they are thinking hippie dippie flower child version of it. They think of this love as kittens, puppies, and baby unicorns jumping around in flower fields. It isn’t that at all. If you have ever felt it (I only did for a second), it is much vaster than sexual love, familial love or platonic love for friends. The only thing I can equate it too, is perfect Justice. Yes, your fanged goddess with the scales judges by love.

    However we get all of this as an inverted, Satanic version of it in popular culture. All the propaganda states that we all have to become genderless LITERALLY. We have to become a world of He-She things connected to a central computer.

  23. Lou



    2-drakes restaurant? the logo is 666…not kidding, the logo is 666.
    Also, the restaurant’s address is 33 Yong Street. Amazing how he was able to get that number.
    4- Asia Argento is a complete talentless scam playing in the game of industry: take a look of what she did recently in Turin, Italy, during a film festival: a blaspheme magic ritual publicly held in front of audience and press.

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