The Weinstein Hollywood Scandal Drags In More Celebrities

Harvey Weinstein meltdown in front of Paparazzi “I need to get Help!” – YouTube


All systems being used by our Real Rulers are crashing and burning lately.  They and they alone chose to attack Trump who is an elite, by charging him repeatedly for being…just like themselves.  They hoped to use mainstream media systems they run in the scheme to blacken his reputation while they, themselves, continued acting like Trump in private or being much worse than he.  This has backfired very badly which is why I continue to write about it.  The pussy hate street troops who attacked Trump for being ‘sexist’ are dead silent and won’t even let out one meow when it is their heroes who are zeroes.  I find this very funny.


Weinstein in LA with his middle fingers high after threatening suicide to his daughter and whining he has been abandoned by his friends as he finally heads to rehab in Arizona the British rag, the Daily Mail, continues to hammer him.  That rag is very big on ‘sexy news’.  They love this story as it unfolds.  I love it because it is a huge mirror showing us how hypocritical the elites are when it comes to sex.  Their pretense of being virgins and good people is being trashed very badly.


I now find it hilarious that this obnoxious and very evil man thinks he can be ‘cured’.  He actually doesn’t believe this at all, he is running away to get out of the heat and then will claim he is a choir boy when he turns up again, demanding to be forgiven.  The only cure for a psychopath like him is to cut him off from celebrity.  That certainly will not happen in this case.


Rose McGowan Twitter account suspended Weinstein tweets after alluding to Harvey Weinstein in ‘rapist’ tweet, calling his brother a ‘POS’ and telling Ben Affleck to ‘f*** off’: note how people who attack liberal icons are punished by the California gangs who run the internet.  Both Google and Facebook are flirting with bankruptcy by imposing this nanny-state/Maoist censorship system on the free ranging internet they helped create.


The desire to delete is a huge problem for all political extremists.  Left or right, both extremes crave to have only one reality: their own delusional thinking.  College prez asks Congress to censor ‘hate speech’ on Facebook as all liberals reveal their true evil nature, absolutists who want to censor criticism of any sort.


Clueless protesters shout down University of Oregon prez when he announced a bequest of $50 million and they wanted the money for their ANTIFA radical politics instead.


A recording of Schill’s address was released in lieu of the speech, in which he reminds students that “if someone says something we don’t like, we should not try to shut them down” because “the antidote to speech we don’t like is MORE SPEECH.”


Notably, Schill even pledged that the recent donation would not be used for “business as usual,” saying the money would help fund a new Black Cultural Center, which includes a tutoring and support staffer, along with nine new endowed faculty chairs and initiatives in data science.


“It’s unfortunate that it escalated to the point where we had to go a different path,” UO spokesperson Tobin Klinger told The Oregonian, adding that the protest violated school policy because it impeded “the university’s ability to do its work and function.”


There is a huge, strong connection between leftists demands we have no more sex and free speech and the elites who egg them on, protect them and coddle them even as they drive these poor children deep into debt for useless degrees.  What a scam!  How horrible is this?  How very cynical.  This is the ‘giant conspiracy’ we should look at and expose.


Hillary Clinton is giving Weinstein’s donations to charity after a ridiculously long delay.  Too late, but then, everyone is now joking about who she married.  She could as Weiner to represent her in public, oh, and the other dude, the one she married.

Alec Baldwin tries to ‘confront driver in latest meltdown’ | Daily Mail Online

Alec is important because he mocked Trump on TV endlessly and at all the award ceremonies this last year, he was chosen to speak and attack Trump nonstop.  It was his beeswax for quite a while and he made a lot of money doing this for pissed off liberal females.  Now, he is being bit in the ass by the Furies.

The Chaos President Cold Open – SNL – YouTube


FBI Harvey Weinstein probe ordered by Trump Justice Dept:   It looks like rehab isn’t in this man’s future but rather, a stint in prison:


The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein, has exclusively learned. understands the move came at the behest of the Department of Justice, run by Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which instructed the bureau to investigate the mounting allegations leveled at the movie mogul.


While it is unknown whether the DOJ order came directly from Sessions, the move is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with Trump foe Hillary Clinton.


The move by the DOJ came amid rumors that Weinstein was planning on heading to Europe for sex rehab – leading to fears of a Roman Polanski-style situation where he dodges prosecution in the U.S.


However the movie exec appeared to have a last minute change of heart and decided to travel to Arizona for treatment instead at The Meadows center.


Among the allegations against Weinstein, which the FBI is expected to examine, is that he forced Lucia Evans, a student who wanted to be an actress, to perform oral sex on him in New York in 2004.


New York State has no statute of limitations on rape and criminal sexual acts – its legal term for forced oral or anal intercourse.  Indeed, on Wednesday evening the NYPD confirmed that they had opened an investigation.


I know the NYC cops really, really well.  They have put famous people and politicians in prison in the past.  They will nail this serial rapist.  The list of women who are now talking to the FBI and the NYC police is over 20 and growing each day.  Remember the election?


All those women claiming Trump touched them or kissed them?  And the DNC went nuts and Hillary howled?  Oh, how hard they pushed that baby carriage story along…the minute the votes came in, it all vanished utterly!  In this case, it won’t vanish because I know Hollywood really well and my family has been entangled in that world for half a century plus.


It seethes with sexual predation!  And child rape, too.  People enjoy movies I can’t stand to watch even as an adult, it makes me ill and gives me flash backs.  Grrrr…




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38 responses to “The Weinstein Hollywood Scandal Drags In More Celebrities

  1. Lou

    And the walls come tumbling down. Praise God.

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said-“In this case, it won’t vanish because I know Hollywood really well and my family has been entangled in that world for half a century plus.”

    I thought your parents were astronomers?

    What would astronomers have to do with Hollywood scandals?


    ELAINE: Sunger, my parents and grandparents lived in Pasedena since they were born there, the people who were doing the ‘black magic/Hollywood’ thing had their main coven house in Pasedena, not Hollywood, that was their ‘work place’.

    So…they knew my parents and in particular, my mother. And this, due to her family past which goes back to the Middle Ages, being ‘strange’ to put it mildly, namely, lightning bolt type stuff which is why I was attacked by them, too. This sounds utterly INSANE and when I was a child, it was hard to grasp but I was forced to grasp it fast by age 16.

  3. Christian W

    Meanwhile Kissinger met Trump to give his boy his marching orders on Iran etc.

  4. Ken

    By publically going into “rehab” Weinstein is setting himself up for redemption. This is classic, and is often used by evangelical ministers who stray. They beg for forgiveness, and most people are inclined to forgive when asked to do so.

    This approach is even done by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan when he went back to being a “good guy” after a brief (and ultimately unlucritive) stint as a “bad guy.”

    There would be no “rehab” if Weinstein were not being publically tarred and feathered.

  5. Petruchio

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this story expands to other celebrity/Hollywood types. There are a lot of sexual shenanigans that go on in the Acting biz. Lucia Evans wasn’t the first actress to give head to get ahead and she won’t be the last. At some point women have to take responsibility for their actions–they are supposed to be equal to men, right? I’m not defending a creep like Weinstein, but it does get irritating to hear women constantly scream about how they are equal to men–BUT any time it is convenient for them to claim victim status, they do. It’s kind of interesting too how a heterosexual sexual demand is what is getting Harvey Weinstein in trouble. The gay and straight pedophile story that could be told is FAR more explosive. Maybe this BJ story of 2004 is supposed to be a smokescreen to prevent everyone from looking into a much darker story.

  6. @5: “Maybe this BJ story of 2004 is supposed to be a smokescreen to prevent everyone from looking into a much darker story.”

    That’s what I think.The jews are sacrificing one of their own. The fact that this is now the big breathless non-stop 24-7 story of the week means that there is an important purpose behind it. Who over the age of 30 could really find *any* of Weinstein’s reported actions surprising?

    Methinks they are playing a rather dangerous game, though; they may not be able to control how much gets out or who spills the beans.

    Corey Feldman talked about it:

    Pedophilia – Victim of Satanic Hollywood – Refuses to Name Names

  7. Christian W

    “Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre” according to a professional analyst.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Ah ha, those leaks a few years ago of Hollywood actresses may have come from someones phone . . .

  9. Shawntoh


    What would they put you through as a professor teaching the German Language at a local university?

    Would they demand that you have to sign a pledge that you are not a Fascist in order to teach class there?

    Neo-Maoism lives on for now–

    “The University of Oregon President Michael Schill’s state of the university speech in Eugene was cancelled Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, after a noisy group of protesters took over the stage where he was to announce an anonymous $50 million gift.”

  10. Lou

    4– Not sure if this is true,
    Ms Weinstein reaches out to Huma?

  11. Lou

    9–what are the students unhappy with, now?

  12. Lou

    9–Is Schill Jewish?

  13. Nani

    While humans are bickering about all kinds of things, both serious stuff and trivial matters, mother nature could suddenly decide to obliterate us: Yellowstone supervolcano could blow faster than thought, destroy all of mankind

    And we have the ever present danger of a nuclear war: US Global Missile Defenses Provoke New Spiral of Arms Race – Russian MoD

    There are so many things to be worried about. Stupid celebrities should not be one of them.

  14. ANY major volcano can blow at ANY time! It is how they all operate. Sort of like lightning bolts. They happen.

    Mt. Agung is about to blow for certain now. Enough outgassing has been going on to make the sunsets very interesting with a fine, high, very high veil of white dust that shines brightly at sunset, I was on the roof on my mountain this evening with near zero humidity, looking at the zenith which was lit up at sunset so brilliantly yellow.

  15. BTW, it is now THIRTY women lining up to kick Weinberg in the ass. HAHAHA. Have fun!

  16. Lou

    17–Cowards. They waited until it was cool to bust him.

  17. Petruchio

    @#6 Mike: Mike, if they banned EVERY actress who gave head (or more) to get ahead from ever working again….well, there would be a lot of unemployed actresses out there. That kind of sexual power game has been going on since the beginning of the Movie biz. nothing new to report there–but a pedophile scandal would do permanent damage to the Power elite running Hollywood.

  18. Correct. And the exploitation of child actors has been going on since the very beginning, too. Periodically, it erupts into the public and there is a scurry to the dark holes to hide only to creep out again a few years later.

    Sexual predators hire others who want this, too which is why it is very pervasive.

  19. Petruchio

    It’s one thing if it is sex involving adult age women. Quite another if it is sexual abuse of children. People who do that should be neutered and thrown in prison. Child stars, almost all of them, have horrific stories to tell about being preyed upon by pedophiles. Why isn’t something being done about it? Because it IS so pervasive. You take down one of the predators and they all are threatened. The EXACT same thing happens in the Roman Catholic Church! This is why Archdiocese all over the world are quite happy to declare Bankruptcy because of Child abuse lawsuits instead of reforming and eliminating Catholic Priests who are sexual predators. I have always felt that IF some of these sexually abusing priests were to be shot at by their victims, THIS would go a lot further in stopping sexual abuse. And yes, while I in general do NOT advocate violence, when it comes to sexual abuse of children, it IS justified in that case.

  20. Well said, Petruchio. I agree.

  21. hans

    Jew on Jew — Zionist Mafia Family vs Globalist Mafia Family. It’s really high-level greaseball “Kosher Nostra” stuff. Jewish brother Weinstein was sacrificed, for Greater Israel. It’s not personal, Harvey. It’s strictly business.

  22. Jim R

    @Christian #7
    I watched that analysis. It was interesting, but still doesn’t prove much of anything. The bursts with a shorter delay between the bullet noise and the gunfire might have been due to different ammo being used — with a lower muzzle velocity, the bullets would not outrun the sound by quite as much, and the timing wold be different. Supposedly that guy had a lot of different guns and tons of ammo. Without two or preferably three audio recordings of the event, from different known locations, it is almost impossible to triangulate where they came from. It’s also why the eyewitness testimony is questionable. From a position on the ground, there would be bullet sounds and gunfire sounds, and they’d seem to be all over the place.

    However, I suspect someone important does not want you to see security camera footage of him plus another person in the elevator before the crime.

  23. All gun events have believers that there are multiple shooters. It is quite annoying.

  24. Jim R

    I didn’t really mean to discourage Christian, as the ‘official’ story keeps changing, Witnesses disappear or turn up dead. It stinks to hell. Any resemblance between the ‘news’ and what really happened is coincidental.

    But I haven’t seen anything that rises to the level of ‘proof’ that there were multiple shooters. If you had three audio recordings from well-separated locations on the ground, then you could begin to construct what amounts to an acoustic hologram, and sort out all the noises.. But if you just have one recording, it’s guesswork.

  25. Mike in PA

    @ Jim R : Devil’s advocate here — what proof have you seen that there was a single shooter? Is the kaleidoscopic official story the proof, or the standard by which to compare others?

    Whoever is the last one still believing that the mainstream media and ‘security officials’ are truthful in these types of situations, don’t forget to hit the remote and turn the lights off on your way out.

    I have no idea how it all transpired. But that old pattern recognition that I mentioned in another comment is kicking in, to wit: single shooter with no known motive and a shady past, who conveniently kills himself or is killed; officials saying “not terrorism” within hours of attack; reports from witnesses of multiple shooters; shifting narrative and timeline…

    If you ever want to get creeped out by watching eerie news footage at the time of the JFK assassination, watch a documentary called “Evidence of Revision.” A lot of stuff gets forgotten after these mainstream narratives get solidified and then repeated for years on end. They are having a little trouble with the narrative in this Las Vegas event.

  26. People have a distressing need to believe that all events require mass mobs of whatever. This desperate need feeds into all events. The idea that single or a tiny handful of people can do great or terrible deeds is annoying to most people who are generally helpless in the face of life events.

    As a person who has ‘turned the Wheel of History’ basically by myself in the past: YES, one person can move ‘mountains’ if done right. Look, we are all capable of individual actions and these can be negative or positive, you never know when you do this except when it actually happens!

    The ridiculously easiest way to ‘turn the Wheel of History’ is assassination which more often than not, is one person using one weapon or a bomb, etc.

    It happens all the time. Today, anyone can kill many people using guns that fire rapidly. It doesn’t take an army to shoot down lots of people, just one machine gun nest and one shooter.

    This goes under ‘DUH.’ I wish people could figure this out. Many an assassin figures this out.

  27. Jim R

    @Mike in PA
    Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen any such evidence.
    Just stories on TV. Dubious stories, because they keep changing.

    Not to mention that we have seen exactly zero evidence that the dope in the stories, that ‘Paddock’ guy, shot anyone. Maybe it was one shooter, somebody else, and then they blamed him…

  28. He did it. It is ridiculously easy to shoot multiple bullets from guns. Doesn’t take good aim or skills, either.

  29. Jim R

    Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean he did it. Could be some other criminal, still running loose. Since the official narrative is so loose, there’s no telling who was pulling the trigger.

    Why aren’t we inundated with security camera video? There must be thousands of security cameras in that fancy Vegas hotel. And, nada. Zip.

  30. “Why aren’t we inundated with security camera video?”

    Pattern recognition is key, as I’ve said. Why no security footage from the school at Sandy Hook? Why none at the Pentagon on 9/11, except for a a few blurry frames? Why was the videocam footage seized by the FBI within hours [or minutes] from the nearby Citgo station?

    How do the police know and the media report, right away, that it was a single shooter? How did THEY know that so quickly? Even those of us who are not in police or forensics work know something about them, from all the crime dramas we watched on TV and in movies. How could they have sifted through all the evidence and reached a conclusion so quickly?

  31. The need to find conspiracies is very powerful and no matter how one lays out details, etc, this will only cause more conspiracy beliefs. At root of all this behavior is the idea that one human can cause great chaos.

    I find this puzzling. Does everyone feel this helpless? Cannot anyone figure out how to do large deeds? Why do people need this crutch? Is it to excuse one from doing nothing, themselves?

    Why are people afraid of acting on the world stage? Oh! You might get killed. People tried to kill me! I have escaped death so many times, I should be called ‘Houdini’.

    The man in LA who tried to murder me by shooting at me at close range missed. He kept trying and I threw my suitcase at him, the police caught him. He was declared insane.

    He was ‘acting on the stage of life’ himself only he tried to kill me and not some other woman. More than one person has tried to earn that honor via killing me and with the same results, it got boring after a while.

    Now I live on a mountain with my dogs and guns and family and people stopped coming by to menace me after a few attempts.

    This is a crazy world we live in. Most people discover the horror of ‘hey, I want to kill you’ out of the blue and end up police statistics. Some are like me, wary and hard and willing to fight to the bitter end and tangling with this sort of person is highly dangerous.

    What do you want to be? Easily scared, looking at shadows for hidden but distant menaces or on your toes, able to spot real danger, real close? You could be attacked tomorrow by some bored teenager looking for cheap thrills or easy money. Note how these people are being encouraged by the DNC.

  32. Jim R

    Elaine, as Mike in PA said, this has all the hallmarks.

    The ‘news’ immediately announced the killer’s name and had pictures of him, without even sending any reporters to the scene. Within twenty minutes of the event.

    Meanwhile, there are reports in alternative outlets that people on the ground had thier phones confiscated and erased. Witnesses disappeared. No actual secuity camera footage posted, despite the intensive surveillance capabilities of all Vegas casinos. Witnesses who speak up are shushed.

    No pictures, or almost no pictures, of survivors or casualties. What sort of bullets did surgeons dig out of them? What were the results of ballistic tests? Ever watch any of those popular crime dramas on TV? They’ve got all this fancy equipment in the crime labs, you’d think they’d use it for something this important.

    And finally, it looks like bogus disinformation stories are being published. It’s hard to tell them from the sincere witnesses these days, but I’m pretty sure some of them are bogus.

    Are you participating in the disinfo campaign for this one, Elaine?

  33. The media nearly never posts lots of pictures of actual gore which is why we never see it in war pictures, too. Censoring information is continuous. Just because you didn’t see bodies doesn’t mean there were none. I think war/disaster pictures should show the carnage but I don’t run the news. Nearly universally, governments won’t let media show gore.

  34. Lou

    we never see it in war pictures–1990, Desert Storm War [undeclared] was when I noticed that THERE WERE NO PHOTOS OF WAR IN THE PAPERS.

    USA is now in its longest war and its easier to keep it going if people dont notice it.

  35. Jim R

    Pictures of that doofus hauling ammo boxes up in the freight elevator would not count as ‘gore’.

    Why aren’t there any of those? Why don’t we see him with his ‘girlfriend’ in the lobby? You’d think the casino would have some…

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