I Get Flu Shots Because I Nearly Died Of Hong Kong Flu 50 Years Ago



I found this amusing regga song about the Hong Kong flu which nearly killed me many years ago.  I was one of the first three people to get it in the USA when we tried to save the life of a dying soldier who flew in from Hong Kong, felt very sick and went to the Free Clinic where he collapsed and I gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation.  I recently got my annual flu shot last week.  I always get vaccinations, I know first hand what can happen if germs win.  But now, due to it being a guessing game which flu might become pandemic, sometimes like last year’s norovirus which isn’t a flu virus, can cause problems.  There is this huge push especially from celebrities, to mock vaccinations and this is troublesome because I know what it is like to have terrible epidemics!


Hong Kong flu of 1968 | pandemic | Britannica.com


Although the Hong Kong flu outbreak was associated with comparatively few deaths worldwide, the virus was highly contagious, a factor that facilitated its rapid global dissemination.


This is false.  There were many deaths, they were mainly in Asia.  No one counted the dead in Vietnam, a war was raging there. A soldier returning from Vietnam brought it to San Francisco and gave it to me and it was highly fatal unless one had good doctors which I had…I nearly died, it took many months to recover and I had significant brain damage.


Indeed, within two weeks of its emergence in July in Hong Kong, some 500,000 cases of illness had been reported, and the virus proceeded to spread swiftly throughout Southeast Asia. Within several months it had reached the Panama Canal Zone and the United States, where it had been taken overseas by soldiers returning to California from Vietnam. By the end of December the virus had spread throughout the United States and had reached the United Kingdom and countries in western Europe. Australia, Japan, and multiple countries in Africa, eastern Europe, and Central and South America were also affected. The pandemic occurred in two waves, and in most places the second wave caused a greater number of deaths than the first wave.


I was very pleased that this encyclopedia got that right: it began in California from soldiers coming from the Vietnam War via Hong Kong.


Although a vaccine was developed against the virus, it became available only after the pandemic had peaked in many countries.


The doctors drew my blood and sent it to the CDC and I got to see the report years ago and there was a note attached from a doctor wondering if I survived. I barely survived!


The H3N2 virus that caused the 1968 pandemic is still in circulation today and is considered to be a strain of seasonal influenza. In the 1990s a closely related H3N2 virus was isolated from pigs. Scientists suspect that the human H3N2 virus jumped to pigs; infected animals may show symptoms of swine flu.


All these flu viruses continue in a less virulent form over time.  If a disease is too deadly, it kills its hosts!  So diseases tend to ‘become less destructive’ over time via evolution towards keeping the host population alive.  Mutations throw this off badly like the very virulent Black Death had an enormous death rate and it spread extremely rapidly, too.


I recommend all vaccinations, I am a huge lover of vaccinations and there are a zillion conspiracy stories about vaccinations set up to scare people so they will decide to play Russian Roulette with the Viral Empire which is the oldest form of replicating ‘life forms’ on this planet.


Katie who is a gossip columnist in London weighs in with this article:  Why I won’t let doctors give my son the flu vaccine  | Daily Mail Online


Perhaps my strongest argument of all is that I don’t mind if Max gets the flu this winter. He’ll probably be off school for a day and then crack on as normal.


Real flu events, you don’t feel well in 24 hours, it is more like 24 days and with the Hong Kong flu back in 1968, it took me half a year to recover.


One mum emailed me to tell how when she raised her concerns about vaccinating her healthy child, the school nurse said: ‘Not giving your child flu spray because they never get ill is like not having a smoke alarm in your house because you’ve never had a fire. It might happen, so you are best to cover yourself.’


Pardon me? Is the flu really comparable to a house fire?


When one has a 104-106 fever for three days and three nights: YES, it is like being in a burning house!  Doctors had to put ice on me to cool me down.  They ran out of ice and had to beg on the radio for ice donations for the three of us who got the Hong Kong flu first.


At one point, the coffee machine broke at night and I came out of the coma and told the nurse to put the coffee pot on me, I would heat it up for them and then went back into the darkness of fever.


I also heard from parents of high-risk children with asthma or diabetes who are more likely to suffer severe complications of flu, such as pneumonia. They could not understand how I could be so selfish.


I got the pneumonia next and had to cough up lots of junk and they kept a container next to me which I used a lot and I lost three teeth on the right side of my mouth due to this and the dentist had to wear special gear while operating on me.


A GP emailed to explain that mass immunisation is a form of herd cover: you treat the whole herd to keep the whole herd safe.  And I take his point. Except my son is not an animal, and I am not a sheep. This GP acknowledged that the vaccination dished out by the Department of Health is ‘more best guesswork than anything else’.


Au contraire, she and her son are both ‘animals’, mammals to be specific.  How stupid is this woman?  She gets to bloviate in the news and her intelligence is pretty low, I raised sheep smarter than she.  The Daily Mail did issue a rebuttal attached to this editorial by their staff writer:


Kids are vaccinated against a whole range of long-forgotten diseases, as well as those they are more likely to catch.


Part of the resistance is because vaccinations fall foul of a huge number of spurious claims of online groups and pseudo health experts.


Only last week I was embroiled in a Twitter spat with the musician Calvin Harris – with 12.5 million Twitter followers compared to my modest 15,000 – who alleged flu vaccines contain toxic mercury.


This is another misconception, driven by a misunderstanding of the science. Some flu vaccines contain thimerosal preservative, a non-toxic compound related to mercury that has been proven to harmlessly pass through the body. The children’s flu nasal spray we use today doesn’t contain it.


I admire Katie’s honesty about choosing what is best for her child above other people.


Sadly, research does show it to be a prevailing attitude in relation to the flu vaccine. Parents should be allowed to give informed consent for all treatment. I am afraid that we are not always getting the informed part right.


I know that not all vaccinations work 100% which is why herd immunity is good.  But if the herd wants to run back to the Good Old Days pre-vaccination, then I assume this is possibly a good thing, it will clear the earth of millions of people and the rest of us get more breathing room?  How about that.


I believe that if people are determined to die, one should step aside.  I once argued, while on horse back, with a lady who wanted to be killed by a raging river.  She told me to make Socksie step aside so she could drive into the river overflowing the road.  I nearly rode off to let her die but instead, I rescued her anyways.  I was only a child and was sorely tempted.


I feel the same way about vaccinations: if people want to have hideous, deadly diseases, let them.  But we must give them fair warning first.  If that fails, just ride off.  The problem here is, they then fill the hospitals and muck up everything thanks to being foolish.  That is a real problem for the rest of us.  Below are a sample of comments to this story, mostly from people who have deluded themselves into thinking, we need no vaccinations:


jennifer, romford, 3 hours ago

I have also refused the vaccine for my children. The big flu this year is known as the Aussie flu which it doesnt protect against. A few years ago the vaccine only prevented 3% of cases which means for the other 97% it was pointless having it!!


Melanie, Andalucia, Spain, 3 hours ago

I had a flu vaccination once when I was 12 and was going on a school camping trip to Normandy, at the time there had been an outbreak of flu in France, I think parents were advised to make sure we were vaccinated before we went. All I can say is it has totally put me off ever having one again, I was in bed for 2 days with Flu symptoms so bad that I’ve never forgotten it and my 56 years, I can honestly say I have only had Flu once since then which was about 10 years ago. Lots of people think or say they have Flu when actually its just a Cold, if you ever have Flu you will know the difference, its horrible but I still wouldn’t have the vaccination.


The second comment here from the Daily Mail comments section is referring to the Hong Kong flu.  By the time it hit Europe, it was not as deadly as when it came out of Asia.  She thinks that she had the worst of it back then, sick for a short while.  It was far worse at the very beginning.


Note how she concludes this with vowing, never to have the vaccination.  The swift movement of flu germs means, you can’t change your mind at the last minute and run off for a vaccination.  It is alway a guessing game, which flu might appear.  They mutate!  Keeping track of them requires a lot of work and it is worth it but only if people understand the need to not breed flu germs.


Harmless germs MUTATE!  Suddenly, they can be viral and deadly!  It happens suddenly.  When the Hong Kong flu hit Hong Kong, it jumped to San Francisco immediately.  The young soldier visited a whore house and got it there.  Gave it to me.  Wasn’t I unlucky!


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8 responses to “I Get Flu Shots Because I Nearly Died Of Hong Kong Flu 50 Years Ago

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    Eileen, there are far too many people in the world, if more of the stupid ones die off, so much the better


    You believe scientists claim that vaccines are safe, but not scientists claim that we are going to die from CO2 caused global warming, please explain why one group is honest and the others are lying .


    ELAINE: They are not ‘lying’ they are simply using statistics to prove something that is unprovable. Science has been full of such intellectual trials and it is the debate that informs us. Right now, the CO2 debate is no where near finished. No one in the CO2 belief system has explained why previous warm cycles, the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warm cycles, happened and why they also ended with ‘dark ages’ that were much colder.

    That is the debate. My own belief is that the sun cycles on a 1,000 rough year cycle from warm to cold and back again in between Ice Ages.

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  4. Ken

    Emotions run very high with regard to vaccines because people love their children and want to keep them safe.

    There is no denying that there is a recent spike in autism in young children, so parents are right to be concerned. They are also right to look around and see what is new in the environment that pre-dates the spike in autism. Many parents have focused on vaccines as being a possible “new” change in the environment which may account for the spike in aurism. However, it is also undisputed that vaccines pre-date this spike in autism. So at first glance it would not appear that there is a connection between the two.

    However, I cannot dismiss the possibility that there is a correlation between autism and changes in recent medical practices. As a father I paid attention to this change in medical practices when it was time to vaccinate my children. I noticed that medicalpractices have changed in recent years, and (1) vaccines are being given at younger and younger ages, and (2) there are lots more vaccines that are being given than in years past, and very often these are administered all at once, and even in the same shots.

    History is full of examples where “modern” medicine has done more harm than good. Ironically, the medical profession never apologizes for this, but merely piously announces people should not do what they were being told to do in the past, but instead should follow the new studies.

    It would not surprise me to find out that there is a correlation between autism and other ailements and the current practice of giving large numbers of vaccines at one time to very young children. Because of this possibility, I had my children vaccinated over a period of a couple of years, beginning when they were 6 months old. I felt that they would be safe for the first 6 months due to general “heard immunity” resulting from everyone else being vaccinated, and hence unlikely to transmit diseases to my children.

    Everything worked out fine.

  5. Ken

    @4 That should be “herd immunity.” Sorry.

  6. An autistic child is alive and a child who gets a fatal disease is dead. Simple choices. The reason there SEEMS to be ‘more autistic children’ is due mainly to changing the diagnosis. One of my sisters was ‘autistic’ and at the same time, a genius and highly functional except when she had ‘episodes’.

    The spectrum of behaviors and genetic ‘ticks’ rises as the population of SURVIVING CHILDREN rises. For 99.9% of human history, there were little to no medical interventions to keep fetuses and babies alive.

    In previous eras, most humans died before age 13. This was ‘survival of the fittest’ stuff. This is how we evolved. We now are accumulating genetic defects as even babies born very tiny at a very young gestation age, are kept alive using machines and medicines.

    Many are kept alive by the State, too. Periodically, we have world wars that kill millions and millions and even with modern medicines, we get waves of diseases that kill, too.

    If people want to volunteer to die in the next epidemic, no one can stop this. They will march determinedly towards this goal. Good luck with that.

  7. Lou

    One of my sisters was ‘autistic’ and at the same time, a genius and highly functional except when she had ‘episodes’.—Sounds like she was NOT
    I think children are over vaccinated.

  8. Lou

    We now are accumulating genetic defects [yes, diabetes for one]

    as even babies born very tiny at a very young gestation age, are kept alive using machines and medicines.[and what does that have to do with accumulating bad genes?]

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