Universities Demand All Conservatives Be Locked Out, Liberals Only

14 Minutes of Violent Students and Anarchists Setting Fire on UC Berkeley Campus – YouTube


Prof: Faculty, not students, should decide who speaks on campus the battle over all systems roars onwards with ‘liberals’ joined at the hip with ANTIFA terrorists, the Bilderberg gang and the media/Hollywood desperately struggle to crush any opposition, it is all falling to pieces.  All their systems of control are now exposed to sex charges, financial messes and a web of obvious lies which are causing at least half of the voters if not a lot more, to get very angry about all this.  Desperate, liberals are calling for…more censorship, more elite controls, fewer freedoms and more violence.


Too foolish to understand these very reactions by reactionary liberals is causing them to go down harder and faster, they double down endlessly.  Conservatives now hate Hollywood movies, TV shows, comic books and football…not to mention, basketball, too.  All sorts of ‘entertainments’ are crashing and burning.  The drop in income has just begun.  I see a brewing boycott taking shape here.


In an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education Sunday, Edmundson asserts that recent speaking events featuring conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro have shown that universities have no way to properly respond to such lectures, noting that there is little for progressives to gain by either shutting down or ignoring such speakers.


Sounds sensible, no?  Looks like a liberal professor finally figured out the obvious?  Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’:


Yet he also believes that responding to their speech with more speech would be ineffective, saying, “there’s something demeaning about a credentialed professor going toe to toe with an entertainer—and something risky about challenging a speaker as smooth on his feet as Yiannopoulos.”


HAHAHA.  A professor is so poor with words, he can’t debate a comic?  Ah, the fun of mocking blowhard intellectuals!  Smart intellectuals know how to tell jokes, it is a great verbal weapon and a high IQ person should be able to do this effortlessly.


The entire point of going to school for those extra years in college is to hone very important skills, one of these being DEBATE abilities.  I used to belong to debate teams and better still, did stand alone debates, I love debating people.  I consider this immense fun.


Instead, we have professors coming out of this bizarre and ugly little echo chamber.  They can only repeat what they were told to say and like little robots, they march forwards and when opposed, topple over helplessly.


“The Berkeley Battle ended quickly, but a war is looming,” he continues, referencing the premature end to UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week last month. “For years the extreme right has been looking for ways to get its ideas heard on campuses and to make universities look like what it takes them to be, bastions of intolerant liberals.”


His solution is…to have the faculty pick and choose which debaters come to the school and talk!  This way, they can invite only fellow echo chamber people.  Cool!  What a brilliant idea.  A bunch of cowardly, addle brained liberal professors who have no real life experiences, will invite only others of identical stamp.


This way, the students are never exposed to someone with other ideas.  This echo chamber is a crypt for the mentally dead.  I was in the ‘liberal arts’ 50 years ago and the Universities univerally eliminated my field of study.


Unlike my fellow students in the arts of German language studies, I had tons of real life experience in Germany as well as in general so I had some stuff to share with potential students.  But the hot house flowers we have infesting our Universities today are woefully naive about the Real World.  This is why they hate all systems that make our present civilization possible.


It isn’t just California and New York which has near zero tolerance for free speech and opposing arguments, it is now all across the nation, everywhere: Texas lawmaker plans to sue university over cancelled speech and now we see that all the cancelled speakers will be suing until the Supreme Court steps in and forces our public universities to clean up their act.


As Campus Reform reported October 10, Republican State Rep. Briscoe Cain was set to speak on campus, but the event had to be cancelled before it had even begun after protesters descended upon the venue and shouted over Cain.


The schools allow these riots.  This makes money for the administrators.  No one is kicked out of schools for rioting, they live as long as possible, on student loans, on these campuses and take Mickey Mouse courses that are utterly useless for landing a future job.


These poor schmucks falling into this conspiratorial scam system, cheerfully riot and yell and abuse people and terrorize entire cities because the school makes money off of them.  Once they run out of loans to exploit, these losers hit the streets with near zero job potential and end up on welfare if they are females and can pop out illegitimate babies or male, can be criminals or beggars or commit suicide.


While TSU said it “cannot comment at this time” since it has yet to see the lawsuit, it previously defended its cancellation of the event because the student group hosting Cain allegedly didn’t go through the “appropriate channels.”


This is a fig leaf.  The lawsuit counters this with written proof that this was done through proper channels.  The mindless lying by highly paid administrators is an indication that this whole scam of running schools are basically fraud.


Cain, however, claims that he was “greeted by campus officials, given a guest parking voucher, and brought into a room in which the administration had specifically requested the talk occur,” leading him to conclude that the talk had been shut down based solely on his conservative identity.


Now on to another news story of some interest: all systems are collapsing.  I forgot to mention the Olympics which, thanks to PC politics and hysteria, is now destroying itself, utterly, too.  There will be no more ‘women’s sports’ as men invade all female games, pretending to be ‘female’ via some drugs only to revert to being ‘male’ once they win.  Here is yet another sex scandal from the past rising up to the present:


Mckayla Maroney reveals she was molested by team doctor for SEVEN YEARS – including days before she won a gold medal at the London Olympics| Daily Mail Online


Nassar is currently in prison in Michigan after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography in July. He is still awaiting trial on separate criminal sexual conduct charges in addition to being sued by over 125 women in civil court who claim he sexually assaulted them.


He would physically rape them via the vagina while telling them, it would help them balance on the beam better.  Girls can be very trusting, it is in their nature to trust the staff of an Olympic organization that is overseeing their training.


But not for long!  All these females will cease to exist in the next ten years.  The Olympics will revert to their original condition: men only.  And this is how feminism is finally collapsing, aside from embracing Islam which still amazes me no end, all those pussy hat females who are utterly silent about Hollywood rapists, were meowing to be cruelly repressed by angry Muslim males.  Sheesh.  The world is upside down but then, liberals are also aping McCarthyism, with their ‘Hunt of the Red October’ garbage.


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23 responses to “Universities Demand All Conservatives Be Locked Out, Liberals Only

  1. Shawntoh

    Speaking of “systems collapsing”– right again, you are, Elaine, because the numbers have come in and–

    “….Total viewership during the first six weeks of the NFL season is down 7.5 percent compared to the first six weeks of last year’s season, reports ESPN…. ”


  2. Lou

    7.5 percent is small. It is single digit.
    When it is 90%, thats great.

  3. Melponeme_k

    I’m now convinced we never really had REAL female icons. They have been always transgendered men or women twisted past recognition on Androgens/Testosterone.

    That was the recent Olympics “female” team.

    The 1988 team. There seems to be some real female shapes. But check out the power in the transgendered models. Men are stronger than women any time of the day, month, year, no matter how small or tall.

    Incidentally, I took gymnastics as a child. The Romanian couple who ran the gym LOVED me. Because I was really tiny but tended toward stockiness. They told me the Balance beam would be my area because my feet were so small, the balance beam would always be super wide for me. Practically no balance required (Ummmm, isn’t that kind of cheating?) LOL.

    I never continued because I was a yellow bellied coward when it came to the horse and bar work.

  4. Sunger

    Melponeme said- “I’m now convinced we never really had REAL female icons. They have been always transgendered men or women twisted past recognition on Androgens/Testosterone.”


  5. Sunger

    Elaine said- “All these females will cease to exist in the next ten years. The Olympics will revert to their original condition: men only. And this is how feminism is finally collapsing, aside from embracing Islam which still amazes me no end, all those pussy hat females who are utterly silent about Hollywood rapists, were meowing to be cruelly repressed by angry Muslim males. Sheesh. The world is upside down but then, liberals are also aping McCarthyism, with their ‘Hunt of the Red October’ garbage.”

    Maybe we forgot our AM dose(s) of Xanax today?

  6. Lou

    Soros gives Anarchists $18B to continue the destruction of USA fbo NWO;

    Gaspard @ the Demorat Nat’l Committee (DNC) has the checkbook, PROOF that demorats are EVIL incarnate! Left-wing billionaire George Soros has transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, the primary vehicle for his global NWO political activism. The transfer accounts for most of Soros’s foundation, which he accrued through a controversial career as an investor, to continue support for dogmatic, aggressive left-wing groups that disrupt liberal democracy and stifle opposing voices. Soros has funded the Black Lives Matter movement, the so-called “resistance” to President Donald Trump, & Media Matters, that spends most of its energy trying to eliminate conservatives from the media.

    Soros recently named Democratic National Committee official Patrick Gaspard as president of the Open Society Foundations as of the end of 2017. Globally, Soros is involved in efforts to make Ireland pro-abortion, to demonize the Israeli government, and to promote migration from the Muslim world into Europe across open borders.


  7. Ken

    Mel @3

    Instead of there being a world-wide conspiracy to populate women’s sports teams with transsexuals, a less sinister explanation is more likely. It seems more reasonable to me that there is a wide variation in body types in the human species, and natural-born women with more masculine traits and physiques are simply more likely to be athletes.

    Occam’s Razor.

  8. Melponeme_k


    Study the skeletal structure of men and women. THEY ARE DIFFERENT! HARD COLD FACTS. If not, then forensics and anthropology would not be able to identify human remains.

    Men’s shoulders are always bigger. Men’s hip ratio is ALWAYS smaller than their shoulders. Women’s hips are as big as or LARGER than their shoulders. This is due to having to able to give birth to infants with large skulls in proportion to their bodies. In fact we are physically at the limits of how large a baby’s skull can grow before birth. This is why giving birth is soooo dangerous to women.

    Could you fit a baby’s head past your hips Ken?

    Open your eyes and REALLY see the insanity that the elites are pushing on his subliminally. The “girls” in the recent Olympics team are ALL BOYS.

  9. Petruchio

    Speaking of gender differences, check out the tennis playing Williams sisters Venus and Serena (they are black). In particular check out their thighs. There are NFL linebackers that aren’t as muscular as the Williams sisters. I just don’t think even black women have the kind of musculature the Williams sisters have. Not without the use of chemicals of some kind.

  10. Men are universally stronger than women. Faster than women, taller than women in their own racial groups. I come from a very tall (Viking stock) family the average female is six feet tall and the men, six and a half feet tall. They used to call me ‘the dwarf’ because I am only 5’5″ tall.

    Genetics does this. Some populations have a smaller stature due to many generations of evolutionary push because being smaller has lots of good side effects, too (tall people have a harder time when getting older).

    About the Olympics: the pictures showing girl gymnasts (there are virtually no women) makes it utterly certain that in the future, these will all be boys since boys don’t fall apart via getting breasts and adding weight to hips and menstruating.

    Olympic gymnasts are kept deliberately low weight (ditto fashion models and such) which makes the teenage boys for an extended time.

  11. Melponeme_k

    Elaine, the pictures of these gymnasts show they are already boys and have been for a very long time.

    Low weight does not change the hip structure of females. It does not change the look of their legs. Look at real female ballet dancers. All of them low weight but their bodies still hold a certain amount of fat for child bearing fertility. There limbs are smooth and uncut even though they are all quite muscular.

    Fashion Models are MEN. Some are even now coming out as Transgender.

    All of this is psychological warfare to destroy women and brainwash men into desiring other males.

  12. Lou

    Men are universally stronger than women.
    Elaine, you are a farm woman [do you farm?] and among mammals, the males usually are larger than the females, yes?

  13. Yup. This is so the males can fight each other for sex with females. It is true in nearly all mammals.

  14. Lou

    13–Humans can mess with this via miniature dogs, etc. Find the smallest male dog and breed that one.

  15. Jim R

    Lou, you might as well know that miniature dogs do not fare well in natural settings. They are cute little critters to have around the house, but nature has an ideal size for dogs, about 40 pounds. More in some wolf species.

    Also, nature has them run together in packs, instead of sitting around licking your feet.

    So, that’s the difference between natural selection and artificial selection.

  16. Melponeme_k



    They have ALL been transgender from the FIRST FRICKING ISSUE.

    All our pop icons have been transgender freaks pushed on us as beauty icons to make us feel unworthy of love.

  17. Lou

    Lou, you might as well know that miniature dogs do not fare well in natural settings.

    Id guess most dogs are too domesticated to hunt and forage in the woods [trash not included in feral dogs diet].

  18. Petruchio

    @#12 Lou and #13 Elaine: I worked as a volunteer at a Raptor Center. You know. Eagles ,Owls, Hawks and Falcons. I would help care for and treat injured Raptors. Anyways, about Great Horned Owls. Female Great Horned Owls are about one-third bigger than the males! Usually, male GHO’s steer clear of the females–until mating season. Then, if a male makes an unwelcome advance on a female, he’s gonna find out real quick! LOL. Female GHO’s are nasty. If they aren’t interested in the male when he comes a courtin’, the male finds out real quick. The females will chase away an unwelcome male with ferocity. Co workers who g out and check on the Owls during courting season will tell you they can hear the male GHO’s flying away from an angry, uninterested female. Screeching as they try to escape.

  19. Most birds cooperate with raising young because it is lots of hard work. Some don’t. Turkeys, for example. But it is more common to cooperate.

    Swans mate for life!

  20. Lou

    19–what I posted is,

    among mammals, the males usually are larger than the females, yes?


  21. Petruchio

    @#21 Lou: Ok, Lou, you want a mammal, I’ll give you a mammal. Hyenas. The ‘Alpha’ female leads and runs the pack. The males are marginalized. I can remember watching a “NatGeo” story about Hyenas and how they are always fighting with Lions. In one segment, the alpha female gave birth to two females. Early on, one of the baby hyenas killed the other female hyena–so she could become the next ‘alpha’ female. Pretty cold, imho. I don’t know as if you can name an animal group where the males are that fierce with other males. They will just fight and whoever wins gets to be the leader. Different when females run things.

  22. Lou

    Badgers are very strong. Male lions live to be maybe 5 years old.

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