Young People Are Constantly Cheated By ‘Liberals’ Who Are Enslaving Them In Student Debt

Liberals Love Trump’s Tax Plan… When Told It’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan – YouTube


When young people are asked about issues, they mindlessly repeat tropes they say to each other without any thought or examination to see if they have real positions on any issues.  Mostly, they do ‘herd signaling’ instead.  They repeat what they say to each other.  A neat trick is to tell these young people information while lying and saying their ‘heroes’ and ‘leaders’ endorse or say something, they automatically agree and endorse it, too.  When told the information was false and instead of the Democrats, the Republicans are the ones doing or saying things young liberals love, they get embarrassed but still won’t figure out how to think for themselves.


There are abundant examples of this infantile behavior.  More than one person has had the fun of mocking young leftists this way.  Group think is common in young people which is why so many odious monsters focus their efforts on brainwashing young people.  The really bad part of all this is how our university systems has been corrupted badly.  Most of the interviews in these videos is on campuses.

Students despise Obama policies…when credited to Trump – YouTube

Hillary Supporters Like Trump’s Tax Plan – YouTube

Clinton Supporters Agree With Donald Trump Quotes – YouTube


The trick here is, mindless youth think they are expanding their horizons when adults teaching them are actually destroying their ability to think logically.  Our campuses have been nearly totally taken over by leftists and the tool to turn teachers into mindless drones is via bad pay scales!


That is, any sensible, sane person takes one look at the mess the schools have become with the actual teaching staff being stiffed and working for very low pay and poor working conditions, only radical leftists are stupid enough to fall for that slavery scheme and they ‘teach’ because they are fanatics who want to overthrow the Republic and turn it into Maoist China.


Maoists hate sex, they hate fashion, they hate love and above all, they hate families.  This noxious political system I have tangled with in the past and my parents directly tangled with Madame Mao in China a the height of her power…and won a very small but significant battle with her over whether my mother could sleep with my father in the same bed.


That was forbidden under Madame Mao’s rule!  These lunatics on the left are highly dangerous.  They hate society with an insane passion.  The ‘teachers’ in the dying ‘liberal arts’ sector of the university systems are bitter, lonely, vengeful people who don’t understand that they tricked themselves into falling into this trap which I stepped out of when I was in college and they eliminated my field of study back in 1974.


The youth are easy targets of angry, bitter, poor Maoists. These angry teachers seethe with hatred of Trump and the successful young people who are not trapped in lifelong poverty and no family life.  These bitter ‘teachers’ want their students to be equally unhappy and are succeeding in this wonderfully.  Kids go to school, freak out, get petted and good grades for aping teachers who are shining examples of total stupidity and loss of wealth and then go forth to economic destruction thanks to high student loans which become a lifetime burden making it impossible to get married, by property and become a productive citizen.


Within fleeing the university in 1974, I ended up owning property in NYC a mere 3 years later and had success in real estate/development by age 30, in 1980.  I had zero school debts otherwise, this would be impossible.


What is most terrible of all is the social destruction of all social systems due to two forces: white males are now avoiding college because even if they graduate, they go to the back of the bus when it comes to hiring, they cannot get ANY teaching jobs, for example.  All systems are set to give anyone else a leg up, Asian males are now in the same boat, too.  Even worse, perhaps.


So they don’t bother with going to school anymore and the mix of students which were more than 60% male when I went to school years ago to 60%+ female today.  On top of this, the males escaping from school debts do not want to marry females who have school debts.  This is destroying young marriages rapidly.


Any female school debts end up a man’s problems if he marries a woman with $200,000 in debt, for example.  By the time a female clears her debts, if she is lucky, she is no longer marriage material but an ‘old maid’.


The year I quit school due to my major vanishing, I was pregnant with my first child.  This didn’t stop me from making deals and making money.  So I had money and a baby and had to figure out how to do both at the same time.  And the key here is: I got a man.  Together, we made a family.
College Girl $1.5 Trillion Debt Bubble – MGTOW – YouTube

Game of Loans – YouTube






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11 responses to “Young People Are Constantly Cheated By ‘Liberals’ Who Are Enslaving Them In Student Debt

  1. KHS71

    My daughter got caught up in the student loan scam. Owes thousands still even after 12 years since she graduated with a degree in, wait for it, English. Her minor was Theater. Her real love is Theater. She taught English in Korea for over a year and came home and had problems finding a job. She finally got into marketing and liked it and now sells a line of women’s clothes on the internet and in person. She does ok selling. I guess her English and Theater degree came in handy after all. She won’t ever get out of the debt in my opinion. She returned to school after Korea for a teaching certificate but the school just kept piling on more requirements. She finally realized that it was just a scam and quit but not before the school had extracted thousands of dollars from her through student loans. Her husband does pretty well as a trainer for an equipment company. Wouldn’t be surprised if she still owes $50,000. It has been a burden on her. They do have one child together.

  2. Lou

    My daughter got caught up in the student loan scam-she was not forced to sign, nor was I.

  3. Petruchio

    What is most troubling to me–and really amazing–is WHY aren’t the parents of their soon-to-be-debt-slaves kids storming the Universities looking to strangle any and every University bureaucrat they can get their hands on? Same thing with the State legislators. And here’s another question. WHY are parents–after failing to get any reforms from the people who caused and enabled this mess–meekly submitting to their fate of having debt slave kids? Why aren’t parents simply telling their kids to forget about College because the costs FAR AND AWAY any possible benefit? It is absolutely beyond dispute of the costs outweighing benefits. What will it take to wake parents up? It’s interesting and sad at the same time, but their is a huge difference between Millennials with no College and Millennials with College–and the accompanying crushing student loan debt. Non College Millennials are extremely rude, self-centered, self-entitled children that are such a nightmare to work with. Millennials with College (and debt) on the other hand, tend to be much easier to deal with. Better people skills, less self centered, less rude. Much slower to be Management stooges than the non College Millennials. Why is that? Because the College Millennials have gotten a dose of reality. A real painful one that is real, real tough to get the meaning wrong. The lesson is this: College Millennial goes to College, acquires a huge debt load. Maybe graduates, maybe not, but huge debt burden either way. That’s the first part of the lesson. The second part is the kicker. This one slams these College Millennials to the ground and rams a forearm onto their throats. The lesson is that these College Millennials spent ALOT of money at College and the ONLY jobs they can find after all this are the VERY SAME jobs they could have gotten WITHOUT going to College at all!! A very humbling experience. Teaches them humility. Teaches them that the World doesn’t exist to make them happy and that the World doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their poor ‘wittle’ feelings. The non College Millennials don’t learn these lessons until much later if at all.

  4. Except they all want us to fix this while keeping the system going that costs a fortune! The cure for all this is to have the schools DIE. I am having terrible flashbacks of what universities used to teach…HIGH CULTURE. I was very deeply into that!

    The ability to do multiple languages and play four different classical/medieval instruments, the ability to probe the deep past carefully, to ‘mine’ culture, all this was utterly, totally and maliciously DESTROYED.

    It was deliberate. I used to give, as a student/advisor when still under the age of 24, lectures on the destruction of culture, making fun of Schoenberg, for example, reviving interest in Mahler which I picked up from the great and wonderful Bernstein, the conductor who championed high culture to us kiddies way back in the 1950’s, I worshipped the ground he trod!

    The deliberate assassination of Western (and ancient Chinese/European) culture pisses me off greatly. Schools now graduate young people who have been fatally debased, who have very low cultural grasp, who think doing garbage that is easy is an easy way to get rich, quick, they hate hard labor, they hate having to learn to PLAY IN TUNE.

    True story, in NY, when I used to work at a university, I had to get in a raving argument with students playing in the school orchestra about PLAYING IN TUNE!!! They didn’t want to bother.

    This, in 1998, no less. It is ten times worse now.

  5. Lou

    This, in 1998, no less.–what school was this?

  6. Lou

    Thanks for the mention on college loan debt. Currently the numbers are $1.35 trillion of debt, spread across roughly 40 million individuals, with about $137 billion currently in default. The subject has started to percolate to the surface, primarily I would guess, as bondholders start to realize they may not get their pound of flesh.

    kids are suicidal over the strain of the debt. Some heartbreaking stories are found at

    Few well-paying jobs, garnished wages on those that do find employment, withheld tax refunds, and finally, withheld Social Security benefits, to repay “government guaranteed” student loan debt.
    The lending is clearly a predatory lending racket. I can somewhat understand expecting a 35 year old individual to understand the encumbrances of mortgage documents with simple interest, but an 18 year old understanding a student loan agreement with compound interest, not so much.

  7. Petruchio

    The elites never liked the Middle Class, but the Campus Protest Movement in the late 60’s and early 70’s convinced them that the Middle Class must be destroyed, not just neutralized. This is why the systematic destruction of a solid College Education was initiated. The elites knew that an educated Middle Class–capable of critical thinking–would be a mortal threat to the elites’ dominance. Dumbing down the country was a first step. Gaining control of the media was a second, vital entity to control. BTW, watch on YouTube the media peppering Reagan with REAL questions compared to what happens in the media today. Revealing.

  8. Nearly all cases of ‘racist acts’ these days are blacks doing this in order to start riots and demonize innocent people.

  9. Lou

    10–Did all 4 races go thru the Ice Age?

    —- a basic sense of artistry which is hard-won during the previous Ice Age

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