Bilderberg Gang Goes Gung Ho Attacking Trump


Big news!  Or rather, murky big CIA news: Trump has pulled yet another political coup.  Even as the Bilderberg gang, as we see in the Bilderberg buddy photo op above, worked hard to prevent any real information about the Kennedy assassination to be released to the public even though all the main actors in this little drama are DEAD.  No, like Operation Paperclip which still remains 90% redacted and secret (every action my father took during that business is still top secret!!!) we are now supposed to see all the information which I hope will happen.  About time.


Poor Jimmy Carter.  He posed in this picture and as always, he stands to one side from the others because he isn’t part of the gang, he is scared of the gang so he won’t say anything and this angers me greatly.  My father was a friend of his.  To my father’s dying day, he was frightened that I would yap about Operation Paperclip and get him in trouble with the CIA.


The CIA is an evil operation run by strange people who believe in magic powers and who are fine with stealing Geronimo’s skull and using in every April 15th to do magic spells which ticks me and also the Apache tribal leaders, it pisses us off greatly.  The Apaches have their own magic ceremonies to deal with this abuse of their own kind.  I feel sorry, slightly, naw, not sorry at all, for all the stupid Skull and Bones Yale clowns, they all get to sit down and chat with Geronimo at the Gates of Death.  Good luck to them all…HAHAHA.

Bush Jr. went out this week to openly attack citizens for being patriots.  GOOD LORD, this is now so utterly naked, and I am intensely pleased that 50% of the nation is now seeing this monster for what a clown he really is.


All our media giants aside from half of Fox TV, are openly attacking patriotism, courtesy, protecting the US public, they are openly at war with the citizens.  There are millions of people who were let into the country without being taught how to be a real American and many of these assailed US citizens during the election cycle, encouraged to wave foreign flags while screaming they want to kill citizens!


The US media thought this was a good thing, too, and blamed Trump for these foreigners rioting in our cities, attacking citizens.  We are told, it is our fault for not being nice to illegal aliens who have more civil rights than citizens.


This is a huge, gigantic rift in our country: liberals hate patriotism.  This is very highly dangerous for the liberals.  Uniting with foreign invaders to attack the concept of ‘citizenship’ is very, very deadly.  I can’t believe people are this stupid to think this is a good thing.


Back to Kennedy: there was no reason on earth, big or small, to keep everything secret.  Zero.  This secrecy had only one element of importance: the CIA brought over the assassin from the USSR and let him loose to assassinate the President.


Oswald was tracked by the CIA from the first hour he left the USSR to return to the US with his Russian bride.  They tracked him in Russia, too.  They certainly had a very, very, VERY short leash on him when he arrived here.


There was no way in hell he could do the assassination without the CIA knowing everything beforehand.  The CIA was very angry with Kennedy due to the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  They wanted him dead like they want Trump dead.


The entire garbage of ‘Oswald wasn’t the assassin’ was cooked up by the CIA to deflect people from understanding that it was insane for Oswald to be unleashed, unwatched, in the US in the middle of the Cold War after he defected to the USSR.  The CIA spied on me when I was a teenager!  I used to tease them about that since I am a CIA brat and know the tricks of the trade which is why we dueled periodically.


The thing is, pretending they did NOT spy on Oswald heavily is insanity.  I knew this the day Kennedy was assassinated because my father was raging about this back then and he was scared, afraid he would be assassinated, too, but LBJ talked to him and assured him, he was safe!!!!  What!!! ???


This is how reality works: it is actually not difficult to understand.  Assassinations are easy, oh so very easy.  Used constantly due to ease of use, and it takes an awful little effort, too, virtually no one, just the tiniest handful of people required to carry out an assassination.


My own father even told me how HE was trained to assassinate someone!  This was required of him before he went over to Nazi Germany to find the rocket caves.  He said, literally, ‘I can kill someone with a pen’.  Yes, a pen.


He was trained to deceive, to look like someone he wasn’t.  People consistently underestimate the ability of the CIA to go underground and undercover.  It is very tricky.  The CIA diffuses itself into everything and one thing the love to do is MISDIRECTION and oodles of people fall for fake stories set up to deflect them from figuring out obvious things, I see this everywhere, all major violent events are clothed in fake stories people anxiously believe because they cannot fathom that just ONE HUMAN can do horrible, history changing events including launching WWI.


The world is erupting in fury due to all the forces at work now, forces pushed upon the world’s populations by our Real Rulers and their stupid schemes, the #1 being ‘destroy patriotism’.

Spain is just one of many EU ‘nations’ that are furious with the EU which is a Bilderberg operation from hell.  They are now in open revolt all over the place. Spain no longer exists as a ‘country’ and keeping the fiction that it is still a nation is primary with the Bilderberg gang but they don’t want real patriotism, they want people to be detached from their own countries and view these as fictions, not facts.

Spain is going bankrupt and naturally, there are bank runs now.  From Russian news which is being censored in the US because we are supposed to be kept stupid:

The patriotic right is rising all over Europe.  In the recent election in Austria, the far right won overwhelmingly and the new prime minister is going to stop the Muslim invasion there.  Meanwhile, in China, there has been a coup/countercoup:

An old Chinese curse is ‘May you live in interesting times.’



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16 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Goes Gung Ho Attacking Trump

  1. Christian W

    Please explain exactly what this concept of Patriotism is in the US context. I look at Trump and his supporters and the alt-right and nearly all of them are ‘Israel first’. Is that Patriotism? Is it Patriotism to be a good citizen on the plantation and give your tax dollars to the MIC?

    Is it Patriotism to bend the knee before the flag at sports events, a practice that started during the attack on Vietnam to train citizens to Obey the Flag?

    Mark Twain argued that Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, precisely because Patriotism is a spurious concept designed to shut down critical thinking and rationalise people’s stupidity.

  2. Oguy

    Patriotism, in its true essence is a simple but deep love of a land and its people, which forms the basis of a shared sense of identity at that level. Such patriotism does not imply any pretense of collective superiority, for it fully respects the right of other lands and peoples to cultivate their own unique sense of patriotism. Such patriotism therefore differs from the degraded or corrupted versions referred to above– e.g. a formulaic, herdlike deference to symbols (flag, anthem, etc.), automatic support of governmental or partisan policy, and the exploitation of patriotic sentiment for questionable political ends. I would also add that it requires an extended stay in any country to develop a true taste and appreciation for the shared sense of patriotic identity that its citizens express, whereas the more stupid and bombastic variants of what passes as “patriotism” are much easier for any outsider to detect and (appropriately) dismiss.

  3. Oguy

    After leaving my last comment, I noticed that I had failed to address the peculiar distortion of patriotism that expresses itself as racial exclusivism. That’s probably because I’ve experienced close to none of it myself, apart from having read a few cultic diatribes in remote corners of the internet. Instead, what I’ve generally seen is a willingness of American citizens to embrace (or at least graciously tolerate) members of other countries, races and cultures to the extent that those cultures are not only compatible with the dominant one, but also able to enrich the more monotone aspects of our domestic culture. In addition, among Americans whose employment prospects are potentially threatened by continued immigration, I’ve seen very little animosity towards economic immigrants as such, whose motives and needs American workers largely understand and empathize with. The point of contention, rather, is with government immigration policy directed primarily towards two ends: lowering labor costs through economic immigration, and (via mixing of incompatible cultural strains, aided by PC propaganda) dissolving whatever backbone is left within Western societies.

    As an aside, it’s not difficult to notice that all nations/cultures have their strengths and weaknesses, their bright sides and dark sides. One aspect of US culture that has demonstrated both its strength and weakness is a tendency towards an unreflective and one-sided extroversion. That this tendency should result in widespread, exhibitionistic displays of formulaic “patriotism”, loud enough to often drown out the quieter and deeper varieties, is hardly mysterious.

    As far as US foreign policy goes, I see it largely as a consequence of following the playbook of imperialism perfected by our European predecessors, almost to a “T”. We’ve advanced so far along that path that we’ve painted ourselves into a corner, and have no way to extricate ourselves except by continuing to follow that script, including to its inevitable denouement. In that sense, US imperialism remains the fully generic version, even if its seasoning imparts a distinctly regional flavor, and even if endless propaganda is devoted to conflating its imperatives with the true spirit of America, which is fed by other streams entirely. It is this broader spirit which the best Americans seek to cultivate and preserve in its many forms despite all onslaughts,including those originating in the belligerent foreign policies and exploitative domestic policies of our own central government.

  4. Christian W

    Thank you for your well thought out and formulated posts above, Oguy.

    Here is a picture of how the MSM uses “Patriotism” to manipulate Americans into support of anti-Iranian (pro-Israel) policies.

    Patriotism has to be something else than to sit on your butt and cheer the flag as US manufactured and deployed bombs are killing innocent people overseas, in the name of said flag, for the profit of Murder Inc.

  5. DM

    Looks to me that carter is right there with them. Not apart at all.

  6. ziff

    CBC ‘news’ is running an anti Trupm bit tonjght. And this in a foreign country. ?

  7. What is patriotism? Well…it is whatever we want it to be. Sane patriotism is a belief that one can and will literally die to keep someone and something safe in the future even if one is, themselves, unable to survive to enjoy this.

  8. Shawntoh

    Good points, as usual, Elaine, and I notice that no one has mentioned the following–

    “Rush to Judgement” by Mark Lane is one of the earliest rebukes of the Warren Commission report via a book he published in around 1966 and a documentary film that he made with Emile De Antonio.

    IMHO, it’s worth revisiting as it raised and still raises lots of questions about the investigation into the JFK assassination and certainly deserves to be revisited in light of the recent promised release of info.

    I sincerely doubt if we’ll learn anything new with the records released and the MSM will probably lie and misdirect us about it.

    Whether we will ever find what really happened is something rather depressing to contemplate. In closing–

    As for the curse we are under–

    Actually, Elaine, the so-called Chinese “curse” (寧為太平犬,莫做亂離人) roughly translates to “Better to be a dog in peaceful times than a human in times of chaos (war).”



  9. Patriotism can be abused like any human system. Humans, in a mob, are vulnerable to being misled and sent to their deaths. There is no system to prevent this, all systems have this basic flaw: human nature.

    But there are some better systems than others! This is what makes life tricky: we get to make choices. Some choices are heroic, other equally good choices are cowardly.

    It all depends, history gets to decide who is what and why and we memorialize all this in the form of stories and legends and moral tales.

  10. Christian W

    Patriotism must be something more than “whatever we want it to be”. That is why I asked you to define the concept so we can examine it. The stories you point to all, without fail, show us we need to rise above our primitive survival based nature (reptile brain hierarchial fight/flight turf protecting system) and become human beings capable of using our higher functions.

    The very reason the elites push nationalism/patriotism/racism/division/tribalism/Fear etc is exactly to keep people in bondage to their base systems, as Mark Twain pointed out.

  11. Melponeme_k

    I bet the elite are all sweating doing all those hoochi mama dances at their rituals and spanking themselves while stomping on photos of Trump.

    Why isn’t it working!!!! LOL

  12. The Real Rulers latest scheme today is to stop Facebook news feeds that citizens use to read the news at their own home pages!

  13. Petruchio

    Patriotism? Well it’s cliché time, but only because it fits really well. “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” I don’t know who said it, but it is soooo true!

  14. Throw out the baby with the bathwater and you end up with no children.

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