Trey Gowdy Relentlessly Goes After Comy In Hunt Of Red October Election Collusion Hysteria

Trey Gowdy In A MASSIVE takedown Of James Comey – YouTube


There is this very old fairytale rule: when an evil person is asked what punishment to give to some innocent person, they always choose ‘death by torture’ only to discover, they are sentencing themselves and then are punished!  Well, we are seeing this today: the DNC/GOP secret plan to collude in putting Trump out of office via falsely claiming he got money and help from Putin, has turned into a mess for Hillary and Obama who really DID take money from Putin and sell uranium to Russia, etc.  I hope they all go to prison.


Hopes Dim for Congressional Russia Inquiries as Parties Clash – The New York Times reports while tearing out their hair and wailing loudly, ‘Oy vey!’


Nothing on earth has been stupider than the entire mainstream media/Bilderberg gang/Congress fake investigations of Trump and Putin based on virtually nothing.  Now the real investigations begin and the monster lying in wait behind this investigation of Hillary and Obama lies the conspiracy of Congress and the mainstream media meeting secretly at Bilderberg meetings to discuss how to have a coup.


So far, Congress doesn’t mention this gang even though many members belong…just like all the other secret societies that practice black magic and wild sex and other issues, these are not mentioned nor investigated.


The pretense that ‘we will clean house’ has been, all my long life, false fronts to keep the true secrets concealed.


In a secured room in the basement of the Capitol in July, Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, fielded question after question from members of the House Intelligence Committee. Though the allotted time for the grilling had expired, he offered to stick around as long as they wanted.


They found nothing, of course.  I love how this had to be secret.  Nothing is really all that secret and the ‘leaks’ this year in particular has been spectacular with the NYT leading in publishing unsubstantiated ‘secret leaks’ so much, if this were Holland, everyone would have drowned.


But Representative Trey Gowdy, who spent nearly three years investigating Hillary Clinton’s culpability in the deadly 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, was growing frustrated after two hours. You are in an unwinnable situation, Mr. Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican, counseled Mr. Kushner. If you leave now, Democrats will say you did not answer all the questions. If you stay, they will keep you here all week.


Gowdy was correct.  This ‘hearing’ was pure harassment.  Desperate GOP/DNC Bilderberg gang co-conspirators have tried every trick in the book to smear Trump and Putin while utterly ignoring obvious Putin/Obama/Clinton connections carefully crafted by the very crafty Putin who looks more and more like one of the greatest leaders of the last 50 years.


The exchange, described by three people with knowledge of it, typified the political morass that is crippling the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election — and whether the Trump campaign colluded in any way.


HAHAHA…another DNC leaker!  This is so annoying.  The NYT should say ‘The Anonymous Ratfinks’.  This is 90% of their ‘news’.  Trey Gowdy on Comey, Lynch, and Samantha Power,

Trey Gowdy, who the NYT has labeled one of the nastiest GOP Congress critters, gives an open question and answer session with Fox TV after the secret hearing.  He tells us to be patient and wait for more developments and jumping the gun is dangerous.


He intends to grill top Obama staff to find out what is really going on with Obama and Hillary making deals with Putin.


Nine months into the Trump administration, any notion that Capitol Hill would provide a comprehensive, authoritative and bipartisan accounting of the extraordinary efforts of a hostile power to disrupt American democracy appears to be dwindling.


HAHAHA…the NYT is pissed off that their vile fake news is fading fast.  They are pretending that this is a malicious trick by Gowdy.  They, not Trump, have been yelling for a year now that Putin is evil and anyone who does business with him are traitors.


And so…let’s put these traitors in prison, nay, death penalty, right?  This includes those who colluded to lie about Russia and to misinform voters about this issue, namely, the co-conspirators of Obama and Clinton: the New York Times.


“Congressional investigations unfortunately are usually overtly political investigations, where it is to one side’s advantage to drag things out,” said Mr. Gowdy, who made his name in Congress as a fearsome investigator of Democrats. He added, “The notion that one side is playing the part of defense attorney and that the other side is just these white hat defenders of the truth is laughable.”


Oh, I am so happy the NYT is at least quoting Gowdy instead of paraphrasing him and lying about what he really said.  A ray of sunlight in that dark, dank paper.


Instead, he said, he is looking to Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, to conduct an apolitical investigation.


Yes, it should be apolitical.  So far, not…the NYT is very aware of this since they, themselves, pushed hard to be as unfair and deceptive as possible.  This is blowing up in their miserable faces, big time.

“You LIED to Congress” Trey Gowdy goes BEASTMODE on James Comey – YouTube

Comy is in deep doo.  Since he lied to Congress, he is in legal jeopardy.  He can escape years in prison via telling the truth about his co-conspirators.  Gowdy, a former prosecutor with lots of experience with this sort of tactic, is hammering away this week on Comy precisely for this reason.  He wants more information.


The issue of how Comy called Clinton not guilty of working with Putin and other crimes is full of dire outcomes for Hillary and Obama.  Gowdy is like a badger: he digs and digs and will continue digging until he is satisfied.  Badgers make very deep and complicated holes.


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13 responses to “Trey Gowdy Relentlessly Goes After Comy In Hunt Of Red October Election Collusion Hysteria

  1. Jim R

    This uranium deal was in the real (Russian) news months ago, shortly after the election or maybe before. It’s good to see it getting some traction here now.

    I too hope they all get locked up. But not holding my breath — they’ve gotten away with the most outrageous stuff before…

  2. Lou

    I hope they [Clinton and O] all go to prison.
    If DT was going to do that, it would have already happened, yes?

  3. Hillary is now back in the sick mode. Using polio crutches to get around. Maybe she figures people will feel sorry for her.

  4. Zeke

    And yet he found no cause of action against HRC.

    All those hearings, all that investigation – and nothing to show.

  5. Petruchio

    “And so…let’s put these traitors in prison, nay, death penalty, right?” I can remember that, for a time, the Death Penalty for Treason was suspended. I wondered at the time why the death penalty was eliminated. I can take a real good guess though. I think the rulers were frightened a Death Penalty might be applied TO THEM.

  6. Floridasandy

    They found no cause of action against Hillary on Benghazi either, but people were still murdered on her watch. McCain was on the investigation, so that should tell you all you need to know,

    The foxes guarding the henhouse.

  7. Floridasandy

    I love Trey Gowdy,s quick wit. He’s a keeper.

  8. Petruchio

    @#4 Zeke: You have to look at things from the elites’ perspective. The investigation accomplished its REAL goal. Hillary can now go around and say, “This (Begnazi, to name just one scandal) was investigated. No charges filed.” Second, and just as important, the “investigators” can discover what the Public will and will not find out on their own. You see, these “investigators” are actually Damage Control artists. Spin Doctors. Hillary Clinton is the Queen cockroach in a town (D.C.) filled with sleazy, corrupt cockroaches.

  9. All this was before Trump. It is going to be different now.

  10. Petruchio

    Elaine, I hope you are right. I do think the masses are getting angry enough where there is either going to be action on these scandals or the situation could get ugly.

  11. Petruchio

    And these scandals could be a death blow for the Fake News Media. People are going to ask the logical question, “Where was the media in the past years? Why was none of this information posted in the media? Were the Fake News Media helping the political wh#res sweep all these scandals under the rug?” Busting up the Media Monopolies would be a big plus!

  12. Petruchio

    Serious question. Does anyone here think the Clintons have the nerve to murder FBI Director Comey in an attempt to keep the lid on these Clinton scandals? I think the Clintons would like to, but it might be too convenient for Comey to have an untimely death. Even the Fake News Meida wouldn’t be able to spin that one. But I’m serious; I think the Clintons are going over the possibilities of what would happen if Comey dies.

  13. Lou

    12–Paul Wellstones death may illumine your question.
    so many deaths around the Cs, and now, Debbie WS.

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