Mainstream Bilderberg Media Kill Facebook Test Story: Zuckerberg Tries To Destroy News Feeds


‘Pay to play’: Facebook rolls out nightmare scenario for publishers on its network — RT World News  from Eastern Europe:  Facebook is hemorrhaging money.  Zuckerberg had bad news last month: the growth of that online business has stalled out and is beginning to drop. Censorship of conservatives and hostile actions by Zuckerberg who has political ambitions is killing Facebook which has as stinky reputation as Google at this point.  The test for forcing news feeds to pay Zuckerberg was rolled out mainly in Eastern Europe and key parts of Southeast Asia.  It caused visits to Facebook to collapse.


The posts will now only be shown in a separate tab called ‘Explore Feed,’ which was officially unveiled last week. The test is only active for people in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. Facebook confirmed the test on Monday, which was first spotted by Slovakian journalist Filip Struharik.


The Slovakians and Russians are very suspicious of capitalists.  They have a long history of being suspicious of all powerful people due to the communists crushing people there.  So when something happens, they dig down to find out who the creep is who is causing problems.


So the discovered this ‘test’.  The rich capitalists who thrive on the internet become very isolated from people and only see each other in their palaces and pleasure resorts and thus, have no intercourse with their customers.


Warning lights are everywhere now.  People hate these ‘liberal’ computer corporations that are actually Nazi SS operations that want to do mind control and to loot people using computer systems.  How to steal from clients is their goal now.


Despite all their vast wealth, they are mindlessly greedy.  They lecture us about ‘sharing’ and ‘be nice to the poor’ while openly looting us so they can buy more palaces, more power and more control over what we do and think.


Some of the top Facebook pages in Slovakia lost as much as two-thirds to three-fourths of their reach due to the change, according to Facebook-owned analytics tool CrowdTangle.


The entire point of the change was to terrorize media users and force them to pay a ransom to use the internet.  It is totally hostile and a form of blackmail/censorship.  Here in the US, they are systematically eliminating all other media systems via Google searches which are a wretched mess now, it is nearly useless for me.


Only mainstream media news feeds show up now in all searches.  Even if I use very specific searches for my own news, I still get sidelined, it only shows my general news service, not the specific story I request!  This is a very recent change in their increasingly odious search systems.


Stories from publishers and businesses are being transferred from the main feed to the Explore Feed, while the main feed is reserved for posts from friends and family.


Were people clamoring for this change?  Nope.  Indeed, there is rising fury so Facebook had to take a step back and say they didn’t really mean to do this which is a total lie.  The other proof of this is here:


It may end up with publishers having to pay Facebook to promote their stories so that people can see them.


OK: the next test to see who is pulling this coup, I went to a non-Google search:

This is but a sample of the top stories reporting this news.  I looked at two pages of this search and NOT ONE ‘mainstream media’ outfit is reporting this story.  Ahem.


This is a clear sign this is another Bilderberg operation!  Zuckerberg is a huge Bilderberg meeting member and I bet a billion Zuckerdollars that last June at their Washington DC concave, they discussed various tricks to both loot computer users and at the same time, prevent us from tapping into alternative news sources.


Facebook, Inc. (FB) Stock Chart –

FB stocks have been climbing out of the ‘sell cellar’ that caused panic last November.  What is going on here?  Why Facebook and Twitter are Rising


Facebook kills Camera and Poke
Facebook shares rose more than 3.5% early on Monday after the social network shut down Camera and Poke, two apps designed to compete with Instagram and Snapchat, respectively.


Competing with Instagram no longer makes sense for Facebook, as it now owns the rival network. Facebook hasn’t mounted a credible defense against Snapchat, but with the acquisition of WhatsApp, and a renewed focus on messaging, Facebook could eventually break into Snapchat’s market. Investors may have liked the moves, as it could signal a more focused effort from the company.


Like Google, it is trying to become a monopoly via buying up all other systems.  These death of democracy machines are MONOPOLIES.  They are trying to suck up the entire internet systems and then be extremely cruel and rapacious and all the ‘free’ systems I grew up using (I have been on the internet since its inception year ago) are now being shut down in favor of ‘pay or die’ systems that want to make use of the internet increasingly expensive.


This is a desperate measure by the rich and powerful who see loss of wealth in the future as people talk openly about trying to evade their controls and systems.  The war I see brewing is the 50% of America which is now highly suspicious of all systems being run today and the Real Rulers who are using delusional Democrats to force a dictatorship on us a la Madame Mao.



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5 responses to “Mainstream Bilderberg Media Kill Facebook Test Story: Zuckerberg Tries To Destroy News Feeds

  1. Christian W

    Google & Facebook are but the latest spawn of this monster attempting to devour the world:

  2. Christian W

    The above picture is from 1912. Some clear eyed Americans realized what the idea behind the FED was.

  3. ziff

    Here is a clear local example , when this hit the news this morning Neufeld had lots of support on his facebook page , thats now gone !….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.7.1159…46j0i46k1.0.kdFNzeMuGbA

  4. meagain

    OT: Might the savage Sunni cultists ruling KSA (Saudis) become civilized? Will they cease to moronically seek the slaughter of Shia in the name of their imaginary god? Will women to get Western-style rights and freedoms?
    Such a change would allow peace in Syria and all of Middle East? .. I bet Russia & Putin (and Erdogan?) are behind the Saudi Prince’s new enlightened plans and vision.

  5. Blissex

    «The Slovakians and Russians are very suspicious of capitalists. They have a long history of being suspicious of all powerful people due to the communists crushing people there.»

    There is sad a saying in those regions: “What Marx told us socialism would be was false; what Marx told us capitalism is like was true”.

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