Secret Kennedy Assassination Files: OSWALD KNEW RUBY, Met at Airport Flight to CUBA

From England’s news:  JFK files – Explosive documents reveal Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby met each other TWICE in weeks before assassination, went to Cuba together to ‘cut sugar cane’ and were heard discussing ‘Big Bird’


This is a huge bombshell.  The government commission that investigated the Kennedy assassination hid this bombshell for most of my long life.  No surprise to me, my father’s work in Germany was classified for even longer due to the Nazi business.  In this case, it is now known for certain that Ruby met Oswald and they talked together before Oswald, a leftist who wanted to be a communist, flew to Cuba to cut sugar cane.  I knew people who did this, Castro loved luring them in to ‘do real work’ and I thought it was all a big joke.  Well, it wasn’t a joke.


This means, of course that Castro, pissed off at the Russian communists for making peace with Kennedy and withdrawing missiles from Cuba while the US did the same in Turkey, perhaps Oswald was Castro’s cat’s paw’.  This makes my contention which I have made all my long life that the CIA is complicit via the ‘open door’ scheme in killing Kennedy due to his withdrawal from support of CIA agents in the Cuban invasion disaster…they wanted revenge for this.


The Bay of Pigs pissed off the CIA very greatly.  The CIA knew Oswald, a man who went to the USSR and back, also went to Cuba and I am sure he met with Castro there.  Then, the CIA pretended they had no idea that this person might be a danger to US interests and let him do as he pleased.


The CIA spied on me when I was ridiculously young!  They spied on many people.  They tapped phones…mine to the point the phones didn’t work very well.  The CIA knew what was cooking and did nothing.  They just have to sit on their asses and assets to have events happen.  This is classic actions of the best sort: devious and hidden from view.


They were part of a group of 30 or 40 “hippie looking” people who were on their way to Cuba to cut sugar cane, airport manager George Faraldo told investigators.


I had stupid friends who did this sugar cane thing.  Of course, the CIA ‘tagged’ them when they did this and then made their lives hell afterwards.  This is why I knew for certain, way back in 1968, that the CIA does this.


This bombshell will shed new light on the truth behind JFK’s assassination and whether Oswald was to blame for the former president’s murder.


Yes, Oswald is ‘to blame’.  But so are others including people with power over the CIA.


Ruby, whose real name is Jacob Rubenstein, shot dead Oswald, 24, two days after the presidential assassination in November 1963.


Couldn’t have him spill the beans.  Classic silencing of assassins who might yap.


But just weeks before, Oswald and nightclub owner Ruby were apparently both part of a large group of “mostly young” people heading to Cuba.


And this is one of the keys to the portal of truth.  Oswald was a lefty.  Kennedy was charged by the right of being a lefty, too.  Powerful people who hated Kennedy were made aware of Oswald and thought letting him easily roam around the planet would encourage him to do something nasty to either Khrushchev or Kennedy.  The KGB was pissed at Khrushchev just the like the CIA was pissed at Kennedy.


I will note here that less than a year after Kennedy was killed, Khrushchev was ousted in a inside the palace coup and forced to retire.  He was heavily spied on by the KGB and they were very nervous as he wrote his memoirs.  He had to smuggle his book out of the USSR.


Back to the breaking news:


Mr Faraldo told the FBI that Ruby and Oswald were dressed casually in a sport shirts and trousers.


The airport manager added that Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group but standing against the doorway that led from the waiting area to the rear plane boarding area.”


He was doing ‘observations’ for the CIA, I am assuming.  Noting down who was going, etc.


At one point he saw Oswald approach Ruby and ask: “Have you heard anything from the Big Bird yet?”…The group’s plane arrived later that evening and Mr Faraldo saw Oswald board, but he was not sure whether Ruby got on the plane.


Big Bird of Sesame Street didn’t exist back then.  This is obvious code. I bet there will be much speculation if this is LBJ.


He claimed he had simply acted out of grief and denied any involvement in a conspiracy.  The strip club owner was later found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.  He appealed but died of an illness in jail before his new trial could take place.


Poisoned?  I thought that was strange back then, Ruby’s sudden death.


I always wondered about that excuse.  It didn’t make much sense.  I felt long ago that he was assassinating the assassin so no inside information about the murky activities of Oswald would appear in public.  The CIA needed deep silence in this matter.  The two world leaders, Kennedy and Khrushchev had to be removed from the world stage for the next act: VIETNAM.


Kennedy was pulling back from the sort of confrontations like Vietnam and LBJ jumped in with both feet, going into one of the worst disasters of our military history aside from that other Bilderberg mess: Iraq.


The game of Thrones played by the gang that controls much of our mainstream news and Congress and often, the Presidency as well as the courts, is full of conspiracies, twists and turns and betrayals and surprises.  They are now in full war mode against Trump and anyone else who dares to push for patriotism and who are being forced into confrontations that are dangerous…we are fighting the same shadowy enemies who are here, within, as we did back in  1963 when I was only 13 years old and just began to master the use of a short wave radio system to make contact with the rest of the planet.


The Cuba/Oswald/RUBY (who is Jewish) connection needs more revelations.  Too bad we can’t talk to Castro about this…


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9 responses to “Secret Kennedy Assassination Files: OSWALD KNEW RUBY, Met at Airport Flight to CUBA

  1. melponeme_k

    Kennedy was nothing but an astrological, sun cult ritual sacrifice to power their spells.

    Then they sent tranny “virgins” to the moon to mate with the gods to complete it all.

    These people are sick, sick, sick.

  2. Jim R

    Had you read the article I linked, you’d know that (according to some historians) there were two Oswalds. There was a double who was seen at various places and times. . . There were a number of peculiar sightings of him with various characters in the story. Not sure why they needed a double for this plot, but there you go.

    In any case, it was treason on the part of this 3 letter agency, which needs to be shut down, and all its workers arrested, pending a sorting-out of this and several other attacks. Even today, and even though most of the original perps are almost certainly dead from old age. It has been running off the rails for far far too long.

  3. “This makes my contention which I have made all my long life that the CIA is complicit via the ‘open door’ scheme in killing Kennedy…The CIA knew what was cooking and did nothing. They just have to sit on their asses and assets to have events happen. …Powerful people who hated Kennedy were made aware of Oswald and thought letting him easily roam around the planet would encourage him to do something nasty to either Khrushchev or Kennedy….”

    So all the myriad people and groups that hated Kennedy and wanted him out — especially the CIA, with experience already by 1963 in organizing successful coups in foreign countries (and another was Israel/Mossad) — so all these parties just waited and hoped and crossed their fingers that the idea of killing Kennedy would occur to Oswald, that he would follow through on the planning and carrying out of the deed, and that he would succeed. (Because to have tried and failed would have probably made Kennedy stronger, and certainly more popular.) They left the assassination of a US President to chance.


    Oswald was simply a patsy, as he himself claimed after having been arrested.

  4. Lou

    SDS folks, jewish commies, etc…cut cane while Fidel relaxes.

  5. Either one has to act openly or have a cat’s paw do something. Smart people choose the later. Dumb people have dozens of assassins to really do it.

    Seriously, the best way to do any dirty stuff is to enable and encourage fools to do the dangerous dirty stuff. I would think the CIA people were the sort to do that. Why do otherwise?

  6. I keep remarking how openly the spooks are attacking Trump. The Bilderberg gang has gone to great lengths to hide themselves and here they are, openly operating. Their tools in Hollywood and Congress and the media openly talk about assassinating Trump openly and note how this is all badly backfiring on them.

    The subtle actions of the past are no more. I suspect the earlier crew, having been through either WWI or WWII or both, had like my father, developed certain skills at doing spook work.

    The present crew learned in books and doing stupid things in schools, not real life hard experiences.

  7. Yes, some of us probably tend to ascribe too much intelligence and too much agency to the CIA. (See what I did there?). They are blatant and clumsy now, tripping all over themselves, it seems. I guess these are not your father’s spooks, so to speak. I think there are a lot of people in my generation who can’t shake their residual faith in the system. But the young kids now are steeped in conspiracy stuff on the Web, much of it frivolous, and maybe for the spooks there’s no point to hide it anymore. Below a certain age — 25? 20? — most people already know that there is a shadow government and that the mainstream media can’t be trusted, but there is also a lot of apathy about that..

  8. Our parents were dealing with real Nazis who were not stupid.

  9. Jim R

    This was hardly a ‘cat’s paw’ operation. Broad daylight, multiple witnesses heard it, saw it, and a couple of them FILMED it.

    What’s amazing is that they simply pushed the lie, and got away with it.

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