Manafort and Podesta Brothers Arrested by Mueller

Trey Gowdy Slams Robert Mueller After Paul Manafort Arrest – YouTube


The Bilderberg gang is hard at work on producing one nothing burger after another while pursuing Trump to get rid of him.  The latest was a weekend whereby the Mueller prosecutor let leak, illegally, that he was going after someone ‘big’ only to capture Podesta’s brother and Manafort who is a player in both the GOP and DNC.  The crimes?  All things that happened BEFORE Manafort worked briefly with Trump.


 Paul Manafort and Business Associate Rick Gates Charged in Mueller Witch Hunt – Told to Surrender— FOR TAX FRAUD!  


The right wing is all up in arms over this while Trey Gowdy suggests everyone stop being hysterical about this business and let things run along a while to see what will happen next.  I once was dead center in a major corruption mess in New York City that nabbed top politicians in Congress and the city government and trust me, these things are very tricky and you never know how they will end until events happened.


Witch Hunt Update: FBI Lists 200+ Manafort Transactions from 2006 to 2014 in Indictment – ONE YEAR Before Trump Launched Campaign:  I will note some of the conversations of people at this web site.  The readers of Gateway Pundit discuss how Bannon, released from the White House confines, is rapidly tearing into the fake GOP leadership, forcing them to give up their future positions in Congress:


These comments were before Podesta was arrested.  Lots of funky stuff will now appear as the prosecutor digs deeper into the Russian/DNC/Clinton/Obama connections to the Kremlin.  Many people who oppose the DNC/Antifa people are anxious and angry about lack of movement towards investigating the Bilderberg gang.


I say, it is amazing that anyone is doing anything at all!  The Bilderberg gang continues to be totally masked from view of the general population but the mask is slipping badly at this point and once it falls and everyone can see everything, the gang will be finished.  Destroyed.  And they know this and are extremely nervous about this.


One comment from readers above is a memory of NY Special Prosecutor Giuliani. I knew him.  I met him because a top NYC politician gave me his secret phone number and I talked to Giuliani and we decided to work together to catch a handful of creeps.


So a tap was put on my phone.  Then, as various politicians called me and threatened me in various ways, this gave Giuliani enough information to go to a secret court to ask for permission to put taps on all the phones of politicians who called me!


This led to many interesting ‘conversations’ with a third party listening in: the Federal Prosecutor.  He then got them on a host of crimes including conspiracy issues.  One of the people caught interested me the most was the Borough President of Queens, Donald Manes.  


The Wikipedia story about Manes interests me because it is so stupid.  It talks about his bribery business with the cable TV contracts which were happening back in 1986.  But then skips to this:


Shortly after his inauguration for a fifth term, Manes attended a dinner party for the new Israeli consul at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens on January 9, 1986. He left in his own car and was followed by his chauffeur up Queens Boulevard. He was later found in his car in the early morning hours of January 10; his wrists were slit and he was bleeding profusely. He initially claimed that two men had carjacked and attacked him, but later recanted the statement, saying he had attempted suicide.


WTH?  HAHAHA.  What ‘happened’ was Giuliani let him know he was under investigation and further, he had tons of stuff on Manes.  One item was, Manes and the police top brass were stealing…parking meter quarters!  I kid you not.


They were nickel and dimeing the system to collect huge bags of metal coins which were stashed in Mane’s house!  He is the creep who sent a police detective to my brownstone in Brooklyn to threaten my life which led directly to Giuliani and I working together to snag these snakes.


In the following weeks, it was alleged that Manes had used political appointments and favors as the source of large kickback schemes involving personal bureaucratic fiefdoms such as the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. Zoning and cable TV franchises were being investigated, and some of Manes’ appointees and associates were indicted or forced to resign. Manes’ deputy Claire Shulmanwas installed as acting Borough President on January 28 and he formally resigned on February 11.


Manes, now facing the prospect of indictment on corruption charges, stayed in seclusion until March. On the night of March 13, he took a phone call from his psychiatrist, who discussed additional care with Manes (and his wife on an extension phone upstairs). Shortly before 10 p.m. the psychiatrist was called away from the phone and, while on hold, Manes reached into a kitchen drawer, pulled out a large kitchen knife and plunged the eight-inch blade into his heart. His daughter screamed for her mother, who came down to find Manes on the floor in a pool of blood. Marlene Manes pulled the knife from his heart as their daughter frantically called 911. Donald Manes was pronounced dead at the scene.[1]


He was facing serious jail time.  He decided to end it all instead to my great disappointment.  NYC was and still is a cesspool of politics.  Everything is the Machine there and this is one of the top political bases of the Bilderberg gang.


I stopped fighting them when I moved to New Jersey.  What annoys me a lot about ‘history’ is how 90% of real history never makes it to the surface.  Tons of things lie deeply buried and one of the more important things is how…ONE PERSON can create a cascade of events.


I did it!  A bunch of powerful people ended up in prison or disgrace when they tried to thwart me.  They were criminals and we were under this terrible crime wave as other, lower class people, realized that the rulers and leaders were fellow criminals so crime ran out of control.


I wanted law and order and rammed it down their silly throats.  Giuliani became mayor eventually and yes, crime fell during his time there.  Now, a liberal is running things into the ground again and I wonder when the NY populace figures out they are heading to a very dark and unpleasant place.


Crime in my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan are seeing a resurgence in crimes now with thugs running riot while spoiled brat yuppie types wonder why are they being mugged, killed or arson events.  Imagine that!


They voted to be mugged!  They voted for more arson!  They voted for death.  Too stupid to figure this out, the street thugs will teach them the meaning of ‘fear.’


Here is news from yesterday when Fox TV lead, Tucker Carlson, predicted correctly that Podesta would be arrested:  Tucker: Source Says Podesta Brothers & Manafort, Not Trump, ‘Central Figures’ in Russia Probe | Fox News Insider


A thus-far-reliable source who used to be involved with Clinton allies John and Tony Podesta told Tucker Carlson that press reports appearing to implicate President Trump in Russian collusion are exaggerated.


The source, who Carlson said he would not yet name, said he worked for the brothers’ Podesta Group and was privy to some information from Robert Mueller’s special investigation.


While media reports describe former “Black, Manafort & Stone” principal Paul Manafort as Trump’s main tie to the investigation, the source said it is Manafort’s role as a liaison between Russia and the Podesta Group that is drawing the scrutiny.


The “vehicle” Manafort worked for was what Carlson called a “sham” company with a headquarters listed in Belgium but whose contact information was linked to Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.


Manafort was, at the time, representing Russian business and political interests during the Obama era.


The source said the Podesta Group was in regular contact with Manafort while Hillary Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.


This is why the DNC was very stupid to crow that the only investigations will be of Trump and his allies.  Having played this dark, dangerous game myself and seeing first hand how threats and bribes work in the real world, I assure everyone, this spreading mess will suck in a lot of creeps and DC seethes with creeps.


Where will it all end?  Perhaps it will be the beginning of a tsunami that will sweep many DNC and GOP leaders out of power.  About time!  They have been playing hardball with us voters for the last 30 Bilderberg years.  They lied about nearly everything and it is at the point now that the mainstream media lies about nearly everything all the time which is a sign that things are about to reach critical stage where it will all blow up in their faces.


These things take TIME.  Sometimes, years to cook.  I remember Nixon, a personal enemy of mine, and I remember very well how ‘slow’ things went and then…whoosh…it shot upwards, fast.


A lot of people are worried the crooks won’t be captured and this is a real fear, these are top Bilderberg international powerful gangsters who can start WWIII to cover their tracks.  We are always in great danger due to them.


But they don’t control the nukes right now which is why they are freaking out, big time.  Trump controls this.  We are entering now the ‘RED DANGER’ zone of politics.  They have to regain control of the nuclear missiles!  To do this, they have to remove Trump and their scheme to do this is actually collapsing, not the reverse.


The move to kill Trump continues…as I keep pointing out, they have to engineer this so they won’t be caught and executed.  So they bungle along, desperate to find a tricky way to do the usual ‘open door’ assassination which worked great for the removal of Kennedy.


By the way, the Wikipedia article about Giuliani doesn’t mention his arrests of DNC power people in NYC.  Not a peep.  It only talks about the Mafia and Wall Street creeps, not political creeps.  Obviously, Wikipedia is all about hiding liberals who are criminals so we don’t notice this problem.





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9 responses to “Manafort and Podesta Brothers Arrested by Mueller

  1. Ken

    It may only be rumors, but reportedly Mueller was trying to intimidate a bunch of Trump people, trying to get them to turn on their fellow Trumpites, by threatening to charge them with all sorts of unrelated crimes. In effect, using the criminal justice system for blackmail.

    If this is true, then the whole thing with Manafort makes a lot of sense. He has to prove to the other Trump people who he is trying to intimidate that he is a danagerous man who can, in fact, ruin their lives on unrelated matters.

    So this may not be as unrelated as it seems at first.

  2. tio

    Poodlestrip One was visited by the Clinton crime syndicate a couple of weeks ago. The Hilderbeast was interviewed on the prime political TV slot and fawned over as if she was the second coming, there was only so much I could watch before nausea caused me to flee (quite a common event but this was new). Ever since then the MSM here has gone berserk in its anti Trump rhetoric and this Manafort event has caused them to enter a kind of hysteria that is quite unsettling, possibly even for true believers. The degree of widdershin-esqueness of it all is, quite frankly, astonishing.

    The media is an orchestrated confusion to keep us feeling a little informed and slightly concerned, I get that but this is as if they have gone full spinal tap on the creepy and dialled it up to 11. Just an FYI.

  3. The lie all the time now. It is most astonishing. I have almost given up on screen shots of their front pages to illustrate this lunacy. It is also dangerous…FOR THEM.

    When one lives in a world that is all illusion and lies, this makes one unable to see real dangers and the people doing this fall off of cliffs.

  4. Jim R

    What’s amazing to watch is the whole ‘big picture’ in which the significance of these characters keeps shrinking, as if they are moving away from us, out into space, receding.

    By ‘big picture’, I mean the MSM, Hollywood, the Pentagon and the Dollar. Everything that is the American Empire. It’s still pretty big and powerful, but it keeps shrinking on the world stage. Like the Wicked Witch of Oz after a bucket of water is slopped on her. All her beautiful wickednes, melting, melting…

  5. JSmith

    “Manafort and Podesta Brothers Arrested by Mueller”

    False. It was Manafort and Rick Gates. No Podesta yet.

    And the noose continues to tighten…

  6. Lou

    TED Talk Hero wanted to rape 2 year old.

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