McCain Demands Open Borders, Free Trade (sic) Forever

McCain says US must fight ‘crackpot conspiracy theories’ | Daily Mail Online


BREAKING NEWS: All videos of McCain’s NWO speech at Naval Academy have been deleted by You Tube!  


There are a few new feeds popping up and then being removed!  This is blatant censorship by You Tube which is rapidly being taken over by the Bilderberg gangsters to stop us from showing real news.


There is this full bore attack on patriotism from our lovely Bilderberg gangsters.  The elderly, dying McCain has ‘shot across the prow’ of patriots by telling hundreds of naval academy graduates that patriotism is a crime and they are now servants of international bankers and powerful aliens and should obey their Real Rulers who want us to patrol the entire planet at our cost while we go bankrupt!  McCain should be arrested for treason.

Here is another attempt at posting the Bilderberg speech:  Senator John S McCain at the U.S. Naval Academy – YouTube

‘We have to fight against propaganda and crackpot conspiracy theories,’ McCain told the Brigade of Midshipmen. ‘We have to fight isolationism, protectionism, and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions.’


Thanks to open borders, my once-home state of Arizona which my great grandfather invaded…heh…yes, my family has been on this continent for several hundred years and always on the frontiers…well…like previous empires, we expanded borders but then created this thing called ‘citizenship.’


Way, way back when my family was forced to flee England, which they invaded in 1066, they went to Holland and then to what was called from this point on, ‘New Amsterdam’ now, New York.  And once here, we headed west, always west.


Once we reached California and then Arizona and then in the Gadsden Purchase, we stopped invading and settled down.  Now, newcomers like McCain who moved to Arizona after I was born and lived there, some of these have decided to open the border to Mexico and let them invade and they did.


McCain thinks this is a good idea!  He is, after all, a Bilderberg gangster and they hate borders and controls and they are successfully utterly destroying European civilization and want to do it here, too.


He added that ‘we have to remind our sons and daughters that we became the most powerful nation on earth by tearing down walls, not building them,’ The Hill reported.


We are not ‘powerful’.  We are a dying empire due to imperial overreach.  Way back when my ancestors ran things, we had our own industries and whenever the Europeans wanted to do insane, stupid things like WWI, we stood aside and said, ‘Go ahead, kill your foolish selves’.


But no, we had to go in finally and ‘fix’ things at great cost but this pissed off ‘nativist Americans’ who shut the borders and had a big party during the 1920’s.


Once again,  in 1941, we had to rescue everyone there and in Asia and then we were told, if we ran those places, we would be rich and happy and safe.  IT DIDN’T WORK!


McCain, 81, told the Annapolis, Maryland academy – which is also his alma mater – that ‘We are asleep to the necessity of our leadership, and to the opportunities and real dangers of this world. We are asleep in our echo chambers, where our views are always affirmed and information that contradicts them is always fake.’


Mr. Echo Camber claims that people opposing these suicidal policies are delusional.  He, on the other hand, uses fake mainstream news which is all about…destroying America via exporting all our industries, printing money like mad and other foolish things.


He didn’t name Trump directly, but did invoke his ‘America First’ phrase, saying it ultimately led to the Second World War,,,’Our failure to remain engaged in Europe and enforce the hard-won peace of 1918 had made that clear,’ he said.


‘There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation – no more “America First.”‘


We ran trade deficits with Europe and Japan in order to ‘rebuild them’ and then…we ran trade deficits with all countries in order to ‘rebuilt those’.  Then we ran an epic trade deficit with communist China!  What?


HAHAHA.  McCain is a traitor!


Now, due to all of us talking about them, the Bilderberg gang has decided to strangle and kill the Internet and return to ‘normal’ whereby they and only they provide populations with ‘news’.  Here is another attack on internet freedoms:  Tech firms must do more on extremism: World Economic Forum | Daily Mail Online.  This is a direct order from the Real Rulers to Congress.  This is another reason they are most anxious to get rid of Trump who will veto this:


U.S. tech firms such as Facebook and Twitter should be more aggressive in tackling extremism and political misinformation if they want to avoid government action, a report from the World Economic Forum said on Monday.


Who are these ‘world economic’ dudes?


The study from the Swiss nonprofit organization adds to a chorus of calls for Silicon Valley to stem the spread of violent material from Islamic State militants and the use of their services by alleged Russian propagandists.


We are going to have total control of all minds via censoring and eliminating all other opinions and information.  The Bilderberg gang is terrified of us seeing them doing stuff and they want to reimpose their world views on the rest of us via forcing us to look only at their crummy propaganda organs.


Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet’s Google will go under the microscope of U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday and Wednesday when their general counsels will testify before three U.S. congressional committees on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


This is so moronic.  All foreign powers meddled in the last election via giving millions of dollars to Hillary!


The German parliament in June approved a plan to fine social media networks up to 50 million euros if they fail to remove hateful postings promptly, a law that Monday’s study said could potentially lead to the takedown of massive amounts of content.


Merkel is a communist apparatchik.  She wants to reimpose the regime of East Germany on the country so she can do as she pleases which has been to let in millions of illegal aliens plus arming and unleashing manic leftist ANTIFA terrorists.


It comes as Twitter announced it launch new policies on violent groups and hateful imagery and hate symbols on Nov 22.


‘During the development process, we received valuable feedback that we’re implementing before these are published and enforced,’ it said.


They are ALREADY imposing this new regime on us!  I noticed this a few weeks ago when I discovered that not only does my news service no longer appears at the top of Google search pages, when I google individual stories by name, it shows up but when clicked on the link, it takes it to a general page of my news, not the specific story!!!


This pisses me off.  Google has been degrading rapidly this last year and now it is falling off the cliff.  The naked propaganda regime being imposed there many of us have examined and discussed across the internet but it hasn’t stopped Google from continuing this destruction.


Google has been using artificial intelligence moderators to monitor illegal videos on YouTube over the last month, in which time it has more than doubled the number of offensive videos deleted from YouTube during this time.


Google said: ‘With over 400 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, finding and taking action on violent extremist content poses a significant challenge.


Many You Tube people who post perfectly sane, correct, non-violent content are being banned or ‘shadow banned’ by You Tube because they are articulate anti-ANTIFA/Bilderberg content providers.


I see darkness in the future if these clowns continue down this destructive road which they hope will lead us all to WWIII and the elimination of populations in our cities who now are useless to our Real Rulers who will rule without consent in the future if their dirty, nasty plans succeed.


Then, the urban welfare/young political radical kids will be no longer needed and will be brutally destroyed.  These tools of the elites are too naive to understand they are the cat’s paw of powerful, filthy rich maniacs.



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12 responses to “McCain Demands Open Borders, Free Trade (sic) Forever

  1. Christian W

    How can you write such a long rant on the US Empire and fail to mention the $USD and the Petrodollar? The elites hate Trump because his scheme to have everyone pay tariffs is the death of the Petrodollar and the USD as the, by far, dominating reserve currency. China’s idea of One Belt One Road (OBOR), also called the Belt Road Initiative (BRI), is driving the US elites crazy. No Petrodollar and no USD reserve currency, no Empire.

    We can also see that Google, Facebook, Twitter etc are weaponized extensions of the US Global Corporate-Military Empire.

  2. Lou

    Is the PDollar dying, fast?

  3. Christian W

    Not fast, no. But attempts at keeping China away is one reason the US is bringing more and more Pentagon/CIA muscle to Africa etc.

    If Trump manages to introduce tariffs China and Russia will gain momentum big time. Nobody wants to get screwed by the Petrodollar and need for USD reserves and expensive USD loans then by tariffs on top.

  4. Dear readers: we just had an event here which shows our Real Rulers are really scared of us hearing reality. McCain gave a treasonous speech to our troops, the Naval Academy kids, where he denounced patriotism and protecting America and ordered them all to fight for globalism and foreign powers!

    You Tube is removing this insane speech! As people post it, it is removed. The Bilderberg gang is now in full flush, trying to prevent us from talking about them and knowing what they do in secret.

  5. Petruchio

    “Then, the urban welfare/young political radical kids will be no longer needed and will be brutally destroyed.  These tools of the elites are too naive to understand they are the cat’s paw of powerful, filthy rich maniacs.” They richly deserve every bit of suffering they get. I hope it lasts for 10 Generations of their children too.@@@ It’s hard to believe that the whole Country has to suffer because a bunch of idiot retirees in Arizona keep re electing McCain. This is a flaw in the System that needs correcting.

  6. Well, the latest attempt at a video of this speech is still running! Maybe You Tube staff have given up? I see several new attempts at posting this speech. It is historic: yet another open statement of our ‘representatives’ endorsing New World Order dictates.

  7. Lou

    maybe someone can post the text of the Mc Cain speech.

  8. Pete


    Been following the plague outbreak in Madagascar.
    They are digging up the dead and doing a traditional
    ritual of “dancing with the dead”. The dead … who died
    of the plague!

  9. Lou

    In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college

  10. Christian W

    @ 4 Eline

    YouTube is Google.

  11. I wrote about that when it happened. Google is a monster sized operation which should be taken apart.

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