Even Former DNC Donna Brazile Claims Clinton Stole The Election

Brazile claims DNC rigged system to throw primary to Hillary – YouTube


The DNC rigging of the election rises up yet again due to Donna Brazile’s tell it all book.  Basically, as we all have said long ago, Hillary took over all DNC systems so that she could stomp into the White House only Sanders destroyed her plot by running against her and millions of voters ran off to him instead.  As we noted long ago, her dictator-style politics of giving zero choices blew up so badly, by the last primaries, Sanders was beating her in the polls.  I pointed out long ago, when the DNC gave itself several hundred delegate votes, this destroyed the illusion that voters could choose their candidates.  This was a mistake.  Big time.

Hannity: DNC scandal will haunt Hillary Clinton – YouTube


On top of the DNC scandal, the ‘dirty dossier’ continues to grow as a ‘scandal’.  I will also note the utter absence of outrage from pussy hat females while one hideous rape/sex for money scandals hitting the DNC giants in Hollywood.  Where did these stupid females go?  I don’t seen them anywhere suddenly.


The very least, they should be consistent!  Instead, it is selective outrage.  The only demonstrators this weekend will be Trump haters going nuts and football black males continuing to force themselves into poverty.

The conservative youths have figured out this rigged game.  The above story PANIC: ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ Sign Part Of ‘Campaign To Foment Racial & Political Tension,’ School is hilarious.  The fury this innocent sign created shows clearly how insane and vicious the ‘liberals’ who are all actually Maoists, really are.  There is nothing wrong with this sign.  For them to be violently triggered and filled with a hate and desire that is naked, reveals the racism and vicious politics of the fake liberals who are really Nazis but not for ‘Aryans’ but for all other races who outnumber ‘Aryans’.

It took, as always, two reporters to write a simple story.  Yes, Trump is furious that the entire machine in DC which is run for Bilderberg gangsters to keep themselves in power, is not prosecuting Bilderberg gang members who have committed endless crimes.


Kennedy referred to this gang in one of his last speeches before he was killed.  I suspect Trump knows this and it is why he doesn’t talk about the Bilderberg gang and its many tentacles.  That is highly dangerous, only us outsiders on the fringe get to talk about this.


The gang will attack anyone mentioning their activities by saying, ‘That person is insane!’ And they point to people like Alex Jones who goes off the cliff frequently, as a fine example of this.  All the evidence of this gang is obvious but it is never mentioned by ‘mainstream’ people who all are either working for or the owners of the gang’s businesses.


Nearly everything at the New York Times is either fake or not important.  The two year temper tantrum by the NYT continues and here is a classic example of how insane, self centered and hateful they really are at that propaganda organ:

This is a big story there!  Both the NYT and Washington Post have endless ‘we are going to roast to death’ stories while at the same exact time, they praise flying to tropical fun places to ESCAPE WINTER!  HAHAHA.

Here is another screenshot from the NYT front page!  More ‘we are roasting to death’ and to ‘fight this is moral’ which is lunacy since the Times staff, owners and friends all flee winter every possible chance.  It is obvious that these creeps want everyone else to ‘pay the price’ for a colder earth especially those people living where it is brutally cold.

We are roasting to death…NOT.

Hard to roast to death while freezing.  Reminds of of this old song, ‘It was so hot, I froze to death, Suzanna don’t you cry.’  Yes!


Even simple weather news is now being twisted and mutilated by the Bilderberg gang.  They grind their fangs, furious about citizens refusing to fall for obvious lies.  The former communist rulers of Russia felt the same way as their lies proliferated and the population began tuning out these lies leading to a complete collapse of the government.


All the zillions of pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.  The attempted takeover of Fox News has collapsed because the pro-Hillary younger sons of the corporation’s president have been told in no uncertain terms, they will be committing financial suicide if they jump off the same cliff that the other TV news stations have flung themselves.


The finances of Hollywood and football money machines and all systems that were easy profits are now collapsing.  People are now quite angry about all this and with the Bilderberg gang allowing violent leftist Maoist radicals to run riot in DNC-run cities is causing people to get really pissed off because these rioters have made it clear, they don’t just want to destroy their own neighborhoods, they want to go into ‘safe’ communities and destroy these, too.


That is a declaration of war and the countryside surrounding our DNC cities teems with people who have guns and know how to hunt.




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7 responses to “Even Former DNC Donna Brazile Claims Clinton Stole The Election

  1. Jim R

    Correction: TRIED to steal the election.

    Amazingly, she managed to lose. Could calling her voter base a “basket of deplorables” have had anything to do with it? I have no idea.

  2. Yup. I have a new headline about Hillary stealing the NOMINATION! 🙂

    They steal everything not nailed down.

  3. Christian W

    Wake me up when US elites start ending up in jail.

  4. Christian W

    The average income in Kiev Ukraine has dropped with 80% since the US coup. Times were dire before the coup but now they are just catastrophic. Some 50 Oligarchs control 80% of the nations resources purely for personal profit. Corruption is off the charts. Everyone has to be bribed, from doctors to teachers. The police are bribed to protect the political rackateers who sell off national resources and make back room deals for personal profit. And so on and on.

    This is the future of the USA.

    There is actually a new Maidan brewing, but we don’t hear about this one. Wonder why?

  5. Lou

    Elaine, this will take less than 5 minutes to view.

    I didnt know about the ‘ceiling falling in, or light fixture’–

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