Hillary Stole the DNC Nomination Using Illegal Tactics

One of my readers, Lou, reminded me of this story from last winter: RED ALERT. LEAK FROM TWITTER EMPLOYEE – WHO THEY WANT TO BAN. THEY DONT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THIS. – InvestmentWatch.  Perusing the list of names shows how these Bilderberg gangsters operate: shut down all opposition via controlling the systems that allow communication.  The person who released the list of ‘those who must be eliminated’ was…eliminated.

Today, people like Cernovich who torments media giants and the DNC via tricking them into telling the truth…oh my!  The horror!  Well, he was at the top of the ‘people to be disappeared’ list drawn up by our evil rulers.  Here he is today, celebrating getting to know other people on the hit list who are now working more and more in tandem to fight the Bilderberg gang.

Below is the top people on the list of those who are to be silenced.  Note that Ann Coulter is #1.  They really hate her.  # 2 is Alex Jones’ Prison Planet.  Another woman, of course, is #3.  Note how these clowns want to silence women who are not pussy cat hat females!  Cernovich is #4.  He has destroyed more than one big wig DNC leader!


And to my great surprise, the always careful, always polite, hand wringer from hell, Stefan Molyneux of Canada is #7 of the top ten.  I wonder what they thought they could do to ban him and not be sued?  Well, they are being sued and they hit Trump several times and now regret this.  Here is his ‘pinned’ posting at Twitter:

There is no arguments with the leftists.  There are only demands made by leftists and threats of rioting if they don’t get what they want.

I don’t know who MsBlaireWhite is but maybe her name, ‘White’, pisses off the lunatic ANTIFA crew who drew up this hit list.  I suspect she is a black woman and thus, the white ANTIFA radicals must eradicate her.


Several people on this list have sent lawyers to Twitter to explain how they cannot be banned illegally which is why ‘reverted’ are listed for a couple of key names here.


What is still funny is, the person who leaked this list is banned.  The battle over who controls content rages onwards.  At Stefan’s Twitter there is this posting today:

Of course, the excuse that ‘our computer, Hal, closed the pod doors and won’t let anyone in’ falls flat on its face.  The computers obey the humans who programmed the computers to eliminate all opposition to the ideology of ANTIFA.  They know perfectly well, they are screwing up people’s finances and they delight in this and intend totally to do this.

I should have put this news story on my previous posting but here it is: Hillary admits she paid for the fake Russia Dossier.  This is not a mainstream news item because all such items are censored because liberals have to have lies.  Some liberals have woken up to see these lies for what they are.  But the majority of DNC voters suck up lies out of desperation. They cannot believe that they are being hoodwinked by very cynical rich people.


Secret Document Released: Shows Hillary Had Full Contract to Run DNC in August 2015 Way Before Primaries

So there it is: the evidence that the DNC has been taken over before the election so it can be rigged and this is why no one in the DNC ran against Hillary.  Sanders is not part of the DNC. He was a registered Independent up until he ran against her.  Her lack of appeal to voters was obvious, more and more people flocked to Sanders and voted for him to the point, he began to defeat her political machine.


So, this began October 1, 2015.  True Democrats should be very angry about this news.  Her secret deals were secret!  And she was foisted on them, not only did she rig the game before the primaries, during the primaries she was given the questions beforehand at the debates with SANDERS as well as with Trump.


Sanders was bribed by these people just before the convention where he shafted his followers and ended up endorsing Hillary with NO COUNT of delegates.  Over a third of the delegates walked out back then but this news was hidden from most voters by the fake mainstream news.  Now, all this is rising back to the surface to dog the DNC and Hillary’s book tour.  And is again, being buried or lied openly about by fake mainstream news.


Documents Reveal FBI Continued to Receive Evidence After Closing Clinton Email Investigation – More messes from last year.  They are endless now.  And the liberals imagine, if they never report this news and this is from Congress, no less!


On April 23, 2015, the New York Times broke the Uranium One story, a deal in which the United States agreed to sell one-fifth of its uranium production capacity to Russia. As a result of this deal, the Clinton Foundation began to receive millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation, while former President Clinton received $500,000 for a speech given at a Russian investment bank in Moscow.


This scandal has begun to make headlines once again, as it has been revealed that the NRC has been lying to Congress and the American people about the sale of this uranium. For example, in a November 2010 press release, the NRC declared that, “Neither Uranium One nor ARMZ holds an NRC export license, so no uranium produced at either facility may be exported.”


Again, in 2011, the NRC would write a letter to Sen. John Barrassoo (R-WY), stating that: “Neither Uranium One Inc. nor AMRZ holds a specific NRC export license. In order to export uranium from the United States, Uranium One Inc. or ARMZ would need to apply for and obtain a specific NRC license authorizing the exports of uranium for use in reactor fuel.”


Despite these assurances, The Hill reports that in 2012, the NRC did approve the shipping of uranium from Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada via a third party. The Obama administration would later give its approval for some of this uranium to be transferred to Europe. However, according to NRC officials the exact amount of uranium exported during this transaction is unknown, as officials claim such information is proprietary.


The DNC and Bilderberg leaders all thought they could play the ‘Russia is evil’ card and not have this backfire.  Why?  Because they planned beforehand to never report any real news!  They hid all this in plain sight since Putin’s media like World news — RT International did report all this!  Seriously.


(19) WATCH LIVE 🔴 Congress Examines Firing Robert Mueller As Special Counsel – YouTube

The whole business is getting more and more dangerous for the DNC and about time.  Everyone is ‘uncertain’ that Trump may or may not fire Mueller.  Ergo: no one has any idea about this issue when it comes to the ‘laws’.


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32 responses to “Hillary Stole the DNC Nomination Using Illegal Tactics

  1. Lou

    There was a ‘race Realism’ blog called Ambrose Kane.
    It was not hate, it was factual.
    It disappeared a few months ago, as did SBPDL.
    Kerseys SBPDL is back up, as is daily stormer?

  2. Petruchio

    I knew the DNC had rigged the Primaries for Hillary early on. I didn’t know what Bernie Sanders chances were to get the Democratic nomination, but I figured it was worth a shot. I joined in my State Democrat Party caucuses. I wasn’t content to just rip that sleazy, hideous, corrupt hag Hillary Clinton on the Internet, I wanted to back up what I typed on my laptop keyboard. I knew right off the bat that the system was rigged for Clinton. They took voice votes on Sanders vs. Clinton and Clinton “won”. It was suspicious to me right then and there. The fact that Sanders sold out so quickly really turned me off on Sanders. To me, Bernie Sanders looks like the Puppet Man of the People, The Populist Candidate, the guy the Democrats use to fool their more traditional base of voters that they have a chance.

  3. Blaire White is a transexual from male to female. H/she talks relatively mildly against PC and SJW things. My daughter likes her Youtube channel.

    A lot of the ones on that list are rather mild, what is called the “Alt Lite” as opposed to the “Alt Right.” Most of them steer clear of the …”JQ,” (jewish question).but not offending the Tribe doesn’t seem to buy them any love with Twitter…

    @Lou, the Stormer has been down yet again since Wednesday or Thursday. If you know that they’re back up, please provide the URL here…

  4. melponeme_k

    Transexuals are a psyop to destroy the natural instinct between the sexes. This is directly aimed at men in order destroy their trust and natural love for women. I don’t give any of them a pass. I see them on the streets in NYC giving dirty looks to real women who are with men who love them. They seethe with hatred and envy inside against all women.

    You want to know why their is MGTOW? TRANNIES.

    I challenge anyone here to convince me that thing in a polka dot bikini is real woman. Come on, I want some good arguments.

    Am I angry? Yeah. Very.

  5. KHS71


    I did not see your name on the list.

  6. I don’t do any Twitter, ever.

  7. CK

    When Semites become irritated, this is the result.

  8. #4@Melponeme

    You won’t get any argument from me about trannies being pushed in order to erode male-female relations, and even the butch female in the bikini on the boat.

    If we were to scratch the surface of the tranny phenomenon taking off in the late 20th century, would we find a preponderance of “Semites” in starring roles — psychologists, social scientists, lawyers, surgeons? I haven’t done the research (and it would be easy enough), but I’ll wager that we would.

    So I’m interested. What evidence can you point to of this systematic campaign to put men-as-women before our eyes, besides the visual, ie, famous female actresses who appear in photos and videos to be males? Is there a document trail?

  9. melponeme_k


    It hasn’t started in late 20th century. Check the advent of film in the EARLY 20th century. All those stars were Trannies. The 1920s IT Girls? All Men. The Pin up girls for the Boys at War? TRANNIES every one. The 1950s PlayBOY? Trannies. Ever wonder why the female fashions were always so extreme? Emphasizing big shoulders and cinched waists or swinging to androgynous baby doll dresses? Its all to hide the trannies. We women NEVER had clothing that really flattered us.

    Its been going on for CENTURIES. Believe me, the whole females allowed on stage via Nell Gwynne was a LIE. Its always been men. Along with Opera. The Castrati never disappeared.

    This is a religion.

    Paper trail? We won’t get any until the elite network totally collapses. And then we’ll have to wait for some brave souls to come and speak out.

    If you really want to blow your brains out. Check out the “Female to Male” investigations.

  10. When I said taking off in the late 20th century, I meant how it publicly “became a thing” whereby Joe Average started to hear about sex change operations and then the fake “science” justifying it that followed.

    You’re talking about something secretive that has been going on for centuries. What I’m asking for is some evidence of that, other than visual and someone just claiming it based on visuals. Like someone who talked or spilled the beans. An insider who wrote or spoke of this of the practice or the plan. Something written down or recorded I can’t accept that it’s been going on for centuries and no insider ever said or leaked anything.

    The video you linked mentioned the Talmud and the Kabbalah — jewish of course. What about that?

  11. melponeme_k


    I answered you. You are not going to get a paper trail. We barely have a paper trail on Paperclip and we only just got a taste of the Kennedy investigation. The 9/11 investigation was basically all blacked out.

    The transgenderism is the key part of their belief system. This is connected to the Royal families themselves even.

    Not until these people are totally destroyed and arrested will we ever get the information of their crimes against children.

    Visual is all we have and at this point ALL we need. Men and women are so biologically different it is impossible to mistake a male skeleton for a female. IMPOSSIBLE. Men are bigger, stronger and yes, SMARTER. The male skeleton is evolved for stamina in order to travel large distances. Men’s eyes are larger not only to scan landscape, determine distance and prey travel speed but also to threaten other predators (both human and non-human). Men’s brains are bigger in order to process all this data. This is all reflected in skull size, shoulder and arm construction and how straight the legs are in order to cushion stride with minimal jolting to the system as a whole. Men walk straight and tall. Women waddle. We waddle because our hips were designed to protect and support the fetus.

    Trust your eyes. Trust your instincts. They were designed to protect the species and guard against threats.

  12. @ Melponeme

    It seems like the examples you cite detract from your claim that “we will not get a paper trail.” Op. Paperclip is not even controversial anymore — we know the who, what, how, and why. That’s only 70 years old. Nine-eleven is voluminously documented. Much of the evidence and claims are false, of course, but within the whole of “9/11 truth” (good and bad) we were able to learn to some extent the major players and the means and opportunity, and certainly we know the motives — and all this less than 10 years from the event. Same thing with Kennedy; not to mention in both cases (Kennedy and 9/11) there have been whistleblowers or people who have blurted out some of the truth behind it.

    “The transgenderism is the key part of their belief system. ”

    Citation please.

  13. melponeme_k

    There was nothing on Kennedy that could have been proven until now. Whistleblowers were laughed at and belittled. You over estimate whistleblowers. Especially when the elites control all forms of information media. Believe me, Youtube is banning the transvestigation channels like its trying to put out wildfire. And laws are being created now to prosecute anyone who discusses it as intolerance. Then of course, we have the transgender bathrooms. Open your eyes.

    “Citation please.”

    Anything on Alchemy. Type it up and do a search. You’ll see myriad pictures of androgynes. Although the elites have perverted this imagery. The androgynes are truly about being a full human being microcosmically. Macrocosmically, the androgyne is a married couplet involved in the deepest form of love magic possible.

    The transgender is written about in Blavatsky’s work, in Crowley’s work, etc. Check out any of the major woo woo books in your local bookstore.

    That is even before touching Manly P Hall, and even HG Well’s Open Conspiracy. Not to mention all the Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School shlock.

    They TELL us all the time what they plan to do . ALL the time. If you don’t want to believe it, that is fine. But you still take on the karmic debt of the pollution. That is just the way it works. No one speaks out, the universe takes it as a yes.

    The elites are awake. The majority of us are not. They laugh and call us the Walking Dead.


  14. Ken

    One of Elaine’s children is a transgender individual. She is in a unique position to comment on this phenomenon. I would like to know her thoughts on this.

  15. The literally young ladies in early movies were all females! But they were ‘pubescent’ young ladies, not Victorian beauties who were very much ‘adult’.

    The sixties styles were just like that: very young girls and older, fertile women were supposed to starve themselves to look ‘young’. This war on adult women had fluctuated, during WWII, mature women ruled.

    Twenty years later, they were mocked.

    These are not ‘male women’ you are all complaining about, it is ‘Real women turned into boys via starvation!’ Then, to top it off, now men who are ‘women’ but who still have their balls, are held up as ‘better females’ going back to the ‘starve yourself to death to be beautiful’ which is anorexia and bulimia all over again.

  16. melponeme_k

    Early films may have been female children. But young boys keep that gamine look a lot longer than females especially when pumped full of hormones. And the black elites prey almost exclusively on males.

    You aren’t explaining the physiological differences.

    Explain to me how Louise Brooks has a huge brow bone and sloped forehead of a male. Her contemporaries have the same features. Far apart eyes with male gaze. The long arms hanging past the genital area (classic sign of hormonal abuse).

    The flapper dresses? A fashion to hide the lack of female hips. Personally, no matter how skeletal I got (and I battled disordered eating in my time), my hips never disappeared.

    Look at Twiggy. Huge brow bone. Deep set, wide male eyes with predatory gaze. Huge Square jawline. You can see her rocking a shaved down adam’s apple (impossible for a real woman) in some photos. She starved herself to offset the testosterone surge in puberty. Her arms hang straight down (male feature) past the genital area. She has HUGE hands that can cover her whole face (male feature). There is no wide Q angle from the hips to leg bones. Her legs shoot straight out from the hip just like a man.

    Yes there are disorders in the womb that cause developmental problems in the structure. But those are so rare, it can’t explain every famous model and actress of the past century and today.

    The only way women develop brow bones and skinny legs is if they are on androgen and testosterone shots. I’ve read accounts of women who take these hormones in order to arrest the development of cancer. They do develop male characteristics. But not to the extent where they lose their skeletal structure markers. Just walk the wild side and get a gander at the female to male transitions.

    In regards to WWII, none of the pinups were women. I’ve looked. The tell tale skeletal features always give them away. Particularly the straight male back. And the hormones don’t see to be that advanced then. They all resorted to removing ribs to give themselves some kind of shape. WHAT an insult to our grandfather and fathers. All of them worshipping men in dresses as symbols of hearth and home. Even the Vargas illustrations. Even them. Talk about evil.

    I disagree with you here, Elaine.

  17. #13 @Mel

    OK, thank you for the explanation. My eyes are pretty open, I guess. I am not unaware of the beliefs and intentions of the occult elite, although I don’t delve into it deeply because it’s not that interesting to me and it’s all too sordid. “Pizzagate” came and went and apparently nothing has changed.

    Even if it’s true about Hall, Tavistock, etc., that’s not the same as saying that most of the female icons have been male. Twiggy is not twig-like in her old age and her daughter looks like her, although I guess one could claim plastic surgery for that. With regard to the other conspiracies like JFK and 9/11, I’ll stick to my claim that earnest truth-seekers have had *plenty* go to on with regard to documented evidence of the real conspirators, even without official gov’t releases of declassified info. We’ll have to disagree there.

    I have taken in your claims and will keep a watch, without having to decide if I agree or not. Just observing. Anyway, I largely agree with your broader claims. As for my karmic debt, I’ve already got so much already. It will just have to be added to my tab…

  18. melponeme_k


    Plastic Surgery is the lifeblood of these people. In regards to Twiggy, if it is a man, it is not a large man. Who knows when it began its hormone therapy. But the features have become more old man like than old woman. Even with more weight, you can see the shoulders are still bigger than the hips. And you can’t explain away those alien-like long arms and huge man hands. Just check out the size of the Trachea in the neck!

    All I ask anyone to do is pay attention. Heck, there may be a real woman in there somewhere. Although I’ve yet to see one. Some of them are really, really good. Those are the ones who are most celebrated. I’m really holding hope that Rachel Weisz is a real lady. I like her films. But she does have a HUGE brow bone and slope to her forehead.

    In regards to your earlier question regarding religion. I don’t know what religion these people worship. I don’t. Most of the people doing these studies are extremely Christian and they impose their own views on it. I don’t hold to those ideas, however I won’t discount their valid evidence simply because I don’t follow their religion.

    There is definitely a resurge in paranoia regarding the Jewish religion. Especially such conspiracy theories such as the tribe of Dan (a supposed Luciferian Jewish tribe). However, I’m convinced this is more psyop in order to brainwash people to become more hysterical and then the elites can come in and ban all anti-globalist chat en masse.

    As far as Karmic debt on this, I have it to. I have no doubt that I will be asked why I stood on the sidelines while children were harmed. What could I say to that? “I didn’t know” Just won’t cut it. Because even without hard copy evidence, the clues are there. The universe doesn’t allow anyone to slide. It fully assumes that everyone is a full adult in the universe and able to learn, understand and act on Universal Law. It’s our duty to do so. Just because we don’t is no excuse.

  19. Some women are more ‘male’ than others. For example, I have very big hips and had one child who was extremely large, for example, yet didn’t need a cesarian delivery.

    Over the last 100 years, women with very small hips have been having babies this way. Normally, due to evolution, women who had big hips like mine thrived while women with small hips died in childbirth. THIS is what has changed and why there are more and more ‘not designed to have children’ women are all over the place. The death rate from childbirth 250 years ago was around 30% by age 40? Somewhere around that.

  20. melponeme_k

    Elaine, there is being a small hipped woman and then there is being a man in a teeny weeny polka dot bikini on a boat with a she he as your husband.

    Come on!

    My own niece is tall, narrow and very thin. She doesn’t look like a man in a bikini.

    250 years ago 30%? Hey?

    Well according to the CDC, even with all our medical advances, women’s dying in childbirth is still 17.5% as of 2013.

    Not only that, IT HAS BEEN ESCALATING since the 1980s!


    That isn’t a good number. Maybe it is all the illegal aliens who are afraid to go for proper medical care.

    I notice quite a few Mexican women have smaller than natural hips. It still makes a difference.

  21. Jim R

    You’re on a roll, Melponeme!

    But I think Elaine has her finger on the truth in this one. Simple Darwinian selection. 250 years ago, narrow-hip women died in childbirth. Now they have C-sections.

    As our health care system crumples, we shall probably go back to the previous situation. Particularly annoying is the “conservative” political penchant for blocking all healthcare for women.

    So, there may be a return to the norm if civilization keeps decaying. Women will be visibly different from men, and the stout pioneer stock will once again both survive and be fashionable.

  22. Jim R

    As for all the trannies you keep seeing, Mel, they will tend not to reproduce at all. Maybe good news on a crowded planet? . .

    But I think trannies and gays are a minority for the same Darwinian reason: they do not produce offspring. I really can’t imagine how hard it must be for a young male to feel so ‘female’ that he decides to live as a ‘she’. It has to be tough to make that decision.

    Of course, another explanation for the phenomenon, at the scale of the whole population, is that we have polluted our own food and water with for example, plastic additives, which have a side-effect of acting as fake hormones. It has gotten harder and harder for a pregnant woman, or a mother with a young child, to find fresh natural food which is free of this curse..

  23. melponeme_k


    Explain to me why the skeletal structure of Mr. Vikander is ALL MALE!

    Please. Tell me how the female skeletal structure has changed to make females into males.

    Because if it has, then that means 99 percent of Elaine’s arguments here regarding the differences between the sexes are NULL and VOID.

    We might as all put pussy hats on now and sing Kumbaya.

  24. Jim R

    “Please. Tell me …”

    I just did, sort-of. There is no selective pressure on human females any more. No reason for them to be different from males. And we live in a sea of pollution. I don’t know which factor is more important.

    I expect these trends to reverse themselves, as nature frequently does. Nothing is constant, really, over a long enough time line. How do seahorses reproduce, for example?

  25. melponeme_k

    You didn’t.

    What you see in that video is not female. Plain and Simple.

    So the question is. WHY don’t you want to see it?

    Why ignore the fact that a religious sect are abusing their children emotionally, psychologically and physically in order to embody their concept of the perfect being?

    This has NOTHING to do with natural selection.

    Think about it. You’ll be asked about it at the end. Why you were ok with child abuse.

  26. The ‘ideal’ for the last 100 years has been ‘women should be pre-pubecent’ all the time. This is exactly why Princess Di starved herself relentlessly.

    And yes, evolution is always at work. During the Ice Ages, our ape ancestors evolved in many startling ways. To give birth to BIG HEAD babies meant BIG HIPS.

    And ‘childhood’ was much longer than chimps or gorillas. The entire business of being ‘human’ is due to the very large human brains. Women with small hips have babies with smaller brains. Women with generous hips have children with bigger brains at birth.

    Before WWII, premature babies usually died. Now, they are kept alive even though they are only 2 lbs or even less at birth. This has an evolutionary force! The children born this way usually have serious brain problems.

  27. Melponeme_k

    I’m not arguing about the changes in medicine.

    I’m talking hard coded differences in the male and female skeletal structure. Women with small hips still hold to the female structure. Their shoulders will be narrow. I’ve seen it myself on the street. I’ve worked with women who were small and narrow. The hips ALWAYS matched the shoulders. Even with a very thin frame, women will have a layer of fat in the skin that smooths out the structure.

    No woman alive will look like that thing in the bikini. Not unless they are on estrogen blockers. Even then, their hips will be even or larger than their shoulders. Mr. Vikander’s hips are male.

    I can’t storm Hollywack and investigate their abuses against children. But I can speak about it along with others. That is all that is required.

    No need to enter the antithesis world to make change. All I and everyone need to do is sing the song of creation and harmony here in this world. That will combat the disharmony the black wizards sing in the other.

    I’ve had some insights recently. Some very big ones.

  28. Jim R

    OK, Mel, I looked at your video. Yeah, that person does not look very fem… and probably won’t have any children. You see, Darwin is a relentless force on every population of living things.

    As you may know, I just love to point out where Elaine is wrong, but she is exactly right on this one. Big-headed babies and wide hips. On an evolutionary time scale, our current culture is a temporary dead end. It will be gone by the end of this century, regardless of whether there’s another big war or other such historical event.

    The men and women who have grandchildren will determine the fate of our species.

  29. Melponeme_k


    It won’t have children because it isn’t a woman.

    This is the one that will be popping out their little brats.

    You and Elaine are talking around the issue because, yes, this is a disturbing bit of occultism and Tavistock Elite BRAINWASHING.

  30. Jim R

    I seriously doubt that ANY of these freaks will be making children. Some of them might adopt, but their influence over the species will still be quite limited.

  31. melponeme_k

    Yes, those people have children and add to their numbers.

    Kiddo, the elite are bug ass crazy but they never do anything if doesn’t give them tangible results.

    This gives results in spades. How, we may never really know. All we can do is point, laugh and stop watching their awful product.

  32. Jim R

    I haven’t been watching their product for a while now. I had no idea who those two characters are.

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