Gigantic, Five Year Old Navy Corruption Scandal Finally Makes News Today


Above are the top stories at the Washington Post today.  Not the story I am discussing, the international bribery scandal in the Pentagon.  Anyone remember all the Lockheed bribery scandals?  I do!  Right when the Vietnam War was still unwinding into infamy and defeat, the vultures came out due to Nixon and his gang being corrupt and used bribery to get Pentagon pigs who are safe at home, to betray the taxpayers by running up gigantic ‘defense’ bills via buying super expensive weapons systems.


Between 1970 and 1975, Lockheed paid Saudi Arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi $106 million in commissions. His commissions started at 2.5% + and eventually rose to as much as 15%. Khashoggi “became for all practical purposes a marketing arm of Lockheed. Adnan would provide not only an entree but strategy, constant advice, and analysis,” according to Max Helzel, then vice president of Lockheed’s international marketing.[19]


Well, nothing was really fixed and now we have this gigantic financial scandal which started, exactly like the Lockheed one, overseas with bribery and corruption of places like…Saudi Arabia and in Asia, for example.  All this happened with Bush Jr. and continued with Obama.  That is, letting this run riot while we were told, after 9/11, that we had to invade innocent bystander countries that had zero to do with 9/11.


So, that vast conspiracy and war crime continues unpunished but like all systems run by crooks and frauds, stealing and committing frauds in the military shot through the roof.  When I read the articles about this latest scandal, I will note that the Washington Post didn’t blame either Bush Jr. nor Obama.


Naval officers investigated over Fat Leonard scandal. More than 60 admirals and hundreds of Naval officers investigated in Fat Leonard scandal over accusations he bribed sailors with ‘prostitutes and karaoke’ in exchange for classified information.  


Francis, who made a fortune supplying Navy vessels in ports all over the globe, had befriended dozens of admirals, bribing them with booze and girls in exchange for classified information to help his Singapore-based defense contract firm, records show.


The widespread corruption came to light after Francis was arrested in an international sting operation four years ago.


FOUR YEARS AGO????  And we are learning about it now?  Who was President four years ago?  Oh, Obama!  Mr. Good Guy.  The one the press loves and who is a Bilderberg gangster as was his corrupt predecessor.


Since then, the Justice Department has charged 29 people, including two admirals, the Washington Post reports.


Why was it allowed to be secret all this time?  Did Obama know about it back four years ago?  He inherited the corrupt system from Bush Jr!  Congress: HELLO!  No hearings about this????  Who on the committees that supervise the Pentagon, what did they know and when did they know this?  So many questions showing us how our system has collapsed thanks to a very corrupt Congress and White House occupants.


But the Navy has now revealed that it is currently investigating 440 other active-duty and retired personnel – including 60 current and former admirals – over their potential ties to Fat Leonard and his company.


What took so long?  Where is the rage?  The Washington Post even calls this: ‘The ‘colossal bribery and fraud scandal’ is one of the biggest in Naval history.’  Eh?  So why, as I show at the top of this story, isn’t it the top story today????  Here is the back page story:  ‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals – The Washington Post


In response to queries from The Post, the Navy recently confirmed that it has been reviewing the conduct of 440 other active-duty and retired personnel — including 60 current and former admirals — for possible violations of military law or federal ethics rules in their dealings with Francis and his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia.


That is double the number of admirals whom Navy officials said were under investigation last year (The Navy has about 210 admirals on active duty).The caseload has grown as the Justice Department has given the Navy additional dossiers of individuals who did not meet the threshold for prosecution in civilian courts, but may have committed offenses under the military justice system, officials said.


There is a name for all this: TREASON.  It isn’t a mere ‘offense’.  Encouraging corruption with alien powers is TREASON.  How simple is this?  Congress and the Presidencies have been all about bribery.  Why did I oppose Hillary?


She and her evil husband, when they left the White House, imitated that other treasonous President, RONALD REAGAN to go overseas to collect millions and millions in outright bribes.  This was disguised by calling these bribery events ‘speaking fees’ that meant Reagan got $2 million for saying ‘Arigato’ to the Japanese overlords and the Clintons collected from Russians, Saudis, European, Mexican, whoever, their ‘speaking fees’.  Arrest them all and take Reagan’s name off of that aircraft carrier!


In many instances, the Navy was prevented from taking tougher action because the statute of limitations under military law — five years for most felonies — had expired. The oldest matter reviewed so far dated to 1992, while most occurred between 2004 and 2010, according to a Navy official.


It began with Bush Sr.  It ran through two Clinton White House camp-outs.  It escalated under Bush Jr. and Obama.  And most got off scot free due to LACK OF TIME???  This is TREASON.  There should be no limit on treason charges.


The official said the Navy has concluded that about half of those under review — 230 people — were not guilty of misconduct. Some were found to have had little or no contact with Francis. Many others attended dinners or accepted gifts, but the Navy determined that there were extenuating circumstances that excused their actions, said the official, who was authorized to speak only under the condition of anonymity.


There is no ‘excuse’ for accepting ‘gifts’ which are obviously ‘bribes’.

Francis’s widespread overbilling of the Navy had been an open secret for years. In response to a flood of fraud complaints dating to 2006, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) opened more than two-dozen separate investigations into Glenn Defense, according to law-enforcement records.




Most of the cases went nowhere, NCIS files show. Starting in 2009, however, NCIS escalated its efforts by assigning more agents to investigate Francis. They later opened a full-blown corruption inquiry on suspicion that some Navy officials were feeding him military secrets and inside information about defense contracts.


Good lord.  No wonder our empire is collapsing.  Classic collapse: the military is very expensive, they are constantly defeated in wars, they flounder about doing little very well and they are riddled with corruption.


This should cause loud editorials in the Bilderberg news systems…HAHAHA.  I will faint dead if they do howl with rage, they built this corrupt system!  They view the US taxpayers and our country as a place to loot, not protect.  Look at ‘American’ companies that refuse to pay any taxes:

They do this to all ‘host countries’.  We protect them at great expense and they cheat us on taxes.  That is the real corruption at the core.  Arrest everyone involved. Arrest all Bilderberg gangsters including that ancient wheeze, Kissinger.


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2 responses to “Gigantic, Five Year Old Navy Corruption Scandal Finally Makes News Today

  1. Christian W

    An open secret… indeed. The US is openly secretly 100% corrupt at this point. This scandal is just one tiny one out of who knows how many thousands and thousands.

    The FED printing pre$$, Wall Street, the City of London, the Petrodollar, with spin offs like the Pentagon, and the Queen’s Tax Haven system is completely integrated into the most sophisticated looting system, for connected elites only, the world has ever seen.

    This deliberate transfer of wealth is the greatest robbery in the history of mankind.

    The UK is basically the City of London with surroundings at this point. The Queen of England is not sovereign over the City of London, in fact she has to formally (if symbolically) ask permission by the Mayor of London every time she wants to enter the City. It has been like that ever since the Templars came back from looting Palestine, back in the days of the Crusades, richer than the King of England and founded the economic sector of London that later became the City of London.

    Here is a video of how Obama’s DOJ worked hard to destroy all traces of the crimes of Wall Street during the Dubya Bush administration.

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