Trump’s Triumphs In Asia Concealed By NY Times And Washington Post

We live in ‘interesting times’.  The chasm between real news and no or fake news widens every day.  ‘Trump seeks help in China over a nuclear North Korea’ is the NYT headline below a number of articles about how liberals are getting into office in liberal states so Trump is a failure, of course. The news about possible nuclear war is clearly low on the ‘worry’ list of the NYT. Worse, they have this right below the nuke war article: Trump seeks help in China over a nuclear North Korea’ which belittles what actually happened there. The need to make Trump look ridiculous and hated by all humans twists the news the NYT presents.


More business deals than trade pacts as Trump visits China is the third and worse article on the NYT front page. Trump is taking a team of business leaders to China to make deals about the trade gap, which he did in Japan and South Korea.


He is letting everyone know the free trade ride is over.  The leaders of these countries are not stupid.  Especially the Chinese.  Today, the NYT and Washington Post are crowing that Trump is losing elections now and they are dancing with joy based on this utter lie.


Here is the Washington Post lying about everything:

These are all fake news.  They are claiming that voters are rejecting Trump’s party more and more and not that Trump’s attempt at pushing GOP candidates didn’t work…I would say, thanks to dirty tricks by the DNC which did race baiting like crazy since this is all they have left now.


The main thing here is, analysis: the Washington Post and NYT refuse to do this work.  Here are some election maps showing how, in Virginia, the DNC is actually losing power where it counts: in voting districts which are increasingly ‘red’ while the DNC hangs on barely via city voting where they allow illegal aliens to vote:

First: no one ‘switched party’ in voting districts.  Secondly, look at the two previous elections:

What do we see?  Oh, FEWER districts voted DNC in the latest election!  WTH!  HAHAHA.  They cannot say this.  It ruins the fun.  The entire point is to pretend that the GOP is losing ground when they are actually gaining ground in a rather relentless way.


By pretending something else is happening, they think they will create a new reality.  I believe the biggest issue for our nation is the voting by illegal aliens who are voting for things that hurt us.  That is, creating worse trade deficits, more crime, worse schools…things voters are most upset about but which illegal aliens, who want more welfare money and who want to run things for themselves.  This is the giant issue which Trump has brought up again and again and which the mainstream fake news people belittle the most or pretend there is no illegal aliens voting in our elections!


Back to Trump’s triumphal visit in Asia: all the fake stuff of people in Asia hating Trump and leaders there dissing him, the Japanese embraced and kissed him and so did South Korea and now China is being super nice to him, too! What?  The NYT and WP and others told us, they would mock him and hate him.


I go overseas for real news so here is a bunch from the Daily Mail in England:

I wrote about the Chinese mocking Obama over a year ago.  I noted that the open insults were so huge, if I were Obama, I would have not deplaned but taken off again and then issue a threat of some sort like a unilateral trade war.  Eh?


But then all the US giant businesses would have attacked him and this would have destroyed the DNC as black voters get pissed off at white business owners who are Bilderberg gangsters.  HAHAHA.  So he bit his lip and Obama had to exit via an emergency door.  How humiliating.


We were told that South Korea hates Trump.  Au contraire, they loved him there and gave him standing ovations.  The DNC has tied itself to North Korea which hates Trump, too.  Trump had to abort his mission to visit the troops at the border because of a thick fog so naturally, the NYT and WP both made fun of him for being sane.


They do this all the time, nonstop.  No matter what he does, he is stupid or bad or everyone hates him. They are claiming today that all of Virginia hates Trump when the truth is quite different.  They lie about everything now.

The Pentagon, the Bilderberg gang, the NATO nonsense has trapped Trump in some terrible messes created by Bush Jr., Obama and Hillary.  Every attempt Trump makes to do diplomacy with China and Russia to stop this madness is greeted with howls of rage and screams of protest from the army of Bilderberg tools who run our media systems and our government.


They hate diplomacy.  I am stunned that Trump has been successful in diplomacy in the teeth of all this which brings me to Saudi Arabia.  There is an ongoing coup there which is much more in the Brit news than US news:

The war of Saudi Arabia against Yemen and Syria barely makes news in the US.  The Saudi family battle whereby the sons of one wife are killing off or arresting the sons of the other wives, is a War of Roses event but the key here lies in the vast populations of Saudi Arabia which have zero human rights.  They are itching to destroy the entire royal family.


Will this happen?  It has a very likely chance of happening.  Saudi Arabia is being defeated in Yemen, in Syria and anywhere it pokes its guns.  It is failing and with failure comes the fall of rulers.


The US media is bent on turning all of Trump’s victories or at least holding the line into defeats and hope to give populations here the illusion that he is always loosing and not always winning.  In previous snap elections this year, places that voted for the GOP continued to support the GOP.  There is no ‘changing of the votes’ going on except in one key area: all cities with many illegal aliens and few industries are turning DNC for obvious reasons.  This is the hard story and why Trump is fighting to stop this illegal voting.


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23 responses to “Trump’s Triumphs In Asia Concealed By NY Times And Washington Post

  1. From Elaine’s screenshot of the Washington Post (2nd one from the top)::

    Dana Milbank — jew
    “Editorial Board” — headed by Fred Hiatt – jew
    Kathleen Parker — dinosaur female conservative — gentile
    Jonathan Capeheart — homosexual — gentile
    Jennifer Rubin — jew
    Ronald Klain — jew

    Just noticing patterns…This may explain something, but I can’t figure out what it might be… Anyway, I’m sure they have the goyim’s best interests at heart.

  2. Hillary’s crimes can’t evade punishment forever.

  3. I just found this while running around You Tube. I missed this back in June. This is where the battle between the half brothers began to make news inside Saudi Arabia, at the event where the young son was elevated to run security systems, one of the half brothers got into a tiff with him at the reception and was removed by guards:

    Here are comments by Saudis about the June confrontation:

    Saudis are now becoming slaves of USA and Europe
    And USA and Europe are slaves of satan


    Allah protect our rulers and bring them back to the sunnah.

    Why so many want bad for our Muslim leaders I bet if you were in control you’d be even worse ask Allah to help them not destroy them
    Shame on Saudi prince to be slave of slaves


    I feel with the ruling Kings of Saudi Arabia how difficult it is for them to deal with bastards in their family trying to fight them and kill them. May Allah grant the Kings safety and let them fight for Islam!


    Now with this new Crown prince. Saudi Is on Zionist Israelis regime to be occupied just like Palestine. People of Saudi wake up before you become Zionist slaves.

  4. Christian W

    Speaking of Zionists Slaves. The UK Foreign Secretary, Priti Patel, is secretly openly an agent for Israel and Netanyahu.

    And I don’t think Americans can criticize anyone for being Slaves to Zionists. Americans embrace their servitude, that is patriotic, and the easy choice.

  5. Christian W

    Supporting Zionism and being a Zionists slave on hand hand (voting for Trump), while pretending to be against it on the other hand – is rank madness.

  6. Lou

    PA Mike–
    BBC Correspondents and Editors:

    JEW Jon Sopel…….USA/Washington (former “Jewsnight” presenter)
    JEW Katya Adler……Europe Editor
    JEW Steve Rosenberg……Moscow Correspondent
    JEW David Stern….Ukraine Correspondent
    JEW Nick Robinson….Chief Political Editor (formerly ITV)
    JEW Robert Peston…Economics (now presenter ‘Peston On Sunday’ ITV)
    JEW Jo Coburn..presenter ‘Daily Politics’ ,’Sunday Politics’ etc
    JEW Emily Maitliss…presenter, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Ian Katz……Editor, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Cathy Newman….presenter, Channel 4 News
    JEW Emma Barnett (Orthodox) presenter/writer BBC and ITV
    JEW James Harding…BBC Head Of News
    JEW Anthony Rueben…BBC Head Of Statistics
    JEW Alan Yentob..BBC ‘Creative Director’ ,former Controller, BBC TV
    JEW Danny Cohen….former Controller, BBC TV
    JEW David Abrahams……Boss, Channel 4 TV
    JEW Joshua Rozenberg….Legal /Law
    JEW (Orthodox) Martin Lewis….Saving/Coin-Clutching (Also ITV)
    JEW (Orthodox) Roz Altman…Pensions
    JEW Simon Gompertz…Personal Finance
    JEW Will Gompertz…Arts and Culture
    JEW Suzy Klein…Classical Music
    JEW David Grossman..reporter, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Tim Samuels..reporter, ‘Mens Issues’
    JEW Lucy Seigel..reporter, ‘The One Show’
    JEW Jonathan Maitland..reporter,presenter, ‘Tonight’ (ITV)
    JEW Anthony Barnett…reporter, presenter ‘Dispatches’ (Channel 4)
    JEW Simon Israel…reporter, Channel 4 News
    JEW Natasha Kaplinsky…..newsreader, ITV
    JEW Simon Schama , JEW Simon Sebag-Montefiore…..History
    JEW Nigella Lawson, JEW Heston Blumenthal…..TV Cooking
    JEW Jay Rayner….JEW Matthew Norman…Gastronomy
    JEW Giles Coren JEW Victoria Coren…….BBC TV presenters

    JEW LESBIAN Sue Perkins JEW QUEER Stephen Fry JEW QUEER Dale Winton….QUEER JEW Robert Rinder ,QUEER JEW Simon Amstell, QUEER JEW Matt Lucas, JEW Gaby Roslin , JEW Alice Levine , JEW Rachel Riley, JEW Howard Jacobson, JEW Vanessa Feltz, JEW Ruby Wax, JEW LESBIAN Suzie Orbach, JEW LESBIAN Laurie Penny, JEW Esther Rantzen, JEW Lesley Joseph, JEW Arlene Phillips, JEW Melanie Phillips, JEW Maureen Lipman, JEW Tracy Ann Oberman, JEW Rebecca Front, JEW David Schneider, JEW Tom Rosenthal,JEW Angela Epstein
    JEW Micheal Rosen, JEW Adam Gopnik ,JEW Jon Ronson, JEW David Baddiel, JEW Jerry Springer , JEW Charlie Wolf, JEW Miriam Morgoyles, JEW Claudia Winkleman, JEW Simon Brodkin, JEW Sasha Baron Cohen, etc etc etc…..TV presenters /pundits /talking heads etc
    The Times: Editor: JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Daniel Finkelstein
    Deputy Ed: JEW David Aaronovitch

    The Guardian: Editor JEW Katherine Viner ,
    Deputy Editor JEW Jonathan Freedland

    The Telegraph: EditorJEW Jonathan Seiken

    etc etc etc JEWS are 0.2% of UK population.

    UK TV, 10.30am – 11am Wednesday

    BBC2: Victoria Derbyshite is talking about
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and
    JEW Sharon Waxman

    ITV: Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have put on their serious, concerned faces and are talking to American
    JEW Sam Rubin about American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow. They talk to an Australian actress/model who he clumsily attempted to seduce 20 years ago, ending up with him crying on a bed in his bathrobe, saying ” You don’t like me cos Im fat”

    Channel 5: Matthew Cunt is talking to
    JEW Steve Furst and David Bull about American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow….. this absolute non-story

    (powerful sleazy -and probably coked-up Hollywood jew studio boss wants to use his position to access every new hot fresh vagina /anus / mouth he encounters …a non-story as old as the Hollywood Hills )

    has saturated the media in a co-ordinated way and the Oy Veygas shooting is literally history, chip-wrappers.

    As we all know, there are FAR FAR worse “scandals” to be “exposed” in Hollywood, involving PREDATORY, UNTOUCHABLE WEALTHY HOMOSEXUAL PAEDOPHILES, the “kosher pink mafia” .
    Names like JEW Joel Schumaker, JEW Bryan Singer and JEW David Geffen have been linked to stories like this. So the motive is obviously not to “expose” any moral improriety. Weinstein,as it will turn out, probably never “raped” anybody, not in the old sense of the word. Many of these females come across as Snowflakes:

    “Oh I had NO IDEA that if I sucked this fat old kike’s stumpy ,cut schmeckle it might help my career in Hollywood” Right….

    Ever read (((Carrie Fisher)))s book “Postcards From The Edge” ? Hollywood / LA is or was a blizzard of cocaine and sleazy one-night-stands. She describes how she’d wake up each day with every orifice plugged up with various white substances..

    Meryl Streep says “This is not the Harvey I know”
    Poor Streep, even a predatory sleazy coked up fat rat-faced Hollywood heeb didnt fancy a slice of her pie.

    In 1978, she won an Emmy Award for her role in the miniseries Holocaust.
    Created and written by
    JEW Gerald Green Directed by
    JEW Marvin J. Chomsky , starring
    JEW Tovah Feldshuh
    JEW David Warner
    JEW Sam Wanamaker
    JEW John Houseman Theme music composer
    JEW Morton Gould

    Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice (1982) (HOLOCAUST MOVIE) directed by JEW Alan Jay Pakula Music by
    JEW Marvin Hamlisch

    and cohencidentally, Postcards from the Edge (1990) directed by
    JEW ‘Mike Nichols’ ( Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky , music by
    JEW Carly Simon

  7. Lou

    Holocaust is a 1978 American four part television miniseries which tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of the (fictional) Weiss family of German Jews and that of a rising member of the SS, who gradually becomes a merciless war criminal. Holocaust highlighted numerous important events which occurred up to and during World War II, such as Kristallnacht, the creation of Jewish ghettos and later, the use of gas chambers. Although the miniseries won several awards and received critical acclaim, it was criticized by some, including noted Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, who described it as “untrue and offensive.” LOL !!!

    “A jew or jews talking to another jew or jews about something another jew or jews said or did , on a jew-owned /produced…”

    BBC2 10.30pm “Jewsnight” Canadian
    JEW Emily Maitliss is talking to American
    JEW Sharon Waxman about American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein

    On ITV at the same time, Orthodox
    JEW Emma Barnett is talking to
    NEGRO Chukka Ummunna MP (Labour) , about
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and
    JEW Harvey Weinstein

    Next , JEW Emily Maitliss is talking to two NEGROS and a FEMALE OF CURRY about “institutional raycism” and “racism” and “racist policies”. Then another NEGRO, Simon Wooley, Director of Operation Black Vote and then NEGRO David Lammy MP (Labour)
    The NEGRO unfunnywoman Ava Vidal is moaning that in remand, 93% were black. Must be racism, making them commit all dem crimes

    After that is NFL, NEGROBALL

    On BBC1 , at the same time, is “HATE ON THE STREET” : Livvy Haydock investigates a rise in HATE CRIMES in Britain , meeting VICTIMS and perpetrators to try to discover why it is happening

    Followed by a trailer for ‘The Apprentice’ starring millionare
    JEW Alan Sugar and millionaire
    JEW Claude Littner

    After that, NEGRO Reggie Yates is talking about “race relations” and
    “racism ” and “Black Lives Matter”………

    On FILM 4, is “Southpaw” starring JEW Jake Gyllenhaal

    On DAVE is of course Homosexual JEW Stephen Fry on “QI”, his guest is
    JEW Ronni Ancona

  8. Lou

    and finally,The British Broadcasting corporation is so full of multicultural brainwashing these days, they have now been recreating British history and putting peeps of color in roles everywhere — like blacks have been in Britain since early Medieval times. Totally ridiculous. TV shows are now completely top to bottom with Jews

  9. Lou

    Britain: Same Bloody Anti-White Globalist Crap–
    “Many whole sections of major cities now look like stinking foreign lands. Crowds of Muzzies go out into the street to kneel towards Mecca, while crazy imams scream Arabic calls to prayer on loudspeakers six times a day.

  10. Nani

    Spotlight: Chinese investment boosts jobs in U.S. rust-belt states

    As the United States is stepping up efforts to revive the country’s old industrial states, the so-called Rust Belt, Chinese investment in the region has also entered a phase of rapid growth, creating thousands of manufacturing jobs.

    Chinese companies invested over 20 billion dollars in the nine U.S. states of the Midwest region as of 2016, creating over 45,000 jobs, according to China General Chamber of Commerce-U.S.A

  11. Lou

    10–and yr op?
    The jobs in China are often slave like. And here they intend the same, for White and Black.

  12. Sunger

    Map of Virginia showing blue moving precincts versus red-moving precincts. The whole states is moving toward blue-

  13. Sunger

    Virginia House candidates make history: transgender woman, two Latinas, out lesbian to serve in General Assembly

    “An early and decisive victory Tuesday by Ralph Northam cascaded into a series of down-ballot firsts for Democrats, with a half-dozen Republican incumbents unseated by barrier-breaking challengers.

    “It started with Danica Roem, a Manassas Park Democrat who unseated the state’s most prominent social conservative delegate to become the first openly transgender state lawmaker in the nation.

    “It’s a major victory for LGBTQ activists in its own right, but the victories for progressives kept rolling.

    By the end of the night, voters across the state would elect:

    * the state’s first openly lesbian candidate, Democrat Dawn Adams, who won a surprise (and narrow) victory in Richmond’s West End over Republican Del. Manoli Loupassi;

    * the state’s first Latina delegates, Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, both from Prince William County, who defeated Republican incumbents Scott Lingamfelter and Rich Anderson;

    * the state’s first female Asian-American delegate, Kathy Tran, a Fairfax County Democrat who won an open seat over Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak; and

    * the state’s first Democratic socialist Delegate, Lee Carter, who unseated House Majority Whip Del. Jackson H. Miller of Manassas even after state Democrats pulled their support for his candidacy.

    It’s extremely rare for incumbents in Virginia to lose their seats — let alone a dozen, many to candidates who have traditionally been marginalized in state politics.

    “Tonight was the transformation of Virginia politics,” said Bob Holsworth, a longtime Virginia political analyst. “First and foremost it was a total repudiation of Donald Trump, and anybody who had an ‘R’ next to their name was vulnerable. And the Democrats took advantage with a set of new candidates, people who came in with passion and energy in these House races.”

  14. Christian W

    The DNC approval rating is the lowest for 30 years or so at 37%. Hardly surprising.

  15. charlottemom

    NoVa is simply DC suburbs of bureaucrats, lobbyists and politicians…of course they will always vote for more government! Would love it if federal government would disperse its Depts around the US. Something like moving Health Human Resources to CA, Transportation to GA, Energy to TX, Veterans Affairs to KS, Education to MA, Treasury to NY, and so on. State and Defense are the only depts that really need to reside in DC. Otherwise, the way the VA map is moving only Nova and downtown Richmond will vote Dem and they will still win the State. Va=NY with city centric lopsided voting patterns

  16. Nani

    Lou. To view everything China does in a negative light is not very helpful. The US needs to be on friendly terms with China, not make an enemy out of her. Luckily, Trump seems to understand this.

  17. Pete


    US spent $5.6 TRILLION on wars since 9/11!

  18. @ Lou #6 et al
    I’m beginning to notice a pattern here…..but I can’t quite make out what it might mean. Shall we move on to central banking and see what we find there?

    @Christian #5
    Trump voter = Zionist slave? Not clear about your meaning…

  19. Lou

    19–Federal reserve chairpersons?

  20. 20 — Chairs have been jews for 30 years. [But Trump has appointed a gentile to replace Yellen on Feb. 1!)

    Vice chairs — Fischer just resigned early — a dual citizen and former chair of *Israeli central bank.* 4 of the last 5 have been jews, I believe; that position turns over more quickly than the Chair.

    There have been a lot of vacancies in the Board of Governors for Trump to fill. .Chair, Vice Chair, and several of the regional governors.

    Another category? Critical theory, anyone? Pornography?

  21. Both Trump and I are in Jewish/Protestant European families.

    I am NOT anti-Jewish but I AM worried about Jews getting into severe troubles due to screwing around with all systems as a tribal group, this always ends badly and no one learns any lessons from previous failures.

    I was Mrs. Levy for many years in NYC, for example.

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