Huge Diplomatic Triumph: Xi Agrees With Trump, Will Stop North Korea!

Trump and Xi agree ‘there’s a solution’ to North Korea.   The Daily Mail has this as their top story today: Trump’s trip to China was a triumph.  The Chinese rolled out the very red carpet for him and he got them to promise to curb North Korea!  Naturally, one cue, the US mainstream Bilderberg media goes nuts and ends up attacking both leaders and screaming about all sorts of things, forgetting to mention this bold diplomacy to nip WWIII at the bud but then, they are all warmongers.  Every diplomatic move Trump makes infuriates this gang who are boasting like crazy that Trump’s party didn’t win in parts of Virginia and New York and New Jersey which is insane, these states go ‘blue’ thanks to illegal aliens and innercity people who depend on the government to survive.


No media is reporting that the red/blue divide is greater, not less.  The DNC hopes to win the next Presidential election via tiny enclaves of ‘blue’ in a sea of suburban and rural ‘red’.  Well, the news from China is a relief for me.  WWIII would annihilate Japan and South Korea in the first hour, not to mention, destroy what little remains in North Korea.


The Japanese government loves Trump, too.  Back to the British headlines which are at least truthful a fair amount of the time:

And here is the New York Times top story which attacks both Trump and Xi:

Way to go, New York Times!  Lie about what Trump said in China!  They can’t report the news even slightly anymore.  It is nonstop propaganda and they do still have some power in New York, mainly in Manhattan.  But they are losing contact with reality way too frequently.  Anyone depending on them for important news will be misled and this can be deadly.  But then, they seem bent on jumping off of cliffs lately.


The Washington Post is even stupider than the NYT.

The amazing diplomacy in China is totally hidden.  And they brought up the Japanese minister falling and Trump not noticing (due to his back being turned which is not mentioned).  They are desperately scrabbling for something to hate at the Amazon.WP.  The stories about Trump’s vital diplomacy is at the bottom of the front page, too.  At least the propaganda at the NYT was the top story!


The WP crows about places that voted for Obama voted for the Democrats in greater numbers which is true: the illegal alien vote is very strong in DNC run states/cities because they are now worried about being deported and since they now get to vote like citizens, they vote for more illegal aliens!  Duh!  But the ‘red’ parts of these states is actually getting redder, not more and more ‘blue’.  Citizens are very angry now.  Proof is easy to see with the football boycott, for example.


Trump is right about trade being a failure of US policies that the two Bushes, the Clintons and Obama imposed on us.  They, not China, did the ‘free trade’ garbage after all.  The NYT pretends that Trump is stupid and that the trade deficit is due to China which is a lie.  China didn’t impose free trade on us. Hillary and Obama ran on ‘free trade’ and we got shafted by them, not to mention the Bilderberg Bush gang doing this to us.


Back to the Daily Mail in England:

The DNC is not racing to victory, the DNC is falling to pieces.  I suppose the election results whereby they held onto power in a few places via allowing everyone to vote with no proof of citizenship has boosted their egos.  But the drumbeat of reality continues.  The mainstream Bilderberg media has been desperate to ignore Donna Brazile but she even appears in Asian and European news so foreigners have a clearer idea what is going on compared to DNC voters in the US who are totally ignorant of what is really going on.


But alas for the DNC and Hillary: the wheels of justice are slow but do grind on relentlessly.  The Fusion GPS scandal is heating up and the ‘Russian probe’ has turned into ‘Hillary and Bill went to Moscow to make deals’.

I put in this Daily Mail photo story about Trump playing golf with Abe in Japan because there has to be at least one ‘Trump didn’t do…blank…’ article a day.  He didn’t notice the fall due to facing the other direction.  So…no real news about him, it is all about the Japanese leader falling.  Then I saw this news in the British paper:

That couple chose a very, very stupid time to joke about this and make fun of Trump’s very successful diplomacy.  They should have thought before they made a big show of attacking Trump at a Country Western award ceremony.  I suppose they thought this was a great idea!  Show their contempt!  I suspect by next year, if they are making any money at all, they will be whining and begging to be forgiven.


How many organizations beloved by Trump voters are being boycotted now?  The huge chain of Home products stores, Target, became the target of a boycott by Trump voters and today they announced they are closing several stores and I suspect the boycott is beginning to bite.  Hollywood is on the ropes with many multiples of sex scandals roaring along one on the heels of another, an army of big shots there are being exposed as sex fiends.

Just over a year ago, the Hollywood lunatics were attacking Trump about sex.  Now it has bitten them in the ass and the face and all over the place!  The Furies do this: they impose the wishes of people upon themselves.  The DNC wished for sex scandals and is getting this in spades now.


I remember recent history with the Bilderberg media howling about how Trump will start WWIII and their fury when he stopped WWIII knows no bounds today. They hate him twice as much now.  This is dangerous.  They can’t stop him and once again, the discussion at their conclaves is how to terminate him.



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21 responses to “Huge Diplomatic Triumph: Xi Agrees With Trump, Will Stop North Korea!

  1. Far from ‘victory’, the DNC leadership is attacking each other now.

  2. Nani

    I agree with Elaine, this was indeed a very successful bilateral meeting between China and the US, the two most powerful countries in the world.

    US companies made deals with China worth over 250 billion dollars!

    Boeing, China sign agreement for 300 planes, valued at 37 bln dollars

    Chinese, U.S. companies sign over 250 bln USD business deals

    No amount of pitiful bilderberg propaganda can undo this diplomatic success for Trump.

  3. Nani

  4. And the communist leftists…HAHAHA. They are out on a limb.

  5. Sunger

    Bloomberg was equally sceptical-

    As we noted in our preview and still stand by.

    “…our suspicion is that Xi’s plan is to offer a “victory” to Trump with regard to reducing the trade gap, but only a small one. Meanwhile, China will continue with its longer-term “Mackinder-esque” plan to integrate the Eurasian continent via its “One Belt, One Road Plan” and undermine the dollar by accumulating gold and steadily increasing non-dollar trade. If it wasn’t for the small matter of China’s horrendous credit bubble, the US would have an even weaker hand.”

  6. Christian W

    The French President Marcon is heading to Saudi Arabia to negotiate the release of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Harris. This could produce some prime kabuki 🙂

  7. Christian W

    Hariri* stupid autocorrect :p

  8. Melponeme_k

    These people are wacky. They can’t do anything so simple without making a huge deal about it.

    They just don’t want to get rid of Trump, they want to do it in a way that releases power for them. Like Kennedy.

    They have already equated them with Ialdabaoth. But there was another intriguing allusion.

    Lady Gaga. Gaga. The “Messenger” satellite of Saturn who was given planet status due to asking the other gods to give their power to Marduk in order to destroy Tiamat.

    Yeah, that Superbowl halftime show by Lady Gaga was Anti-trump for those who could read the symbols.

  9. Christian W

    Trade is definitely better than war. If, huge if, Trump manages to work with China and align the US with the Chinese One Belt One Road project it will be a win for all normal people.

    Xi just announced the start of a humongous project for China. We will see, in the near future, something the world has not seen for centuries. The Chinese will unleash their creativity and design to shape future innovation and problem solving. Up until know the Chinese have been copy cats and on a learning curve to catch up to Western standards. Now China will take the lead in many fields.

    The Chinese are also investing heavily in the US. Creating jobs for Americans.

    Chinese investment boosts jobs in US rust-belt

    Trump voters get to work for the Chinese now. 🙂

  10. Melponeme_k

    Russia would like to extend the Trans-Siberian into Alaska, through Canada straight up the Elite backside in New York.

    If Trump makes that happen, won’t they be hopping mad. Hmmm, Trump is meeting with Putin soon.

  11. csurge

    I’m also skeptical about the ‘progress’. I remember some British fool returning from a negotiation crowing about peace in our time, and we know how that turned out. In geopolitics, sometimes a ‘good’ deal precedes a stab in the back

  12. Christian W

    Trump cannot be hailed as a peacemaker as long as he is a warmonger against Lebanon and Iran and aligned with Saudi Arabia and Zionist exeptionalism.

    But the way he is doing things, in other areas, must be driving the old establishment nuts. Their deeply laid multidimensional plans are being ripped to pieces. Trump is single handedly overturning decades of work and traditions within the establishment. More luck to him 🙂

  13. Christian W

    @ c surge

    Yeah, like Gorbachev and the Russians learned when dealing with Reagan and the Americans. Biggest geopolitical mistake of the second half of the 20th century.

    I’m also sceptical, not so much of the Chinese as trade deals is what they do wherever they go.

  14. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Yeah if Trump makes that happen I’ll give him a standing ovation myself 🙂

  15. Lou

    8–explain more,

    Lady Gaga. Gaga. The “Messenger” satellite of Saturn who was given planet status due to asking the other gods to give their power to Marduk in order to destroy Tiamat.

    Yeah, that Superbowl halftime show by Lady Gaga was Anti-trump for those who could read the symbols.

  16. Melponeme_k


    It is the Sumerian story of creation. Tiamat and Abzu created the solar system. The other planets rebelled against them and killed Abzu. An outside astral body entered the solar system which was named as the god Marduk. Saturn made a deal with Marduk to kill Tiamat for them. He sent his Satelllite GAGA as messenger to the other planets to get them to give their power to Marduk. Which they did. Marduk was able to destroy Tiamat who he then made into the earth. GAGA was rewarded with planet status for her role in this war.

    So fit that story to the last Superbowl show by Lady Gaga. She was telling us in code that the elites were gearing up to find a way to destroy Tiamat/Trump. The messenger status was encouraging us to stand down. That jump from the ceiling was just an extra touch.

  17. Lou

    15–thats fake, I found out.

  18. Pete

    China Megaprojects

  19. tio

    Bilderberg 2018 ..

  20. That is one happy warm puppy!

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