Record Cold Comes To My Home Today: Global Warming Isn’t Global

Mr. Trump, Alone With His Lies in a Warming World – The New York Times editorial the same week it is going to be near 0 degrees F in upstate NY where I live.  These people are insane.  The editors of the NYT live only just south of where I live and they will be shivering in a howling, Arctic wind this week and they are still hysterical about ‘global warming’.  Cold records will be set this week!  They picked the perfect time to attack Trump for telling the truth.


Earlier this week, Syria announced during an international conference in Bonn, Germany, that it would add its name to the historic 2015 Paris climate agreement, in which nearly 200 countries pledged their best efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This would leave the United States as the only country to have rejected the Paris deal, which Mr. Trump did in a Rose Garden rant on June 1 that was notable, even by Trumpian standards, for its dishonesty.


From the other side of the Atlantic Ocean today: UK weather: Worst winter for 11 years on the way with temperatures set to plummet to MINUS 11.  Back to the New York Times lunacy:


Our advice to the delegates in Bonn is this: Ignore Mr. Trump, who seems, on this issue anyway, to be beyond persuasion. Honor your pledges. Get on with the talks, which are supposed to build on the Paris agreement by establishing benchmarks to measure how well you’re doing now and to lay the groundwork for even more ambitious targets in 2020. And hope, as we do, that efforts now underway by state and local governments and by private businesses to control emissions and move the United States to a cleaner energy future will make up for Mr. Trump’s indifference.


These insane lunatics want it colder plus they plan to make US pay for all this while the rest of the world gets to merrily spew CO2.  This is a major looting expedition by the Bilderberg gang.  All the third and second world countries cheerfully signed on to this lunacy and are clamoring for it because they get loot out of it.


We get looted.  These lunatics who are running our planet for their own pleasures are willing to freeze us all to death while forcing us to bankroll tropical climate dictatorships.  This is the #1 reason I am against the global warming agenda.  It is a looting expedition.  And it won’t save the planet.


It is infuriating how they claim the planet is warming when it is not ‘warming’.  Past weather records are deliberately toyed with to create a false graph showing only warming.  They erased the hot 1920-1950 warm cycle and are working at eliminating the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ and even the ‘Roman Warm Period’.


Meanwhile in India, the terrifying moment 18 cars crash in pileup as dangerously thick smog shrouds Delhi.  The air pollution there is ferocious now.  Worse than China.  Both China and India have a green light to do nothing about burning fossil fuels and the tremendous amount of air pollution both create.  All the second and third world countries pollute the air in many ways!


Either we must ‘save the planet’ thoroughly or give it up as a scam.  It is obviously a scam at this point.  Already in Europe, people who have low incomes are living in increasingly cold homes due to high energy costs connected with the global warming schemes.  Last winter, Europe cold weather death toll rises – BBC News reported.

And it is happening again!  What will it take to show our rulers their fears of warmth are insane?



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20 responses to “Record Cold Comes To My Home Today: Global Warming Isn’t Global

  1. Lou

    Thanks. The propaganda continues.

  2. Lou

    you keep thinking of them as, ‘insane lunatics.’—NO, sane scammers and liars are more accurate terms.

  3. Sunger

    NATO joins the Pentagon in deeming climate change a threat multiplier

    25 May 2017

    “A new NATO special report concludes that climate change is the ultimate “threat multiplier”—meaning that it can exacerbate political instability in the world’s most unstable regions—because by intensifying extreme weather events like droughts, climate change stresses food and water supplies. In poor, arid countries already facing shortages, this increased stress can lead to disputes and violent conflicts over scarce resources. As the report concludes:

    “… food, water and climate are intimately connected with the sectors of economic development, demography, energy, ecosystems and urban planning—to name but a few interrelated sectors. The international community must improve the international food market to increase stability of prices and availability. Last but not least, the Parties who have ratified the 2015 Paris climate agreement must live up to their pledges, including on climate financing for developing countries.”

  4. Sunger

    The White House doubts climate change. Here’s why the Pentagon does not

    “WASHINGTON — The contentious debate over climate change is entering a new phase, with skeptics in the Trump administration poised to roll back regulations governing everything from clean-water standards to fracking — convinced that doing so will boost the U.S. economy. But the Pentagon views the issue differently.

    For Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, climate change represents a significant national security threat, one that’s “impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” according his written testimony to Congress provided in January ahead of his confirmation. The news site ProPublica was first to publish Mattis’ remarks, pitting the retired Marine general’s views against those held by the commander in chief and others in his administration.

  5. Sunger

    Climate Change Is About to Remake the Insurance Industry

    By Beth Kowitt July 25, 2017

    Most businesses know that eventually, they could be profoundly affected by climate change. What’s surprising is how quickly the shifts, threats, and costs are materializing.

    Take the insurance industry, which might be expected to profit as people seek to ward off losses. But instead, it’s thrown into disarray when those losses are no longer possibilities, but inevitabilities. At a certain point, as the likelihood of extreme weather events increases, insurance companies are “not selling a risk aversion remedy to people,” says Dan Kahan, a professor at Yale Law School who specializes in risk perception. “[They’re] getting taken to the cleaners.”

    A recent industry study found that last year there were 750 major “loss events” like earthquakes, storms, and heat waves, well above the 10-year annual average of 590. Analytics firm CoreLogic has found that 6.9 million homes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts are at risk of damage from hurricane storm surge that could cost more than $1.5 trillion.

  6. Sunger

    Reinsurance Group Head Puts Science in Climate Change Discussion

    “Asked for his thoughts on climate change, Frank Nutter expeditiously turned to science.

    His sphere of influence is far-ranging as president of the Reinsurance Association of America, a position he’s held since 1991. Nutter has addressed the topic of climate change with everyone from association members to reporters to Senate committees.

    The focus of his message doesn’t really deviate.

    “Our industry is science based,” Nutter said. “The actuarial sciences, and in this case the natural sciences.”

    Expanding on that point, he said it’s “critical that the industry be knowledgeable about developments from the science community that reflect increasing knowledge about climate and weather.”

    Nutter’s tone and words make it clear he doesn’t believe climate change should be considered a political matter.

    But as an industry advocate he’s often thrust into the political arena. He routinely calls for federal incentives to improve building codes and land use planning at state and local levels, steps he said will help the world prepare for increasingly frequent severe storms that many scientists believe will be caused by global warming.

    He and the RAA also engage in a constant push to get the the government to lend its expertise to improve forecasting.

    “We have called for better funding for NOAA and NASA so that the information flow about climate and weather is improved,” he said. “We have engaged in, and in fact are currently engaged in projects with NOAA to look at the impact that climate may be having on extreme events such as convective storms.”

    Amassing knowledge is a key function for the reinsurers group. The association stages a catastrophe modeling conference every year in February where climate becomes a central topic.

    The upcoming conference, “Cat Risk Management 2016: Pragmatic Decisions — Imprecise Data,” runs Feb. 16 through Feb. 18 in Orlando Fla. More than 500 people, many from the cat modeling field, each year come together to discuss developments in science related to climate and weather.

    Among the fun session titles on tap at this year’s data-driven conference – “Assessing ‘Gray Swan’ Tropical Cyclone Events in Catastrophe Models;” “Distance Dependent Correlation in Earthquake Loss Simulation;” “Terrorism in a Changing World: 3D Blast Modelling in an Urban Environment” – is one called “NOAA/(Re)Insurance Update – Severe Convective Storm (SCS) Pilot Project: Big Data Companies, Cloud Computing, What’s Next?”

    In that session three top brass NOAA officials will discuss information sharing between NOAA and the industry, and highlight examples of NOAA’s efforts to make data and tools available to the insurance and reinsurance community.

    Another session is titled “Climate Change Risks: State of Understanding, Data Needs, and Barriers to Capturing These Risks with Insurance Products.” It will explore industry perspectives on the role of insurance in addressing near-term and long-term climate change risks.

    Nutter has no qualms about making his thoughts on climate change clear, and he despite his feelings about politics and climate change he doesn’t back away from political arguments.

  7. HAHAHA. Yes, a most recent report shows that more rain is falling in dry places so that the Midwest, for example, is not a huge dust bowl like during the Dust Bowl Warm Cycle before WWII. And it has been snowing in places like the Sahara as well as more rain.

    This flies in the face of beliefs of global warmists! I remember the terrible Sahel drought way back during the Ice Age scare years of the late 1960s-1970’s. Yes, cold creates droughts! This idea seems to be unable to penetrate the skulls of people paid to lie about basic climate facts.

  8. Jim R

    Now now, Elaine, the neoliberals aren’t going to cause you to freeze. They aren’t going to do anything at all but squawk about it. They just like to show maps with a lot of red and yellow on them. They don’t even understand basic meteorology.

    The drought that hit Texas back in 2009 to 2011 was caused by a patch of cool water in the Pacific. Of course, they squawked about it. And then this year we had some hurricanes, one of them dropped 50 inches of rain on Houston, and the Caribbean is still pretty torn up. They squawked about that, too.

    The truth is, despite any possible geoengineerng efforts, they cannot make your mountain any colder. And, thanks to the CO2 level, you’ll have it 1/2 degree warmer, or so… You should be happy except for all the squawking.

  9. Except…when they cut off my energy supplies! I do have a forest of hardwood trees so I won’t freeze to death but only those of us who live in the woods have this resource at hand.

  10. Lou

    9–the truth is, despite any possible geoengineerng efforts,

    like what?

  11. Jim R

    Well, there’s a conspiracy theory floating around that ‘they’ are flying airplanes around spewing junk into the stratosphere to create high clouds and diminish sunlight, but it’s not one of my favorites … Regular airplanes do that, without deliberately dispensing anything. Simply stirring up the stratosphere can cause a trail.

    And tons of other schemes have been proposed, including an Australia-sized solar reflector in space. None of it will probably ever be done, though.

    If humans stop bulldozing the forests and burning coal right now, then the CO2 level might begin to drop in a century or so. Will it make any difference in the weather?

  12. As the earth warms into another ‘warm age’ we get more rain which means more green things grow which means plants eat more CO2 and produce more OXYGEN. The ‘scientists’ are telling us this is evil. They want the oceans to stay put, not rise. They want it COLDER.

    So, we get more and better crops, more moisture, warmer weather where it is freezing cold and they want another Ice Age. Take your pick.

  13. Lou

    12–In my area, that gunk in the sky gets dispersed, with great regularity, on Fridays. yes, yesterday the sky had all kinds of grid lines. Odd, why not everyday?
    Simply stirring up the stratosphere can cause a trail.–It didnt 30 years ago. I have been in the same place that long. Nowadays, the blue sky doesnt last long. Grid lines appear.
    And I see contrails that are U shaped. Why is that? it is not skywriting.
    I am with the conspiracy people on this one, having read quite a bit and spoken to someone on Maui.
    There are no international flights over Maui. Why are planes 10 miles high over Maui?

  14. Jim R

    The thing that affects the atmosphere more than anything is the bulldozing of the world’s forests. And there has been no letup in that activity.

    Elaine was cheerleading for the plants up there in #13, well so am I. The plants that will grow if the forests are destroyed are the green slime of stagnant water.

    But mostly, the CO2 level is being used by the sociopaths, wrapped in a blanket of ‘science’, to advance their globalist agenda. And they won’t do anything for the forests or the CO2 level.

  15. Jim R

    And Lou, airplanes DID leave trails 30 years ago. I saw them as a child.

    There weren’t as many of them back then, because the airline industry was smaller 30 years ago, but when jets fly through the stratosphere, they leave a trail. It dissipates at a varying rate, depending on the humidity of the air up there. The visible trail is made of ice crystals, and there is an invisible one of CO2 from the plane’s engines.

    Because they are burning hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon), which make ice and CO2 (hydrogen oxide and carbon oxide, DUH) and it’s cold up there. There might be a few atoms of aluminum or other metals from wear on the plane’s engines, and scientists can detect down to a few atoms these days.

    But no, I do not believe they are burning sulfur or any other foreign substance, nor are they spraying it. For one thing, it would be very expensive to haul enough other elements up to the stratosphere to actually make a difference to the climate. I could still be proven wrong some day, but don’t think so.

  16. Yes, silly theories proliferate. There are many more jets flying around this planet than say, in 1970, thousands and thousands more of these and when a humid front is forming, the turbulence from the jets stirs it up and causes clouds to form.

  17. Lou

    16–can contrails last for days?

    because the airline industry was smaller 30 years ago.– I have lived near a major airport for 30+ years. There are a lot more ‘contrails’ now then even 20 years ago. I doubt there are more planes flying then there were 20 years ago.

  18. Jim R

    Do cloud last for days? They do, sometimes … it depends on how much humidity (that OTHER greenhouse gas) is in the air.

  19. Jim R

    And, Lou …

    If you are amazed by looking at the sky with your puny human eyes and their tiny 380 to 760 nm bandwidth, you should see the sky the way Elaine’s father saw it. It is a very colorful affair in the longwave infrared, shortwave infrared, radio, x-ray, and other wavelengths.

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