Vault 8 Clearly Shows CIA Created ‘Russian Hackers’

The stunning WikiLeaks – Vault 8

clearly shows how the CIA maliciously and deliberately run these programs on computer systems in order to frame Russia and blame them for various ‘misdeeds’ during the last election and first year of Trump’s presidency.  This dirty trick business is NOT IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWS.  They are totally ignoring it on their front pages.  If they do run this story…days later, they will lie about it like they lie about all Wikileaks information such as the proof that Hillary and her gang were committing various election crimes last year.  This utter failure of mainstream news is revealing them as propaganda outfits, not news operations.


The cover domain delivers ‘innocent’ content if somebody browses it by chance. A visitor will not suspect that it is anything else but a normal website. The only peculiarity is not visible to non-technical users – a HTTPS server option that is not widely used: Optional Client Authentication. But Hive uses the uncommon Optional Client Authentication so that the user browsing the website is not required to authenticate – it is optional. But implants talking to Hive do authenticate themselves and can therefore be detected by the Blot server. Traffic from implants is sent to an implant operator management gateway called Honeycomb (see graphic above) while all other traffic go to a cover server that delivers the insuspicious content for all other users.


Digital certificates for the authentication of implants are generated by the CIA impersonating existing entities. The three examples included in the source code build a fake certificate for the anti-virus company Kaspersky Laboratory, Moscow pretending to be signed by Thawte Premium Server CA, Cape Town. In this way, if the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated.


This fake information then feeds into the political and news systems.  The mainstream Bilderberg news then delightedly reports utterly false stories and use these to push populations into opposing Russia based on fake information.  This entire set up reeks of war crimes for the entire reason to do this is to prepare captive populations to endorse and even demand WWIII due to ‘Russia interfering in elections.’


The DNC openly talked about nuking Russia based on them ‘using computers to mislead voters’ which means we should nuke the DNC headquarters in DC for doing that, no?  This insanity was cooked up by crooks inside the CIA who are still there doing various crimes.


The conspiracies to lie about everything working hand in glove with the CIA who infests our media systems, spills into all systems via fake news.  Donna Brazile’s new book opens the corrupt crypt to give us a peek at the Obama machine and how it operated on lies and deceptions and collusion with media to run things deep into debt and gigantic trade deficits:


They even looted the DNC itself!  HAHAHA. Hillary raised a billion dollars…for herself.  It was all bribes from foreign and domestic billionaires.  And she and her husband, working with Obama, looted their own party.  Also in British news via the Daily Mail is this story:

The US fake news was screaming just two days ago that the Republicans were unpopular and losing support with voters and crowed that they won in states where they won in the past.  And I noted that their areas of victory were increasingly confined to specific cities where illegal aliens and welfare families congregate.  The mainstream news didn’t point this out, of course.


Obama Officials, Media Lie About Trump Not Taking Questions During Presser With Xi Jinping — In Fact, Obama Did It Too!  This startling news story is from…London via the Daily Mail again!  All over US mainstream Bilderberg news is this total lie about Trump not taking questions.  These clowns pretended that Obama bravely did take questions when in China which is fake news.


The report by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that provoked the lies was factual and unbiased, “Asked why President Trump didn’t take questions from reporters today, Sarah Sanders said, “It was at the Chinese insistence there were no questions today.”


But former senior Obama administration officials, including Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Ben Rhodes, joined the media in the lying smear that Trump is the first president in decades, since President George H.W. Bush, to visit China and hold a press conference with the leader of China but for the leaders to not take questions.


Former Obama officials attacked Trump without noting Obama had done the same thing in China.


Here are just a few examples of DNC clowns lying, people who knew perfectly well, Obama did the same.  They chose to openly and nakedly lie while assuming no one would debunk obvious lies:


Former White House Press Secretary for Obama Jay Carney, “I once had to tell Chinese officials that Pres. Obama would not show up for the press avail unless there would be a Q&A. They backed down.” “The Chinese try this every time. It’s a test of will and principle. Letting them dictate press access is an embarrassing capitulation.”

Note the above photo showing Obama not only obeying the Chinese leader but openly BOWING to him.  Obama bowed to any and all leaders.  He also bowed very deeply to the Japanese Emperor whose daddy went to war with us in the 1940’s.


Former Obama National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador Susan Rice agreed with a call for reporters to boycott Trump and Xi Jinping, and then lectured Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “Yes indeed. We insisted on questions and got them. Remember, reporter friends?” “They always insist, Sarah. The trick is to use diplomacy to extract that concession as a matter of principle, despite their resistence.


I hope Susan Rice is arrested soon.  She certainly conspired with Hillary to break a number of laws.


”Ned Price, former Obama Special Assistant to the President, Spokesperson, and Senior Director, National Security Council, “Trump’s idea of the art of the deal: Roll over. The Obama WH didn’t accept the “Chinese insistence” (nor the Cuban, Ethiopian, etc.)”


Ned Price is a criminal, too.  Arrest them all.  Right now, these criminals are protected by their co-conspirators in Congress and the media.  They hope to continue committing crimes for all eternity if they can get away with it like they still are today.  Note how all the charges launched at Trump are coming up duds.  Yet the investigations seeking something, anything, continues and even doubles down.


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22 responses to “Vault 8 Clearly Shows CIA Created ‘Russian Hackers’

  1. Christian W

    The Trump Russia conn game is a repeat of the Iraqi WMD scam. It doesn’t matter that the claim is complete bullshit, the justification (national defense) is enough to invade and scorch the political landscape. If no proof is found you simply move the goalposts and keep moving ahead scorching as you go.

  2. Christian W

    Edward Snowden ‘Killed’ by SEALs: US Military Used Fake Story in Phishing Test


    The rot goes much deeper than the DNC. The Pentagon itself is a weapon aimed at US citizens. Give it a few years and US citizens will have no clue about anything that has not been fed to them by the CIA and the Pentagon.

  3. BOTH parties are run by the Bilderberg gang as I keep saying. Trump is an outsider. This is the only reason I support him. He isn’t perfect at all but at least he isn’t one of them!

  4. Christian W

    I don’t know Elaine. Trump may not be a Bilderberger outright but he is deeply embedded/embroiled with the Zionist mafia. Sources say the Trump family were “well received” by the Salman family and by his support of the Salman coup this looks likely. What’s the point in supporting someone who is not going to clean up the mess but at best is a speed bump of sorts? The US desperately needs a Putin to start to clean up the corruption before the US becomes some sort of capitalist version of North Korea/Saudi Arabia/Ukraine.

    Trump is relatively fresh to real power, what will he be like in 4 or 8 years time? Will he and his family be as corrupt as the Clintons? If so, where does that leave the United States and their citizens? Time is very swiftly running out now. There is no time to play support the Oligarchs because the Oligarchs will eat you all alive, that is what they do.

  5. KHS71

    Nobody is more corrupt than the Clintons. Nobody!!!!!

  6. Christian W

    The Clintons are small fry. They are just more visible than others. The question remains though, is someone slightly less corrupt than the Clintons preferrable? Is that the yardstick now? The way things are going the Trumps will be at least as corrupt as the Clintons.

  7. We don’t know and can’t know until something happens. The problem with the leftists is, they are allied with monsters, those crazy ANTIFA gangsters which is very bad and they are treasonous in that they don’t want any borders and want to export all our industries. That is the bottom line for me.

  8. Christian W

    And who is building up ANTIFA with money, support and Media time/exposure? ANTIFA is classic agitprop/psy warfare. ANTIFA is simply a political tool, not a political power. The CIA/State Department are experts in using such tools in their color revolutions. I bet all of ANTIFA’s leaders either directly work for or report to various US government offices/arms, directly or indirectly, and take their money from outlets connected to such (Oligarchs such as Soros).

    Then we have the riffraff that are ANTIFA on the streets, most of whom look like Meth addicts getting some easy cash money for their next hit or college students/drop outs looking for some kicks. These people are not a serious political movement. They can’t even think straight, or rather, logic doesn’t matter because their job is to be agitprop.

  9. Christian W

    The gravest mistake is to think of ANTIFA as ‘leftist’. There is nothing leftist about ANTIFA or the people using them for their purposes. The people using them are Authoritarian just like the people opposing them. ANTIFA and the Alt-right are the same coin.

  10. tio

    All true, however .. the peasants are revolting, hence the strong medicine, containment. The veneer has crack-ed and Herr Trumpf has proven efficacious in the assist. The executive has failed. The 2007 financial collapse was the death knell. You don’t have to even know this, you can feel it.

  11. No, certain things are changing! Ignoring this is dangerous. Look, we have been forced into ‘free trade’ for nearly 30 years. My home business which I ran after my husband became disabled and I needed to make money on my ‘farm’ was DESTROYED by free trade run by Bill Clinton’s gang. The value of my rare breed of sheep collapsed. I had to terminate it.

    Look, no one is perfect. We choose allies based on if they will do just ONE THING for ourselves. I said way back, Trump promised to deal with the free trade issue and he certainly has! The EU and Asia have decided to ‘go alone’ and impose ‘free trade’ on us on the outside but this can be fixed by Trump via…tariffs and barriers!!! HAHAHA.

    See? We are winning something huge here. Don’t look at the kooky news media that hates him. They won’t talk about all this at all.

  12. Jim R

    I find it amazing that the “news media”, after this story has been published, still squawk like parrots abuout “Russian hackers”. It’s all they have, so they double down on the lies. Disgusting.

  13. Yes, they have doubled down on the fake news now. It is astonishing to watch. If someone replaces Trump (assassination) they will be praised for making peace with Putin. I still remember Kennedy who was NOT popular with the Real Rulers when he was killed.

  14. Christian W

    It’s more than the Fake News. It’s the army of CIA/Pentagon/US State Dept. online astroturfers, contractor astroturfers/botters, MSM “Fake News” journalists/stenographers, oligarch sponsored NGO and Think Tank wonks/agitators working in unison. This system has a life of it’s own.

    To stop it is not difficult. Drain the money out of the Pentagon, the CIA and the tax the hell out of the Oligarchs. Shrink them like raisins.

  15. Christian W

    Only problem is that Trump is doing the exact opposite… he is feeding the monster with tax breaks and more direct funding.

  16. Yes, the ability to change direction is difficult. And I understand why. We are seeing a huge shift in Saudi systems this week and this is going to cause a major crash there, shifting direction is dangerous but has to be done eventually which is why I support change.

    Remember: Hillary’s solution was more of the same. At least Trump had some change! See?

  17. Ken

    Wasn’t there some kind of news shall not be propaganda law that Congress repealed in the last 10 years? Not sure, but read about this supposedly happening recently.

  18. Christian W

    Trump is openly looting the US for the Oligarchs and himself. The Saudi coup was a Zionist coup subordinating Saudi Arabia and the Arab League to Israel in preparation for more war in the region. The US opened a military base in Israel. The US collapse into a pure Police State is gaining steam, it’s not being stopped at all. The genocide in Yemen continues. Trump has overseen the deaths of 50,000 children thanks to the US blockade + sanctions and US/UK/Saudi bombings since he became President. Soon the deaths will be in the hundreds of thousands.

    And you support that crap and more?

    At this rate by the end of his Presidency Trump will make Obama look like a lily white saint.

  19. The Saudi coup has barely begun. I predicted here that it will ultimately fail but during that process, Saudi Arabia will be in chaos. I don’t ‘support’ this stuff, I EXPLAIN it. Or we could stick our heads in a hole in the ground and ignore incoming missiles. Your choice.

    Trump is ‘riding the wave’. He is NOT a Bilderberg gangster or they wouldn’t be attacking him nonstop and threatening his life and his family. Got that?

    He is not perfect, far from it. But for the first time since Jimmy Carter, we have a non-Bilderberg boss running our country. I notice the stark, hard difference because I remember the past and have played politics much of my long life. If you think Trump is part of the Bilderberg gang, why are they attacking him every day, all day long? Eh? Hello!

  20. CoreVintelpro

    E- we want to hope and believe in trump but he’s pretty embedded with international finance. Christian seems spot on about Saudi reset for Levantine purposes.

    Trump may simply be Obama reprised. This is in line with end times news report jake morphonios and against the sorcha falls/ Ben fullford line of team trump leading a 5D chess fight against Clinton soros MSM pedos … the end goal seems to be divide n conquer US (Yugoslavia v2) .. no stop to MIC, no United States notes, keep up pretense that he is “different” when it’s all the same– war drums Iran and NK..

    Time will tell// it’s not that we don’t want to believe-// yes msm is disgusting.

    Repealing tpp and paris were easy runs, feel good- good attempt to right the titanic or simply feel good gestures n red state hopium . Make ppl believe again.

    We like his attempts… not theirs.. will see results in a couple years time.

    4th turning or elder protocols? Not necessarily A vs B.. parts of both. 4th doesn’t take latter into account.

    There’s also EROEI to consider.

  21. Only problem is, the elites want to kill Trump. That doesn’t fit your scheme, does it?

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