Trump Shakes Hands With Putin, Both Laugh! Oh, The Horror!

Daily Mail in London on the other side of the big water has far more interesting news than tepid, dopey US big newspaper operations.  They post online far more news stories with lots and lots of sex and are having a field day with the US sex scandals wracking Hollywood and the political arena.  This sex war began with the Democrats, totally ignoring their own sex problems, piling in with the media giants to smear Trump with sex scandals only to have all this backfire gloriously.  Duh.  Clinton!  Well, today, Trump is doing ordinary diplomacy to the great fury of the Bilderberg gang who redouble attempts at smearing him for talking to a major nuclear power leader, Putin.  They won’t give this up, they want the threat of WWIII to keep peons who are ‘voters’ under their thumb.


Anyone remember the praise heaped on Nixon for going to China to make deals with Mad Madame Mao and her insane husband?  That was supposed to be a major diplomatic triumph!  But all attempts at the most basic diplomacy by Trump is hailed as ‘he is a traitor!  He is a monster!’  I have assured readers from day one that Trump has managed to communicate to Putin that the collapse of even the most basic diplomacy through a corrupt Congress and press has not stopped him from wanting to do real diplomacy.


This is why Putin is holding his fire.  He knows that this is a delicate operation, prying the voters away from the mainstream media and the Bilderberg gang who are actively destroying Europe by pouring in millions of angry illegal alien Muslims.  Car drives into crowd outside high school in France – reports in Nice, France.


Not one detail, no names, no pictures are shown which means this was another Muslim.  The news did report that this indescribable somebody was said to be ‘insane’ but still, not even the tiniest detail is being released which is why everyone with a brain knows it was a Muslim.  Back to Trump’s triumphal visit in Asia:

The New York Times is one of the Founding Fathers of the Bilderberg gang after WWII.  They are the official voice of the Bilderberg gang’s ‘no borders’ operation.  They hate sovereign power and want to wield all power despite elections, themselves.  They foisted ‘free trade’ on us.  Now Trump is forcing all our ‘trade partners’ (sic) to do real trade instead of one way trade.


All the leaders of these countries know they are doomed if they don’t cooperate!  China, in particular, running the biggest trade surplus, has anxiously cooperated with him in various individual initiatives in this regard.  Nearly all  my support for Trump comes from him fighting free trade!


I don’t like his conservative allies when it comes to gay people, sexual issues of various sorts, etc.  But the left has gone off the cliff on sex issues, too, going way, way over the line.  I have a daughter who was born a male but had medical problems due to birth defects who is now a full woman and I am intensely happy about all this.  I also fear right wingers who hate people who are transitioning from one sex to the other.  It is none of their business.


But ramming this down the throats of everyone is stupid and dangerous, one has to be careful how to shift feelings, being bullies is the exact opposite of what will work here.  Back to Trump and his very important tour of Asia: the Asian leaders can clearly see, Trump is determined to have real diplomacy with Putin.  So they can’t play Putin off of Trump.  This means they have fewer options for ‘push back’ when Trump delivers the news that the open door to trade will have penalties now.

Interesting that the NYT has an interview of the hated Bannon advisor.  They thought they drove him out of the White House but obviously, he is working for Trump still.  I will also note it took 2 reporters to do this stupid story!  No wonder they are going bankrupt and had to sell themselves to a Mexican billionaire!  They do his bidding and he hates Trump who is going to mess with the gravy train of free one way trade.


Now on to the pathetic but very rich Washington Post:

Two top stories…the raging sex wars goes roaring on but the WP only carries one about a Republican who dated young teens (when I was a teen, many girls age 16-17 dated older men, even me!) 35 years ago…oh my!  The horror!  The WP barely mentioned Hillary’s female buddy whose husband was making sex passes at very young teens!  No need to look that close to a very close person to Bill Clinton!  And I was against the impeachment of Clinton due to the sex scandals in the White House!


I even have a letter from Hillary thanking me for turning the tide via my editorials at the New York Times back then, back when they knew me as ‘Elaine Supkis’ when they banished me years earlier when I was still ‘Elaine Levy’.


As I went through the Washington Post, I found this story popping up which wasn’t there earlier today:

Go, Ghetto Boys!  The problem of black crime is the Achilles heel of the DNC and the Bilderberg gang.  The black community is used to attack everyone else and terrorize everyone else while the gang orders us to be nicer to them all while they attack everyone else.  This is destroying BLACK PEOPLE rapidly.  They are being lured into a culture of no marriages, broken homes, open chaos, constant crime, high murder rate, etc. which black voters are assured, if only they vote for Democrats, all this will be ‘fixed’ and every DNC run city continues to lose businesses, lose jobs, gain more violence, burn down, etc.  No end in sight.  Some blacks have figured out this scam and are fighting it by deserting the DNC and the left.  Good for them!


Now for more sex scandal stuff which is mainly in foreign news since the mainstream news in the US focuses only on GOP sex scandals and is studiously ignoring the liberals who are blowing up in the news:

Is anyone surprised that there is rampant wild sex, rape and drugging going on???  I have seen this first hand!  I have family in Hollywood in the past.  I wrote ‘Hollywook’ and fixed it but it is a big ‘wook’ there.  Yoiks.  What a no surprise!  The rock and roll world was all about wild sex, rape and drugs from way back when I was a teen in California!  Duh!!!  Everyone thinks they can do anything they want and look again at rock music today: all about Satanic sex!  Duh!!!


But then, the women’s right movement supports importing millions of angry Muslim males who want to enslave them.  Everyone has gone insane this year.  No surprise, actually.



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12 responses to “Trump Shakes Hands With Putin, Both Laugh! Oh, The Horror!

  1. melponeme_k

    “I also fear right wingers who hate people who are transitioning from one sex to the other. It is none of their business.”

    When it is being pushed forth in the media and forced on the populace it IS everyone’s business. When Koestler wrote “Ghost In the Machine” which was about using chemicals to interrupt the proper sexual development of fetus’ and children IT IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. When the elites write of their beliefs of “Adam Kadmon” and that the new man will have no sex in order to be god like IT IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

    We are in a war of religious belief and the transgender ideals are a big part of it.

    I’m not part of my Catholic belief system anymore. Nor am I part of this “Star” religion of the elites.

    I don’t believe that earth is fallen as many foundation religions and the elite’s twisted religion say it is. I think the ever burgeoning intricacy and division is INTENDED.

    This whole “we all go back to the one” crap rings my BS bells. What is the point of the creator giving everyone free will if it doesn’t matter in the long run?

    We are living Pygmalion and Galatea writ LARGE. That is it in a nutshell.

    The people who are naturally transgender need to take hold of their own narrative double quick. Because the elites are planning a religious war if they can’t have WWIII. And the populace needs to know exactly how many of them are in the entertainment business, their reasons for lying etc.

    All of this needs to be in the light of truth and right. Or it will all fall apart. The time for silence and lying is OVER.

  2. ziff

    Our cbc has this scolding crow voice ‘world report ‘ announcer Karen howerlock , she showed up when trump got in , anyway its her job to hand out the daily anti trump stuff , this mornings fake news was ” trump asks putin if he intereferred” , putin says he is insulted ” , ya right , your pic at the top says it all.

  3. Lisa

    I accidentally found this Russian news(?) website. The Russian version of Alex Jones? I don’t know. I thought you might be interested in it:

    Unless you read Russian, which I don’t, you’ll have to run it through Google Translate. Here are some of the stories:

    A huge column of Ukrainian armored vehicles was smashed by the army of LDNR

    The period of peaceful existence is over: NATO is intensively preparing for war with Russia. NATO Secret Report

    Will the Russians be able to sink the American aircraft carrier?

    I don’t know anything about the website, but it has interesting articles which may or may not be accurate.

  4. Yes, the Russians have the equipment to sink our vehicles which are sinking due to poor supervision and thus crashing all the time…

    And yes, in Europe we have been flooding Europe for three years for WWIII and the EU populations are snoozing away even as endless Muslim terrorist attacks destroy society. War with Russia! At least it will end the problem of the Muslim invasion.

    Cockroaches will rejoice.

    About the social wars in the US: everyone is using all sorts of inappropriate tools to fight each other including guns, cars, bombs, propaganda, threats, etc. I abhor this.

    When I sued for my civil rights, I went to court. I also gave speeches. I was physically attacked. On the other hand, at the same time, young ladies my age were doing terrorist acts (AND running to ME to save them when the FBI was tracking them down!) and making speeches demanding communist solutions, etc.

    I was a peacenik back then because the Vietnam War was an ideological failure. This was due to the South Vietnamese being corrupt and stupid and lazy. I thought it was a waste of US young men fighting for people who were not fighting hard, themselves.

    I was NOT a communist at home, far from it, the communists hated me but at the same time, the Chinese communists trusted me because…I was NOT a communist! It was funny as hell back in Jimmy Carter’s presidency, they chose me because my father was a close friend of Jimmy. They wanted INFLUENCE.

    About today: Trump and Putin are playing a game with the mainstream media and DNC/GOP Bilderberg gang. Both know about this gang. Both know this cat and mouse game won’t work out for the gang. They are actually AMUSED about this game as am I.

  5. Petruchio

    “But then, the women’s right movement supports importing millions of angry Muslim males who want to enslave them.” That should tell you something right there. The so-called “Women’s Rights” Movement was never really about Equality between the sexes. It was about the complete destruction of the Traditional Family Unit. It was about punishing and then destroying white males in particular. The folks running Hollweird are the same way. This is why they absolutely refuse to hire any more white males than the absolute minimum. It is also why someone who knew nothing about the racial makeup of the US would think black people are the dominant race in the US if all they watched were TV commercials. These same people would never discover that the #1 cause of death among black males is homicide or that 82% of black kids are born to single mommies. Or that blacks are at the very bottom of scale in terms of being the least educated. It goes on..

  6. Christian W

    @ Pet

    It looks like the elites are even better at destroying the lives of black males, no?

  7. melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    The Nazis never went away. Bush, Ford, and Dulles (plus many other elites) gave them succor and sanctuary in the U.S. They turned their blind eyes away from South America.

    The U.S. carried on the Thule work of Hitler.

    It is said that they focused on blond caucasion people because there is something about their genetic makeup that makes them pliable to mind control. Black people are harder to sway unless they have a big mix. So they decided to destroy blacks both in America and Africa and anywhere else.

    Be aware they are allowed into Europe for their own Slaughter!

    Because now, at this point, things are too far gone. There will be a WWIII/Grand Crusade to clean up the Elite mess that is being done today.

    Hopefully all the citizens in the US will wise up enough to avoid it totally. This is the work of Europeans. They must find the will to take back what is theirs and not be completely neutered.

  8. The Nazis were brought back for our rocket program which is why my father, who saw first hand all their evil at the rocket caves in Germany, quit the rocket program. One of my childhood girlfriends, her father was one of these Nazis and when she found out, she was totally freaked out about him.

  9. Petruchio

    @#6 Christian W: A little known fact about our elites is that they are Eugenicists. Like the Nazis they believe in a Superior Race of people. And this means that everyone who doesn’t fit into that group is excess population. Useless eaters. according to these guys, the World has about 3 Billion to many people. the elites don’t hate blacks because they are black per se; they believe blacks are NOT part of the Superior Race of peoples and are therefore excess. Black males do a really good job of destroying themselves. I’m sure this makes the Elites happy, but is and always has been the Inferior WHITES, especially white males that the Elites want to see destroyed.

  10. I just posted the latest news out of Russia. There is zero news in OUR media about the agreement over Syria that Trump and Putin made a few hours ago. But it is all over the place in Russian and Syrian news and even the stupid BBC has said a few words about it without quoting Putin or Trump, of course. Soon a flood of rage will fill our media systems and they will roar with impotent fury. To hell with them all.

  11. Jim R

    As irritating as you and I find Trump’s personality, I think there is one thing he shares with Putin, and that is a genuine desire to look out for the interests of his country. They are among the few top-level leaders who are not either stupid bureaucrats or outright sociopaths.

  12. Ken

    Elaine @4

    I agree that the South Vietnamese were unworthy of the sacrifices that we made on their behalf. That is why I had no sympathy for them when they complained about how hard things were under the communist regime. People have to be willing to fight for their own freedom. Freedom cannot just be handed to them and expect them to remain free when they are unwilling to do what is necessary to stay free.

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