Bilderberg Gang Strikes Back: Trump/Putin Diplomacy Destroyed By Ridiculous News About ‘Election Tampering’

This was totally expected by me: the Deep State wants WWIII with Russia and is determined to get this.  The silly news that Russians put online various things and that THIS caused Trump to win is still very silly.  Yes, some Russians did put stuff online but so did everyone else on this planet!  Duh!  This childish storyline is for people who don’t understand how the internet works.  The actual open tampering during the election by Hillary and the mainstream news never makes the news due to the mainstream news conspiring with the DNC and GOP Bilderberg gang to hide real news.  We are seeing the coup continue.  And all hopes for real diplomacy die.


Readers of my little news analysis service could see this coming, I said they would not praise Trump for doing real diplomacy, that the mainstream news like Washington Post and Mexican New York Times would attack Trump for doing normal diplomacy.  So long as enough citizens support the mainstream news, we will get constant fake stories and twisted ‘analysis’ that is aimed at tricking people into following destructive policies like ‘free trade’.


Apple moved profits to tax haven Jersey after Ireland crackdown: reports – CBS News reported the other day, for example.  Did anyone see this in the news this week?  Here is how it happened: German news broke the story after some unknown person leaked this information and it reveals the Bilderberg gang and how liberals use it to cheat on taxes all the time:  Paradise Papers – Wikipedia


The Paradise Papers is a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investments that were leaked to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,[1] and some of the details were made public on 5 November 2017. The documents originate from the offshore law firm Appleby, the corporate services providers Estera and Asiaciti Trust, and business registries in 19 tax jurisdictions.[2] They contain the names of more than 120,000 people and companies.[3] Among those whose financial affairs are mentioned are, separately, Prince Charles[4] and Queen Elizabeth II,[5] President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, and U.S. Secretary of CommerceWilbur Ross.[6] The leak is the second biggest data leak in history, consisting of 1.4 terabytes of information, behind only the Panama Papers leak in 2016.[7]


One of the most liberal corporations on earth is Apple and they moved offshore years ago to avoid paying taxes.  Now I saw this yesterday in the British news and was too busy to write about it then.  The NYT carried this important story on its editorial pages: The Paradise Papers Hacking and the Consequences of Privacy – The New York Times but didn’t mention, say, Apple in their editorial instead, they focused entirely and only on tax evaders who are connected to Trump, not the DNC and the NYT which is increasingly a foreign operation in the middle of NYC that pretends to be American.


Last month, the international law firm Appleby announced it had been the victim of a hacking and that information on its clients was in the hands of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the news gathering organization that broke the story of the Panama Papers in April 2016.


On Sunday, material from that hacking became public. The Paradise Papers exposed the hidden financial dealings of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Queen Elizabeth and the athletic apparel company Nike, among many others. As revelations about tax-dodging airplane purchases and secret Russian ownership in tech companies came to light, Appleby declared that it takes its clients’ confidentiality seriously and billed itself as “not the subject of a leak but of a serious criminal act.”


In an age in which personal consumer data is routinely plundered for profit, it’s smart public relations for law firms like Appleby and the tax havens in which their clients hide their assets to present themselves as victims of a global crime epidemic. There is also genuine belief operating here. Jürgen Mossack and Ramón Fonseca, the founders of the law firm whose hacked files formed the heart of the Panama Papers, described their work as safeguarding their clients’ fundamental right to privacy in their financial affairs. Mr. Mossack and Mr. Fonseca insisted that when their customers asked them to set up hundreds of thousands of anonymous companies, trusts and foundations, it too was in the interest of privacy.


The NYT has been since I was born, the #1 newspaper pushing for open borders and ‘free trade’ and zero sovereignty for voters.  They are super big in this looting operation, they give it cover and push for it relentlessly.  Tax evasion?  That is our richest corporations!  The mere threat that Trump might screw up this scheme to loot the voters has them in full bore attack mode.  All news about Trump must be negative!  There is absolutely nothing he can do or say that won’t be twisted.

I predicted they would blow up when he suddenly did normal diplomacy.  These same clowns praise to the heavens any President who does diplomacy that destroys our borders and our protections.  But not the opposite.  This whole business this week is the best illustration of how the Bilderberg International Looting Gang really operates. Here is McCain with his ISIS buddies in Syria: Syrian Airstrike Kills ISIS Press Officer, and Former Syrian Host of John McCain, Abu Mosa… | The Last Refuge



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26 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Strikes Back: Trump/Putin Diplomacy Destroyed By Ridiculous News About ‘Election Tampering’

  1. Lou

    Shadow Government – Deep State—
    the Rockefeller/CFR and its affiliates. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T and Time-Warner are CFR corporate sponsors.

    Also Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Blackstone and Blackrock.
    Many of their execs are CFR members, along with Bill Clinton, John McCain, Dick Cheney, Lynn Forester de Rothschild and George Soros to name a few. Also every Fed chairman since WW2 and most secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA. See member lists at cfr dot org.

  2. Jim R

    MoA has a nice essay on this exact thing..

    I would like it if McStain would live long enough to face direct questions about his obviously friendly visits with ISIS or Daesh or whatever you want to call them this week. There’s an absolute blackout in the US news about the fact that they are being rousted out of Syria and Iraq, and the only ones left are in Paris and Brussels and etc.

    The political talk shows today are all about “sexual misconduct” … by various celebrities with mostly consenting adults or near-adults … and of course completely ignoring the stories of DNC pederasty and temporarily ignoring the “Russian hacker” bullshit.

  3. Christian W

    Trump essentially accepted the Russian terms for Syria without objection. Now the only question is if Trump will be able to stop the Neocons, Israelis and Saudis from interfering with it’s implementation.

  4. Jim R

    Trump (and/or the Pentagon) do not have a choice on whether to accept Russian terms for Syria. The war is over, and the Pentagon’s proxy forces lost. If they want to pursue it any further, they will have US soldiers directly facing battle-hardened Russian, SAA, and Hezbollah soldiers on the battlefield.

  5. ziff

    Jeez, that last picture is something else! , if its not fake M’Cain should be in jail to say the least.

  6. Christian W

    @ ziff

    It’s not fake, it’s well known. The West was not shy of it’s support of Al Qaeda & more indirectly ISIS a few years ago.

    In Iraq, rather than fight ISIS, the US Army stood ready to abandon it’s posts had ISIS taken Baghdad. Instead what happened was Iran stepped in and saved Baghdad and Iraq. One Iraqi (Kurdish) general was recently sentenced to death for abandoning Mosul with 10,000 Iraqi troops under his command (he was bought off with Saudi money most likely). It was all a setup to let “ISIS” waltz in and take over Iraq.

    Thanks to Iran, and later the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and Russia, terrorism was defeated.

  7. Christian W

    @ Jim

    I know, but the crazies definitely do not want to let it end there. No wonder they are chewing on the carpets.

  8. Jim R

    Of course they are. But this is the tail end of it. The propagand outlets of the Anglozionist Empire will squawk about ‘Russian aggression’ but all that is required is a small shift in the RoE, to where ‘coalition’ warplanes become legitimate targets.

    The only thing that keeps that from happening is the threat of massive escalation by the AzE, maybe even to the point of nuclear weapons. It would mean WWIII, but the crazies are still in charge up there in Washington.

  9. Christian W

    The AzE is about to starve millions of Yemenis to death, squawking about ‘Iranian aggression’.

    Bahrain attributes an explosion at one of their oil terminals to ‘Iranian terrorism’. Saudi Arabia has called upon the Arab League to denounce Iran for ‘interference’.

    The crazies definitely will not yield power quietly.

  10. Christian W

    Maybe this situation can throw Netanyahu in the slammer to cool things off for a bit:

  11. Christian W

    Nazism is on the move in Poland. From twitter:

    “White nationalists & Neo-Nazis marched in Poland today carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” & “Clean Blood.””

  12. timothy carroll

    For those who care on dining on something other than current lib-friendly, cognitive blue pill diet, I humbly offer the following Ultimate Red Pill:

    (a glass of sodium bicarbonate mixed in with a little water is suggested for the dispeptic. 🙂

  13. tio

    11 Nov 2011 – 643 views ..

  14. #12

    Hitler did nothing wrong.

    Well, not exactly. He unwisely overruled his generals in a few instances.. He shouldn’t have diverted forces from the Central Army Group in fall 1941 and instead pressed on to take Moscow before winter.

    And much as I like the Brits, he shouldn’t have let them go at Dunkirk.

  15. Melponeme_k

    Hitler was a puppet like all the rest before and since. He was beholden to Ford, Rockefeller and many other industrialists that funded his party, his rise to power and gave him his orders. His aspirations to mass murder did not bother them one bit! Just as long as he gave them their NWO.

    How did he meet them all? The same way all their patsies meet them. Through the spook community. Hitler was part of the German secret service and his job was to infiltrate and report on different political groups in post- WWI Germany. The communist party busts of the era was enabled by Hitler’s spying.

    He thought he was put into power to destroy Communism. That was partly why he made that foolhardy run into Russia. He thought they were gearing up to invade. Meanwhile the industrialists turned on him.

  16. The annihilation program of Hitler was HIDDEN. It was not advertised. People who pried into that matter were put into concentration camps, too. So everyone looked the other way.

  17. Melponeme_k

    It was hidden to little people.

    The same Bilderbergs today were the same Bilderbergs as way back when. They knew about the camps and did not care at all. Especially when all the poisonous gas, war ammunition and other things were patented here, made here or were given to Germany affiliated companies to assist in their aims.

    They believe in depopulation afterall and it matters little to them who gets the noose.

  18. Lou

    17–Theres the opinion that the Holocaust was approved by the fake Jews, The Rothschilds, in order to create enough sympathy to create Israel.
    The holy land being what they wanted to create their Synagogue of satan there.
    What do others think?

  19. Christian W

    Hitler got his inspiration for the concentration camps and ‘racial hygiene’ from the Brits (Boer War, India etc) and US elites (natives, eugenics), that is the Bilderbergs (pre-WWII version of the Bilderbergs as Mel points out). He admired the US and British efficiency greatly when it come to dealing with ‘lesser’ races.

    And of course the Zionists inspired him as Elaine has pointed out in the past.

    The Brits did gas experiments on Indian prisoners Nazi style before the Nazis. But of course the Nazis are evil and the Brits heroes.

  20. The Germans in the 1930s-early 40s tried to defeat Communism totally, by first driving it out of their country, which they accomplished in short order using the only methods that could possibly work — then or now, I’d say. The conditions in Weimar Germany and the present U.S. are so similar, it’s striking, and the same kinds of people are doing the same sorts of things.

    In the autumn of 1941 the German army came close to militarily defeating the Soviet Union. The “Allies” intervened on behalf of Communism and allied with Stalin, who, after Mao, was probably the worst mass murderer of all time.

    Gen. Patton concluded at the end of the war that the U.S. had allied with the wrong side. Several months after he started to spread his opinions, he died after a strange accident on a military base. In “Patton,” I don’t think George C. Scott was given any lines expressing Patton’s views on the Soviets and the Jews. Patton believed that we had lost the war by leaving the Communist Soviet Union intact.

    Why have you never heard the word “Holodomor,” and yet you can’t go a day without hearing about the “Holocaust?” As I type this, Holodomor has a red squiggly line under it, from the spell-checker. I guess it doesn’t exist.

    The Holocaust is an event whose evidence, such as it is, cannot bear close scrutiny. In fact, the best evidence, besides Hollywood movies, is the testimony of the 6 million currently living “survivors” of the camps, some of whom escaped the gas chambers multiple times. It all falls apart when you look at it closely. Which is precisely why it is the only historical event that it is unlawful to publicly question in about 20 European countries.. People have been imprisoned for merely challenging it; e.g., 89 year old German lady Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to 6 months in jail recently for questioning the Holocaust story.

    Why would that be? Seems like it should be a slam-dunk to disprove what the “deniers” are saying.

  21. Patton wanted to run up to Berlin instead he was ordered by FDR to seek the rocket caves. This required going to Jena not Berlin. Hauling out the Nazi rocket scientists was top priority but some of them refused to go with my father so Stalin collected them instead.

  22. ziff

    hey look ! real Nazis ! MSM was right ! Lest we forget Nazis were nuts , Hitler had a ”clean” fetish.

  23. Lou

    what are these rocket caves? How big were they? what was there?

  24. They are GIGANTIC. And was used for weapons after WWII and were kept secret by the Soviets. Inside, the Nazis built the rocket factory and had living quarters.

  25. Lou

    24—in rural Germany?

  26. Kenogami

    It may have been at Dora in Thuringen:

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