Secret Alliance Of Saudi Royals And Israel Jews Leaked To Al Jazeera

From my past cartoons.


Last June, Israel calls for Saudi Arabia ties and state visits which came as a shock to outsiders.  Now we have proof that this happened as someone has leaked the secret cables. Israel instructs diplomats to support Saudis: Cable | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera reports today.  I have some small insight into how the Saudis operate due to my parents involvement in that country on behalf of President Nixon years ago.  This revelation is very big and very serious.


And is being basically ignored by our Zionist owned or run media systems.  Israel’s state secrets are secure thanks to our media giants lying about everything or covering up obvious events like Israeli jets strafing and trying to sink a US ship during one of the wars years ago, but the ship didn’t sink and the sailors filmed it showing the Israeli jets and…this never made big news, the President didn’t demand the Israelis apologize, nothing.  It became yet another hidden event.


Both political parties and also Trump are beholden to Israel and Israel has a lock on our politics and I dislike this greatly because they are a foreign power using their allies in Europe and the US to control our political systems.  This is very bad for Israel, too.  It leads to endless corruption and Netanyahu is being charged with collecting bribes but then Israel interests are all about bribing politicians across the entire planet.


Back to the breaking news: the ruling family of Saudi Arabia is now in very grave danger from their own people who were raised and trained to mindlessly hate Israel.  This is very serious.  Once, when my father was doing diplomacy between Israel and Saudi Arabia, on the flight out of KSA, the jet had to turn around and land.


My parents wondered if anything was wrong with the jet and wanted to disembark.  They then learned that some complimentary kleenex packets had ‘made in Israel’ on them and had to be removed and the plane sat on the tarmac for over an hour as the religious police examined each packet and scoured the jet.


So today’s news is extremely big in many ways and the reverberations will last for a generation or more.  I see the Saudi royals being annihilated.


Israel has instructed its overseas embassies to lobby their respective host countries in support of Saudi Arabia and its apparent efforts to destabilise Lebanon, a recently leaked diplomatic cable shows.


The cable appears to be the first formal confirmation of rumours that Israel and Saudi Arabia are colluding to stoke tensions in the region.


Now both the rulers of KSA and Israel thought they were very, very clever, telling their people that they hated each other while loving each other secretly.  This flies in the teeth of Israeli/Saudi propaganda.


Sent by the Israeli foreign ministry and disclosed by Israel’s Channel 10 news this week, the cable demanded that diplomats stress Iran and Hezbollah’s engagement in “regional subversion”.


That closely echoes accusations Riyadh levelled against Tehran and the Lebanese faction in recent days.


My prediction of the destruction of the Saudi Royals will come true.  Already, they have been unable to stop the extremely poor Yemenis from revolting and recently a Prince was killed along with the other fat puppies in his helicopter.


The Yemenis are showing the very poor and very, very angry Saudis that the royals are human and destroyable.  The coup against the family by family members includes taking the property which is hundreds of billions of loot, and using this to give to the angry Muslims who are poor and reproducing like crazy.


Only this will simply cause mainly inflation at home!  The Saudi economy is rather primitive.  It doesn’t have an industrial base and has a huge income gap.  Sounds like our DNC cities.


Saudi purge more ‘palace coup’ than anti-corruption ‘jihad’ — RT Business News reports in Russia:


According to Bruno, there’s no doubt, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is consolidating his power. “He’s ambitious, but appears to be sincere about modernizing Saudi Arabia – if for no other reason, because the Saud Royal family will collapse without major changes,” he said.


The heart of the problem is that Saudi Arabia doesn’t have an income tax and the country’s oil profits have been lower in the past few years, he explained. However, Prince Salman has big plans to reform the country, so he “has targeted the richest princes and is essentially extorting them out of a few billion dollars to make up some of the shortfall in oil revenue.”


The expert assumed the crown prince may also be reaching a new kind of deal with the kingdom’s tycoons, claiming “they won’t be able to get away with amassing their fortunes as easily now.”


“I see it as a kind of ‘palace coup,’ like what happened in Qatar in 1995. It’s more of a blow to the old system than an anti-corruption ‘jihad,’” Bruno said.


The Saudi royals cannot undo 70 years of indoctrination in one week.  Or one year.  Or 70 years.  They created this and they are stuck with this.  The sudden shift in diplomacy is a 180 degree turn around which means all diplomatic systems are now going to fly off the track and the entire point of all the wars against Shia are dumped in the hopper: the Shia are already crowing today that the Saudis have betrayed Mohammed!


The end is obvious to me.  The US might prop up the Saudi royals for a while longer but I don’t see this ending the way that Israel hopes.  I see the exact opposite.


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22 responses to “Secret Alliance Of Saudi Royals And Israel Jews Leaked To Al Jazeera

  1. Lou

    Is the so called Royal Family crypto Jews?

  2. Melponeme_k


    No, they weren’t Jewish in any way shape or form.

    They were a nomadic tribe that barely lived in one place long enough to build anything more than tents for housing.

    The British literally picked them up from the dirt desert dustbowl and told them they were kings.

  3. Petruchio

    A high percentage of Israelis are not jewish–even though they claim to be. They aren’t even Semitic; they are khazarians. And they are “kissin’ cousins” to the Saudis. They both deserve to flush down the toilet of History.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Turmoil and throne topples in this country puts the whole petrodollar scam into danger. Especially since China is now pushing for the yuan. Infrastructure will no doubt crumble since the “government” will no longer be stable enough to protect foreign workers in the area. Since they have little to no motivated workforce, whatever is there will soon be useless.

    So where will everyone’s oil come from then? Russia must be smiling.

    Does this SA even have a military force for Junta? There isn’t even that option, it seems.

  5. hans

    the current Saudi rules claim direct descendancy from Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism. Wahhab was a descendant of Donmeh Jews from Turkey, so yes the connection between Khazars and Donmeh Jews are strong.

  6. nclaughlin

    “Does this SA even have a military force for Junta?” from (4).

    Not much has been written about it, but I believe the Saudis have a large mercenary force of Pakistani soldiers. I don’t know if it’s regimental or division sized.

  7. Christian W

    The MBS coup was pure power madness coupled with desperation. MBS has now made the rest of his family his mortal enemy. The bedouin culture does not take such backstabbing and mortal insults lightly. Traditionally stuff like this would mean a blood feud.

    There are two interesting additional aspects here. The Saudi family stretches into Iraq and Syria. If that branch of the family flips side it could have an impact on the politics in Iraq and Syria.

    Also, MBS must have had outside help to pull off this coup. The fact that none of the family members caught a whiff of it and all of them were caught with their pants down means there were no leaks. Apparently some in the family were kidnapped abroad and taken home to face the music.

    This stinks of the Mossad again. Even the US State Dept. knew nothing (or the Clinton faction would have leaked warnings to their Saudi patrons/sugar daddies). But Trump knew and was in on the whole thing.

  8. Christian W

    When you look at MBS do you see any sign of intelligence there, at all? He is just the front for this Zionist coup.

    And to tie in to other comments. Barzani the Kurdish mafia type, who tried to create his own Kingdom in Iraq but failed, is also one of the ‘kissin’ cousins’

  9. Mewswithaview

    US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel

    Note the position on the base in relation to KSA and Egypt.

  10. All good points. Yes, there is much murkiness going on here. The young Saudi prince is a buddy of quite a few younger Bilderberg members so it was no shock to me when he moved up the ladder rapidly. This is a coup so far as other branches of the Saudi royals are concerned and yes, they will retaliate but I think the ‘street’ will be the next force at work here.

    Read the history of the War of the Roses to see how various royal branches from Edward III ended up being confronted by a peasant’s revolt and fighting each other until a near-outsider with murky and little royal connections became King Henry VII.

  11. Christian W

    Yes. The US/Israeli/Saudi/Al Qaeda coup already is feeding the unity of genuine Arab resistance and pan-Arabism, the very thing the AzE has been fighting since Israel’s inception. The real Arab street, not the manipulated one used by the Neocons for their fake Arab Spring operation, will be united in the end.

  12. Christian W

    Also, this is great news in the wake of the recent Texas massacre isn’t it:

    “US Army Lifts Ban on Recruits With Mental Health History

    People with a history of depression, bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol abuse and self-mutilation are now able to obtain waivers in order to join the US Army, according to a report published by USA Today Sunday.”

  13. Christian W

    The Crazies are upping the ante:

    House to vote on giving Amazon $53 billion deal to become main Pentagon supplier

    Members of the US House of Representatives and Senate Armed Services committees announced Wednesday that they have reached agreement on the proposed $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense spending bill. This astronomical figure—an $80 billion increase over spending in 2016 and roughly $26 billion more than was requested by President Donald Trump—is a clear signal that the US will expand its ongoing wars around the world and is preparing to engage in far broader conflicts potentially involving North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China.


    The CIA’s darling Bezos will get more cash handouts and grow the Amazon tentacle of the Murder Inc. Monster. This bill is also a reply to the US defeat in Syria.

  14. Christian W

    So the US is scraping the barrel for cannon fodder and going all in Saudi style. Smells like war.

  15. Nani

    Meanwhile in Europe..

    Instability and tensions are rising in many parts of the world.

  16. Lou

    9–Jesus help us.

    The $outhern Poverty Law Center and the ADL regularly provide “intelligence” to federal law enforcement regading “hate groups.” ADL was fined for spying on Americans that opposed israel…

    and the 8 years of BHO–Interesting that the surveillance of the Occupy groups happened under “leftist” Obama. The man is clearly as much a puppet as Bush (whose policies Obama defends and extends).

  17. tio

    Here is ‘The Plan’ apparently, KSA is threatening Lebanon with economic destruction with a side of political bitch-slapping if it does not put Hezbollah back in the box. Alles ist klar, ja?

    However Qatar just said they will make good any losses and removed VISA restrictions on Lebanese entry.

  18. The Muslim world is totally divided and the Saudis are totally corrupted and their pretense of being ‘echt Muslim’ is collapsing because everyone knows they run around the world acting like infidels. They are certainly doomed.

  19. Christian W

    They are well aware of the danger which is why they are part of the Anglozionist operation. Just look at how the US, and UK especially, promote Saudi Arabia as a paragon of Human Rights (Women’s Rights in particular) in the UN.

  20. Correct, it was very stupid.

  21. Blissex

    «the angry Muslims who are poor and reproducing like crazy.»

    When the arabian peninsula was a worthless desert and people on it lived hard lives, having many children and fat wives was the biggest status symbol, because most children died early and there were a lot of stillbirths because wives were too think to carry pregnancies successfully. If you look at old photos from the arab peninsula the people looked very poor and on the permanent edge of starvation, not quite as good as the yemenis are today. The desert is harsh.

    So when there was the great oil price boom in the 1970s the arab peninsula princes gave their subjects the biggest status symbol: they subsidized having lots of children:

    The problem is that the arab peninsula is now way beyond carrying capacity, in particular for water, and water comes out of oil-fueled desalination plants. So when the oil goes, the peninsula arabs will not just go back to being poor, but will not have enough water to drink, and around 20-25 million of them will have to die or emigrate.

    That’s what MBS is trying to cope with: by buying time for even more asset stripping and then the top echelon of the saudi family will just disappear into their palaces in the USA and the UK.

  22. Blissex

    «The bedouin culture does not take such backstabbing and mortal insults lightly. Traditionally stuff like this would mean a blood feud. »

    There aren’t many bedouins left… Anyhow the saudis are very keenly aware that their power is fragile, this is the *third* saudi kingdom of Arabia, and the defining moment of the modern klngdom is the Great Mosque siege and the Qatif Uprising of 1979.

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