DNC Demand For More GOP Sex Scandals Boomerangs On DNC Sex Fiend Supporters



Actor Tom Sizemore ‘was removed from the set of Born Killers for allegedly violating an 11-year-old girl during a photoshoot’| Daily Mail Online reported today.  There are many ‘call the ethics’ inside the Hollywood/DNC/GOP/media machine that rules the masses and produces gushes of entertainment and election controls.  I personally knew a number of famous Hollywood people when I was young and ‘sexy’ and sisters of mine worked in Hollywood and all of us knew all about ‘sex’ when we were very young, I being raped at 5 years of age but all of us were part of the ‘sex revolution’ of the sixties, especially me, I gave speeches in public on the subject of ‘free love’ when I was under the age of 17!  Well, all this is now exploding in everyone’s face and why?  Because they wanted to destroy Trump and prayed to the goddesses at the Gates of Death for scandals to howl about and…like all wishes, these come with curses and the curse here is: all the wild sex will be revealed, EVERY ONE OF THESE.


The video above is a man talking on You Tube who is worried that the New Puritan anti-sex/anti-men females will shut everything down.  The mob wielding the anti-sex club are whacking its own allies, its own side.  The army of angry females pouring into the news to talk about past sex adventures.  Most of these adventures are them accepting sexual contact for contracts.  I know very well how that works, I watched this first hand.

8 actresses who were rumored to have slept their way to the top with Harvey Weinstein – YouTube

Ditto with females wanting the attention of rock stars: they would pester the rock stars and show themselves to be ‘available’ for ‘free love’ so they end up having sex!  Duh.  I never did this and in fact was known as the ‘girl you don’t F’ at the Fillmore West rock palace in SF back in the 1960’s.  Sex is everywhere in politics and entertainment.  The present push to destroy Trump relies on stopping all sex in politics which is a HUGE boomerang for anyone to use because nearly all politicians are ‘sex fiends’ in that, to be elected, you have to be attractive and what is that?  Sex power!  Duh!


Ditto in spades in Hollywood and music, etc.  It is all about high charged sexual attraction!  Even unattractive people like LBJ wanted illicit sex.  Even Nixon!  HAHAHA.  It is called ‘being normal’ in the sense that humans that are powerful and attract others will bump into Cleopatra some fine day.  Et tu?


Sizemore, the star of gritty 90s movies like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Heat, was accused of sexually assaulting the young girl during a photoshoot towards the end of filming in 2003, the Hollywood Reporter reveals.


The girl, who played a minor role in the movie, a completely separate film from Natural Born Killers in which Sizemore also starred, was sat on Sizemore’s lap for the picture when the actor is alleged to have either rubbed his finger against the girl’s vagina or inserted it inside.


Sizemore declined to comment on the allegations when reached by The Hollywood Reporter. His agent Stephen Rice’s told them: ‘Our position is ‘no comment.”


The list of revelations today is long:  15-year-old YouTube star arrested and charged with sexual exploitation – LA Times


Los Angeles police have accused a 15-year-old skateboarding sensation, his adult manager and another man of sexually exploiting a 12-year-old girl who reportedly was “lured off the street in hopes of meeting celebrities.”


In a statement released Thursday by the Los Angeles Police Department, investigators said they were taking the unusual step of publicizing the name of the juvenile suspect in order to identify other potential victims.


OK: the adults with this juvenile conspired with him to sexually interact with a juvenile female.  The skate board kid is a victim of the adults who encouraged and enabled this.  The girl is at fault because she wanted fame and fortune and didn’t go to mom and dad to learn what to do or not do.


As a former teenager and mother of former teenagers, we keep our secrets and don’t tell moms about anything like this, we have to live and learn the hard way.  And as I told myself and my daughters both understood instinctually, we did this to ourselves and it is due to us being reckless deliberately that these things happened to us and we live and learn from this.  Stewing about it for a lifetime is stupid.


This is the price of ‘free love’.  We could have the Saudi system where girls are locked up.  I prefer freedom and making mistakes and learning from these.


Carefree Bijou Phillips poses for selfies after issuing her heartfelt apology to former costar Daniel Franzese over claims she made homophobic comments, body shamed him and even physically assaulted him| Daily Mail Online


The mom-of-one, who is married to actor Danny Masterson – who is facing rape allegations from four different women – stepped out hours after she publicly apologized to Daniel Franzese who accused her of body-shaming him and taunting him over his sexuality.


The new rules about sex is we all walk on eggshells while leftists get to be rude, crude, wild, stupid and do whatever whacky sex things they want to do while screaming at us all about how evil we are due to being sex fiends, etc.  This schizoid way of living life has a limited reign.  Eventually, this blows up in their own faces and I would say, it is blowing up right now.


Cast of One Tree Hill – including Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton – write joint statement accusing showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment| Daily Mail Online


One Tree Hill cast members – including Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton – have written a letter accusing former showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment.


Audrey Wauchope, a former writer on the series, took to Twitter on Saturday accusing a showrunner, believed to be Schwahn, 51, of harassment, although she never mentioned his name.


On Monday, 18 women who worked on the hit show that ran from 2003-2012, wrote a letter of support for Wauchope and claimed they were ‘manipulated psychologically and emotionally’ while working on the series, according to Variety.


Bush, Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz, as well as others from the show, wrote that they ‘have chosen this forum to stand together in support of Audrey Wauchope and one another’ following Wauchope’s statements made on Twitter.


All of them who were silent and who exploited the male (and power female) need for power and sex in order to land jobs and to make money and gain power, themselves, are now denouncing the very same system that promoted them.  They were all rewarded for all this sex stuff which to me, means they are prostitutes and bad prostitutes since they are revealing who their Johns are which is a big no-no in the underworld of sex for money.


Christopher Plummer calls Kevin Spacey allegations ‘sad’ | Daily Mail Online


Actor Christopher Plummer has controversially expressed sympathy for disgraced Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, following numerous sexual misconduct allegations against the star.


The actor, set to replace Spacey in a forthcoming Ridley Scott thriller, said ‘it’s very sad what has happened to him,’ in a recent interview.


Where was Plummer during this last two years?  Why didn’t he denounce the sex scandal hysteria back then?  The hope was, it would stop Trump.  So long as this was ‘working’ these same clowns wanted more and more and got it.  There are so many warnings in life going back thousands of years about this such as ‘People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ for example.


John Travolta accused of sexual battery by masseur aged 21 | Daily Mail Online


According to the bombshell police report, the masseur alleged that Travolta groped his bare buttocks and indecently exposed himself during a deep body massage at the LaQuinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California.


During the alleged incident, Travolta, 63, also made lewd remarks about gay fantasies while at the hotel’s spa facility around 1.30am on February 15, 2000.


I find this all very funny, actually. When I was in college and wanted fast money with minimum effort, I did stripping for a period of time instead of going into debt or working and going to school.  School holidays=make big bucks for me.  The men liked me because I talked to them and treated them like humans instead of scum so they gave me big tips.  I had movie stars as customers.


We joked about sex!  With Dennis Hopper when he was filming in Tucson, that biker movie that is very famous ‘Easy Rider’ he and I talked about his Indian motorcycle and the other strippers were pissed off that he went off with me instead of them!  The thing is, all this business seethes with sex and unfortunately, a huge hunk of this goes towards children which is despicable and that is what should be strongly investigated.


DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza fired amid more sex allegations | Daily Mail Online reports today.  Another man falls to the sword of righteousness.  I remember the birth of Zap Comix,  I was literally there when it was born, I did comix myself back then.  I knew Robert Crumb and was ‘Berlinda Berkeley’ in his comix back then.  We were all so very dirty and wild and stupid!  Well, the rest of the country went down that rabbit hole and now everyone on the left and the right regrets this and yet…are doing even more wild things, this is called ‘out of control social forces at work.’


Roy Moore ‘tried to force girl to perform oral sex at 16’ | Daily Mail Online reports.  The DNC is heavy handedly using ’30 to 40 year past sex scandals’ to smear a conservative.  They can’t resist using this tool.  They, themselves, are now being condemned to hell due to using this tool when they are guilty as sin, themselves.  I am just amazed that this is continuing onwards.  They can’t help themselves.  They have no other tools except this hari-kari death wish tool.


This just in: IT’S A FAKE! Analyst Says Judge Roy Moore Signature Inside Gloria Allred Accuser’s Yearbook Was FORGED.  I looked at the documents involved and yes, it looks very much like it was forged.  I also know that whenever conservatives prove something is forged, the mainstream media totally ignores the information and proofs like with Obama’s obviously forged ‘birth certificate’.


Donald Trump selects mainly white men as judges but then, Democrats have put these females in power:Uber driver claims drunk white female Dallas prosecutor berated and hit him.  Here is another fine example of DNC choices:FBI are investigating the black female Philly judge that jailed rapper Meek Mill illicitly 


The FBI is investigating the Philadelphia judge that threw rapper Meek Mill back in jail last week.  The rapper was sent back behind bars on Wednesday for probation violation with a sentence of two to four years that many claimed was ‘unjust’.


Is has now emerged that the FBI is looking into the the judge who threw him back in jail.


It turns out that her black husband wanted this felon behind bars.  Meanwhile, black politicians and court people demand no more jail for black criminals!  It is their main agenda at this point.  I think this man should have been behind bars but he got there the wrong way, it was a scheme to attack him for revenge by the black husband of the judge which makes this illicit and illegitimate.


Then there is this real news that shows something really bad is going on:  Ex-NFL player ‘murdered his wife by slitting her throat’ | Daily Mail Online reports today.  Yes, he killed her, he went insane and killed her.  Brain damage is a huge problem for pro players.  The guy retired, and within ten years is now going to prison for life like so many other black players.  This is a real scandal but blacks from the ghetto view football and other ‘sports’ as a ‘get out of the ghetto and into the mansions’ escape plan so they put up with the price they must pay.  I want football to cease.  It is too dangerous far more dangerous than the much more popular globally, soccer.


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25 responses to “DNC Demand For More GOP Sex Scandals Boomerangs On DNC Sex Fiend Supporters

  1. Tim E.

    Here is a good podcast episode about stripping. http://bit.ly/2AHHKTP It is a lot different on the men’s side of things then the women.


    BTW his other episodes are great also.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The sexual revolution was a scam by the Frankfurt group to destroy the cultural foundation of the US. While the prudish insanity of what we had before wasn’t ideal it was still 20x better than what we have now. What we have now is an abomination where men and women look at each other like blow up dolls to be used and then thrown away. That isn’t healthy and leads down the road to sociopathy.

    I looked about 18 when I was 12 years old. It was quite confusing to have 30 year old men and older chatting me up but I was never a girl desperate for attention. So the cold eye usually sent shadow creepers on their way. I don’t understand teen girls not being able to stand up for themselves.

    The entertainment biz loves to prey on the underage. It has been that way since the beginning. Everyone is just waking up to it now.

  3. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/democrat-arrested-texting-photos-genitals-creepy-stalking-woman-new-mexico-video/

    ANOTHER boomerang sex event for the DNC! HAHAHA.

    About rape: I know exactly what rape is. What we are seeing right now is ‘men making passes at women’ events. Everyone did this in the past. BTW, the sex revolt was generated mainly by ourselves, I was part of it, it was not a CIA operation and we were attacked by the Bilderberg media for doing our stuff in public, I was there I was one of them, I know where I got it from (my own life).

    When I very publicly threw myself half naked into the ocean in California and made the news it was totally deliberate, I gave a speech and said, ‘THIS is how it will make the news!’ I was only 17 years old back then.

    My father blew up but then, I was financially independent and could do as I pleased. No one made me do this, I wanted to do this stunt. This is true of many of us. It was 100% connected to the invention of birth control pills, by the way.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I’m sorry Elaine. It wasn’t all your idea or the other young people at the time of the 60s. You and the rest were just as duped as the poor souls who are now wearing pussy hats and screeching at the sky.

    The Frankfurt school was at the helm of the Sexual revolution. The Bilderbergs had this in their plans since the 1920s and earlier. I believe the H.G. Wells was into FREE LOVE via the Fabian Society (another secret elite shindig).


    The books that fueled it were penned by Wilhelm Reich. I have his books, all of them step by step on what went down. Instead of us being free we are all now suffering from even worse sexual anxieties and ill development.

    Reich also thought that sex had a frequency that could be used to heal. The spooks took that idea and used it during their mind control experiments in 1970s/1980s in Montauk. Apparently they blasted these “sex” frequencies all over Long Island. All generated by the abuse they directed toward children, teens and adults they used in their experiments.

    It makes me sick because I grew up on Long Island at the time and was probably bathed in that sick crap.

    But, yeah, YAY for Free Love!

  5. Lou

    used it during their mind control experiments in 1970s/1980s in Montauk. Apparently they blasted these “sex” frequencies all over Long Island. All generated by the abuse they directed toward children, teens and adults they used in their experiments. –??????????????

  6. Ken

    I cannot help but feel sorry for Elaine’s parents. If my daughter ends up doing half the stuff that Elaine did I will be a mental case. It’s natural for fathers to be protective of their children, especially daughters.

  7. Lou

    3—comment at link =

  8. I did my ‘revolt’ in 1967. Not 1970 or later. And NO ONE had a thing to do with it except for the fact that I was who I was! I was one of the movers of this, not a passive victim. They, the Rulers, were totally freaked out by this, this is why I was arrested more than once and deported from Germany, I was this self-determined troublemaker, big time!

    As were my friends.

    Even Timothy Leary had nothing to do with this transformation, he wanted to ‘glomb on’ to me, not the reverse! I kicked him to the curb! Look, pretending I had no power, no agency is insane and INSULTING.

    I was surrounded by dangerous people who had power but the power I seized upset them no end, not the reverse. They didn’t like it one bit. Trust me on this!

  9. My power came during the night in mid-August at the University of Kansas in my dorm room when I meddled very deeply in the Outerdarkness and the Gates of Death and this attracted the CIA and Catholic Church interest and it utterly changed my life back then, this is why I ran into the ocean in California a week later and then went to Germany and raised unholy hell there until deported, etc. etc.

  10. We were, all of us, completely out of the control of the CIA and the Real Rulers. At Kansas, we had this whole thing going about bets concerning my prediction that Lorraine would die via falling through the ceiling which happened two months later.

    The entire business was epic in that there were virtually no ‘hippies’ on campus and I made fun of this by having a ‘hippie love fest’ in front of our dormitory. The press came to photograph the six of us, I organized it!

    On my own. My first antiwar speech in Germany, I wrote myself. I then claimed the right to deliver it in the teeth of opposition from classic communist leftists there. In California, a week after being deported from Germany, I gave a speech that the classic left hated and they physically attacked me in the auditorium and there was this small riot…NO ONE told me what to say or why or anything, I did my own research and spying on my father and the CIA myself, I decided to do this myself, I was very enterprising while doing this and I am proud I did this.

    No one else did this, just me, I had my reasons and this had to do a great deal with my dealing on the other side of the Gates of Death.

  11. Melponeme_k

    “Look, pretending I had no power, no agency is insane and INSULTING.”

    I’m not saying you had no agency. I’m just saying neither you, I or anyone else has as much as we think we do. We are in a completely artificial system that has its agenda. We may be immune to one aim but fall straight into the arms of another.

    The elites were pushing for 60’s crap to destroy society. Mission accomplished. If it had happened in a better world, maybe something better would have come out of it all.

    But we don’t. Now we have sociopathy, fatherless families, harridan feminists, awful LCD entertainment, drug addiction and people into crazy new age ideas.

  12. Lou

    My power came during the night in mid-August at the University of Kansas in my dorm room when I meddled very deeply in the Outerdarkness and the Gates of Death and this attracted the CIA and Catholic Church interest and it utterly changed my life back then, this is why I ran into the ocean in California a week later and then went to Germany and raised unholy hell there until deported, etc. etc.–can we get some more information?
    this attracted the CIA and Catholic Church ???? You were messing with their spirits?

  13. Jim R

    #8 Lou,
    Aaaaaaghh, my eyes!

  14. Petruchio

    @#2 Melponeme: correct about the Frankfurt School (mostly jews, btw). I think it was also about eventually creating a World where there was no Middle Class. Just Rulers and peasants. Same thing with the so-called Feminist Movement.

  15. #2 >>The sexual revolution was a scam by the Frankfurt group to destroy the cultural foundation of the US.

    The Frankfurt School was entirely a Jewish operation in its origins. They fled Germany to set up shop in the US in 1935, not wanting to stick around to see what the National Socialists had in store for them. In fact, deep cultural subversion of the kind inspired by the Frankfurt School played a big part in the rise of the German nationalists in the 1920s, just as the similar levels of decadence they have wrought in the U.S., propagated in schools, universities, media, entertainment, politics, even science (“global warming”) is fueling the rise of the nationalist right here.

    As Elaine has said, they never have known when to quit, and when they push too far, that’s when the reaction begins, and they just double down again and again as the reaction builds….

    Yes, it was a plan to destroy the foundations of a healthy society, specifically those founded by Europeans, driven by the animus of those who most hate whites. Its results are in full flower now — but the cold winds are coming. Strap in, everyone….

  16. Petruchio

    Everyone here know who Gal Gadot is? She’s Wonder Woman of the blockbuster movie series. She is an Israeli citizen as well. Anyways she is calling for the head of the Wonder Woman production company, a guy named Ratner, to be fired from the WW series because of sexual harassment allegations. Other actresses like Olivia Munn and Natasha Hentstridge are coming out with Ratner sex harassment stories. Henstridge tells of Ratner forcing her to give him a blowjob. 22 years ago!! There is a Statute of Limitations on sex harassment–and there should be. Henstridge’s claim would be hard to legally prove, but it is also hard for Ratner to deny. Maybe if Henstridge had bitten him THAT would have taught Ratner a lesson. I hope these actresses coming out have a steady, non-acting sourced income. Good luck to them finding acting work. And it isn’t because everybody loves this guy Ratner. These actresses are going to have a hard time getting acting work because NOBODY wants to hire a “harassment-lawsuit-looking-for-a-place-to-happen”. coming forward with these complaints is a two edged sword.

  17. Lou

    She is an Israeli citizen as well. Oh puke. Color us surprised.

  18. I can’t keep track of who’s jewing who.

  19. Everyone is freaking out about sex which is why the NYT has decided to report nearly NONE of the sex stories which are all about illicit dirty sex by powerful people in…NEW YORK CITY as well as their other power place, Hollywood.

    Covering up all this dirt is nasty stuff. Thank god for the sex fiend media in England. The Daily Mail loves sex stories and carries these daily in huge numbers. I get all my sex stories mainly from them.

  20. Lou

    20. NY Times is pro Israel and was owned by a Jew. The motto seems to be, ‘Keep Jews outta bad news.’

  21. Lou

    BLACK ball player kills coal burned wife. Yawn.
    She was ‘nicoled.’

  22. Lou

    I meant ‘coal burner’–the tale reads like that of OJ and Nicole.
    Elaine fails to mention a White woman who shacks up w a black [black men arent much for marriage] is 10-30x more likely to be a victim of an attack or attacks.

  23. Lou

    what i posted in 23 wont be mentioned by feminists.

  24. Petruchio

    There have been a couple of stories making the rounds on the Internet about Catholic Priests who are accused of being ‘pedos’ by multiple boys, who are now grown men. The real story is what happens to these priests. The body of one was found. Medical Examiners discovered that this priest had been tortured before being outright killed. Now THIS is a deterrent to child molesting priests!! I have been saying for some time that IF a pedo priest has to worry about catching a bullet to the head, THAT will make him stop. That’s the only kind of therapy that REALLY works for these pedo priests .I don’t advocate violence, but sometimes it works.

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