Keurig Coffee Machine Boycott of Sean Hannity News Backfires, Boss Apologizes To Fox News

Sean Hannity Show – Fox News Alert Tonight 11/13/17 – YouTube


Consumer boycotts work.  This weekend, Media Matters muscled Keurig Coffee Machines to get them to remove all ads from Hannity’s news show.  This, in turn, sparked a huge backlash with customers smashing their machines, people refusing to buy these for Xmas and other actions that hurt the company instantly right in the middle of the busiest ‘buy our product’ time of year.  So today, the President of Keurig, seeing bankruptcy looming, has apologized and is again, funding the Hannity news service.  Boycotts work.


Sean Hannity fans boycott Keurig, but will it make a dent? – CBS News reported yesterday.  The author crowed about how liberals can attack conservatives this way while whining that boycotts are being started in retaliation.  In this entire story written by a witless liberal, not one peep of the extremely successful NFL boycott which is bitting harder and harder every day and may end that entire business, totally.  It is very dire now.  A 20% drop in business in 12 months leads to economic disaster especially when the overhead is gigantic.


The comments at the above liberal site shows how clueless liberals have grown, living in enclaves surrounded by seas of Trump voters.  They have no idea what they have stirred up.  This is a typhoon of rage.  When liberals blew their tops over the college campus posters saying ‘It is OK to be white’ we can see how clever the conservatives are compared to the sledge hammer brutality of the far left.


Blind to their own stupidity, leftists revel in Red Scare howling of rage totally aping McCarthy:


The saddest fact to see is America lost the new cold war against Russia as soon as it was revealed that the same sheepublicans popularizing Facebook and Instagram were duped into dragging Trump into office, never admitting Russian influence peddling in those ads and phony organizations promoting hate, division, racism, and any methods needed to brain wash Americans.
This demonstrates the continued dumbing down of America with Russia well aware of American stupidity. Putin laughs in the deepest halls of privacy as he smiles and looks down on Trump and America. He and Russians won this bout. I wonder when the sheepublicans awake from their stupor and realize the error……………..


How blind of them!  It is roaringly obvious to me.  What is funnier is how the left embraces open Nazi right wingers in Ukraine!  All, while yelling about Nazis in Charlottesville, this is lunacy.


Hannity has called off the boycott of Keurig Coffee and he made a big point about this: reward those who return home again.  The prodigal corporation should be shown mercy.  And yes, I agree.  When doing a boycott, reward those who respond.  If the liberals want to boycott this company, they are free to do this.   But they can’t force everyone else to do this via strong arm muscling.

Above is a bare list of the dozens of ‘destroying my Keurig Coffee maker’ videos on You Tube.  This works!  Congratulations to all the citizens protesting.  Hit everyone in the wallet.  It does work eventually.


This is a warning to everyone who thinks that whatever the SJWs demand, it is easier to give in to them instead of telling them to GTH.


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12 responses to “Keurig Coffee Machine Boycott of Sean Hannity News Backfires, Boss Apologizes To Fox News

  1. Lou

    Elaine, some lowly guy [JJ Watt] raised 37 million for Hurricane relief but GQ gave Citizen of the year to,

  2. Yes, isn’t that amazing? Oh, and they are going bankrupt.

  3. Christian W

    Boycotts work: You need more boycotts.

  4. Christian W

    People embracing fascists are fascists. Where is the option for people in the US not to embrace Nazi fascism or Zionist fascism. Seems both the DNC, the GOP and Trump is in either or both camps.

    Boycott. Time to get real.

  5. Christian W

    Or maybe I am delusional and Americans simply are fascists. That would explain why Americans embrace fascism. Duh.

  6. Roberta Green

    After reading Mr. Hannity’s bio (including seminary education), I am appalled that he would champion the cause of Roy Moore. He and the lemmings who blindly follow him are irrational.

  7. Floridasandy

    Jj watt was great

    Nobody reads GQ!

    Boycotts are often effective, and I thought the CEO did a good job backtracking and trying to sell to everybody. That’s what they are supposed to do

  8. Ken

    Keurig Coffee was not thinking strategically. The people who would applaud their boycott of Hannity would be the Democratic Party base. Mostly inner city minorities and third world immigrants. None of these people buy gourmet coffee machines.

    They hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. Lucky for them they figured this out quickly and are doing damage control.

  9. Lou

    2—EMS is part of the newer media. Periodicals are not doing well. There is or was a site that listed defunct Mags.

  10. Yes, Dreamworks has collapsed. They thought making movies was an easy way to make lots of loot. It isn’t.

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