Obscene, Sex Fiend Stuff OK If Leftist, Evil If Conservative

Drake is a rap ‘artist’ who is obscene, violent and loves ghetto crime, here is one of his videos- Worst Behavior – YouTube


There is a high level of lunacy going on in our Kulture Kampf wars these days.  Sex is evil.  Running wild is evil.  Being nasty is evil.  Cussing is evil…EXCEPT when ‘leftists’ do all this.  Then it is good.  Free speech is evil, for example, but if a leftist wants to cuss nonstop, it is good and there is no hinderance to free speech.  In all things, whatever the culture warriors want to do is good even murder but if anyone transgresses in any way which is identical but comes from the conservative side, it is evil.  Verboten.  Ja, dass ist richtig.  We see this starkly illustrated this week as sex scandals catch up with Hollywood liberals, women go nuts over being touched as if they are all fainting Victorian virgins and the left celebrates rappers who are obscene, obnoxious and violent.  What is going on here?  I must consult with the ancient Romans…


I am picking on this particular con artist/rapper/cultural icon that was featured today at the ever-amusing Daily Mail in England which is a place where neo-Victorian leftists are screaming like banshees over sex being evil while the Daily Mail has a side bar to its home page which is all about sex and scantily clad females and sex fiend males, etc: Drake jumps to the defence of his female fans in Sydney | Daily Mail Online.


According to the press releases, this (gay) male rapper was spewing his obscene ‘lyrics’ pretending to be ‘boss’ and ‘EVIL’ when he claims he spotted a man in the mob, most of whom were doing this:

Note that most of them are playing with cell phones, not looking at him or each other.  Well, according to the news, this paragon of virtues thought he saw a man touching a woman in this tight packed mob of cell phone users and he ‘called him out’ via spewing obscenities and sneering at this mythical ‘molester’.  The contradictions in this story, in this culture, in this entire business is so painfully obvious.


I recall my very elderly friends one of whom was born before the Civil War and their view of sex: they were all Victorian ladies!  One would never, ever say a crude word to them or talk openly about sex!  Oh my.  Here we are, 50 years after the ‘sex revolution’ which came with the birth control pills and…sex fiend politicians, media and the Bilderberg gang are all freaking out about sex…that is, our sex, not their own depravities.  On to the story at the Daily Mail which is filled with these contradictions:  the DM and this heroic obscene rapper discuss what is more important to both, aka, buying stuff in order to make ‘money’ via collector’s items.  Pure capitalism in its silliest form.  Pure tulip mania thinking processes:


 Drake – whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham – made headlines this month when he told The Hollywood Reporter that he is collecting Hermes Birkins for ‘the woman I end up with.’


Many believe he is gay.  Collecting women’s handbags is the sort of thing a man who is ‘female’ inside is typical but this rapper won’t make much money being honest about his sex life, he has to pretend to be a tough rapper from the slums and who is dangerous and evil.  Ahem.  The Devil buys Prada.


He has been linked in the past to the likes of singers Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, but isn’t known to be currently involved with anyone.


They all hang out together.  The two singers mentioned are very masculine in nature, I notice that the rough life of an evil pop star singer (well, squealer/howler, they can’t sing) turns even the softest, cutest teen girl into a snarling Madonna of pure hatred and vile sex depravities.


The highly coveted handbags retail from $5,000 up to $300,000 and are created by Hermes, named after the actress Jane Birkin. ‘There’s very few tangible things in this world that hold their value and sort of appreciate as the years go on,’ Drake explained.


So, he isn’t interested in sex or loving a woman and giving her 100 purses which she can’t possibly use, this is all about investing in a fad.  Funny how these fads die fast when everyone tries to sell off their precious junk.


‘So I have a fairly vast collection of Hermes to offer somebody at some point in life.’  And the rapper isn’t wrong, Birkins are known to rapidly increase in value. In fact, they are proven to be a better investment than gold.


Ditto tulip bulbs back in the day.  It is always interesting watching stuff like this turn into ‘tremendous value’ when these are easy to not want or need or are easily replicated.  Ever since replication via manufacturing was invented, the need to turn manufactured stuff into ‘rising value better than gold’ has been continuous.  Hope springs ever eternal.


These silly handbags will not retain value due to them all being hoarded.  The ‘value’ is only if everyone hoards.  When the hoard ceases, the value collapses.  I am writing about this tripe today only because it illustrates so beautifully the insanity gripping Hollywood/mass media/pop art/modern industrial society.  Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct under Democrat scrutiny after 20 years – Washington Times reports.


Actually, the Washington Post decided it was hypocritical to be OK with Clinton sex fiend actions while squealing about GOP sex.  The WT is a right wing operation so they are rubbing the Post’s nose in its own past doo-doo.  Here is my google search:

OK, so what is the darling Post doing today?  Oh!  Sex is evil stories only when GOP guys ape Clinton!!!

They dare not stop.  They have to ride this pony all the way to hell.  Sex is evil!  Men who do it are to be punished!  Where are the mirrors here?  There are none for vampires hate mirrors.



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14 responses to “Obscene, Sex Fiend Stuff OK If Leftist, Evil If Conservative

  1. Melponeme_k

    Drake is not a man. She is a woman. You can tell by the skeletal frame. Oval face of a woman. No Adam’s apple. Sloped, overbuilt shoulders. A layer of subcutaneous fat that softens “his” whole body. Small arms that don’t reach past the genital area. Wide hips.

    I’ve been reading some wild stories about these people. Some may be all into this insanity. But I believe most are under mind control and are tortured individuals. All because they gave up sovereignty for a taste of fame in a fake world or they were sold like slaves by their parents.

  2. Nani

    In the madhouse called Sweden, a woman reported a man to the police just for saying hello to her. According to her that was sexual harassment.

    So beware guys! Normal courtesy can now be considered an offence in the great country of Sweden.

  3. Lou

    drake is mixed race. The message from ((( ))) is ‘Young Whites, miscegenate.’

  4. Lou

    Can an yone tell me what the appeal of Rap-Hip Hop is? Musically.

  5. Petruchio

    I dunno if Drake is actually female or not, but he is a perfect example of how easy the Media Owners can manipulate people. Do you really think that this “groping” episode that just happened (if it happened at all) was the very first time Drake EVER saw that happen? Doubtful, but Drake wants to make a “politically correct” statement. Now maybe the MSM will give Drake some positive media exposure for being such a good little boy. Much like a dog owner will give his dog a treat if Fido rolls over on command.

  6. Ken

    Ultra liber Al Franken has now also been accused of sexual harrasment. Bill Clinton is also catching heat.

    The liberals will have to realize that their strategy of making allegations of sexual harrasment for purposes of undermining Trump and conservatives in general is back firing. This whole thing will end soon because of this.

    I have to marvel that the country is embroiled in rampant sex, yet the birth rate for the general population is going down. I credit birth control pills and abortion.

  7. tio

    I had the misfortune of playing that ‘music’ video, no one deserves that. I feel a little repercussion is in order.

  8. Sunger


    Senator Al Franken Accused of Groping a Woman in 2006

    Nov 16, 2017

    “WASHINGTON — A growing national outcry over sexual harassment reached the Senate on Thursday, when a radio newscaster accused Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, of kissing and groping her without consent during a 2006 U.S.O. tour of the Middle East before he took public office.

    Democrats gave Mr. Franken no quarter.

    “This is unacceptable behavior and extremely disappointing. I am glad Al came out and apologized, but that doesn’t reverse what he’s done or end the matter. I support an ethics committee investigation into these accusations and I hope this latest example of the deep problems on this front spurs continued action to address it,” said Patty Murray of Washington, one of the most senior Democratic women in the Senate.”

  9. LOL, bring back the Junior Anti-Sex League for the young ones!

    This is highly entertaining; better than anything coming out on (((Netflix))).

    It’s like @Ken said — and all of the excrement the liberal/left RESIST people in media and politics have flung at Trump and the deplorables is boomeranging back at them. It’s hitting everyone *except* Trump,

    It must be some kind of natural law. Hopefully, EMS will break it down for us again with a fable involving caves, dragons, goddesses, and Furies.

  10. one of the reason some of us bernie brothers didn’t like hillary was her history of being bill’s enabler – when clinton was impeached i thought he should resign – not for having sex with young woman not his wife, but for lying about it under oath

  11. I wrote my story about darling Al before reading all your comments. Good catch. This news is spreading like wildfire. Al Franken has been hoisted by his own fat petard.

    He should be removed from the Senate. He should be shamed by the media. He, not I nor did Trump, demand all Senators who do sex stuff be kicked out, Frankenstein demands this!

    So kick his ass to the curb. To hell with him and his ilk.

  12. Petruchio

    Latest line of propaganda making the internet rounds is this title: “Franken admits his guilt; Trump has not”. The MSM always has to have that Trump tie in. Elaine nailed it. This is a McCarthy era style witch hunt.

  13. Thank you. Yes, this is the good old double standard: wild sex even rape is OK if you are a liberal doing it, evil if anyone else does it. Worse, the opposition has to have high standards while the liberals don’t have to have any standards at all. Very, VERY childish.

  14. Lou

    Netflix has Soros as an stock owner.

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