NY Times Whines About NYC Falling Apart Under Di Blasio/DNC Rule

The New York Times is typically funny today.  The staff and the Mexican owned operators, the Jewish Sulzberger family who nearly went bankrupt recently, have been attacking the GOP and anyone who stops crime and filth and got an ‘echt’ leftist mayor, Di Blasio, into office and reelected him and he, in turn, is turning NYC into a cesspool of crime, corruption and filth just like in the 1970’s when I became ‘the Housewife from Hell’ when attempting to clean up all the mess and when I allied with Federal Prosecutor Giuliani.  Arrest them all, was our motto.  Well, NYC is reverting to that condition and all the rich Manhattan toffs who thought they were safe are no longer safe.  To hell with them all.


The New York Times clown show hated the city being cleaned up.  These clowns think that thugs and rap ‘music’ (sic) and near nudity and people behaving very uncivilized is tons of fun for rich people who love slumming it while living in palaces.


The NYT hated me in particular and had raging arguments with me in the past and twice I changed my name, they would let me appear in the news and then, discovering who I really am, would black out all my activities.


The fun stuff here is, the NYT staff and the Bilderberg owners/editorial staff (the NYT is one of the founders of the Bilderberg gang) are whining about the city being dirty, dangerous, infested with vermin, high crime, etc.  HAHAHA.  They voted for all this!  They pushed for all this and they reward clowns for doing this.


The NYT, instead of reporting how they created this situation whereby illegal aliens get to vote for more welfare and more crime and instead, pretend that this sudden deterioration after Giuliani fixed the DNC messes is mysterious.


They don’t point out that voters chose to run the city off the cliff.  But then, the ‘voters’ include many illegal aliens.  Illegal aliens are the new DNC base.  This is why the split between cities filled with aliens and welfare women go DNC while the entire surrounding countryside generally is going more and more deeply into the GOP.



This is all about a very ancient curse: may your wishes come true.  The New York Times admits the City is being systematically destroyed by DNC voters.  But demands DNC run the city despite a long record of screwing up everything fatally.


So today, the NYT top story is, as is always the case every day, an attack on Trump.  The NYT is OK with rape so long as a DNC tool is raping some woman, man or child or animal.  Any GOP guys are to be destroyed if they joke about women or touch them.  This ridiculous double standard continues today:


HAHAHA.  Right.  The NYT has been screaming about evil Trump ‘sex’ but when Jewish guys who are big wigs in DC or Hollywood do ten times worse things, the NYT excuses this and resumes attacking Trump with twice the fury.  They have no mirror, being vampires, so they cannot see themselves for the fools they are, doing this.


It is becoming ridiculous now.  No shame, these clowns running a ‘newspaper’ nakedly praise every sort of deviant sex, they rationalize that wild sex is OK and at the exact same time, are in hysteria about a man touching an adult woman!  While they justify men sexually assaulting sleeping women, they howl with rage when women fling themselves on Trump and the whine about it later when he rejects them!


WTH?  It is funny watching all of this, I was at the forefront of the ‘sex revolution’ and what they are doing is filthy, that is, they are lying and they have double standards.  That is disgusting.  It pisses me off, too.


Women: the women’s rights movement was built on the base of ‘free love’.  I was there!  I was part of this!  Now, they are Neo-Victorian fainting females who can’t take even a man leering at them, much less, wild sex.  This is funny and horrible at the same time because…they all run off and do wild sex!


Their fainting is purely political.  When the WRONG MAN touches them, they faint.  When Biden molests their girls right in front of their faces, they smile and even justify this via various tricks of the mind!


Washington Post is stupid in other ways but unlike the NYT, do report some real news:

The NYT doesn’t mention much of this news.  The WP wonders if it is OK to have a naked double standard with covering up/justifying obvious illegal sexual assaults done by Democrats while whinging about Trump touching women long ago.


The answer to the WP question about DNC putting partisanship above principle isn’t a ‘question’ it is painfully and utterly obvious and should be the headline, not a question!

The WP has this story which the NYT didn’t: a DNC candidate openly boasts about his wild sex life!  Wow.  I find this refreshing.  At least he isn’t a faker like the army of lunatics running the DNC off the cliff.  Now on to the Daily Mail in England:

They hate Trump in England due to pure propaganda even as England is being relentlessly yanked back into the EU so millions of Muslims can continue their invasion.  The Daily Mail doesn’t talk much about that, of course.


Hillary, that old queen bitch, claims that ‘apologizing’ for rape is OK and good, look, her own husband does this all the time and so Franken is OK because he sort of ‘apologized’ by claiming he has no memory of his attacks…HAHAHA…but Trump is evil and should be removed because he insists on talking about the DNC and her double standards.  How dare he!


She continues to dig her own grave.  I hope she continues yapping.  Now, on to a country utterly destroyed by PC politics: Zimbabwe, one of the richest African nations became one of the poorest.  Now, the Chinese are taking over bit by bit and I find this very funny:

Yes, the Chinese are now imperialists.  No surprise here.  When they lived with me back in the 1980’s, once they figured out how capitalism worked, they told me they were going to take over all systems and be an empire and I warned the State Department that the Chinese figured out capitalism right when we were being stupid about it and…the obvious happened.


China now has our industries and we have a gigantic debt and China is getting stronger and we are getting weaker, no shock here.  Back to the Washington Post:

HAHAHA.  All votes in all Bilderberg controlled countries, when voters vote against the Bilderberg gang, suddenly it is all about Putin doing this!  Good gods!  These jerks have gone insane.  Poland: Nationalism Rising | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

Tommy is a Brit who is going after the Bilderberg gang nonstop.  He is highly intelligent and has the heart of a lion and even as the rulers attack him nonstop, he soldiers on, he is my hero.  I admire him greatly.  This long interview is worth watching, he talks about sovereignty and national identity and the plans to eradicate this if white males do it while encouraging all other races/ethnic/religious entities to hammer us with PC politics whereby we must coddle them while destroying all white males.


This insane business is leading us right into the mouth of WWIII.  It is highly dangerous.  The overreaction to the college kids who are white males putting up signs saying ‘It Is OK To Be White’ shows the ideology driving these monsters: they are racists, and fascists.


ANTIFA is very much a fascist operation built on the Brownshirt example set up by Hitler.  It is painfully obvious and the NYT and WP and other media giants go to great lengths to avoid pointing this out.


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10 responses to “NY Times Whines About NYC Falling Apart Under Di Blasio/DNC Rule

  1. Mewswithaview

    I looks like the DNC is trying to clear out the Clintons influence and Franken is a target. Interestingly Hillary Clinton came to Al Franken defence.

  2. melponeme_k

    “ANTIFA is very much a fascist operation built on the Brownshirt example set up by Hitler. ”

    We are ruled by actual Nazis. Everything about our culture is a direct descendant of the Third Reich. It really is no surprise we are the way we are now.

    We won the war. What a scam.

    Rescuing those filthy buggers was slap in the face insult to all our men who risked their lives in war.


    Zimbabwe / rhodesia may have been rich, but all the wealth was concentrated at the top, with nothing at the bottom., so mugabe actions increased their living standards.
    The rich always complain when their taxes go up to pay for social systems/ school etc.
    Don’t believe the properganda that rhodesia was wonderful, it was not if you where black.
    The same goes for what’s happening in Venezuela.

  4. Of course, it was an exploited colony! As was the US when my British family came here in conquest in the 17th century. But that country is going downhill now, isn’t it? So is my country, and we let in a flood of people recently many of whom are causing systems to collapse or degrade (as we export jobs).

  5. Ken

    It is interesting that the whole world hates Trump because of the incessant criticism by the American press. The same thing happened during the Vietnam war. Countries with no interest in either the US or Vietnam hated America because the American press was so critical of the country.

    This does not do America any good on the international stage.

  6. Christian W

    @ Ken

    It is not incessant criticism as much as incessant propaganda. Elaine is correct about the Bilderberg hatred of Trump and Russia. It is very noticeable in European media as well. European media is essentially a copy of US media at this point and has been post 9/11.

    Countries with no interest in the US hated the Vietnam war (American war) because it was outright evil. Can’t blame the media for that.

  7. Christian W

    More American depravation. The Palestinians can’t take Israel to the ICC because justice, somehow, violates US law. The Trump administration wants to close the Palestinian consulate in the US in retaliation.

    From twitter:

    Amal Saad‏ @amalsaad_lb

    “This takes US exceptionalism to a whole new level. The US has a law which penalizes Palestine for the “violation” of resorting to international law. This is like penalizing rape victims who go to court with deportation.”

  8. Yes, both political parties and all our mainstream media is Zionist. All of these are owned by Zionists and they control everything and so I keep saying, we are unable to stop this right now but eventually it will stop, unfortunately for the Jewish people, it will be very ugly.

    What is this force? Oh, the Muslims! I keep pointing out the utter strangeness of all this, what with Jews in Europe and the US and other NATO countries demanding open borders and letting in millions of Muslims. It is odd, very odd…I figure, knowing that community very well, they thought that this would take pressure off of Israel.

    But now, this year, they figured out that these invaders hate them and want to wipe them out at the same time, Israel is playing footsies with the Saudis which the Saudis are happy to do since they plan to nuke Israel one day and utterly kill off all the Jews there!

    People are delusional and do stupid things. We know this from a thing called ‘history’ which is all about human hubris.

  9. Lou

    8–Odd? You underestimate Jews self hatred and suicidality.
    Muslims = Death to jews, if the muslims [or the more violent ones] can do that, they will.

  10. Lou

    The Atlanta City Council declared that all Confederate monuments were tributes to “white supremacists.” Yes, they actually wrote that in their powerpoint presentation a week ago in their attempt to dismantle and destroy monuments.

    It’s not about history. It’s about race. THEIR race and theirs only. They want to exterminate white people. I know I’m preaching to the SBPDL choir.

    But, of course, YT are the racists. Heaven forbid anyone call Kasim Reed or his ilk by that name.

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