Russia, Turkey and Iran Announce Victory For Syria, Trump Talks Via Phone To Putin

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani speak after Syria talks in Sochi (FULL PRESSER) – YouTube


None of the mainstream US media is discussing the amazing news out of the Russia/Turkey/Iran meeting today.  A gigantic diplomatic coup by Putin has been crowned by Turkey totally rejecting NATO controls and now is allied with Russia and…Iran!  Congress talks endlessly about attacking Iran.  This is now totally impossible.  Syria is secure now, that is, it won’t be chopped into tiny parts by Israel/US/EU/Saudi forces.


The three powers made it crystal clear, Syria will not be chopped up.  This is highly significant.  The secret Bilderberg scheme to destroy Iraq, Libya and Syria has utterly failed.  The news in the US about this meeting and press conference is…hidden.


The US public cannot know how stupid our diplomacy has been for the last 20 years.  Eventually, they will claim Trump screwed up, not themselves.  They will backload the blame of this failure onto him.  This will cause them to double down like they did to Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis, attacking all attempts at real diplomacy.

Putin is actually saving us from WWIII.  The EU creeps have plotted with US creeps and Israeli creeps to wage WWIII against Russia via driving the EU population into confrontation only…they also decided to import 5 million angry Muslim males into Europe at the same time.


And many people in Europe are finally waking up especially on the Eastern Front that they are being menaced by the Brussels crew that has encouraged this invasion and who are demanding, this very month, they open their borders to millions of Muslim males or they will see their economies destroyed deliberately.


And the gang is demanding the British people surrender their sovereignty, too.


Yesterday,  Trump, Putin have ‘great call’ that lasts 1.5 hrs – YouTube:

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani speak after Syria talks in Sochi (FULL PRESSER) – YouTube

CNN whining about Trump is funny to watch, everything good is negative, of course.  These clowns seriously want WWIII.  And…Rand Paul is back in the news.





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17 responses to “Russia, Turkey and Iran Announce Victory For Syria, Trump Talks Via Phone To Putin

  1. JimmyJ

    This won’t prevent WWIII, but further ensures it.

    Decades ago I watched in church and on TV while Dominionist Evangelists were predicting this sort of Muslim-Russian alliance as part of their Endtimes scenario. Given that the Dominionists believe nuclear war is part of the Armaggedon portion of Endtimes, in that only nuclear war will bring Jesus back, this alliance simply moves the program along much closer to WWIII. Of course the Dominionist predictions of decades ago were actually game plans that they were working to fulfill politically.

    Rational presumptions about WWIII can’t hold a candle to religious frenzy, in its post modern form of popular mass media.

  2. Christian W

    Syria is still chopped up unfortunately. The US has built 13 bases in Syria. 13!. The largest one is close to Raqqa. Hezbollah said the US is helping the remains of ISIS directly now by providing target coordinates and jamming the frequencies of the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah units hunting the last ISIS creeps down. Also the US is helping ISIS retreat into US held territories on the Eastern side of the Euphrates. Many ISIS have escaped into Jordan where they are being saved for other missions.

    The Russia, Iran/Hezbollah, Iraq, Turkey (and China behind the wings) alliance is going to use soft power to overthrow the US, Israeli, Saudi hard power.

    What remains to be seen is simply how insane the US is. Will the US axis accept defeat or will it double down on insanity and refuse to leave Syria alone. Or, will we see a scenario where President Pence orders a nuclear attack to bring JImmyJ’s scenario above to fruition.

    Trump has increased the US military presence in the ME with 1/3 the last few months (quietly, with hardly any news coverage).

  3. tio

    “We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction” – Mattis

    {The great danger in the Middle East today is that Clown Prince Mohamed bin Salman and Jared Kushner appear to have a skewed and unrealistic understanding of the world around them. Inspector Clouseau seems to have a greater influence on Saudi policy than Machiavelli, going by the antics surrounding the forced resignation of Saad Hariri as Prime Minister of Lebanon. This sort of thing is not going to frighten the Iranians or Hezbollah.}

    {The sort of Neo-con and right-wing think tankers, who in 2003 were saying that a war with Iraq would be a doddle, are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran – and are stronger than ever.}

    “What remains to be seen is simply how insane the US is.”

    Insane or hopelessly compromised? Both? The two key players in this instance appear to be Mattis (twat) and Kushner (son-in-law REALLY??) and that leaves no plausible deniability for Trumpf. Who, might I add, at this point looks less than coherent and perhaps a little vulnerable.

    If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil – Henry Fielding

  4. Nani

    The EU elites are just as bad as the US elites, if not worse. Too many Europeans tends to blame everything that is wrong in the world on the US, thus they ignore Europe’s complicity.

    France and Britain were among the fiercest proponents for attacking Libya militarily, and imposing their so-called “democracy”. We all know how that went. Gaddafi’s explicitly warned Europe that if they removed him from power, then there would be no one to prevent a huge influx of migrants from Libya to Europe. Gaddafi was the gate keeper, and Europe removed him. Hurray, what a brilliant success that was!

    Then there was Syria. France and Britain were once again among the fiercest advocates for attacking Assad, and impose “democracy” in Syria. However, this time, the Russians sabotaged their plans. France and Britain had to settle for a devestating war by proxy instead, and they sided with the terrorists against Assad and Russia. That was also a complete disaster that led to a massive influx of refugees and migrants into Europe.

    Those sanctimonious, arrogant European rulers never seems to learn their lessons, do they? This is why they keep making those same disastrous mistakes over and over again. They like to think that they are smarter than the Americans, more sophisticated and refined. Nothing could be further from the truth! They are the biggest fools that has ever existed in the history of humanity.

  5. Christian W

    France and Britain (elites) fall under the AngloZionist umbrella. They are one and the same creature really. I only mention the US mostly as a shorthand since the real power is the US, still the sole superpower in the world, even if it is getting noticeably more rickety.

  6. You are all correct except for one key element here: SAUDI ARABIA IS HEADING INTO CIVIL WAR/FAMILY PATRICIDE and will change everything as everyone including the Shia will fight for control of Mecca.

    What will happen next is obvious to me: this war will cause huge problems for everyone and the price of oil will shoot up and Russia will become the main, big time producer of oil for ALL Europe!!!

    And Putin intends to force them to kow tow to Moscow. He is not mad at Trump but he is very angry with Germany and France!

  7. Floridasandy

    I disagree with your assessment, but time will tell

  8. CK

    At the current price of oil, almost all of the USA shale oil production is shut in. Any price rise will bring that oil back onto the market. It takes only a few minutes to uncap and start pumping a shut in well. The HUGE amount of oil available at a few moments notice puts a price cap.
    A few years ago the Saudi’s started cutting the price they charged for crude in an attempt to destroy the US shale oil business. It didn’t work.

  9. melponeme_k

    “And Putin intends to force them to kow tow to Moscow. He is not mad at Trump but he is very angry with Germany and France!”

    There has been talk that the Trump administration encouraged the situation now in SA or at least gave the impression that it didn’t disapprove. But Trump had to know that it would destabilize one of the main lynch pins in the Bilderberg machine.

    Throwing the oil power behind Putin meanwhile pulling the US back to coal thereby easing out of the petrodollar trap. Well, if Trump can do it. Hats off to him.

  10. tio

    My, my, huffy much? Just one little addendum. Everyone seems to forget the Syria vote in 2013.

    “Bitter recriminations have followed the parliamentary defeat of a UK government motion intended to authorize military action against Syria.

    Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament on Thursday to present the case for war.”

    “The glaring holes in the government’s war-mongering are especially damaging due to the scale of public opposition.”

    THAT IS PUTTING IT MILDLY! Even for this old codger it was a line in the proverbial sand and those slippery sacks of crap knew it.

    “Cameron and the government spent Friday bemoaning the damage done by the vote, and attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband for giving “succour” to Assad, “siding” with Russia and damaging Britain’s “special relationship” with the US.

    Cameron said he regretted not being able to achieve a consensus on military action, and that it was up to Miliband to “defend the way he behaved.”

    Defense Secretary Philip Hammond stated, “It is certainly going to place some strain on the special relationship… Common sense must tell us that the Assad regime is going to be a little bit less uncomfortable tonight as a result of this decision.”

    Miliband replied by urging the government not to “wash its hands” or “abandon” Syria, while stressing the need to distinguish Britain’s national interests from those of the US. The UK-US relationship “remains strong”, he said, but “we must lead in the right way for Britain from our national interest and indeed our global interest. Now sometimes that will mean agreeing with what America is doing and the way it’s going about things, and sometimes it will mean doing things in a different way.” ”

    Woof fucking woof. Not that it did much fucking good. And .. some people here need to acquaint themselves with some numbers.


  11. ziff

    I’d say another success for Trump , its what he wanted for Syria. And the defeat of ISIS . well doen . Side note , our Trudeau is giving a warm welcome to returning ISI freaks .

  12. Christian W

    As predicted the US is now moving the goalposts into a defacto occupation of Syria to “prevent” Assad and Iran from winning. The US is now officially the new Nazi ISIS.

    Hail mission creep:

    The US plans to keep its troops in Syria long after the defeat of ISIS – the goal used to justify their illegal presence in the first place – because the Syrian government and its ally Iran would “win” if they were withdrawn, the Washington Post reported.

    The Trump administration is “expanding its goals” in Syria to include a “potentially open-ended commitment” to support the Kurd-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing several anonymous US officials. The change comes as the defeat of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group in Syria seems imminent.


  13. Christian W

    From twitter:

    Micah Zenko

    Number of US troops + DOD civilians in Middle East grew from 40,517 to 54,180 in past 4 mos, according to new DOD data. (Doesn’t include Afghan #s.) (link:

    2:20 PM · Nov 20, 2017
    – – –

    The US military is “surging” again in the ME and Afghanistan under Trump (read Gen. Mattis). Mattis just can’t let go. He refused to shake hands with his Russian counterpart Gen. Shoigu recently. Mattis is clearly a sore loser so here we go for another round of idiocy.

    Note that the US is often underreporting the real number of troops.

  14. Yes, he is falling into the usual traps. No surprise. He is still forcing along diplomacy with Putin in the teeth of total opposition from the Bilderberg gang. This defiance of their crazy plans is DANGEROUS and DIFFICULT.

    I never expect perfection from any humans. That is futility. I don’t see Trump winning hearts and minds of the Bilderberg gang even if he does stuff they want. They will never forgive him for defying their plans.

  15. Christian W

    Trump could defy ‘their’ plans even more effectively by simply ordering the Pentagon to pack up bags and stop ‘camping out’ (the latest euphemism for occupation) in Syria and hand over the US bases to the Syrian government.

    Too bad Trump already fell completely into this trap (below). Remember when parts of the Establishment howled with delight when Trump launched tomahawks on Syria?:

  16. Christian W

    Of course Trump knew full well that the Tomahawk attack was pure bullshit, but he still did it. No excuse for that murderous crime.

  17. He had to do it. Nobility is instant death. Trump is not noble. He is PRACTICAL. How is he riding the bucking stallion? As best he can.

    It is easy to think he could VIA FIAT rule things. Do you all want this? No? Of course not! The fiction of ‘democracy’ is the Achilles heel of the Real Rulers. They cannot kill that for it would expose them for what they are.

    So they play various games and Trump relishes playing games with them all.

    Don’t forget, I won gambling against Trump and it pissed him off he hates losing.

    He isn’t like Obama, a pure tool of the elites, and fundamentally lazy, too. They are pissed at him, he is going around on vacation every other week and not fighting Trump at all now.

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