Canadian Teaching Assistant Punished For Not Parroting SJW Doctrines About Infinite Sexes

FULL RECORDING – Lindsay Shepherd Interogated by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Gender Police – YouTube


Recently in Canada, a young female Teaching Assistant, Lindsay Shepherd, defied her professor supervising her by telling students to read literature that the SJW gang hates.  Her professor, Rambukkana (interesting name!) hauled her into the school’s system to cross examine her and punish her for not following his insane agenda which is illegal and she fought back and is winning the battle for the public mind.  This reveals the insane system being set up by the SJW squad inside our universities and how destructive it is.


The above video is this charming lady explaining what happened to her.  She has many virtues: well spoken, highly educated, intelligent and lovely.  She is opposed by a fat, self righteous, ugly mug of a man who resembles Mr. Toad.  This has some elements of a fairy tale, only she doesn’t kiss the Toad, she uses logic and propriety to change him into a really warty toad.  Behold, I am not making this up!
Lindsay Shepherd: I’m happy they apologized, but they made no long-term commitment – YouTube

TA scolded for playing Jordan Peterson video in class


Peterson has been a vocal critic of Canada’s federal Bill C-16, which forced the acceptance of gender theory and added “gender expression” and “gender identity” to the hate crime section of the country’s Criminal Code.


Yes, this nonsense is going to backfire.  I have a child who had a gender changing operation and now is a full female as far as legal and social matters go.  A lot of thought went into this transformation which was necessary.


But her change simply means she is ‘she’ and not ‘he’.  No need to invent a ‘new word’ to describe her.  Her legal documents have all been altered correctly and she can’t have male sex anymore not that she could before anyways.


The fact is, this is a medical alteration which is covered by the present system of speaking a language.  In German, for example, children up to puberty are called ‘IT’.  Yes, in German it is ‘das’.  In German, we have ‘der’, ‘die’ and ‘das’.  Male, female and neutral.


So little children in Germany have no ‘sex’ until they reach the age of ‘sex maturity’ around age 13 or so.


The teaching assistant was also notified that she must “not show any more controversial videos of this kind” and that her supervisor can observe her classes and review lesson plans submitted before lectures.


The TA was punished for showing a lecture saying what I wrote here.  Since the people wanting multiple, crazy ‘sex’ designations have been peddling that silliness, demanding all of us use their new words, this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, the Queen telling Alice words mean whatever she decides, when on whim, she uses words.


After defending her teaching methods at the lengthy meeting, Shepherd was informed that even presenting Peterson’s views neutrally created “a space where those opinions can be nurtured.


This is the key element in the destruction of our schools: the staff must obey student demands on destruction of logic, reason and the basic meaning of words.  Crushing other ‘opinions’ is how these are ‘nurtured’?


This reminds me again, about Lewis Carrol’s famous Alice books: Humpty Dumpty tells Alice in no uncertain terms, his names of everything must be used the way he wants at all times!


The administrators also reportedly speculated that Shepherd could be a supporter of the “alt-right” movement and said the school has a “duty to make sure we’re not furthering…Jordan Peterson,” even telling her that “this is not something…that is up for debate[.]”


And that in a nutty shell is what is going on: there is NO debate.  All is via fiat.  We must obey these lunatics or else and they intend to alter laws so they can, like in dying Europe, force people to do these crazy, destructive things that heavily impinge on one’s ability to think or even survive.


If one doesn’t obey these insane dictates, they will be severely punished in the real world, not shunned but actively imprisoned, fined and or lose jobs, etc.  These dictatorial creeps will even kill people and this happened in history, look at the Madame Mao nonsense that nearly utterly destroyed China.


This is Nathan Rambukkana: Obey him! – Barrel Strength reports with glee.


I invite the curious to pursue Prof. Rambukkana’s utterances further on his professional website. His personal musings are found at


The issue I dwell upon is not the outrageous nature of the affront to free speech and liberal values that is constituted by the behaviour by Rambukkana and his two colleagues.


The question is: is he right? Have entire lines of thought been criminalized in Canada by C-16?  The answer is no, not yet, but the practical effect of Bill C-16, which deals with gender identity and gender expression is already seen in the assertions of Professor Rambukkana.


And this Rambu Rambo is a foreigner.  He comes from a culture which discriminates heavily against women.  Like many recent invaders from overseas, he delights in destroying our culture.  We are in the middle of a Kultur Kampf whereby we have open borders and must have closed minds.


Shutting down our entire education systems built up painfully after the Reformation allowed non-religious schools to exist, we see all that going down the drain now.

All the above information I picked up from Rambo’s home page.  He is showered with awards!  He is very destructive, vindictive and has a mind that resembles the remains of bovine digestion.


In stark contrast, the TA defying him is the exact opposite and she is now being SHUNNED according to her own testimony, after winning her case, after the famous professor who she showed to her class, openly and very loudly intervened on her behalf, taking this all the way to the top and forcing everyone to apologize.


At this point I need to point out that, although Cossman carefully describes the effect of C-16 on freedom of expression, the Act is already taken to mean, by the like of Prof. Rambukkana,  that a point shall not be argued – not just the use of a pronoun, but an entire train of thought on how students need to be exposed to debate about whether transgendered rights might result in compelled speech.


Those who argue in recondite legal articles about the limits of free speech need to carefully consider what happens to laws when they are interpreted in daily life by faculty committees and other sources of authority, especially those who have an interest in suppressing discussion.


Jordan Peterson Responds to TA Disciplined for Playing Video of Him for College Class – YouTube


All the left wants to suppress any discussion of anything.  They view life as a one way street: their way.  They intend to kill people if they don’t obey all sorts of very intrusive rules, regulations and demands.

Jordan Peterson Was Right – YouTube

Church of Sweden Sets New Gender Neutral Rules: God Will No Longer Be Called “He” or “Lord”: this is a fine example of the insanity that is ripping apart society.


The Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a controversial new handbook which says masculine references to God, such as “He” and “Lord” should be scrapped so as to be more “inclusive”.


I was raised in the German/Swedish Lutheran Church back 60 years ago. I know the doctrine by heart.  It has rapidly eroded in the last 50 years in Europe and North America to the vanishing point.


True story: my pastor pushed hard for me to earn the right to go to the all-male seminary when I was turning 16.  I had top sponsors for this event only I ended up having a very strange experience at the University of Kansas that year that changed me totally and I left the church.


Despite heavy criticism from organisations including Royal Swedish Academy, on Thursday the church approved the new handbook with a large majority.


Women have taken over the church since then.  The Reformation was a very masculine action.  It was warfare, not figuratively but physical warfare.  My German side of the family was half Protestant and half Catholic and split over this with the Bavarian part going Catholic.


My French ancestor was a Protestant who fled to the New World due to the Catholic queen of France killing as many Huguenots as possible.  Religious wars were very nasty back then…and remain extremely violent now.  Ask any Muslim.


According to local media, many priests have objected to directions in the new handbook regarding language, which have been added with the goal of making the church “more inclusive”.


And what, pray tell, do they ‘include’ here?  Muslim men???  Talk about insanity and yes, they are insane.  Societies can go mad, this is why my family, all the English, French and German parts, ended up in the New World and worked hard to create a system where the government can’t compel religion or thought or language or anything intruding on our beliefs and our privacy.


PRIVACY: this is the key issue at work here.  People are being forced, at home, in public, everywhere to obey dictates of lunatics who want to control speech and society in ways that are really destructive and intrusive and disgusting.  All the things my frontier-loving family hates.


A black Missouri student writes ‘white lives matter’ on mirror causing hysteria at the high school until it was discovered it was just another example of black youths desperate for someone to be ‘racist’.


And yes, the persecution of white males roars onwards with them blamed for crimes committed by other races who want to frame them.  This runs alongside the attempts at ending free speech and disarming citizens so they can’t fight off the State.


From just two years ago: World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space and this is when it all began.  The same female in the above story was also demanding the Church wipe itself out entirely back two years ago.


The church targeted is the Seamen’s mission church in Stockholm’s eastern dockyards. The Bishop held a meeting there this year and challenged the priest to explain what he’d do if a ship’s crew came into port who weren’t Christian but wanted to pray.


Calling Muslim guests to the church “angels“, the Bishop later took to her official blog to explain that removing Christian symbols from the church and preparing the building for Muslim prayer doesn’t make a priest any less a defender of the faith. Rather, to do any less would make one “stingy towards people of other faiths”.


I do not believe in the gods of various religions.  The Watchers don’t give a hoot if anyone believes in them, they just exist.  The Gates of Death are very real.  All religions give that place various names but they remain elemental.


Humans are scared of death.  So we have all sorts of magical formulas and systems set up to give us the idea we control Death but we don’t.  When humans invent stories about the elemental Other Side of Reality, they want everyone else to follow their dictates and the tools used are several: words that persuade and violent, painful torture and death.


The history of religions isn’t pretty and it is very certainly not humane.  Humanism can calm down the violence of religions but it is always temporary, the need to kill is so strong in us, this is how we evolved during 5 million years of increasingly colder planet, it is hard to suppress even for short periods of time.


As I often point out, History is written by this goddess who uses blood for ink.




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12 responses to “Canadian Teaching Assistant Punished For Not Parroting SJW Doctrines About Infinite Sexes

  1. Lou

    Canada is wrecked. Hate speech laws like Britain has.

    Welcome to Zionist-controlled Canada. Monika Schaefer, a music teacher in Alberta, is being chased by the organized Jewry over posting a video, entitled, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. She claimed in the video that her German parents didn’t know about the Jewish genocide during WWII because these things did not happen.

    Henry Makow, PhD, who claims to be grandson of Holocaust victims, said that Holocaust story was fabricated in Washington DC for the sole purpose of creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine.

    Arthur Topham, writer and blogger, who had been chased by Canada’s Organized Jewry for decades for criticizing Zionism, Israel, and Holocaust, has been prohibited by a court to stop using social media.

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Good for you taking-on the ‘culture warriors’ and protecting our God-given right to free thought & speech and recognizing the most important “right-to-be-let-alone”!

    Friends in Europe have gathered in an ‘authentic ecumenical’ movement to ‘Pray to heal the heart of mankind.’ They include Catholics – Muslims –
    Protestants and respect the traditions of each.

    You may be interested to attend one of their three events in Medjugorje & Sarajevo, Bosne i Hercegovine in 2018:


  3. melponeme_k

    This is a fractured society. A national mind that has been shattered. This was done deliberately by the CIA, Bilderbergs, and Aristocracy. Not that they escape this themselves. Many information sources state that they practice mind control on one another. Ultimately we are fractured people RULED by fractured people.

    Think of it like a box, a Freemasonic magic square. The square is divided up into smaller squares. Each little square represents a shard. In society, we have shards such as Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Transgender, Conspiracies, ahistorical fallacies etc. In between each shard is a gatekeeper. This prevents people from integration. The SJW nonsense is a gatekeeper. Atheism vs. Religion is a gatekeeper. Apparently, the elites love to program violent demonic entities as gatekeepers as well. So that explains all the horror movies and books they love to feed us. Many of these pieces of bile specifically mention entities such as Moloch, Baal, Valak, Lilith etc.

    There can also be boxes leading to other boxes. For people who escape the first box, well they can be caught in Religion box, Alien Box, Psychic phenomena box etc. All of this, all the boxes are PRELOADED by our entertainment.

    I’ve seen many write about the mind control factor in our society. BUT NONE have addressed reintegration or the programming box. We won’t get back our society until we address this problem.

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine always refers to people like this “\professor, ‘Rambukkana’ as Maoists. Maybe they are, but I know they follow Mao’s (not Madame Mao) dictum that a small but fully committed minority of total devoted people can conquer an enemy much larger in size. One thing is for sure. If there isn’t any widespread opposition to these SJW or Maoists if you want to call them that, the Maoists will succeed. In Germany the opposition to these SJW/Maoists is growing and it’s becoming militant. Good!!

  5. Christian W

    The main US ‘Maoists’ are the Neocons, but there are several different factions of ‘Maoists’ in the US, many of them are allied to each other.

    The militants in Germany will become ‘Maoists’ too if they aren’t already.

  6. Christian W

    Here are some German Superiority Militant Maoists getting military training and experience in Iraq:

  7. Christian W

    More wrecking of Sweden. The Zionist Battering Ram is in full swing.

    From Twitter:

    Maria Engström

    Swedish Church is in the process of removing all references of #God as “Him”, “His”, “#Lord”, “#Father” & so on & only mention God as “Hen” (a gender-less pronomen invented by #Liberals) i order to not offend people that find excuses everywhere to be offended about anything. 😡
    11:19 PM · Nov 23, 2017

    This is actually happening. You see ‘hen’ rather than he or she on the official pages of the Swedish church now, I just checked.

    I am certain the ‘Hen’ idea is inspired by the Finnish language. Finnish does not have specific pronouns for Him/He or Her/She but use ‘Hän’ a gender neutral word where the gender is determined by the context. This works wonderfully well in Finnish, which also uses the Passive case a lot and is overall completely different from Indo-European languages. To ram it into a Germanic language is just wrong.

  8. ziff

    Yes its nuts but extremism always burns out

  9. Christian W

    It burns out when there is no more flame, fuel and oxygen. The question is how much it will destroy before it’s components are used up.


    As the great writer, Orwell explained so carefully how indoctrination and separating everyone from each other with faith only in Big Brother, works.

    Big Brother is our Real Rulers. They LOST CONTROL OF THE MESSAGE! Thanks to all of us on the internet, they no longer control us and they are right now working tirelessly to destroy the internet and turn it into a one way street with information flowing only from them to us peons.

  11. Petruchio

    What finally brought down the Organized Crime families in NYC? A law called RICO. What could possibly bring down the Real Rulers? The Internet. And if the Internet doesn’t bring the Real Rulers down, it will at least expose them to the light of day. Yes I think the comparison to Organized Crime Families and our “Elites” is valid.

  12. They are cockroaches: turn on the lights and they scurry all around the kitchen.

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