How to Launch WWIII: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel All Talk About War With Each Other

Mahler: Symphony No. 5 / Gergiev · World Orchestra for Peace · BBC Proms 2010 – YouTube

Leading up to WWI, Gustav Mahler, a Jewish German composer and conductor wrote some of the strangest, troubled music.  His symphonies nearly always start with a military theme as this was the Kultur at the time, Germany was heading into a major confrontation with France and England and war would start anywhere and for any reasons.  I fell in love with Mahler’s music way back at the very beginning of the Vietnam War.  We were always minutes away from WWIII during that time as we are today with our Rulers insisting on keeping the fear of WWIII front and center to keep populations supporting them in their looting of our systems for their own comforts and sense of power.  Now we can see in today’s news how this criminal system is shuddering and shaking as it loses control of populations.


‘Such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.’ is a quote from the Lord of the Rings I have lived by most of my life.  Most people are unaware of how many ‘small hands’ turn the Wheel of History!  What we know as ‘history’ is the official record which misses I would suggest, at least 50% of what really happens.


What we see is what results from ‘small hands’ and I keep pointing this out but people are conditioned into thinking that great event must have powerful people operating things when this is utterly false.  Sometimes, the great people do manipulate events, they heartily wish they could do this 100% of the time but they know they can’t.  All they can do is hide this information from the ‘little people.’


‘One cannot be both tyrant and counsellor’. – Gandalf said via Tolkien.  This is the trap the Rulers are in: they issue orders but then have to pretend they are asking us all for guidance.  They have tricked many young people into  being insane, supporting fascism while screaming they are ‘communists’ for example.


Note there are zero demonstrations against the Rulers.  They are aimed at citizens who don’t want communism but they use fascist tactics which is street brawls and intimidation inside of the school systems run by the Rulers.


This will backfire badly on the Rulers but then, they aren’t all that street smart.  They live in palaces!  They have no idea what is going on.  So here is the news from the palaces and the streets today including news from Russia which is being shut down more and more by our Real Rulers who run the Internet: Saudi Crown Prince calls Iran leader “new Hitler” – NYT | Daily Mail Online


The Sunni Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Shi’ite theocracy Iran back rival sides in wars and political crises throughout the region.  Mohammad bin Salman suggested the Islamic Republic’s alleged expansion under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei needed to be confronted.


Israel hates and fears Iran, not Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi/Israel alliance is now out in the open but not in all the news…yet.  It is rapidly filtering into the Street and the day of reckoning is drawing near.  The reaction will be very violent.   RT International is Russian news and therefore, has some reality:

The ISIS gang was pushed out of Syria and is now emerging again right next to Saudi Arabia and this attack inside Egypt is on the same frontier as Saudi Arabia.  The killers were protected by the Saudis and probably have melted back into Saudi Arabia.  How will Egypt’s dictator react?  Will he bite the hand that feeds him?  We shall see.


This was a deliberate move to force Iran into war with Saudi Arabia who will use Israel and the US to fight this looming nuclear war.  This is insane and US citizens should refuse to allow this but the citizens don’t run our country, the Real Rulers who are all rich Bilderberg gangsters, they get to run things their way for the time being.

The worst wars are launched by powerful elites.  Religious warfare is the easiest for if people believe their ‘gods’ are ‘right’ and anyone else even slightly differing from them is ‘wrong’ and ‘evil’ we get very bloody wars but simple imperial dictates have caused some of the worst wars of all.  For empires can kill in really big massive ways including annihilating all humans if necessary.

Trump has been doing something unheard of for the last 60 years: he is defying the Bilderberg gang.  No one has dared to try this since Kennedy was killed.  He knows that diplomacy is necessary and the system of power set up under the weak leadership of Obama is toxic and worse, a failure.


So he wants to fix the Turkey issue.  Turkey is a key member state in NATO and now is hostile and allied with Russia which I predicted would happen after the failed coup.  The coup was pure CIA meddling.  Erdogan is now vying with Saudi Princes for leadership of the Sunni Muslims.


And his peace deals with Iran is part of showing leadership: he is telling all Muslims that war with fellow Muslims while siding with Israel is wrong and further, is insane.

The screenshot is from The Gateway Pundit: The Plot Thickens=> Fusion GPS Was Hired To Prove Trump-Russia Collusion After Alleged DNC Hack


The insane push to connect Putin with Trump continues as information comes pouring in about Hillary, Bill and Obama all working via buddies to do deals with Putin and then blame Trump for these deals.  All this mess is being ignored by mainstream media except for Fox News and only part of Fox News, most of the ‘news reporters’ in mainstream media are actually agents of the Bilderberg gang and double as CIA undercover agents.


The Daily Mail is always fun.  Note how Google lies about their phones!  They spy on their own customers.  I have a primitive cell phone which is not tied into spy systems all the time.  Many of the ‘improvements’ of cell phones are actually setting up systems to spy on the users.  Why isn’t Congress holding hearings about this?


Even more: why the hell are all the stupid leftists not having fits about this information?  Where are the demonstrations?  Facebook is now going to allow people to see if someone in Russia is looking at their web pages. I seriously hope Russians are looking at my stuff.


If college students are smart, they would boast about how many Russians interface with them.  Cool!  Be a real rebel!  This is too pathetic, the students demonstrating against everything never demonstrate against the Real Rulers which is a sign, they are stupid, too dumb to see the obvious.

And the sex scandals continue.  It shows the corruption at the core.  

Clinging to 40 year old allegations of touching females, the DNC doubles down on using sex as a political tool.  Even as it takes down more DNC tools, the push continues, the DNC is desperate.  

These two headlines are from alternative media.  The NYT and WP and other idiot news services won’t carry these stories at all.  They do the ‘hide the snake under the blanket’ routine which is their final tool to stop citizens from learning about real news.  More from the Daily Mail in London:

They are all nuts.  Every one of them, in the stew pot.  They all got this way via lying about reality.  The news media made this possible by covering up what is really going on.  Now that we see the sex stuff, we should realize the more dangerous ‘sex’ is about international power, wealth and war.

Speaking about war: note the Navy pilot’s sex news!  That military genius did this right in front of the DC elites!  HAHAHA.





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18 responses to “How to Launch WWIII: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel All Talk About War With Each Other

  1. Tim E.

    Well according to Dick Larson all of this is the cleaning up of things before the next age starts, and it will not be pretty.
    part 2

  2. melponeme_k

    Sex is the basis of elite power. They think it makes them magical fairies from every day temporal power to the veils beyond. Everything they do is about harvesting sexual power. And they try like heck to get us onto their crazy train. The sexual revolution? Sex magic. Pure and simple. Now their current desire is to push Sacred Prostitution upon us. They are selling the idea of women, of all ages, selling their bodies for the Goddess.

    This is a nice round up of the general uses of sex power by the elites. The talk also includes how it is used for mind control.

  3. This is why a Skull and Bones frat mayor raped me when I was a child: he was attacking my father who was his rival.

    Power politics always end up in the lap of the most helpless…

  4. ziff

    i love your headline , good news , let the bastards go at it

  5. Christian W

    Sexual power / Desire / Greed

    Black (Mass) Friday certainly plays on that theme.

    Also, as always, Passion (Greed), Aggression (Anger), Ignorance (Hatred/Avoidance). The elites, including Trump sadly, plays on these themes constantly.

  6. Nani

    A major war in the Middle East seems inevitable, not only because of the sunni-shia divide and other secteraian conflicts, but also because this hot and dry region has an unsustainable population growth.

    This will eventually lead to a war unless mother nature does something about it (she can be merciless). The same thing will happen in the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh).

  7. TCH

    I have read that the Saud family is Jewish even though they claim to be Muslims. Who knows what they do in prayers behind closed doors. Their cooperation with Israel comes as no surprise to me.

    We must see the trees from the woods: the main theme is for Israel to control all the Middle East. From biblical times, this fight for control has been going on. When Jehovah first appeared on the scene, he had no army. So he appeared to Abraham and promised him that if he (Abraham) accepted him (Jehovah) as god, he will give him all the land his eyes can see. The greedy man that he was, Abraham quickly agreed and so Jehovah had an army to fight for him and control mankind.

    So Judaism, Christianity and Islam with the same god Jehovah, are three psychological programs to control the minds of man. They are essentially political systems, not spiritual ones, to control earth. Who has ever asked Jehovah to prove that he is god the creator? No one. That is why he needs ‘faith’, not logic, in his religion. That is also why modern man is also moving away from his religions to neuro-theology. They understand the implications of the double slit experiment in which consciousness influences matter and non-matter, something the 3 religions fail to understand.

  8. Christian W

    Sudan looks for Russian protection (Russian base in Sudan + weapons) following successful Russian intervention in Syria to stop US geopolitics of destruction and balkanization:

    EXCLUSIVE: Sudan President Accuses US of Seeking to Split Country Into 5 States

    Sudanese President Omar Bashir has given an exclusive interview to Sputnik, speaking on the possible military cooperation with Russia, as well as on the situation in the country’s hotspot, the Darfur region. He has also accused the US government of “devastating” the Arab world.

    “We have information that the US aspiration is to split Sudan into five countries, if we do not find protection,” Sudanese President Omar Bashir told Sputnik, adding that Sudan faces “major pressure and conspiracy from the United States.”

    Washington has “devastated the Arab world,” Bashir pointed out, citing the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen as examples.

    During this week’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bashir stated that his country needed protection from “US aggression,” emphasizing that the Sudanese president said the secession of South Sudan was related to US policies.


    [Obama split Sudan into 2 states in 2011]

  9. melponeme_k


    You have fallen into another box. Anti-Religion box loved by the Freemorons.

    None of us KNOW what the real Judeo-Christian religions really believed or their real history. Was it really violent? Perhaps. Was it authoritarian? Maybe.

    What we do know is that new emerging religions were immediately coopted by the power structure to serve their own ends.

    The fact of the matter was, Christianity was against the Elite Pagan Luciferian belief system from the beginning. The first level of control against it was the Nicean council. Even still, there was still fight enough left until the Catholic church finally fell when it instituted Vatican II then the Black Pope and his minions took over.

    I’ve read recently that there is silent war ongoing since before WWII for the Jewish mind. Zionist vs. Anti-Zionist. A brave group of Orthodox have been battling the Rothschild Satanists. In fact, they were the reason why the Rothschilds threw the Jewish people under the bus during the war. Unfortunately this group has been almost completely silenced and persecuted if they weren’t wiped out during the war.

    They are now gearing up to attack Orthodox Christianity. They have found this a much harder nut to crack due to the way this church is formed. Plus the heart of it is inside Russia and it is protected.

    What are the elites pushing instead of Judeo-Christianity? Goddess worship. In particular Sophia worship. Which suspiciously alot like Luciferianism. Paganism in a nutshell.

    Keep reading, don’t take everything you read as the truth. Look at it all as programming. Note what the powers want suppressed. Find out why. What they really hate are our guideposts.

  10. Lou

    off topic,

    Black Seattle Councilman is against power washing feces of sidewalks – it might bring back traumatic memories of Blacks being hosed during the Snivel rites ooops– civil Rights era.

  11. Christian W

    He knows that diplomacy is necessary and the system of power set up under the weak leadership of Obama is toxic and worse, a failure.

    So he wants to fix the Turkey issue. Turkey is a key member state in NATO and now is hostile and allied with Russia which I predicted would happen after the failed coup. The coup was pure CIA meddling.

    The system set up by Obama has always existed. Read US history and you see the US has always spoken a with forked tongue.

    Recent history:

    Iraq (to Saddam re: Kuwait. “We have no interest in intra-Arab quarrels”, then Surprise! We do mind, you’re getting invaded)
    Ukraine (going ahead with the Nazi Maidan coup even after President Yanukovich accepted the terms of reform by the ‘opposition’.)
    Libya (disarming Ghaddafi only to attack him)
    Syria (arming and training Al Qaeda and ISIS)

    The Pentagon is already saying they will keep arming the Kurds – only now they will not do it directly but through other proxies. They simply add a step to the delivery chain so they can say they are not arming the Kurds (they are not, but their proxies are. Duh!).

  12. Christian W

    Israel and Saudi Arabia are but extensions of the US. The headline really should read: How to launch WWIII: The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia seek war with Iran.

    From WaPo:

    Future plans of the United States regarding the Syrian crisis include maintaining a military presence in the country and establishing a new local government in areas where the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is predominantly led by the PKK’s Syrian affiliate People’s Protection Units (YPG), have been trained, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

    According to the U.S. daily, the Trump administration does not want to leave the stage to the Assad regime after the Daesh terror group is completely defeated in the country.

    This intention was interpreted in the piece as a “potentially open-ended commitment that could draw the U.S. into conflict with both Syria and Iran.”

    The Washington Post also cited U.S. officials as saying that the current presence in Syria would be used in favor of the SDF, fearing that an “abrupt withdrawal” could lead to the Assad regime’s political survival.

  13. Pretending we run Saudi Arabia is crazy. No, they run themselves, that is, the royal family which is HUGE, runs the joint. They do as they please. US ‘politicians’ AND PRESIDENTS go to Saudi Arabia to collect their bribes…the Saudis run US not the reverse!!!

  14. Christian W

    The Saudis have no military competence whatsoever. All they have is money to hire mercenaries and buy policies. The Saudis also know all too well who really provides them with the goodies (money – the US FED) and protection (the US military). When the oil is over the US won’t need Saudi Arabia anymore, but will collect all the money stashed in the US banks and string MBS up for torture, exactly like he did to his brothers and cousins. Karma is a bitch.

  15. Christian W

    You still don’t understand the US system, Elaine.

  16. You don’t understand the Saudi Royals. I do. Fact is, I personally have known Saudi Royals via my father. He knew them extremely well.

    You like to think that your boogey men run the Saudi royals. The idea that the Saudis own the boogey men seems occluded in your eyes. Too bad.

  17. Christian W

    The same Saudi royals that are now strung up and tortured? Prince Bandar Bush owns the US? The Saudis are money men, but the money is $$$$. Doesn’t this clue tell you something?

    Trump sold out to MBS, but Trump is not the US.

    Even Tillerson had no idea about the coup, but Jared Kushner and Trump did.

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