Sexapolypse Continues To Destroy Liberal DNC Machine: Detroit Conyers Going Down

Rep. Conyers lawyer hints he will take down many other congressional harassers if pushed too hard: no joke.  This may open the sex  flood gates.  This all reminds me of the corrupt DNC gang running NYC into bankruptcy in the late 1970’s going to war with me and ending up dead or in prison after my phone was tapped by the Special Prosecutor who found out they were breaking every possible law!  All except the dead on plead guilty to avoid a trial.  In this case, the DNC demanded we attack anyone who talks sexy in order to stop Trump only to see their own sex fiend politicians and Hollywood buddies go down in this Titanic Ship of Fools.


They, themselves, decided we should go full Puritan Zero Sex.  They, themselves, chose this weapon and began to hammer away at Trump with the Sex Hammer of Thor only to discover that Thor’s hammer has this magic that makes it return to whoever throws it and it has planted itself deep inside the DNC forehead.


Ouch.  Instead of being honest about this and saying, ‘All who violate any female even if it is 40 years ago, must be banished and punished,’ they are saying, ‘Only people we want to banish should be punished, all others can do as they please.’


That is, one rule for someone and no rules for one’s own self.  This is the essence of ‘selfishness’.  They want to have their own sex cake and eat it too while everyone else is supposed to starve to death.  One reader of today’s sex story has something sharp to say:


cupera2 Terrence Appleby • 3 days ago

Since the MSM has not published the list of congress members that have paid off the victims of sexual abuse I would bet that there are no republicans on it. If there was just one republican on that list his name would have come out weeks ago. Since the media has not demanded the release of the list or published it is that case of the dog that did not bark.


The other day,  John Conyers Steped Down as Ranking Member of House Judiciary Committee After Being Accused of Sexual Harassment.  He issued this statement back then:

Something must have scared him to then issue the capital letter rant from his lawyers.  This lunatic has been running Detroit off the cliff for longer than anyone.  He has been at the forefront of the utter destruction of the black family.


He presides over this epic wasteland of a city that is code for ‘dead cities’.  He sat idle while riots, crimes, chaos and collapse of schools happened to his own voters who voted for him again and again…voting for more money from the government so they would never have to face the music and fix their city, their culture or their situation.


This monster sat idle while Detroit burned.  Nay, he handed out matches.  He poured gasoline on the fires.  Here is the New York Times, one of the funniest comix papers on earth: Democratic congressman tells NYT Conyers accusations “could be made up” – CBS News and CBS is ‘Comedy B^lls*t news channel:


A member of House Democratic leadership told the New York Times he isn’t sure if the sexual harrassment claims leveled against his colleague Rep. John Conyers “have any real substance.”


While many of his Democratic colleagues say the accusations should be taken seriously, Rep. James Clyburn, D-South Carolina, doubted the accusations levied against Conyers to the New York Times. Conyers has denied the accusations, after Buzzfeed News reported that he settled a complaint with a former staffer who said she was fired because she wouldn’t give in to his sexual advances, and another former scheduler accused Conyers of “daily” harassment in a lawsuit she eventually dropped because the judge refused to seal the case.


All this is far beyond ‘he touched me’ accusations against Republicans including Moore who dated young ladies (who were all the same age I was when I was a pro stripper!) after asking permission from their fathers!  Bill never contacted Monica’s daddy to ask if he could molest her with cigars.


“You can’t jump to conclusions with these types of things,” Clyburn said, despite the documented complaints. “For all I know, all of this could be made up.”


Conyers, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, has been accused of making advances to female staffers including requests for sex acts, caressing their hands sexually, rubbing their legs and backs in public and having them contact and transport other women with whom they believe Conyers was having an affair, according to Buzzfeed News.


Conyer’s hausfrau called the women who described her husband’s sex activities ‘whores’.  THIS is the ‘women are sex victims and we protect them’ political party!  The Democrats main claim to the last election was, they represented women who are being sexually terrorized by men!


Poor CBS news!  The line of liberals who are sex fiends has driven the staff there mad.  The article concludes by talking about Moore being a sex fiend only it admits there is zero proof of that.  Just ‘oh, yuck, he asked girls to go out with him and did this with parental permission!’  Um…I was once a teenager in the wild sex years and NO male EVER asked my parents for permission to hang out with me but then, I lived on my own since age 16 and did as I pleased!


The Democrats used to be all for this sort of ‘free love’ and ‘free speech’ and look at how it has morphed into ‘we hate sex’ and ‘no free speech for anyone but us sex-hating female harridans’.


This story continues on next posting, I wanted a short rant about Columbia University of NY but decided it was a huge story in itself.


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6 responses to “Sexapolypse Continues To Destroy Liberal DNC Machine: Detroit Conyers Going Down

  1. Sunger

    23 Anti-gay Republicans Caught Being Gay

  2. Sunger

    Christian Evangelicals Rally to Accused Pedophile Roy Moore

    Ten Evangelical pastors interviewed say they would support Moore despite sexual assault history.

  3. Yes, isn’t it funny that so many anti-gay people are secretly gay. Starting with many of the Popes and other ‘religious’ leaders.

  4. Christian W

    Indeed Sunger. To pretend the sexual issues are party related is silly. The DNC has obviously become utterly corrupt and retarded, but so is the GOP. Are we supposed to chose the party that is currently, by the thinnest of hairs, less retarded and corrupt depending from what angle you look at it? What kind of choice is that? To what kind of future will that lead?

    The real question for US citizens is how to reset the system in the most safe and sane manner. So many aspects of US society is completely wacko now it’s time for a US version of Perestroika… but I guess things will have to keep rotting until there simply is no other option.

    I saw a joke that the US is the leader of the “Free” world, while Russia is the leader of the Real world… quite apt.

  5. HAHAHA. Yes, isn’t that very funny? What is serious is, how desperate both parties are to show each other is corrupt! But then, that is the big joke, too.

  6. KHS71


    Please learn the difference between Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia. Pedophilia is prepubescent children. Hebephilia and Ephebophilia deal with young adolescents. Please learn the difference. The use of pedophilia is an overused term that is almost always used incorrectly to shame someone as is being done with Roy Moore. The gay priest scandal comes to mind. The gay priests mainly attacked young adolescent boys, not prepubescent boys but they were labeled pedophiles. The media uses the term incorrectly it to sell newspapers. There is also the possibility that they do not know the other two words exist. Please read this article.

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