Saudi Arabia’s Fat Rulers Form Anti-Shia Sunni World Alliance To Wage War

From 2013:  Israel and Saudi Arab Alliance against Shia muslim – YouTube


The Saudi coup continues and note how it is now working on creating a Mega-ISIS operation, that is, after failing to overthrow a non-Sunni Muslim leader in Syria and while fighting non-Sunni Muslims in Yemen, the Saudi royals who are the least liberal, the most doctrinaire Sunnis on earth are now in this ‘alliance’ with others of the same sect to basically declare war on the Shi’a believers.  Far from being ‘an Arab NATO’ it is a JIHAD that can trigger WWIII.  All this is tied into 9/11: we were attacked by Sunni mostly Saudi terrorists and responded by attacking all bystanders and enabling the Saudis to flee the US while all citizens were locked down.  The lunacy surrounding the 9/11 event has enabled the Saudi royals to escape the punishments they deserve after attacking us.


The other element of 9/11 was the business of the Israeli secret service’s involvement in that event.  Both the Saudis and Israelis had this very deep, dark alliance going from the time of the Iraq invasion of Kuwait years earlier and this is now out in the open in the last year with direct communication between Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Few humans can discuss any of this in public because a pack of baying hounds screaming ‘bombs in the buildings’ howl mindlessly every time anyone discusses the major event that is a true historical turning event.  All previous events are subject to fantasy, too, because people like to fantasize.  This prevents seeing what is called ‘harsh reality’.


The many things rising into view as desperate despots try their best to stay in power is fascinating to see in action.  Most populations are utterly unaware at shifting diplomatic events especially if these are kept secret.  The secret of Saudi collusion with the Zionists has already begun to be digested by many Sunni Muslims and the rage this is causing is concealed from view because only North Korea’s dictatorship surpasses the Saudi royal rule in brutality and totality.


So far, all Saudi attempts at going to war with the Shia believers has been utter failures even with US/NATO help.  Why is that?  Well, most Sunni don’t much like the Saudi royals who are utterly corrupt and who ‘sin’ constantly while brutalizing their victims they rule, forcing all of them to follow the very strict rules the royals totally and openly ignore.  This is highly explosive.  It cannot last.


Saudi Vows New Islamic Alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’ claims the segment of Saudi royals who just had a coup against their own half brothers and cousins:


“In past years, terrorism has been functioning in all of our countries… with no coordination” among national authorities, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also Saudi defence minister, said in his keynote address to the gathering in Riyadh.


HAHAHA.  Since nearly all the terrorism happening is either sponsored by or a reaction to the Saudi royals, this is hilarious.  Now, they hope to have all their neighbors work with them in starting a major war against all the other Muslim believers who are not Saudi followers.  Any humans looking at the history of religious wars can predict the obvious destruction and uselessness of such wars.


“This ends today, with this alliance.”


The summit is the first meeting of defence ministers and other senior officials from the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, which officially counts 41 countries and identifies as a “pan-Islamic unified front” against violent extremism.


Except these leaders all use Sunni terrorists for state purposes.  There are many Sunni believers who are agents of their own actions and are attacking various countries but the Egyptian mass murder event shows how the Saudi royals have enabled, protected and worked with terrorists to attack non-Saudi faithful.  The victims in Egypt were a religious minority that the Saudis hate!


Duh!   ‘Egypt’ wasn’t attacked,  citizens of Egypt were terrorized, not the rulers or allies of the violent military rulers of Egypt.  The rulers in Egypt did nothing to protect the victims and the attackers fled towards…imagine this!…SAUDI ARABIA, not into Egypt.  Ahem.
Saudis team up with Israel to plan strike against Iran – report – YouTube


As I have said for years now, virtually no real news appears in US media.  The foreign media has been carrying stories about Saudi/Israeli collusion for quite a while, the above video is also from November, 2013!  US citizens can’t take any actions in world affairs when kept utterly in the dark or victims of outright lies like the run up to the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq.


I predicted back then, since the invasion was utterly immoral and along the lines of what Hitler did at the beginning of WWII, Americans were told ‘we won’ when Saddam was murdered.  Instead, this opened up a more dangerous war between Sunni and Shia supporters, a proxy war the Saudis, Israel and the US NATO forces LOST.


This defeat is total.  It is also rather embarrassing and the US lost lots of ‘face’ in this matter just like when we lost the Vietnam War.  The US public still thinks we won due to nearly no information appearing in public and Congress conspiring with the media to conceal this historic defeat.
From one year ago, an open discussion of deep diplomacy in Syria:  Putin on the destruction of the Middle East – Must watch! – YouTube


Putin has won a great deal since last year.  His analysis of everything is detailed and clear.  He explains how the Muslim world doesn’t do well with ‘democracy’ due to cultural and historical limitations.  He explains that unrest is right on Russia and China’s borders.  He says NATO and the UN should respect Syria’s borders.


His entire interview here should be on all US TV but isn’t, far from it, Congress and the mainstream fake news clowns have united against Trump to kill all Russian TV in the US so we can’t see real news and thus, can continue to make terrible diplomatic and historical mistakes due to being shoved around by a bunch of international conspirators who are obscenely rich and who use our citizens as tools to die for various ‘projects’.


The Saudis are now openly challenging Putin’s diplomacy and talking openly about raging warfare.  Trump is in the middle.  He tried and tried and tried to do basic diplomacy with Russia and Congress conspired with the mainstream media to attack him and threaten him and howled about impeaching him with many in Congress demanding he be impeached for doing the most bare bones of ‘diplomacy’.


I never take my eye off of that fact!  Sometimes, Trump weakens and tries to placate these warmongering lunatics and then regrets this, as I have noted each time, as they redouble their attacks on him.  They view him as someone who might stop them from waging this major, very destructive war on the Shia Muslims!  This is insane.


But then, these same lunatics decided to flood Europe with millions of angry Muslim Sunni men! And the EU citizens stood by helplessly or stupidly assisted in this invasion and now the large cities of all EU nations including England are centers of Muslim war agitation by Sunni recent arrivals.  They intend to drag all of Europe into their major religious war and their enemies in this war are the citizens of Europe!


I am amazed at how placid the citizens are!  But then, they are fed nothing but lies.  What is more astonishing is, the Sunnis in the US and Europe are beginning to attack Jews, but not the rich and powerful Jews.  This goes into strange things: do the Jews really believe the Sunni rulers now love them thanks to conspiring with these dangerous lunatic radical religious nuts?


My view is, the Jews think they can outwit a billion Muslims!  This is real lunacy.  The Saudis said nearly nothing while the Jews penned in the Palestinians.  Keeping the Palestinians in ‘victim’ status with the Zionists works to keep the Saudis in power.  But now, the Arab ‘street’ is learning that the Saudi princes are really allies with the Jews.  This is highly explosive.


The Saudi plan to take millions of excess Sunni males and drive them into war with Iran has a downside: arming this million Sunnis means they can turn on the fat little dumpling super rich Saudis and devour them, instead.  Indeed, history says, this is highly likely.



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11 responses to “Saudi Arabia’s Fat Rulers Form Anti-Shia Sunni World Alliance To Wage War

  1. Christian W

    More proof ISIS is a US foreign policy tool:

    #BREAKING – #US Backed #SDF negotiate ceasefire with #ISIS in Hasakah, Northern #Syria to prevent hostilities between the two forces in specified areas. #ISIS is permitted to attack #Syrian government from their territories under ceasefire with #SDF.

    ISIS is also attacking the Syrian Army from US controlled areas in South Eastern Syria, Deir Ezzor, meaning the Russian Air Force cannot bomb the remaining home bases of ISIS since those are under US protection.

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said- “The Saudis are now openly challenging Putin’s diplomacy and talking openly about raging warfare.”

    Saudi Arabia and Russia ink ‘landmark’ Arms Deal

    Oct.6, 2017

    “SAUDI ARABIA AND RUSSIA INK ‘LANDMARK’ ARMS DEAL, reports The Associated Press: “In a major break with decades of rivalry, Russia and Saudi Arabia on Friday struck a slew of deals, including contracts for Russian weapons as part of a groundbreaking first visit by a Saudi monarch…

    “Observers say that Riyadh’s decision to boost ties with Moscow reflects the expanded clout Russia has won in the Middle East with its military blitz in Syria. And it shows the Saudis’ interest in keeping Russia signed up to a global deal to limit oil production and push up the price of their valuable crude exports…

    “Following the talks, Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) said it signed agreements with Russia’s state arms trader, Rosoboronexport, for the purchase of cutting-edge Russian weapons, including the long-range S-400 air defense missile systems.

    “In line with Saudi Arabia’s intention to localize weapons production, the deals envisage the transfer of technology for the local production of Russian Kornet-EM anti-tank missiles, TOS-1A rocket launchers and AGS-30 automatic grenade launchers and the latest version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.”

  3. Christian W

    So what are the Saudis going to do with all the military hardware they are buying from all over the place? For Russia it looks like a way to finance the war in Syria, and the modernization of the Russian military, using Saudi petrodollars.

  4. Petruchio

    Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. This fact was known very early on. Still “Duabaya” Bush blamed Saddam Hussein and Iraq and went to war. And Americans didn’t protest. They didn’t DEMAND that this war insanity stop. That’s the saddest thing.

  5. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Though it has been over 35 years – I well remember the human “meat grinder” that was the Iraq & Iran War of the 1980s. Several Iranian students I attended college with were killed in the conflict.

    Iraq only prevailed as the last one standing – the Iranians gave up negligible territory – yet over a million casualties were sustained between the two.

    I suspect Iranian memories are just as long, so they are much better prepared to defend their homeland today.


  6. Ken

    What about the Palistanians? They are primarily Sunni. Are they going to ally themselves with a Sunni coalition that includes their mortal enemy Israel? Doubtful.

    The US is still allied with Iraq. But Iraq is Shia and allied with Iran against the Sunni coalition. So, basically, the US is allied with both sides.

    And, as Elaine points out, all of the terrorists attacking the US and Europe are Sunni. If the US sides with the Sunni coalition then any weapons we provide to our Sunni “friends” will be certain to eventually end up being used against western civilians.

    The whole region is a complete mess. A coherent policy may not even be posible. And it is not even geographically near to the US (unlike with Russia). There is only one reason that we are being drawn into such a completely illogical and untenable mess: Israel. If Israel were located in South America then the US media would not be beating the drums of war.

  7. Christian W

    Muhammed bin Salman, the new power in Saudi Arabia, and the Trump administration, have zero interest in the Palestinians. MBS has already called Abbas to Saudi Arabia to order him to accept the next “peace” proposal as is or face the consequences. The Palestinians also closed their mission in the US in protest against pressure from the Trump administration.

    Also, not all Palestinians are Sunni, there are also Christian Palestinians being persecuted by the Zios, but we don’t hear about them for some strange reason. Funny that American Christian Zionists don’t give a shit about the people who created Christianity back in the day.

  8. PFO

    Christian W.

    Here’s a very serious association of Palestinian Christians


  9. Christian W

    @ PFO

    Good to see, thank you.

  10. PFO

    Hello ALL Culture of Life Readers,

    Christian W’s inquiry got me to thinking:

    Why don’t we all put our MONEY where our reading eyes are and SPONSOR the activities of the;

    The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
    Rateb Rabie – Director
    6935 Wisconsin Avenue – Suite 518
    Bethesda, Maryland, USA 20815-6124
    Phone: 301-951-9400 – Fax: 301-951-9402

    I’m personally acquainted with Dr. Rateb – have attended the annual meetings in Washington DC – and fully support their programs to protect the Culture of Palestine!

    ELAINE please consider a LINK on your Homepage where your readers can click, read and ACT ON the latest REAL NEWS from the nation of Palestine!

    Washington City
    District of Columbia
    United states of America

  11. Better still, post your link and request periodically or even daily here so readers see it. Putting stuff on the sidebar is actually LESS effective! I hope it works.

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