More FBI Information About Bill Clinton’s Illicit Secret Meeting With US Attorney General At Arizona Airport Blows Case Wide Open



Even as the mainstream Bilderberg news pushes and pushes for Trump to be impeached, all the messes in the DNC and Hillary and Obama are pouring out into the public as we learn the many things we suspected: Clinton’s secret meeting with the Attorney General Rice was a scheme to change the charges against Hillary and her gang so she would not be prosecuted and thus, could ‘win the election’ and bury the messes of her past schemes and illegal actions.

Exposed: FBI Hid Documents on Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting – YouTube

Trump Attorney: Docs Reveal Trump-Hating FBI Agent Sent “Urgent” Emails to Comey Over Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting (VIDEO)


As previously reported, Special Counsel Mueller was forced to fire top FBI agent, Peter Strzok after anti-Trump text messages were discovered. Strzok was also having an affair with another FBI lawyer.


Yes, there is more sex in this story!  Seems that the sex issue is all over the place for the DNC.  The more they yap about sex, the worse it gets.  They still can’t figure this out which is why the DNC gang is still attacking Trump on sex issues.


Jay Sekulow blasted the corrupt Mueller investigation as having too many conflicts of interest on his show Jay Sekulow Live Monday and brought up the Trump-hating FBI agent.


“He (Strzok) sent an email within 8 minutes of the information hitting the DOJ about the tarmac meeting. That went to people within the FBI and within 8 minutes it reached James Comey..” Sekulow said.


OK: if this information is true, people have to be arrested and charged.  The entire problem with charging this gang with their crimes is, they used to control the courts and the Department of Justice just one year ago.  Today, they don’t.  So we can now see justice applied here.


“It was marked ‘urgent’ and ‘high’,” Sekulow continued.


The talking points are still redacted. Sekulow said he is going to back to court to sue for more documents.


“There’s some serious legal issues here and conflicts of interest,” Sekulow said.


That is an understatement.  This is a gigantic conspiracy to bury crimes while at the same time, charging the President with lesser indiscretions and pretending that these are crimes.


FBI agents wanted to find the ‘whistleblower’ who outed the tarmac meeting to local press. The whistleblower is believed to be a law enforcement official.


A hah.  No surprise here!  They went after the whistleblowers, they did this all the time which is why the liberals (sic) hate Wikileaks.  When Wikileaks put out secrets of the DNC, all the fake liberals showed us they are really partisan creeps who have no respect for the law or propriety.  They just want power which is rapidly slipping away.

Hillary ‘Didn’t Face a Perjury Trap’: Tucker Battles Clinton Adviser Over FBI Probes – YouTube


Perjury trap doctrine refers to a principle that a perjury indictment against a person must be dismissed if the prosecution secures it by calling that person as a grand-jury witness in an effort to obtain evidence for a perjury charge especially when the person’s testimony does not relate to issues material to the ongoing grand-jury investigation. The perjury trap is a form of entrapment defense, and so must be affirmatively proven by the defendant.


The following are examples of some case law on perjury trap:


A perjury trap is created when the government calls a witness before the grand jury for the primary purpose of obtaining testimony from him in order to prosecute him later for perjury. When testimony is elicited before a grand jury that is attempting to obtain useful information in furtherance of its investigation, or conducting a legitimate investigation into crimes which had in fact taken place within its jurisdiction, the perjury trap doctrine is, by definition, inapplicable. [United States v. Chen, 933 F.2d 793 (9th Cir. Guam 1991)]


The Flynn business is appearing more and more as a ‘perjury trap’ situation.  This happened to President Clinton years ago and I wrote an editorial in the NYT attacking the prosecutor, Starr, for that BS.  Why did the Clintons decide to ape that mess?


They are lucky sensible people cut through the nonsense and nothing happened to them back then.  So why are they doing this today?  I hope the sword of Justice cuts deep here for the hubris is astonishing.


On a much smaller side story, I watched a video about crime when one of the comments caused me to sit up and exclaim happily, ‘One of the kids in our street patrol!’ years and years ago in Brooklyn!

(58) Jamal and Jaquan do some early Xmas shopping in Houston – YouTube:


jjt1234 comments:


Thanks Collin. Where are the other guys like you? I’m afraid they’ll kill you and then we go back to getting fed the same old crap every day. I’ve never donated to some anonymous person on the internet before, but, I did send you a check. Not big but it’s a start. Thanks for doing what must most won’t and don’t. You’re incredible. I can’t believe it. I grew up in Brooklyn New York on the outskirts of Bedford Stuyvesant.


We put up with this kind of crap for about for five years and then finally decided we had enough. It was such a shame because we were-raised by our families not to do the kind of things that we eventually were forced to do.

It was an all out war and it last for about three weeks. But let me tell you when it was over, there were no more problems anymore. Everybody was going back to walking the streets without worrying about who was coming up behind them.
It was a sad way to live, but it was the older people, and younger kids we felt we were protecting. Once the other side knew that “nothing” was gonna go unchecked. Live became very different. REALLY different. And fifty years later I’m so sad I have to keep reminding my family that it will happen, and when it does you have to respond swiftly, violently, and then get of the hell out of the area. Hope I didn’t violate your rules her. It is so ,?;/$!! Sad. Unfortunately, with the millions of law abiding citizen that constitute black america, there are “black, and white” jackasses that understand one thing only. It’s a weak statement I’m making, but I just wanted to thank you SIR.


Here is my comment to the person who posted the above comment:


Hello, jjt1234:   I read your comment with intense interest.  Way back in Brooklyn fifty years ago, the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ after we took over our neighborhood and organized street patrols to take down all the criminals.  I lived at 36 Prospect Place and we first put couches across the street to stop the thugs and the cops told us to move these so we had the ‘big dog’ patrol where owners of the biggest dogs followed any thugs transiting our block then they had a murder in the middle of the street so we closed it off again…and then a thug threw explosives into the corner building nearly killing the fine lady and her child there so we shut down 6th Ave.  This fight went on and on until we won, hands down, 5 city officials and elected officials were put in PRISON and one, the President of Queens, committed suicide…it was a glorious battle.  This is ‘Mrs. Levy’ talking here, I suspect you were one of the fine volunteers to do the street daytime patrols (we adults did the dangerous night patrols) and we made up to 100 civilian arrests over time, a record for the city!  I am so happy to hear from you here.  Take care (I now live in the mountains upstate NY, not the City).


It is always nice to see people remember those interesting days when we took up arms and took back our neighborhood from invading thugs.



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