Trump Tax Cuts Won’t Benefit Rich Democrats, No Wonder They Want To Impeach Him!

The entire front page of the The New York Times is all about how evil Trump is.  They want him impeached.  The entire editorial board, especially since they are now going to pay somewhat higher taxes (while whining all of us should do this, too!) are pissed off at the tax bill.  How dare Trump tax THEM!!!  The super rich of NYC and environs all deserve the biggest tax cuts and impeach Trump, too.  This is funny and they are too stupid to understand why this is so funny.  Biggest losers: Blue state taxpayers who earn more than $200,000 most likely to see increase:


The tax bill approved by the Senate disproportionately affects high-tax, high-cost and generally Democratic-leaning areas — most notably New York City and its neighbors.  If enacted into law, it could send home prices tumbling, increase the region’s tax burden and make it harder for local governments to pay for infrastructure.


What is most puzzling is, these DNC run cities all demand all taxpayers fix messes created by these same DNC run cities, that is, high crime, illegal aliens running wild, bad schools with zero discipline, free trade schemes decimating industries, etc.  They want the middle class suburban taxpayers to pay for all this while the rich use these dying cities to keep themselves in power!


Nearly universally, the suburbs surrounding DNC-run cities are being milked to keep the dying cities sucking down money while cynical rich people use ‘voters’ there to keep themselves in power.  We are not supposed to stop the crime machine that is systematically destroying everything in its path, we are supposed to feel sorry for the criminals destroying civilization.


HAHAHA.   The NYT loves to play stupid.  These supposedly ‘sophisticated’ NYC denizens cannot figure out why the NYT and other DNC media goes nuts whenever a Republican is accused of touching a woman or saying something crude yet when anyone the NYC loves and is inside the DNC machine, when they do the same, the sophisticated NYC clowns all yawn and say, ‘Nothing to see here!’


As the hideous scandals of outright rape and exploitation rips apart Hollywood, the NYT has barely mentioned any of this except to explain it isn’t all the liberals doing these crimes, it is ‘someone else’ doing it.  Disowning their own top money bags who are sex fiends is the only solution for the NYT.  Pretending the NYT didn’t adore these creeps until this month, they sail onwards pretending to be for ‘woman’s rights’ especially sexual rights.


Then there is this story which the NYT carried on the back pages and has zero editorial about.  Note that the two lonely stories, one in May and one yesterday, has only one reporter.  I bet the reporters are young cubs hired to do the stories for the back pages.  Usually, big stories have three or more ‘reporters’.


Ms. Brown was among the first African-American politicians elected to Washington from Florida and burnished a reputation in state and national politics as a civil rights champion and as an advocate for the less fortunate. Because of that legacy, the charity, One Door for Education, may have seemed to donors as an extension of her passion.


Ms. Brown, along with two other people, collected more than $833,000 in charitable donations, telling benefactors that their money would help students pay for college and allow schools to receive computers. But One Door for Education did nothing of the sort.


Instead, the donations were funneled into Ms. Brown’s personal bank accounts and toward extravagant items. About $330,000 of the charity’s donations paid for events that included a Florida golf tournament, professional football games and a luxury stadium box for a Beyoncé concert.

A version of this article appears in print on December 5, 2017, on Page A18 of the New York edition with the headline: Ex-Congresswoman Who Ran Fraudulent Charity Is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison. Order Reprints| Today’s Paper|Subscribe


HAHAHA.  Page 18!  That is the very last page for news, etc.  One a weekday, no less…this stupid paper buries real news of real crimes by real DNC operators!  The Black Caucus attacks Trump nonstop even as one after the other is exposed as a criminal.  Here is the big news at this wretched newspaper:

As one after the other DNC clown goes down, the NYT has zero editorials about any of them.  It doesn’t matter what the crime is, the editors have zero to say.  All they do, every week, tiresomely whine that Trump should be impeached.  There is zero indignation about DNC powerful people committing crimes including sex crimes.  Nope, this earns a shrug.


It now looks like the attempt at destroying Moore in Alabama has collapsed.  Since his ‘crimes’ were to date girls after asking the parents for permission, all the sex fiends in the DNC and mainstream media went nuts and called this ‘rape’ even as they excuse rancid, obvious and vicious sex crimes of their own people.


Washington Post: at least they had one DNC sex story on the front page!  Amazing.

They are, like the NYT, going after Trump over every tiny little thingie.  They falsely report that Trump is in trouble.  No mention of the taxes, though, which is funny.  The only story about the creep, Conyer, claims that he is a victim and not a criminal!  HAHAHA.  HE isn’t harassing women!  But Trump: oh, he is evil and too sexy!


They do note that despite endless attacks, Trump grows stronger and stronger and Trump voters get more and more pissed off at the mainstream media and all the powerful people who are attacking them.  The average Trump voter is pissed off at the NFL over the black power stuff there, for example.


Near zero news in mainstream Bilderberg media about the very successful citizen boycott of the NFL that bites deeper and deeper every day, alarming the very rich who suck down lots of loot via football business ties.  Note also that the WP continues with the ‘Moore dated girls’ garbage.


I find this very funny for when I was 17 years old, many a famous dude wanted sex with me!  I was a stripper when in school, it paid wonderfully and powerful and famous people would on occasion appear in the audience and then ask to come backstage!  Duh!  I know as an old lady, no one would believe this but I wasn’t an old broad in 1968.


Now, suddenly, men wanting teens like myself back then are supposed to be evil.  HAHAHA.  Once, Frank Sinatra showed up with his ‘lady’ and got drunk and made a pass at me.  EEEW.  To me, he was an old man but the female on his arm was pissed off.  The joint I worked at was rather connected with Hollywood.  All the men there wanted young strippers.  Duh.


All this prissy whining from the very same people who enjoyed the fun sex stuff is very annoying to me and I hope the Gods hit them with many lightning bolts for being fakes, creeps and stupid.  Off the cliff with them all!  This is so pathetic, watching adults acting like scared Victorian ladies and then going out and watching nude dancers at Lincoln Center and then parading about afterwards in front of cameras while wearing see-through ‘gowns’ made by the tailors who worked for the Emperor Who Had No Clothes.


Here is the WP editorial page which is so pathetic and yet very, very funny.  Red Scare editorial: check.  Trump is a criminal editorial: check.  Whining that ‘populism’ is now dead: laugh riot.  GOP could have rejected plutocrat:  HAHAHA…the NYT is whining that the rich will have to pay MORE taxes!

Wow, I just clicked on the editorial board’s story, ‘Is a Senate seat really worth this?’ and it…VANISHED!  Gone.  It was replaced with Milbank’s ‘The White House latest fallback: Who cares if Trump colluded with Russia?’  Um, he did DIPLOMACY but this is a huge blind spot for our Bilderberg gangsters, isn’t it?  Good lord!

And the WP has more sex stories.  Naturally, one of these have to be ‘Trump touched/talked about women!’ stories which continue to be peddled with increasing desperation.



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13 responses to “Trump Tax Cuts Won’t Benefit Rich Democrats, No Wonder They Want To Impeach Him!

  1. Sunger

    Here’s What the Brits Think of the Trumpster-

    *The question is how to deal with a man like Donald Trump, a taunting braggart with a weakness for flattery? The stakes are high: when nations fall out, people get hurt. By using social media as a flame-thrower, Mr Trump uses words as weapons. He does not care who gets burned.”

    *In retweeting anti-Muslim video clips promoted by a leader of a far-right fringe group in Britain and then rounding on the prime minister for reproaching him, Mr Trump proves again that he panders to bigots and is no friend of this country.

    * Mr Trump has few morals. He is a thuggish narcissist who is no respecter of Britain’s national security and wellbeing. After the London Bridge attack in June, he went after the capital’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, for urging, quite reasonably, calm. He attacked Scotland Yard, in September, for not being “proactive” after a terrorist bomb failed to detonate in London. Then, as now, Theresa May rebuked the US president. It was the right thing to do. The prime minister should go further and withdraw the invitation for a state visit. Bullies never respect sycophants. Britain should not allow Mr Trump’s racism to be dressed up in pageantry. Mr Trump’s strategy is to stoke a climate of paranoia, both at home and abroad. He seeks advantage in the politics of division and hate. He operates by instinct rather than sober analysis.”

    *The truth is that Mr Trump has no respect for the basic rights that are the foundation of democracy. Nor does he care for the decency necessary to sustain citizenship.”

    *With Mr Trump in the White House the US has become flighty when it comes to “special” relationships, heaping praise on America’s adversaries and downgrading ties with allies.”


  2. ziff

    above @ 1 , Trump Derangement Syndrome . I often wonder what is the cause?, i personally know 3 people who are otherwise intelligent who have it . Does Trump as pres violate their sense of order or values ie . professional pols only ! He Is a NY playboy! aach !!
    In the past I never thought much of Trump, he had bad taste [not a crime ] , but that changed when i heard him speak about verbotten issues , something very rare in a public figure. Whether he was honest about that or not or whether as one man could do much , he was worth a shot. To americas great credit he was given that.
    So i think i am more thoughtfull and better informed than some of my friends who are using ingrained personal values rather than an informed world view as measure.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Miss Sinatra has no adam’s apple, no brow ridge, small skull and a very delicate jawline (mine is more masculine). She liked wearing a lot of heavily padded shoulders to hide her tiny shoulders and pleated pants to hider her mamma mia hips. My own grandfather called her a he/she and hated her voice. And that was no woman she was with….

    You dodged a bullet.

    Sex is all the ones in charge know. They built their whole world around it. Now that everyone is turning off their televisions and not watching movies, well, it is all going down the drain. And they have nothing to replace it.

  4. ziff

    & @2 flaunting of wealth is a big sin , and theres the ‘dignity of the office’ , that went with the deep state .

  5. timothy carroll

    In 1968, Mrs. Sinatra would have been none other than Mia Farrow, no?

  6. Melponeme_k

    No, that would be MR. Farrow. Just as one of Miss Sinatra’s other husbands was MR. Gardner.

    You want to find a masculine jawline, brow ridge and adam’s apples? Check out Miss Sinatra’s husbands.

    NONE of these people are real. They are all 100% psyop to fool all of us into thinking we have a culture. We don’t have a culture. We haven’t had one in over 100 years. We have all been living in some mad scientist’s test tube called television.

    The only reason we are all getting a clue now is because of the internet. What little forward momentum in “culture” we had left was destroyed in the late 90s. In essence we are all stuck in a time loop circa 2000.

    Can you honestly tell the difference between 2001 and 2011. How about 2011 and 2017?

    We are in a dead culture. And it won’t revive until all the elites, ALL of them, are 6 feet under.

  7. JimmyJ

    @Ziff: Trump Derangement Syndrome is simply cognitive bias, but by now writ over most of the planet thanks to constant propaganda.

    Trump became known over the years to most folks publicly as somewhat of a blowhard through TV appearances, and the cognitive dissonance of him actually being a smart, successful businessman and very political person who fought a legitimate battle to become president is at such odds with his mis-perceived TV persona that it leaves many people with no choice but to continue with their cognitive bias.

    Subsequently, his cynical opponents politically have capitalized on this with continuous MSM onslaught (through confirmation bias), entirely for mercenary benefit, and at the risk of destroying the civil contract in the US. And worse the civil discord in the US will encourage the authoritarians in the US Gov to consolidate their power by going to war in North Korea (to begin with), and conveniently if it gets ‘rough’ they can declare “war measures” domestically and really go to town on their political enemies.

    As Elaine constantly warns, this is a very dangerous game the political cynics are playing.

  8. Trump is no politician. I preferred Rand Paul during the primaries and held fire on Trump until the Hillary mess became gigantic and I totally opposed her.

    The abuses of the Ruling Elites I totally oppose, big time. They are attacking Trump so I defend him now. He isn’t good or proper but he does know how to FIGHT BACK and how many people are fighting off these lunatic rich and powerful idiots?

    I back those who dare to fight. They don’t like Rand Paul, I would say, they hate him more than Trump at this point.

  9. JimmyJ

    Elaine, your comment “he does know how to fight back” proves my point that Trump is politically successful. The fight is in the political arena and he’s pretty good at it. But I agree generally that he’s not a politician, he’s a businessman and authoritarian by nature and experience. But that’s what the US has been heading towards since 911, and it’s inevitable. Both HRC and Trump are megalomaniac authoritarians by nature and they were the leading candidates of their parties for that reason. The time for “politicians” leading the US is long gone since the Elites operate openly now and appearances matter less and less. Venality at any cost is the operative condition.

    I always tell people with Trump Derangement Syndrome that Trump isn’t the worst thing that could happen. The next leader that arises in the US will be far more authoritarian and then we’ll see just how much of a politician Trump really was in comparison.

  10. ziff

    thanks for your comments , so the problem behind TDS ” is fixed belief systems , not uncommon.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..1.10.2273…0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1.0.aS0PdkJjhiA

  11. ziff

    Jimmy, re NK i suspect they will take the easier route and wait till rocketman makes a combative move [ at SK ] .

  12. Christian W

    Trump is the weakest President in modern times, maybe all times. Look at how he has given the Likudniks completely free hands to do whatever they want in the Middle East. This is not strong leadership.

    @ ziff

    They are waiting for NK to do a ‘Pearl Harbor’ move so they can play all innocent and victim like. Works like a charm every time they manage to pull it off.

  13. Um, all of them did this!!! Look, they pretended to not do it but did it secretly, Trump is doing it openly. Might as well!

    Look, I think HIDING all this was criminal, Trump is open about it. And furthermore, the Muslim leaders hate and fear the Palestinians and were in a secret deal to keep them penned up deliberately but now that is out in the open, too.

    Many hands are being forced now. The fake status quo is finished.

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