Obama DOJ and FBI Staff Conspired To Conceal Hillary Crimes and Attack Trump

The Mueller Investigation blows up in the face of the DNC: corruption in DC may lead to 27 people charged with conspiracy to overturn Presidential election illegally. – YouTube


Looks like the liberal coup attempt is now hitting the rocks.  The above video clearly defines how the conspiracy of holdover Obama DNC tools inside the Justice Department and FBI conspired to leak often FALSE information as well as supposedly secret information to the DNC run media giants like the New York Times in an effort to undo the election illegally.  This is a COUP attempt and now it is falling apart.  Also, the global elite push to isolate Russia is going to destroy the winter Olympics which is OK with me, time to kill off the Olympics which destroys host nations anyways.

The conspiracy inside the Justice Department and FBI to conspire with each other to kill the Clinton investigation and simultaneously launch a false investigation of Trump’s attempts at normal diplomacy are now blowing up due to it being investigated at last.  I knew this was a conspiracy from day one and many felt this way but proving the connections, digging up the data and now we are at the point whereby Congress can put these people who refused to answer questions all year long, back in the dock and charge them with lying to Congress about this conspiracy to overturn an election and hide obvious crimes.

All the parties involved in this conspiracy are donors to the DNC and heavily connected to the DNC which is a corrupt organization.  The GOP is equally corrupt which is why nearly no GOP top politicians support Trump and indeed, openly talk about getting rid of him.  Well, many of the top GOP are co-conspirators with the DNC Bilderberg gangsters because…they, too, belong to the international secret organization.


Trump’s existence exposes all of this to the great fury of the Real Rulers.  This is why EU ‘leaders’ erupted in rage when Trump told them something sensible, namely, Europe is being invaded, attacked and systematically destroyed by Muslim invaders!  DUH!!!

The mainstream Bilderberg news did it yet again: put out obvious, fake news as ‘leaks’ and once again, have to retract the lies…on the back pages, not headlines.  They know what they are doing: lie openly on the front page with huge headlines and the retract on the back pages in fine print.  This is criminal and deliberate and should be punished somehow, I do this by only mocking these agents running media systems.  They are in hysteria due to being exposed by a top politician as Trump talks more and more about the Bilderberg gang.

Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang – YouTube  The Olympics continue to commit suicide.


I am assuming now, this is just another hit against all sports so that no one will bother with these anymore.  That is, ‘who cares?’  At this point, I don’t bother watching any Olympics because of all the goofy things going on for example, allowing outright men with penises and male hormones to take a few months of female hormones and then declare themselves as ‘female’ and then utterly destroying all their real female competition.


Time to end football which is destroying athletes brains and end the Olympics which has been a farce for many years now due to all sorts of things from hyper nationalism to bribery problems with judges and PC politics, etc.


Besides, almost all nations hosting these ‘games’ go bankrupt.  It is highly destructive to second and third world nations and first world nations can barely contain these ‘games’ which require lots of systems to support all sorts of marginal ‘sports’ few are interested in.  It has balloon out of control now.


The only reason I and the vast majority of viewers of the winter Olympics is singular: we want to see the figure skaters.  Since 50% of the top skaters are Russians, guess what?  That is now being rendered boring and stupid with no Russians performing for us.

3 year old Russian figure skating star – YouTube (my own daughter had a Russian figure skating coach in NYC many years ago).



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8 responses to “Obama DOJ and FBI Staff Conspired To Conceal Hillary Crimes and Attack Trump

  1. 1)sekulow’s denial that deutsche bank is responding to subpoenas re trump transactions is contradicted again today by a story on the front page of the financial times

    if the trumpsters say one thing, and the financial times something else, i tend to believe the financial times

    2)russia as a country is banned from the olympics this time, but individual athletes who are demonstrably clean can compete – as far as the olympics are concerned – maybe they would be afraid to go against putin, though

    3) i agree with you about banning sports that are obviously damaging to athletes like helmetball and boxing where you are allowed to hit people in the face – they could change the boxing rules but it wouldn’t be so exciting of course – no more knockouts

  2. Petruchio

    “…time to kill off the Olympics…” When con artists like Mitt Romney get involved in something like The Olympics, it’s a death blow for whatever they get their hands on. Guys like Romney always turn a project into a looting and profiteering Mission.

  3. KHS71

    We are now finding out how politically corrupted the FBI and maybe other government agencies are. I always wondered what is it that the Clinton’s had on the FBI to make them not pursue charges. Now we know. The FBI is full of left wing activists that will do anything for the cause. Protecting Hilary was job #1. Get rid of all of them including Mueller. Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Special Prosecutor.

  4. Q 12/04/17 21:01:07

  5. Petruchio

    “Time to end football which is destroying athletes brains and end the Olympics…” On a local radio sports talk show, they reported on the money a former MN Vikings punter made since leaving Minnesota. This punter had signed with a couple of teams after leaving the Vikings. With his guaranteed money–even though he’s out of football now–he made $58,000 per punt!! With that kind of money, a player in the NFL isn’t going to give that up, concussions or no concussions. What’s going to kill NFL football quicker is the fans are getting more and more hostile towards the NFL owners and THEIR teams. A number of NFL teams have moved in recent years, another number of teams have held cities hostage in order to get a multi billion dollar stadium. Monday Night Football used to be on ABC. Same with Thursday Night Football. Monday Night Football is still on ABC, but not too often. Thursday Night is always on a Cable Channel. This is because ratings have steadily dropped over the years. Funny thing is, fan attendance is a lower source of revenue for NFL Teams. The TV contracts and the advertiser revenue are bigger. When the NFL starts taking hits here, then they might change their ways. They will have to. Everyone, not just NFL fans need to boycott TV sponsors of the NFL.

  6. All systems are going up in flames now. How can anyone miss this? Entertainment is blowing up, comix are blowing up, football and basketball, blowing up. Olympics are dying or killing cities and dying, religions are very definitely blowing up hugely, this chaos is growing, not shrinking. This is what happens when people who run things (the BILDERBERG GANG) go insane and do many stupid things.

  7. Petruchio

    Check out the movies Hollywood has been cranking out. A lot of them are sequels (“Blade Runner 2049) or remakes (“Murder on The Orient Express”). How many movies are they going to make with Wonder Woman and/or Batman? Hollywood is so devoid of creative ideas that they have to rehash old scripts. The guys running Hollywood are bankrupt of ideas. Pathetic. It comes from being a “Jewish Only” kind of town.

  8. Lou

    6–USA has a major problem, immigrants, refugees, wetbacks.
    In Elaines life [less than 70 years] USA population has doubled.

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